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Gun Stuff Coming Wednesday

President Obama will announce his gun control proposals at a White House event Wednesday, according to Politico.

Obama is expected to announce the White House will push for a prohibition on high-capacity ammunition magazines, universal background checks for gun purchases and an assault weapons ban, along with the 19 executive orders that Vice President Biden told House Democrats Monday Obama will implement unilaterally.

The event will include several mayors – I assume New York’s Michael Bloomberg will be all over this – as well as gun control groups.

UPDATE: White House Press Secretary Jay Carney this afternoon confirmed the event, but provided no significant details.

But Carney did seek to mitigate fears that Obama will take dramatic steps that could severely limit access to firearms.

“There are limits to what can be done within existing law,” Carney said. “Congress has to act.”

18 thoughts on “Gun Stuff Coming Wednesday”

  1. “limits to what can be done within exisiting law”… Then What The F— are those ’19 executive orders’ going to do? Disrgard “exisiting law”?

    1. What Rep Stockman (R-Texas) had to say about gun control EO’s….

      “The President’s actions are not just an attack on the Constitution and a violation of his sworn oath of office – they are a direct attack on Americans that place all of us in danger,” he said. “If the President is allowed to suspend constitutional rights on his own personal whims, our free republic has effectively ceased to exist.”

      1. “Just2Old, let me be clear. I am not considering my personal whims here. I am simply fast tracking the will of the People, people who need to understand I am smarter than they are, someone who knows what is good for them and takes action to save them from their stupid selves!” (cue bright sunshine, doves flying overhead and harpsichord music)

  2. The President is imposing more stringent background checks for gun owners.
    The height of hypocrisy is evident.
    How about a background check on you Barry ?
    The only thing worse than Barry is the congress that allows him to continue.

  3. I have a Congressman and Senator to vote my interests in legislative matters. And I am fortunate to have good ones. I voted for them, not for Obama and he does not have the right to over ride them or the Second Amendment in his Second Term Self Indulgent Binge

    Moreover I find it laughable that this Chief Executive will use Executive Orders to bypass my representatives and me while hiding behind Executive Privilege to defend his own Administration’s murderous gun running DOJ operation.

    He should get over all this arrogant executing and get down to governing which includes dealing with the inconvenient House and Senate and the American people.

  4. oh good. Carney knows there’s a limit to what Obama can do without Congress’ approval! that’s a good sign. maybe he even believes it.

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