As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Obama Press Conference – January 14, 2013

Step right this way. The show starts at 11:30 am ET and can be seen here. I hope you will comment along in real time.

UPDATE: The press conference had ended, but here’s the video.

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40 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Press Conference – January 14, 2013

  1. I thought I could sit through this. I haven’t got the strength to listen to such an ignorant, droning, arrogant babbler.
    Thanks for your work, Keith.

  2. he wants to have an honest conversation about deficit but wants unlimited ability to raise debt ceiling. cold day in hell obama will ever talk about spending. unfortunately both dem and rep congress don’t want to really address the spending either

  3. The American people, the American people–that is all of us–including you! I have to go–am out of duct tape for pretaping my head. “I won’t do this, I won’t do that…” Well, I won’t listen. Plus you have said it all before.

    • The poochy lower lip, the scolding, the laying down the law–this man is not my father! I am not so sure the denizens of Watters World rejected this and that–this mandate thing is a joke. Yes, he won–now govern, don’t rip everybody and make things up.

  4. bahahah of course it’s the Reps of Congress’s fault heaven for bid if him as Presidant blame himself for anything. Then end it with I guess they would blame all of Washington and that would include you…geesh

  5. So to summarise Obama’s negotiation stance; e.g. If China were to threaten to invade Taiwan unless the U.S. stopped supplying military hardware to Taiwan, what would Obama do? One side threatens action unless the other gives way (China to the U.S.) Using Obama’s current approach to the debt ceiling as doctrine, Obama would hold a press conference and accuse China of being irrational, threatening and he won’t change his stance. The problem is that Obama feels when a third party opposes his view or preferences they have to change and should not exert any leverage. The reality in both debt ceiling and China example; is that part of dispute resolution is compromise. Obama has to negotiate with the Republicans who actually only want some agreement that once this debt ceiling gets raised (“to pay BILLS”), the President will have some stricture to prevent him from spending on projects so far not agreed. Given the Presidents increasing confidence in executive powers it is important that the democracy makes the President realise that he has to negotiate and not confront with the house. As for his tone during this press conference I’d think he was slow or out of his depth if this were a job interview. At no time does he sound in command of his subject other than his prepared 2 minute opening address. The longer it goes the more clueless and I don’t say that lightly, he sounds. He is dressing up republican demands for some limit son future spend as them wanting to fail to pay debts. That takes a degree of arrogance to think that the “folks” of America will believe that.

  6. Those sibilant sssss’s…………………..he really is a snake. A stammering, stuttering, lying snake.

    “I like a good party”. No kidding.

  7. Seriously is his nose growing? Not socializing cause of the girls really are these the same ‘girls’ he ignored in Hawaii and doesn’t socialize? That’s going to be a shock for Beyonce and JZ. I haven’t got a head left to explode.

  8. There it is, the glib off hand , diversionary comments (re family and playing cards etc) that he sues often and expertly when he runs out of gas in relation to the core topic. His core competence is wooing. That only goes so far . The President is short on intellectual skill and competence when it comes to the serious topics. The “Yes-men” he has around him are compounding his exposure in this area. The wooign works on the campaign trail but once in office he needs to be authentic and capable. Not so quick to reach for a gag or punchline to divert attention from the increasingly glaring reality that he is (despite being a degree holder) , short of the smarts required to actually do this job. It’s a tough job, and it needs a tough but above all smart person. On that basis the President’s second term may expose him to be less than capable of the role. Why else have so many smart people opted to leave their role in his administration? We have all had a boss who made you think “Why is this guy in charge of anything? The answer in that case is usually he knows how to woo and then hang on.

    • Don’t you know that those corny, contrived comments like playing cards with Republicans–or how about liar’s poker?–are what makes him so “likeable.” I could barf. the only time I laughed at a presidential comment was when Clinton first came in and Chelsea enrolled at Sidwell and they asked for a parent’s number–and she said, “Call my Dad, my mother is too busy.”

  9. “Social Security benefits and veterans’ checks will be delayed”

    Does anyone understand why this is a lie? SS benefits are a separate tax collected from paychecks and have, or should have, nothing to do with the debt or debt ceiling.

    Except that since the 1960’s, the surpluses in SS were taken out to spend an IOU’s were put in, which is why 6 trillion of the 16 trillion dollar debt is owed to SS/MED

  10. Not my original thought, but a comment from someone on another site:

    “The French are jealous because the US has a king and they don’t.”

  11. How can he say with a straight face that the debt ceiling is not spending. What else is it? Also I wish some reporter would ask him if he and his family would set an example of saving money by not taking any more lavish vacations until the debt situation is under control. Let them go to Camp David all they want. Just don’t fly that bird all over the world at our expense.

  12. Oh okay I see! We just need to raise the debt ceiling because we made promises we can’t keep, is that right Mr. Presidant?

    and I’m glad the evil rich people are FINALLY giving their fair share. I mean, the top 1% was only paying 40% of all income tax collected in the U.S. That needs to be at least 95%. Maybe 90%.

    We need to put them in their place.