As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Let’s Hear Your Questions!

Okay, what would you ask President Obama if you were at the press conference this morning?

No, I’m not going to pretend to you that he might call on me and, if so, I might ask one of your questions. He ain’t calling on me. And I have a sick kid at home, so I’m not sure I can even make it in.

But I’m always amazed how good the questions are from outside the Washington bubble, within which we all talk to each other and operate under a different set of assumptions and rules of etiquette than those outside the Beltway.

Fortunately I have you to help keep my cup out of the groupthink Kool-Aid.

So let’s hear your inquiries for Mr. Obama.

33 Responses to Let’s Hear Your Questions!

  1. “Mr. President, given the state of our economy, do you think your vacations and the expense associated with them are sending a bad signal to the American people about your sincerity?”

    • @RayY:

      I don’t know if you will come back to read this so late in the posting time . . . but I read all the other questions – all so very good. But I am voting yours the best! I think it gets to the core of what we all really want to know.

      And while he may never tell us the answer to the first question, I think the answer to the second question is “it doesn’t matter” as he is the laziest b@$t#%d I have ever known.

  2. Mr. President,
    Will you please explain why we need the huge cost of the Secret Service in/around the White House? Can we not achieve significant cost savings and at the same time protect you with a number of “Gun Free Zone” signs posted liberally on the grounds?

  3. How does your plan to give legal residence to illegal aliens differ from amnesty? They are getting what they stole — the right to live and work in the U.S. without hassle — if they wanted to be citizens they would have gone about it the legal way.

  4. Why did you tell bold faced lies about ‘Obamacare’ and as it doesn’t affect you or your loved ones continue to lie? You had to know that people will suffer due to your ill informed and poorly designed system will you take responsibility for
    lives lost due to substandard care?

  5. 1. What is the official positon on choosing Beyonce as the head-liner during half-time at the upcoming SuperBowl?
    2. Are you anticipating a change our relations with GreatBritain depending on whether Will and Kate’s newborn is a boy or a girl?
    3. Will the StateDepartment call for sanctions against Russia for their refusal to allow American citizens to adopt Russian children?
    4. Can you confirm that Homeland Security is considering revoking PiersMorgan’s visa for calling an overthrow of our existing constitution?
    5. Tighty whiteys or boxers? Commando?

  6. 1) Mr President, can we expect to see a press conference from you more often. You have held only X # of conferences. Is it possible for you to hold at least 1 a month in order for the American people to speak with you?

    We’d all appreciate it.

    2) Do you think Chris Christie is too fat to be president?

    3) Will you or Michelle be attending the Beyonce SuperBowl Halftime Show?

    4) Can you answer a yes or no question in less than 1,000 words?

  7. 1. You scolded the CEO of BP when he took a day off to sail during the gulf oil spill. You took x days off to vacation & golfed 4 times whilst facing both a fiscal cliff and pending debt ceiling deadline. The difference being?
    2. In introducing Jack Lew you stated “Jack knows that every number on a page, every dollar we budget, every decision we make has to be an expression of who we wish to be as a nation…” Does that mean Jack thought it okay to allow the first family to spend Jay Z like on a Christmas vacation? At least Jay Z spends his own money. Surely the bar for the President’s day to day life should be ” would i spend that if it were my own money?”
    3. What would McKinsey or any other serious mgmt consultancy with experience in “time & motion studies” think of the workload of this President, not his staff but his president?
    4. Why has the President not acted on gun control till post this recent school shooting? Why didn’t the 500+ murders (this figure does not include those wounded by shooting) in his own Chicago in 2012, where his long time #2 Emmanuel is Mayor force his hand?
    5. Can the President if he is serious about getting the nation behind his ideas , engage in a serious town hall session where he faces real people with difficult questions and allow the President to explain (without auto Q and absence the folksy references) why his ideas are good enough to be supported and not blocked. Surely that’s what building consensus is about, good ideas backed by fact win out in any argument.
    6. Would the President agree that his time in office is a pre cursor to decades of book signings, speeches and lobbying post 2016 and fame and the accompanying wealth is the motivation behind his efforts? Go on I dare you to ask. Public service is just that , not self serving public service.


    • Ask him if the decision to run again had anything to do with the study he had done that showed that two term presidents made three times as much in their post presidential careers as one term presidents?

  8. Mr. President:
    How do you occupy your time when you aren’t in front of the cameras, golfing, vacationing or, as in the case of your first term – campaigning full-time?

  9. Adding to Ellsworth’s comment above re cost of Secret Service at WH Why does your home in Chicago have 24 hour SS protection when you are never there? (See today’s Daily Mail.) Why does ValJar have 24/7 SS when our ambassador in Benghazi had none?

  10. Mr. President, General McCrystal recommended 40,000 troops for the Afghanistan strategy the military wanted to implement. You provided 30,000. Last week you remarked that ” This is a human enterprise, and, you know, you fall short of the ideal.”

    In retrospect, do you think that if you had provided all the troops that the military had requested back in 2009, that we would have achieved “the ideal?”

  11. Mr. President,
    Where are the 30 State Department workers who were rescued from the Benghazi Consulate and why aren’t we allowed to get their account of what happened that night?

  12. Obligations vs promises.
    Mr. pResident, prospective spending is not a debt. We can not default on our current debt because we have more revenue per month than debt service. Hawaiian vacations, welfare stipends, and Obamaphones aren’t obligations or debts – they are promises. Sir, you have made a promise to redistribute the wealth of America, but you have an obligation to obey the Oath to the Constitution of the United States you have sworn to. Please explain to the American people how your promises of redistribution runs afoul of your obligations to the Constitution.

    Gun grab.
    How can you cry for the children of Newtown, when you would have wholeheartedly supported their murder by Planned Parenthood a few years before?

  13. Is it true that after your stint in the white house you and Jay-Z are going to partner up and have a singing duet called Jay-Z and Lay-Zee??

  14. Please identify one line/item in the budgets of the following departments you are willing to cut:
    1. Defense
    2. Homeland security
    3. Education
    4. Cmmerce
    5. Energy

  15. Mr. President,
    With the obvious connection between violent behavior and pharmaceutical drugs, why hasn’t your administration focused on these drugs and their increasing proliferation, especially among school-aged boys and girls?

  16. Mr President a two-part question:

    Will Eric Holder, responsible for the murder of Brian Terry and Hillary Clinton, responsible for the murders in Benghazi receive Presidential pardons before you leave office?

    When in Philadelphia you said: “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.” Who is we?

    • Sadie – one might interpret your last question as racist. Personally, I think it is a double entendre and very funny, but I think you meant:

      Who is “we”? and not

      Who is we? or Who iz we?