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Obama Opposed Gun Ban Exception to Defend One’s Home

As a state senator in Illinois, President Obama opposed legislation providing an exception to handgun restrictions if the weapon was used in the defense of one’s home.

Obama’s vote would have maintained the status quo, which made it a violation of municipal gun ban law to use a firearm to save your own life in your own home. But the bill was passed anyway without his support.

The vote is a sign of how committed Obama may be to strict gun control measures.

The Illinois vote is hardly ancient history, having occurred in 2004 as Obama was running for election to the U.S. Senate. In opposing the measure, Obama lined up well to the left of the mainstream, as the Illinois Senate included 32 Democrats to 26 Republicans but approved the bill by an overwhelming margin and subsequently overrode a veto by then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

Obama did not participate in the veto override, which occurred in November 2004, likely after Obama had resigned his state Senate seat in order to prepare for his new role in the U.S. Senate.

The Illinois legislation was passed after a man who shot a burglar in his home was fined $750 by his town for disobeying its handgun ban. The absurdity and injustice of the situation doesn’t seem to have made much of an impression on Obama.

Just eight years earlier, in 1996, Obama answered “Yes” to a survey question asking whether he would support state legislation to “ban the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns.” The Obama 2008 presidential campaign claimed the form had been filled out by an aide who mischaracterized Obama’s position, even though Obama’s handwriting was found on survey.

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525 thoughts on “Obama Opposed Gun Ban Exception to Defend One’s Home”

    1. He’d never vote present for either of his two pet causes: banning guns and promoting “post birth” abortions. How anyone could be ignorant, stupid, or evil enough to vote for this monster is beyond me.

      1. What makes me mad is that here in NC we are finally this year turning the tide to gangstas with their robberies and home invasions. Most suburban folks are carrying pistols and the bad guys know it. It has been a sense of empowerment to the law abiding.There have been numerous stories out of this state where good folks have killed criminals attempting to harm them.And now Obama wants to disarm us after living thru a 20 year crime wave?

        1. You are a stupid lit’el man arent you, Mr.Guy? The fact is you seem to be boasting about harm to minorities, our best citizens.Maybe they are hungry and that is why they rape or rob.Your brand of self defense makes me want to throw poo poo at you instead of putting in the loo like i sometimes do.Crikey, man grow up!

          1. I doubt that is really you Piers, but if it is your are truly an idiot.
            Mr. Guy never mentioned race. You are the only racist who assumed the burglars were minorities.

          2. Piers,

            Why don’t you take you ass kissing ways back to Great Britain if things are so bad here. It seems to me if you want the robbers to have food then you pay for all of them out of your check. They come to my home and try to rob my family it will be there last. Then they want be hungry anymore.

          3. Mr. Morgan, please do us all a favor and go back to England and your monarchy. As Adams and Hancock declared, ‘We acknowledge no Sovereign but God and no King but Jesus’. If we wanted to live like fools such as yourself, we wouldn’t have fought the Revolution. American citizens had to donate privately owned weapons early in WWII to Britain because you did not have the means to defend yourselves. I suspect the lot of you will be bowing to Sharia Law soon; Muslims will conquer you and that smug arrogance without firing a shot.

          4. Since there have always been more whites on welfare why aren’t they statistically committing the majority of the violent crimes you mention? Think before you post.

          5. You are making an excuse that if hungry the minority has the right to rob and murder! WOW! you are a trip! does the government not give enough stamps, housing, and other benefits? actually more than many house hold make working, During the great depression there was not such benefits, of course the minotities were minorities then and our nation made it. I think it was the spirit of the people. They had more dignity and pride. not so much today. easier to rob, rape, murder.

          6. Hey Piers who invited you , are you a US Citizen. No you are not so in the words of my fellow countryman F off. You would be speaking German if not for my two grandfathers, seems that the US is always saving your A@@. You cant own guns so you relie on ours.

          7. I might also add to any other non- US citizen that bad mouths the good ol USA, You d not exsist if not for us fighting either in your defense or to chase a Dictator out so for all the US Honored Dead in so many far away graves you can just get out or better stay out, they died for you, what a pitty your a idiot.

          8. Rape equals Les Mis? Who’s stupid? You MIGHT consider checking facts (not easy but possible for the clear minded) before assuming all criminals are minorities. Crickey man, grow up!

      2. Steve, we just don’t like the candidates the GOP has put up the last 2 cycles. Palin scared the hell out of me and nobody trusted Romney. There are a ton of us who voted for Obama who are very open to a republican president. But no more loons on the ticket and no more candidates who will Say anything to get elected. I hope Paul Ryan runs. I would vote for
        Him if he was on the top of the ticket. Yes, contrary to what you hear in the right wing media there are many of us who voted for Obama but are conservative on some issues and liberal on other issues. And we would be open to Paul Ryan who seems like a sensible man who would put the country above any short term political gain. Ok my rant is done. Go Patriots!!

        1. So what are you saying you voted for Obama?I’ll give you the last two moderate republicans runningnformghe presidency were terrible but the info on Obama was out there. People like Glenn beck, rush, and Hannity described Obama’s agenda before Obama was elected. Palin scared you?she ran as vp! If anything she’s the most honest politician out there. Sure some of the things she said were stupid but she was new to the game. She knows her stuff and has been mischaracterized to be a bubble headed woman by a hypocritical media that played the sexism card for a win in this last election.

    1. WOW…. you’re giving Odummy supporters a lot of credit. You really think they could muster 2 brain cells (even if you combined all of the together)?

        1. The only cells that many Obama supporters are familiar with are the those in which they currently reside. Many of the supporters – but nowhere near enough.

    1. ebear…he never swore to protect the citizens, no president did. he swore to protect the constitution, which he is really failing at right now.

      1. Constitutionalist… You are right, but the constitution was enacted to protect citizens, so by swearing to protect the constitution you are also swearing to protect citizens… Food for thought.

        1. Brandon, incorrect. It was written to limit government, to tell government what they could do, and all else was OFF LIMITS. It was not written to protect, that is the citizens job by way of the bill of rights. There is no provision for a standing army, no provision for DHS, nothing. No provision for health care, nowhere. I will refer you to the Federalist Papers and then read the Constitution. You need an education in such matters before you speak on them.

          1. The Second Amendment was put there as a limit on government power. It was not a grant of rights from the government. That part is quite correct.

            Its primary purpose was that the citizens could kill a tyrannical government before it killed them. All other purposes are secondary, but remain valid.

          2. Warren is absolutely correct. The 2nd Amendment was put there to give the people a fighting chance of overthrowing a corrupt tyrannical central government, whether homegrown or from an outside country. The mere act of attempting to curtail it or remove is treasonous.

          3. Chris-written to limit government for what reason? Uh, yeah, to protect the people from the excesses of that same government. I will refer you to a dictionary so you can look up the words “snarky”, “obnoxious” and “pedantic”.

          4. Yes well stated! The US Constitution protects the INDIVIDUAL like no other form of government in the history of the world! That is American Exceptionalism!

          5. It is the nature of government to want to take power from the People and their consent of being governed. The Constitution limits the power of the government to guard against the natural encroachment of “rights” of the People.

          6. Sorry that I didn’t go into detail, I just figured you would be smart enough to read between the lines. Obviously my assumptions were wrong…

          7. Actually there are provisions for the raising of an army in the Constitution. I believe it was Article 1 Section 8. While I disagree with the extent DHS and the like have gone one could interpret a portion of the same section, this part speaking of the common welfare of the United States as a right to provide healthcare, although personally I disagree with the notion.

            You also need an education on the Constitution if you missed the part about Congress being able to raise an army. As for what is meant to protect the citizenry of the United States its the Bill of Rights, which is a list of amendments to the Constitution granting them equal standing with said document. They’re amendments, not an entirely separate document. For the SC to make or break a court case something has to be constitutional, meaning its acceptable according to both the Constitution itself and the amendments added to it.

            While you’re right that the Constitution was written to limit government, you’ve missed quite a bit of what is actually in it. Read the Constitution again.

          8. From Chris: “There is no provision for a standing army”.

            The key operative is “standing”, and on that point, Chris is quite correct.

      2. I just read an article about Obama doing nothing about the states (and D.C. apparently) legalizing marijuana. I’m not meaning to introduce a subtopic, but the article cited this as an example of Obama just ignoring the Constitution as marijuana is still illegal on the federal level.

        1. julie,

          I think that is a poor example of Obama ignoring the constitution. If you had said his support of NDAA or the UN small arms trade treaty, I would have agreed with you. No one has the authority to decide what you or I can or cannot do if it is not harming another. Without harm, injury, or loss, there is no crime.

      3. This is the problem with America as a hole. People are just to dang brain dead and illiterate. They don’t know their basic knowledge about the Constitution, # of states, their local leaders, etc. But citizens of other nations do. I presume when a police officer takes an oath of protect and defend they are referring to garbage cans, trees, and traffic lights right?? I mean come on. It is common knowledge and sense that the people / citizens are what is being protected.

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  2. Robbers stabbed a clothing store employee and sexually assaulted another during an hours-long hostage drama in La today.

    We have to restrict knife ownership, many more people are killed or injured by knives in this country. You should have to have a “knife carry permit” and register all knives. In addition to protect us all, “it’s for the kids” private citizens should not be allowed to have knives in their homes, we can set up public carving sites and people can get a “knife license” and cut up their food at the carving sites. If it saves one life it will be worth it and it will provide needed revenue to the govt. only mean, ignorant republicans and greedy rich people who don’t pay anything will oppose this necessary legislation.

    1. What’s even more funny is that it is being reported that after “police and special weapons team members swarmed the Promenade at Howard Hughes Center”, the officers saw first one man (who left the store then ran back in when he saw police) then another (who came out with a woman, and upon seeing police pushed her back inside). So… police confirm seeing two men who recoiled upon seeing them, then endure a four-hour standoff with no communications, only to (finally) burst in. Where are the bad guys? The cops don’t know. I’d like to know what they were doing for four hours, and how they can call it a standoff without any communications. More like a stakeout, calling “Marco” with no one answering, or maybe a paid detail. Four hours… imagine if the bad guys were intent on harming the hostages further.

    2. Think of the jobs we could create by pre-slicing the government cheese? This adds to the employment rosters AND protects the Americans on the dole at the same time. Win-win!

      1. Then comes the forks, spoons, cast-iron frying pans, bottles, hammers, screwdrivers, baseball bats, etc. Those of the Democrat-liberal-leftist-progressive persuasion have lots upon which to focus and salivate.

  3. Voting to outlaw shooting someone who has broken into your home and is thus likely to be a violent criminal and rape/kill you – means that Obama wants innocent people to get robbed, murdered and killed. This is very cut and dry, people. A violent criminal breaks into your house – either you kill them or they rape and/or kill you, majority of the time. So anyone who says you shouldn’t be allowed to fight back wants you to get robbed/raped/murdered. This is the sick mentality of communists. I mean liberals.

    1. You are so right on!!! They are trying to achieve their ultimate goal. To destroy as many American citizens as possible so they can have their “One World Order.” Years from now they will discover psychological proof that Liberalism really is a mental disorder! They are certified sickies!!!

  4. People who are able to own and use firearms have a different attitude from those who legally cannot, no matter if they have firearms or not. Tyrants prefer the attitude of those who are not legally able to get firearms.

    They (think Kircher) really love the way illegal aliens think.

  5. “The Obama 2008 presidential campaign claimed the form had been filled out by an aide who mischaracterized Obama’s position, even though Obama’s handwriting was found on survey.”

    Obama has not, and will not take responsibility for anything. Every time there has been a question raised about something he should have known about, or was ultimately responsible for, he deflects and puts the blame on someone else. I think that is why he has Biden doing the gun control “discussion.” If it blows up, then he can blame Joe, and thereby be free of responsibility. The same has held true with the budget and fiscal cliff debates.

    1. Obama is no fool. He knows exactly what he’s doing. Like every other tinhorn throughout history, he’ll push the limits of this authority until he’s stopped. He, like his counterparts throughout history (Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Fidel) know that most politicians are gutless cowards who prefer to go along to get along. All of them will make speeches decrying this or that but when it comes to walking the walk, very few of them have it in them to do so. They simply lack the courage. All it takes is a little threat that some unsavory episode in their past will be brought to light or a hint that they may not be re-elected and they’ll toe the line. Those that do stand up are targeted for destruction by the usurpers. Hitler used the tactic of telling multiple lies about his opponents, digging up dirt from their past and crucifying them in the public forum. The onslaught was so relentless that no matter how ridiculous the charge, the accused wasn’t allowed to catch his breath to respond. He was left figuratively lying in the street, discredited and his reputation and character (sometimes literally) bleeding to death. Think about it. Is it any skin off of Joe Biden’s nose if law abiding Americans lose their right to keep and bear arms? What does he care. He’s surrounded by Secret Service and will still keep his job as VP and earn copious amounts of cash on the lecture circuit after his political career is over. He’ll always be surrounded by armed security. And don’t think for a second that Obama won’t resort to forced confiscation. This is a guy who thinks he’s a warrior for ordering drone strikes from thousands of miles away and who thinks he’s the one personally responsible for killing Bin Laden. It would not surprise me in the least to see him assemble a security force (secret police) to carry out the orders that he knows the police and military will refuse to obey. The ranks of this security force will be headed by left-wing ex-military with foot soldiers drawn from the ranks of radical, militant left wing organizations like the New Black Panthers,the Nation of Islam, La Raza and wait for it, the U.S. branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. Even gang members will be recruited so that they can bring their intimate knowledge of the streets and their total disregard for human life to bear in the effort. Killing and terrorrizing whitey for refusing to comply with the royal edicts will be sanctioned by the state and there will be no shortage of volunteers for this “duty”. Hitler had his Brown Shirts and the S.S. to do his bidding. Every tyrant needs his own enforcers that answer only to him/her. It’s not like this hasn’t happened before. Time to stop looking at Obama as just another politician and realize that he’s committed to his socialist worldview and bent on punishing America for what he perceives as its role in the spread of social and economic injustice across the globe. And now that he’s a lame duck, he’s hell bent for leather; who has the gonads to stop him? Obama, like Hitler, was deluded and wrong in his quest for a state controlled utopia. But being wrong didn’t stop him from conquering Europe. Obama’s no fool. He’s not to be underestimated.

        1. No, but I’ll see if I can find them on the FOX News website. The time for being cordial when talking about and exposing Obama for who he and his army (and they are an invading army) of progressives are is past. Anyone who doesn’t fit within or who attempts to discredit their progressive framework is a potential target for this administration. No one, not even Obama supporters are immune from potential persecution and targeted destruction. “By any means necessary” has historically been the common mantra among marxists, dictators and tyrants. You’re not dealing with a statesman in Obama; you’re dealing with a narcissist who brooks no opposition. The word “compromise” is not in the Newspeak dictionary of the new American left.

      1. I’ve been saying for a long while, to those who write that Obama’s an idiot, that he’s anything but. He and his handlers and programmers want people to think that, because that distracts the people from dealing with what Obama is and does.

        As you said, he knows exactly what he’s done and does, and why. Obama’s good at that, the rigid ideologically Communist that he is.

        Oh, and who’s got the stones to stop him? If you’ve ever seen how a stream is formed from a snow-melt on top of a mountain, that’s how I figure this will begin. The snow’s melting now, small rivulets are forming. And when there’s enough to form a little stream, it’ll grow into a creek, then river, then flood.

        Obama and his czars and czarinas, and his propagandists Obamamedia, are so full of themselves and their unleashed totalitarian lust that they won’t understand until the flood hits them.

        And it will.

  6. We don’t need permission from anyone to use any means necessary to save our own lives. We wont ask for permission, nor will we apologize. Get it through your thick skulls. You don’t own us, you work for us temporarily.

  7. And yet the talking heads in the media poo-poo the President’s critics who are opining, correctly, that Obama’s end game with this kangaroo court of a comittee headed by his dancing clown Biden, is the elimination of private ownership of firearms. Obama is a statist; the state trumps everything. The individual exists to be subservient to the state which is best run by a handful of individuals of the intellgentsia class to dictate to the masses what’s best for them (since they are too unsophisticated to make decisions on their own). This reminds me of post world war II when the world was shocked that Hitler exterminated 6 million Jews, homosexuals, Catholics, societal misfits etc. in his quest to produce the Aryan ideal. He pretty much told the world what he was going to do in his book Mein Kampf. Obama’s a known quantity as well; he’s an unapologetic socialist who believes in using the heavy hand of the state to enforce his brand of morality on the masses and punish those who step out of line. All this he does because “it’s the right thing to do” and our eunuchs in the Congress sit by and bluster, “He can’t do that!” while not lifting a finger to offer any meaningful opposition. Tyrants push, and push to get their way till they’re met with an equal and opposite force. It took a world war to stop Hitler. Just what will it take for Americans to see through the false facade of the tyrant Barack Obama? What will it take for Congress to stand up against his one man rule?

    1. I think we should purchase boxes of starch and send them to our Congressmen and Senators. Think of what a statement that thousands of such boxes would make. Let’s get it started..

  8. So often we are singing to and in the choir in such posts as these. For the people contributing an opinion here read and write, which allows them an awareness of the destructive attacks on our Constitutional Republic, by the putsch for tyranny from the left. For the left’s behavior, that is the “progressive” movement is not unfamiliar to us. A reading of the bible from old to new testaments reveals all of these character disorders. In sum, these weak people are possessed of a group think (or much worse) to make everyone as confused and angry as they are. For they are more capable of mass murder than has occurred yet from a single madman.
    We have witnessed this: Rwanda, Pol Pot, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Castro, Stalin….all peoples know this.

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  10. Another example WHY thinking people do not trust OB. By the way OB just signed a bill to give himself (and all the other surviving Presidents) 24/7 ARMED Secret Service Protection. Yep, no hipocracy here, armed guards for me but don’t you DARE protect yourself or your family.

  11. Bible Beatin, Gun Totin, Christian Man

    Scenario 1:
    O, wait Mr. Criminal sir while I go get my gun….. o wait. Obama took those.

    Scenario 2:
    Get the hell off my wife you (insert comment here). BAM BAM + 28
    Police Man- Son you’re going to jail.
    Good Guy- But he threatened to kill me and he was raping my wife!
    Police Man- Well, according to Obamas new law…..

    Scenario 3:
    IMPEACHMENT and all this crazy stuff I just typed will never happen!

  12. The next four years won’t be enough time for the Obama supporters to realize that they were sold a President who’s agenda is contradictory, the past he presents is a fabrication and his pleasant demeanor is a mask for a bitter vindictive man.
    He can direct drones to kill suspected anti-Americans in a foreign country without any thought to the innocents that might be killed as collateral damage. He orders hundreds of thousands of armed mitiltary to kill people in their homeland because they are considered a threat to our “home”land. But, refuses to allow a law-abiding citizen to protect their life and home from an immediate threat.

    Millions of Americans aren’t buying firearms in record numbers because they’re afraid they won’t have the opportunity to do so in the future; they’re buying firearms because they’re afraid they will need them.

    1. Isn’t is something how any Iraqi male over 18 can own an AUTOMATIC weapon such as the AK74…and US troops were there to uphold that right…

    2. Absolutely srdem!

      Completed my conceal carry class four months ago. Am going to finalize the process by getting the license on January 21. I have been shooting guns most my life, I’m not about to stop now.

      We have taught our children how to safely handle guns in the event they need to 1) provide their own food or 2) defend themself or somebody else. My 16 year-old son is good to go if anyone tries a home invasion while mom and dad aren’t home. He will not hesitate to pull the trigger if someone enters our home and threatens him or his sister.

      If we need those guns, we are ready. We’ll even use them to protect those of our neighbors who vehemently oppose guns. I won’t expect any thanks, but it will still be the right thing to do.

      This is insane.

  13. “which made it a violation of municipal gun ban law to use a firearm to save your own life in your own home. But the bill was passed anyway without his support.”

    Perhaps the “loophole” here is if, in the event YOU are under Secret Service protection, the SS may use a firearm to save YOUR life.

    Some people are more equal than others, I reckon.

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  15. Who here remembers Rose Bird? Another great progressive jurist from California who held that position. Liberals are all liars who side with criminals any chance they get, because they are effectively criminals themselves.

    1. They do seem to side with criminals. We don’t have a gun problem we have a crime problem. Only liberal logic says lock up the guns and let the criminal go free?! Shockingly, we read day after day of the repeat offender who has offended again.

  16. I am so super-saturated knowing more about how Marxist and statist Communist Obama is — and how very intellectually and morally bankrupt he is.

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  18. All these shooters fit within the generation, where the government revoked the parental rights, of the citizens. Were the government outlawed spanking your child and known discipline, measures as custom too, from are upbringing. Removing God from People and children, restricting God and religion patriotic pride, along with the Constitution from schools and public places. The Government’s, visions of a better place, are not working and have failed the world and the People, of America. All shooters belong to the government takeover of parental rights, all under the age of 30. Are we already dead, we have allowed the Government to violate our freedoms and our Constitution, sitting around looking for a free ride! You are being led into an Ambush! You better wake up, get a hold of yourself and start looking out for yourself. There is no free ride. The only free ride you have is to your grave. At this point I can say I’d truly celebrate the fact, I am 50 and not five. Therefore I’m on my way out and your children will have to lie in the bed, you created for them. They’re going to take your guns and slaughter the sheep!

  19. Obama is a typical tyrannical third world dictator and bastard child. His mother was a two bit whore and his father, well no one really knows who he is. The guy is the perfect NWO retard to collapse the USA and thus bring about a new global government. Even small restrictions at first are the final nails in the coffin of freedom and liberty, national background checks to determine who can and who can not buy a gun, just look no furher than the no fly list. The man is evil and must be removed.

    1. I agree. We already have a “no gun list” the no fly list. All gun lists do is tell the feds where to go to pick up the guns. They will start with that then close the list and say no more guns can be registered. Next a buy back program then criminal sanctions for those not turning in guns to swat teams to clean up the stragglers. This whole process will take about three years. Then they can do with us as they please. the 2nd amendment is the one that enforces all the others. Remove it and the bill of rights have no teeth

  20. For the past one hundred years or so, the progressive movement has been trying to overturn our founding contract and replace it with governance of the masses by philosopher kings, that is to say the educated elite. They are the people who want children to grow up “as little like their parents as possible”, to paraphrase John Dewey. These folks are mostly atheists or agnostics for whom, ends justify means. The idea of a constitutional right to arms as a safeguard against governmental tyranny is anathema to the progressives. They know that their program will be unpopular and they do not want to be deposed. The HHS mandate against our Christian conscience is a salient example of what the progressive movement has in mind. If you observe and analyze the things said and done by the progressives you will intuit a goal to disarm us, to force us to pay for abortion (perhaps someday like China to have abortions), to force even the Church to sanction gay marriage, and to erase religion from the public square and ultimately the private mind. I do not pretend to know the mind of everyone who calls them self a progressive but I think I have a fair assessment of the movement.

    1. I have met many people who claim to be Christians, but sadly, I have never met a Christian. All of your churches are 501C3, which means they preach the gospel according to the federal government. Ask your preacher if your church is 501C3, and if it is, you are of Satan.

      1. You’re right about the 501c3 thing. I’m a Christian but I don’t ascribe to the Jesus, Incorporated brand of religion that’s out there today. You can tell the phony 501c3 churches because they’re the ones who don’t talk about what’s going on in this country, they don’t educate their congregations on our Constitution or our founding and they don’t teach the true meaning of Romans 13. Yes, you are quite correct.

  21. How do you know Obama is lying?

    His lips are moving.

    Sadly, the people don’t care. He’d tell the American public that we’ll be creating concentration camps to eliminate those with dissenting points of view, and the liberals would all vote for it and cheer him on as he destroyed those that disagreed with his worldview.

    Sound familiar?

  22. It is in everybody’s best interest to have Obama closely guarded now and into the distant future. If somebody did manage to maximally demote him from office, Joseph Bidet would become our first actively psychotic president. If the same happened after he left office, there would be an ear splitting whine from all the useless leftist drones

  23. Folks prepare yourselves. If this country survives 4 more years without an all out civil war it’ll be a miracle. The Socialist/Marxist crowd is long overdue for eradication

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  25. Guns for me, but not for thee. Only the elites may use arms to defend themselves. The low sloping brow types in flyover country have no such need for arms as they are not worthy of life to begin with. /sarc

  26. So the war criminal mass murderer doesn’t want Americans to have the right to defend their own lives. Yet he wants lifetime armed guards for himself and former presidents. He is a piece of bovine excrement and so are those who support his agenda.

    Obama and his ilk are authoritarians. It doesn’t take a genius to understand why the “Federal government” is purchasing billions of rounds of hollow point rounds. The American people have an idea of what comes next of they ban firearms and ammunition. History has shown us why the criminal class who hold power want to disarm the populations.


  27. I hope the idiots that elected this guy in the first place, then re-elected him in the past election are happy now. May a pox be cast upon your house.

    1. If you are running a business I suggest that you never hire a democrat who voted for OB. If you have any in your organization REPLACE them. Make them unemployed. I know many business owners who are doing the same.

  28. Obama voted multiple times to let babies born alive (during an abortion) die – it’s not surprising he’s ok with sacrificing other lives to his ideology.

  29. Of course from Obama’s mentality, if you defend yourself with a gun successfully against an attacker that takes a law enforcement and prison guard job away from a good union man. You’re supposed to let yourself be killed so you can let the system work, for the good of society. Remember, the individual does not exist, only the collective.

    1. Actually, you should not shoot a felon attacker because he most certainly is a liberal. Gun owners and hunters tend to be conservative. Ahh, the light bulb illuminates.

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