In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


The Obama Morning News || January 10, 2013

8 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || January 10, 2013”

  1. Yay! Eric is staying on at “Justice”! Another 4+ years of he and Obama covering for each other!

    Maybe the reasons they want to take our guns is so they can give them to needy Mexican cartels? THAT would be redistibutive, supportive of minorites, disarming law abiding Americans, and benefiting lawless foreigners at the expense of Americans ALL AT ONCE!

    Also, maybe grateful blow lords would “comp” Hopey some sugar for WH raves with Jay-Z and freinds – or perhaps they could distribute 8-balls with each Obamaphone so you will be CHEMICALLY dependent on Government, AND so fuddled that you can’t pay any attention to what they’re doing! Sounds like a slam dunk to me!!! Hey, they could even make your freebase “free” as part of Obamacare, thus enhancing the Mexican economy while forcing evil drug companies to provide it AT NO COST!

    This will, of course, enhance the need for birth control and abortions, but Hopeycare’s got you covered there as well. You Catholics just need to pony up here, and park your religion at the door, ’cause the Obamatrain is comin’ down the tracks, and NO ONE is allowed to stop it. Just put God down and pick your coke spoon up like a good little citizen, or he’ll executive order your religion right out of existence!

    Oops, hope I didn’t give them any ideas…

  2. The entire gun issue is being used as cover for more moves to undermine/bypass the Constitution. If an Amendment was actually passed banning or strictly limiting guns, personally I have no problem with it. To think this core “right” could be eliminated by another sham Executive Order, with our heads in the sand Congress doing nothing, is truly frightening. They might as well line up the dominoes now…Religious beliefs, Ethnic background…etc.

  3. Looks like some more “community organizing” going on at the white house. This time the target is guns. When are these groups going to learn that meeting with the white house will not give them any advantage.

  4. There once was a time when an out of control emotional rant like Cuomo performed yesterday would immediately eliminate him from consideration for higher office. Guess the new electorate is moved more by emotion than common sense nowadays…

    Just wondering where are the Republicans speaking out against this constitutional overreach by Preezy Revenge and his wailing cohorts? No wonder their popularity is below that of cockroaches. Turn the lights on to find out where they are and they scatter for cover behind the drapes or, in Boehner’s case, under his fancy desk in the speaker’s office.

    1. They thought that the massacre of innocents would bring public opinion around to allow them to do what they wanted to do for years; disarm the public. But, they underestimated America’s love for her guns and overestimated public sentiment for a gun-free homeland.

      They’ll be more shouting by the likes of the NY governor or some Dem spokesperson, more slanted tear-jerking reports of gun-shot innocents, but the cause is lost already. We’ll be treated to some convoluted new law against some kind of arms or arms related devices, but there’s no way they can take away the estimated 350million firearms now owned by ordinary Americans.

      1. Never say “Never”, srdem65.

        How much damage has this guy done? How much of the law has he simply ignored ro refused to enforce? How much does he now rule by fiat, with more and worse promised, And, who’s to stop him, Boehner?

        I bet you would have said “Never” about The United States being ruled by a socialst cabal 10 years ago, yet here we are. You would probably have said “Never” would a President abandon an ambassador and elite troops to their fate for a cold political calculation. Worse, you probably would have said “Never” to the possibility that someone of uncertain origin could ever become President on the strength of being a “community organizer”, or kept it largely because of his race, would you?

        “Never” is too large a word. Look at history. Look at NOW.

        Don’t let them make you complacent, it’s just what they want…

      2. Well, their unhinged lust for gun control certainly has caused me enough concern that I’m ready to go out and stock up. When we give up the freedom to bear arms, then other freedoms will fall like dominoes. An old German neighbor used to warn us about this. I hated hearing his stories about how people loved Hitler because he gave them what they wanted. They wanted jobs, Hitler created thousands of government jobs and put them to work. They wanted health care, they got health care, just not the kind they expected, and so on…. And now if my old neighbor wasn’t deceased, I’d call and apologize for never taking him seriously.

  5. What with all the comings and goings of appointments, resignations, debt ceiling and gun control I found this commentary to be very

    First, a reminder that this is management by crisis (not crisis management) and secondly gun control (or anything else) is not about policy. It is about changing the American peoples’ relationship to the government.

    The last thing this Administration wants is a healthy economy with responsible, productive people dedicated to their families and loved ones, their faiths and their country. There is no room in the Obama’s America for that. The government will be your life 24/7.

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