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Obama to Name Lew to Treasury Thursday. But Why?

President Obama will announce Thursday that he is choosing White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew to replace Timothy Geithner as Treasury Secretary, according to Reuters.

Yes, the same Jack Lew who as Obama’s Office of Management and Budget director and White House chief of staff has overseen Obama’s annual trillion dollar-plus deficits, lousy economy, and persistently high unemployment. Quite a success story.

Photo by Keith Koffler
Photo by Keith Koffler

What’s more, Lew has little experience with the financial markets, spending only a brief and un-illustrious time on Wall Street managing a Citigroup unit that bet on the housing market to collapse and lost money anyway in his final year there, 2008.

He was well compensated, of course.

The Lew nomination showcases the irredeemable insularity and hubris of the Obama White House, where everything that’s wrong is attributable to George W. Bush or – since the Blame Bush shelf life is expiring – the fault of Republicans Congress that won’t do everything Obama says.

Obama and his budget chief Lew have overseen the highest federal outlay of cash as a share of the economy since World War II and didn’t get serious about cutting spending until Republicans started to make threats the White House deems irresponsible.

This nomination is not about cutting the budget or really even improving the economy, it’s about defending and expanding Obama’s legacy.

As Charles Krauthammer noted last night, Lew is valuable to Obama because he is intricately familiar with the budget – knowledge he can use to parry Republican attempts to cut spending and alter Obama programs.

Short on achievements but long on loyalty and commitment to Obamaism. Meet your new Treasury Secretary nominee who – the Senate can pick only so many fights – will almost certainly be confirmed without much argument.

40 Responses to Obama to Name Lew to Treasury Thursday. But Why?

  1. What’s Obama aiming for, a fight on each and every nomination? Of course, Kerry will get the pass because he’s part of the club.

  2. ‘Short on achievements but long on loyalty and commitment to Obamaism’
    Isn’t that a requirement for Obama appointments? That and paying back
    favors. They will be blaming Bush till they are being dragged out of the WH
    in 2017.

    • “Short on achievements” he likes. Wouldn’t want anyone to outshine the Boss, would you? Also, someone who actually KNEW a little bit about the financial markets MIGHT make Barry look, I don’t know, like he’s economically illiterate or something…

      Also, The Angry Caliph brooks no dispute at his meetings. Someone who actually UNDERSTOOD economic matters might have the audacity to gainsay His Annointedness. You wouldn’t want the smartest guy in the room to have to deal with putting his own underlings in their place, would you?

      You get the stupid guy if you just want someone to parrot what you spoon feed them. Such a one is very well aware he doesn’t understand anything himself, and so will be very malleable to your will, even to the point of falling on his sword for you. President Myway may have his faults, but knowing how to use people isn’t one of them.

      • Good leaders surround themselves with people who are smarter than themselves. It tends to make the guy in charge look smart too.

        I can’t determine if this administration is more like the Keystone Kops or Larry, Moe and Curly during the “Who’s on First” routine. Whichever, it’s laughable the first time. It’s depressing to the point of tears after about the thousanth time.

  3. “What’s more, Lew has little experience with the financial markets,” – Keith Koffler

    So? Prezzy learned everything he knows about national governance as OJT, and that worked out fine, didn’t it?

    Oh, wait…

  4. According to the Washington Times, Lew received a $900,000 bonus when he left Citigroup at the same time we taxpayers were bailing them out.

  5. Why?

    Simply because Lew’s been ‘in on’ what’s been happening ‘under the radar’, as Obama was fond of saying – until his braggadocio was discovered to be based in fact.

    Appointing an ‘outsider’, at this stage, is far too risky.

    • Being a useful idiot is about the only qualification required to fill cabinet positions in Preezy Revenge’s regime. Watch this poor sucker get the blame for everything tax cheat Timmy has done…

  6. This guy Jack Lew is a master at twisting the truth and distorting the numbers to support Barack Obama’s bankrupt agenda; he has more tricks up his sleeve than David Copperfield. Jack Lew is an amazing piece-of-work.

  7. Why, indeed. There can’t be too many people wanting to head up a department that everybody hates and no one can control.
    The short list of Obama retainers gets shorter every day when so many of them have backgrounds they’d rather not be exposed.

  8. I say, Carol Tome for Treasury! She’s the CFO at Home Depot and the Chairwoman of the Atlanta Fed. She actually understands how the American economy works…unlike the jokers there now.

    • There is allot of outstanding CFO’s and others who would be well suited for the job, however to fill the vacancy they have to dump allot of their holdings as well as kiss someones A**. Add to it a huge pay loss. Am sure they look at this job as a kiss of death, or crewing a sinking ship.

  9. Who’s face goes on the Billion Dollar coin they’re anxious to mint?

    Wait…they don’t need a face on the coin – a “jackass” will do.

  10. Time heals all wounds, but these power hungry haters are leaving deep gashes that could possibly never be healed. God help us, it’s our only hope or so it seems.
    Best regards,
    Stephen R.

    p.s., Can Anyone still make a “citizens arrest”?

  11. One fine morning in the reign of Obama consitutional rights will be suspended and martial law declared. And it will be done with the advise and consent of the Democrat Party.

  12. Jack Lew, Jack Lew…hmm. The Jack Lew who was at CitiGroup in 2007, when that company loaded up on toxic mortage assets late in the game, and needed 25 Billion in initial bailout money and needed another 25 billion to keep it afloat? THAT Jack Lew? Or the Jack Lew who under Clinton, negotciated the Balanced Budget Act of 1997? Same dude, of course.
    We are in serious trouble on this appointment.

    • Nah, Obama’s doing a fine job of ruining the American dollar all by himself. No one’s going to care what the front looks like when it’s worth less than the Kleenex that you can’t afford any more…

  13. If Obama picked him, you can bet that he is also a member of the globalist organized crime syndicate. He will do what Obama and the international Satanic bankster-gangsters tell him to do, and will be very well compensated for his contribution to the destruction of America.