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The Thinking of Obama Supporters Finally Revealed

Comrades, please check this important research . . .

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 9.22.34 AM

You can read the rest of these surprising findings over at The People’s Cube.

15 Responses to The Thinking of Obama Supporters Finally Revealed

  1. The Obots who get their daily news from Twitter, cable comedy shows and each other, truly believed that health care would be free with Obamacare.
    They’re stupified that they must not only continue to pay for their own health insurance, but that the rates they pay have risen to cover those who don’t have a job or access to health insurance.

    They’re outraged that they must pay a higher amount for Social Security and Medicare when the know that it won’t be available for them “if” they get old.

  2. Make sure you follow the link to see the whole thing, Keith is only teasing us with half the picture.
    The best is the last one :Some day I’ll live in my OWN basement!

  3. It freaks me to talk with Obama supporters — so often their conversation is a compilation of phrases from Obama talking points. They can’t express the idea in their own words, just repeat in shocked tones things such as, “War on women!”

    • “Racist!”

      No, how about,


      This one’s always reliable;


      If they missed their daily talking points and revert to type;

      “You’re stupid!”

      If they’re trying to be clever;


      Or maybe

      “Tea Tot!” for TEA party members,

      If they REALLY are hating on you, and want to demostrate their lack of knowledge of the origin of one of their favorite words and the history leading up to it besides, you’ll get THIS one;


      Or, what is, to them, two of the WORST insults they can POSSIBLY throw at you…




      (Muslim’s OK, and they aren’t knowlegable enough about the world’s other religions and their billions of adherents that even THEY can figure out they would sound stupid trashing other peoples beliefs when they don’t even know what they are, so they just let them go)

      And there’s your Democrat Conversational primer. I just saved you actually having to talk to one, so…you’re welcome!

    • Stewart was kidding? Right? He’s a comedian so that was his comedy schtick, right? God help us if he and others actually believe that.

  4. Off topic, but notable. For the first time in history the public inaugural invocation will not be by clergy but by the widow of Medger Evers. Yes, it’s a two-fer from the arrogant President Revenge — racism and gun control. Gonna’ have to do a lot of public education between now and then to get the Obots up to speed.