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The Obama Morning News || January 8, 2013

Obama expected to nominate Jack Lew for Treasury . . . Fox News
Clinton to testify on Benghazi
. . . Washington Times
Sole Benghazi suspect freed . . . Fox News
Nominations signal change at Pentagon, CIA . . . Washington Post
Obama spends big on immigration enforcement . . . New York Times
White House reacts to “Deport Piers” petition . . . Politico
Vitter: Harry Reid is an idiot . . . Politico
Book details Obama’s “bullies” . . . Breitbart News

10 Responses to The Obama Morning News || January 8, 2013

  1. Benghazi: The Story We Have Been Waiting For

    Finally, Secretary of State, H.Clinton has agreed to appear before Congress to explain the State Department’s decision to ignore AmbSteven’s urgent requests for more security for American interests in Egypt.
    She will tell the Congressional committee that the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi was the result of an accidental fire started by the careless disposal of a Cuban cigar by a Turkish citizen who was visiting the American consulate.
    Sources inside the State Department say that the video of the attack, as seen on CNN, will be offered as proof that there was no terrorist attack, but that the people assembled outside the burning consulate were actually citizen firemen trying to enter the compound to put out the fire.
    The amateur video of the citizen firemen pulling AmbStevens along the ground was misinterpreted as an act of disrespect, but in reality it was the only way they could get his body to the nearest hospital as all emergency vehicles were on the other side of Benghazi.

    Current FBI Director, R.Mueller will also testify to the results of the FBI’s intensive investigation of the incident. Photos of the burned interior taken by the elite anti-terrorist group inside the FBI, will show that a fire did occur at that location three weeks prior to their landing in Egypt, and no evidence was uncovered to indicate any terrorist activity.

    • Consider the source, Rick. That is about as far into investigative journalism the WaPos goes nowadays. Only thing of interest learned from this fluff piece is that we’re funding the State Department to brand their own jerseys ($$$) and helmets ($$$), and as a “fellow chick”, Ms. Nuland wouldn’t want to muss her hair either…

  2. Brits; Why We Love To Hate Them

    A national petition sent to the WhiteHouse to have a CNN commentator, PiersMorgan, deported back to his birth country has reached the apex of ridicule with over 100,000 signatures attesting that he has besmirched the good name of the USA and doesn’t deserve to walk among American patriots.
    Americans are still smarting at the recollection of the British army’s dastardly arson that resulted in burning down the WhiteHouse and believe that any British subject who chooses to reside and work in America should apologize for the harsh treatment of the early American colonies and then go home.

    MrMorgan believes that he has the right to insult any or all American principles as long as he’s allowed to claim the right to free speech and no one else has the right to confront him.
    CNN spokesperson claims the network is delighted to have some interest in any of their commentors because their viewer index figures have been in the toilet for years. With the discovery that a foreigner might boost their daily figures, CNN is in negotiations with OsamaBinLaden’s second cousin to host a new segment tenatively called “Satan’s America”.