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Carney: Affirmative Action is for Little People, Not Obama

The White House is apparently letting its Binders Full of Women gather dust as it searches for candidates to full President Obama’s top jobs.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today paid lip service to the notion of diversity in the highest echelons of Obamadom, and then scoffed that the president would simply choose the best people for the job.

The President values diversity, believes it’s important because it enhances the quality of the pool of potential nominees for positions across the administration.  He believes that by looking broadly for candidates for offices that he ups the chances that he’ll find the very best person for the job . . . And he thinks that diversity enhances the process itself, the policy process, because it sort of increases the likelihood of a broader discussion potentially.

But the goal in the end is to find the very best individuals for these specific positions.

Wow. Sounds almost like President Obama suddenly is taking a turn to the right and embracing the concept of a merit-based society. Which would be fine, except that the Obama 2012 reelection outfit made the GOP War on Women a cornerstone of its campaign and led the guffaws when Mitt Romney said he was once searching for prospective female employees in “binders full of women.”

The Obama White House, which every reporter knows has always been a towel-whipping, foul-mouthed boys clubhouse, has remarkably few women in positions of real power, as I’ve noted. Now that Hillary’s out and Kerry’s in, and White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew looks like he’s the next act at Treasury, the top Cabinet posts are all reserved  for the boys.

And for a president who hangs out with the guys not just at work but at play, that may be just how he likes it.

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  1. Diversity? Bunch of “old white guys” like Lurch Kerry, Brennan, and Hagel? More like political payback, than any merit-based appointment.

  2. You wing nuts are too much! Obama has a women in every cabinet post! There’s Vice President Valerie Jarrett, Secretary of Political Paybacks, Michelle Obama, Secretary of Spending and Progressive Societal Manipulation, Rachel Maddow, Secretary of the Media, Sandra Fluke, Secretary of Free Birth Control and Chair of Ending Tax Payer Waste on Wanted Pregnancies, Jay Carney, Secretary of Spin, John Kerry, Secretary of State… Lots and lots of chicks, man!

  3. I also notice the ingrate one has not appointed any black candidates for high level positions, ala Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson Sr. or Jr., etc..
    Eric “the Rat Snake” Holder doesn’t count due to his serpentine skin shedding ability.

  4. Quote of the Day:

    ‘Look… Ill appoint a a woman to Secretary when I’m good and ready… Not get back to the kitchen and make me a sammich, Woman!’

    President Barack Obama, responding to no one on his War on Women

  5. And remember folks democraps and democraic presidents believe in diversity because… um… because they say they do, and all their bullies oops I mean ARMED (I thought all uns were evil) guards are there to enforce their views! Enjoy your pick of presidents for 4 more years! Hope those free cell phones for electing him were worth it!

  6. “…..But the goal in the end is to find the very best individuals for these specific positions.”

    Yes, totally agreed. So please enlighten me why the colleges and universities are not doing the same thing? Why are they still using racial preference in college admissions instead of just finding the best, the brightest and the most qualified? What does a student’s race have anything to do with his/her merits and qualifications? Why?

    Please visit

    Asian Americans Against Affirmative Action

  7. Ouch. The president likes to hang out with the guys? Sounds like the rumors concerning Rahm, Barack, and the North Side Chicago boys clubs…

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  9. I never understood what was so funny about Romney’s comment on “binders full of women.” He obviously meant binders filled with women’s resumes. It takes willful effort to misinterpret his statement to a literal image of notebooks with women pressed inside. And that’s not even a remotely amusing image.

    So his effort to find qualified women to fill important jobs was brushed aside for a strained laff riot.

    But Obama did win the election, tribalizing move by tribalizing move, crisscrossing key states and scooping up every low information voter he could find. He also modified his language until at the end he sounded just like Romney, which was a great ploy to gather in the undecided.

    It worked. He won. Lots of people don’t know it yet, but America lost.