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Insurers Raising Rates by Double Digits

It looks like Obamacare’s chickens are coming home to roost.

According to the New York Times, not normally known as a bastion of right-wing anti-Obama extremism, health insurers are slapping consumers with double digit percentage increases in rates:

Health insurance companies across the country are seeking and winning double-digit increases in premiums for some customers, even though one of the biggest objectives of the Obama administration’s health care law was to stem the rapid rise in insurance costs for consumers.

Particularly vulnerable to the high rates are small businesses and people who do not have employer-provided insurance and must buy it on their own.

Obama promised during the 2008 campaign that his health care initiative would “bring down premiums by $2,500 for the typical family.” But according to Forbes, premiums have increased by an average of $3,065 and are set to rise even further.

The reason would appear to be something the White House loves to cite during debates about the budget: math.

Insurers are now required to provide, without cost sharing by patients – that is, for free – mammograms, colonoscopies, HIV screening, contraceptives and contraceptive counseling, well-women visits, sexually transmitted disease counseling, breastfeeding support and supplies, and so forth.

Meanwhile, states are tasked with figuring out which health benefits are “essential,” and therefore must granted at no cost to the consumer. According to, various states have already announced that people simply must have things like weight loss surgery, acupuncture, circumcision, smoking cessation services and varicose vein removal, and so they can get them for free.

All of this is very nice. But someone still has to pay for it. And that’s where your premiums come in.

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    • Sure. They’ll just reduce the doctor reimbursement rate further. After all, those guys have made “enough” money, haven’t they? It’s just being fair, that’s all.

      Now if you were talking about sequestration reducing money to the GOVERNMENT provided by Obamacare, then NO. Government is necessary to make all things fair and beautiful, so if there is to be savings, The Almighty Poobah will just declare doctors as “greedy” and sign an Exectutive Order requiring they donate their services on alternate days, and then the numbers will work fine.

      I wonder if Obamacare has a name for what you call it when you require a human being to provide his labor for no compensation because powerful people say they must? I think there already is one, if it doesn’t…

      • I can’t see Obamacare working exactly because of the doctors. He wants to add 33 million people, yet where are the doctors for them? Are the existing doctors supposed to continue with the patients they have now and add 33 million more? Then, are they going to force doctors to serve in areas like the ghettos because what doctor do you know who spent all the time and money on education envisioned endangering his/her personal safety in the work environment? Oh well, maybe Obama will come up with another spending scheme to bus the patients to the doctors, Those who don’t leave the profession, that is.

      • My health insurance went up bu 14% in September. That’s in addition to 7% last year. With a preexisting condition I now pay $1,150 per month!

        If Obama really wants to help those with preexisting conditions, all I ask is that he cover perhaps 1/2 of the cost. I’d be fine with $550/month.

        But what we REALLY need to fight about is not WHO pays for healthcare, (individual or gubmint) but how can we reduce the cost? More folks could afford it if it was cheaper and more would be insured thus reducing the problems.

      • what some doctors have finally figured out is that within 10 years, all doctors will be government employees. I do think some states will fight this and allow cash only doctors to operate in their state, but we shall see.

        I also noticed that you can no longer buy a large deductible policy, like above 10k; something that use to be really cheap but covered you for a major disease or surgery.

  1. Gee, who didn’t see this coming? Oh wait . . . Obama voters didn’t. I swear they should make people pass a basic economics class before granting them the privilege to vote.

      • If you apply these tests and a disparate impact emerges because of a combination of a failed public education system and a “culture” which considers academic effort, let alone achievement, to be “acting white”, THEN what happens?

        For this reason alone, I suspect you would find any such testing to be as politically untenable as a poll tax. All the while, no one would call the Democrats out for their open racism of legislatively making the assumption that non-Whites can never perform as well as Whites, but rather praise them for their “support”…

  2. That Obama apologist Chris Van Hollen was on Fox News Sunday–straight face–saying Obamacare was another place the debt would be lowered. That guy always sounds canned and foolish to me.

    • PS My Medicare HMO called me last week and asked me if I knew what day it was. If I hadn’t known–would they have come to my house and hauled me off for brain treatments to prevent more brain work later? I said–“This is how it works–if I need you to pay a doctor something, I will let you know.”

    • “say it ain’t so, Obama lied????” – lc southern

      lc, you will likely be receiving the automatic Democrat response to any suggestion that Dear Leader is somewhat mendacious.

      So you’ll know it isn’t personal, I’m going to let you in on the top secret autoreply program source code, used by the White House for such thickheaded citizens as yourself;


      5 CLS
      10 PRINT “You’re a RACIST!”;
      20 GOTO 10

      It’s in BASIC because it’s been in use since Jessie Jackson ran for President. It’s still in use because, as V.I. Lenin once said,
      “A lie told often enough becomes the truth. ”

      That’s why it works now. It’s been taught to our children since the Carter administration, and apparently that’s “Often Enough”. It works pretty good now for the Obamas and thier ilk, nicht wahr?


      They will fall and fail eventually. It’s just going to be painful getting there. Their “shining city” is a Potemkin village, and it will become very clear that their model is not sustainable. We may then be able to start picking up the pieces – if there are any left to pick up.

  3. LMAO I actually had a conversation with a young corrections officer this past weekend about the Bush tax credits being repealed. I small talked the “How do you like your taxes going up?” She smiled and said “Its only for the rich and I’m not rich, Rick!” I explained the idea of taxes not going up BUT you’d have more taken out of your check if the credits were repealed so, while a politician can pass a lie detector test about not increasing your taxes, you get less to spend. Her eyes grew wide and she started to curse.

    I do so love educating Obama voters………………..

  4. Nothing in life is free, even for Obama voters. Here’s the results of the free health care your messiah promised you. Now bend over and grab your ankles like good little serfs.

  5. And here is another Factoid:
    Approximately 24 of the most COMMONLY prescribed primary care drugs have gone “generic” in 2013. Generic drugs are the darlings of the Left(statists.) For example: the cost of generic blood pressure meds, antibiotics, and cholesterol-lowering drugs have not come down but are in fact HIGHER now than in 2012. The Bricks-and-morter pharmacies and the big pharma companies are squeezing the consumer on the cost of these off-brand generic meds. Expect to see the same co-pay or nearly the same for Lipitor versus “Atorvastatin” generic medication.
    The point is, the more government tries to “even” the playing field, the more the “market” moves to create a rebalance in other areas.

  6. Keith, picking up where you left off “states are tasked with figuring out which health benefits are “essential,” and therefore must granted at no cost to the consumer.”

    The State regulators are government employees. Insurance companies need only to submit paperwork justifying the need to raise premiums.I have yet to hear of one public hearing in my state let alone hearing that any insurance company received a “no” answer. The operative words here are “justify” and “submit”. Medicare supplemental premium increases have climbed into the double-digits the past several years. Formulary tables for medications vary from one company to the next. The left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing – but you can bet your bottom that both hands are taking hand over fist money.

  7. From what I hear – In 2014 Obamacare will be a red tape nightmare – get your surgeries done this year. If may not start in 2014 if the government can’t fill in all the blanks to the bill.

  8. The cost of coverage for a Family for the company I run, since ObamaCare was passed – even though it didn’t start till this year, the price of insurance for Family coverage has gone from $1300/month to over $3000/month – in less than 4 years. The reason? ObamaCare… I have had to raise rates across the board for my customers – of course, I’ve closed the doors on three companies that I could off-shore, terminating over 200 people in the process since I couldn’t pass along the extra costs in those businesses. I’m not in business to lose money…

    This country is doomed with this idiot in the White House. I hung on for as long as possible but once he was put back in office, the pink-slips went out. I’ve been losing money but figured that I would “tough it out” since I didn’t want to lose the people I had, but I just couldn’t keep running in the red. So the Christmas present I had to give out this year was pink-slips… Those jobs are gone, and WILL NOT be coming back…

  9. This is what we have in New York: endless mandates for services we don’t need. That is why our costs are so high. It would have been much easier to allow residents to buy healthcare across state lines and invite market forces to determine offerings and pricing. But no, libbies know what is best for even if you don’t want it. The good news? Premiums will not rise as much in NYS but yours will. This as all the mandates are added to the plans in your state.

  10. It’s unbelievable how many morons there are who actually believed that they weren’t going to have to pay for all that “free stuff.” IMHO, anyone who voted for The Won should have to pay double. for absolutely everything.

  11. I’m not sure how many people are going to really be aware of what is going on with health insurance. For those that get their insurance from their company, the first clue they are going to have that something is seriously wrong is when the company announces they will no longer provide health insurance. It’s a no brainer for the business: the average cost of health insurance for a single employee is about 1.2k a month, for a family it’s over 2k. Even making employees pick up 25% it’s still a big chunk of money. OR they can drop the health coverage, pay a 2k per employee fine PER YEAR.
    So a business with 500 employees could pay a 1M a year fine or 1M a month in health insurance.

    For people like me who have bought their own health insurance most of their lives, I saw this coming in 2010. A 5K deductible policy has gone from 270/m to 380/m to almost 500/m because of all those “free” things Obama made them cover. So I dropped out completely.

    There are several organizations for Christians that provide medical sharing ministries. I chose Samaritan Ministries and pay 150 a month. Muslims do not buy health insurance, they use a similar sharing system. I suspect there may be a similar type system for the Hebrew people/faith. You pay out of pocket for normal things like the flu, etc, but if you have any issues or hospitalization, you submit the bill, it’s published and people from all over the country in the group send you a check to pay your bills. Plus, it adds the joy of arguing with the medical system for a cash price, where they try to get you to pay 100% of the bill, even though medicare/medicaid would only pay about 30% and most insurance companies only pay 50% or less.

    Also, on the subject if Keith doesn’t mind, if you have a lot of prescriptions, look up buying your meds from Canada. I am now doing this for my dad and our prescription bill has gone from nearly 300 bucks a month with medicare part d to 88 bucks a month. Same drugs.

    • barkley, good post. Two comments: Hebrew is a language, Jewish are its people. I also bought meds from Canada for my mother long ago. Not all Canadien pharmacies carry the same products. The buyer may have to visit more than one pharmacy online for all items. Also, some generic meds are less in the US than in Canada, but, there’s always a but…subject to price change at any given time.

  12. I had a catastrophic/high deductible health care plan before Obamacare at $129 per month. Now I have a full Obamacare plan at $540.00 per month! I am so angry I could…. $400.00 per month! Damn.

    • Right. What was really so wrong about free market forces in healthcare? Imagine if that policy were available nationally? Frankly I’m shocked you could get a plan that low. I don’t think you could in NYS. But after a few years funding an HSA with your name on it (unlike SSI) and a plan like that…many folks might be happy. Demand driving innovation…think of how many new suppliers would try to enter the market.
      Instead we have mini regional monopolies with state regulators providing “protection”. The reason why healthcare costs are so high are because of gvmt regulations and mandates. Most state activities grossly distorted the market. Of course the answer is more gvmt intervention all the while ignoring the reason the poor people don’t have affordable healthcare is because of the very people who claim to help them.