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Taxpayer Bill for Obama’s Hawaii Vacations: $20 Million

Michelle Obama recently revealed that she and President Obama don’t give Christmas gifts to each other. They merely say, “We’re in Hawaii,” and that’s Christmas gift enough.

But actually the present is from taxpayers, and it’s an expensive one.

The total cost to taxpayers of Obama’s vacations to Hawaii since becoming president is likely in excess of $20 million, and possibly much, much more. During a time of budget deficits that threaten the nation’s security and its future, the Obamas have chosen to  maintain a “family tradition” and vacation halfway around the world instead of finding far cheaper alternatives closer to home.

The $20 million figure is based on estimates of the cost of the four Hawaii vacations the Obamas have taken during Christmastime 2009-2012. According to a detailed breakdown by the Hawaii Reporter, the annual excursions in 2009, 2010, and 2011 cost about $4 million, much of it attributable to the expense of taking Air Force One, at an hour rate of about $180,000, on an eighteen-hour roundtrip journey to Honolulu and back.

New Year's Day, 2012
New Year's Day, 2012

But $4 million almost certainly underestimates the true tally, as it does not include many miscellaneous items like the cost of flying advance teams out to Hawaii and separate flights Michelle Obama took in 2010 and 2011, when she left ahead of her husband, who was forced to stay in Washington to finish up work with Congress.

This year, Obama returned from Hawaii to complete a deal on the Fiscal Cliff and then jetted back to Honolulu, where he is now engaged in Part 2 of his vacation. The second roundtrip flight added about $3.24 million to the tab this time, bringing the cost of the 2012-1013 vacation to well over $7 million.

If we assume the estimates are probably quite low, then it’s likely to the bill for the combined vacations is more than $20 million.

Given that much of the cost involves transporting the First Family and its retinue, the Obamas could have saved taxpayers millions by doing what the vast majority of Americans do: taking either one trip a year, or none.

The Obamas get plenty of vacation. They have sojourned every summer in Martha’s Vineyard except for last year, when campaigning and pre-election concern about appearances got in the way. They often take a side trip somewhere else during the year, and Michelle goes skiing annually out West.

At the very least, they could spend their Christmas holidays at Camp David or at one of the many fine resorts outside of Washington, which would require only the use of the presidential helicopter to get them there.

If they must find a warm haven, a rental home on the Gulf Coast, the Atlantic shore of Florida, or even Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands could easily be arranged at a fraction of the price of getting to Hawaii.

Some argue that Obama is justified in returning to Hawaii because that is where he spent his formative years. But how many of us get to go visit our roots for a two week vacation every year?

The Obamas probably also feel they must go to Hawaii because they are creatures of habit. While there, they do the same things and visit the same places every year. But their allegiance to routine is costing the taxpayers – including those in the middle class Obama claims to care so much about – millions of dollars.

Which brings us to OBAMA 5-0.

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784 thoughts on “Taxpayer Bill for Obama’s Hawaii Vacations: $20 Million”

  1. Does any one know if the Obamas went to Hawaii on vacation while he was a Senator or State Senator?

    Has this become their vacation destination ONLY after winning the Presidency and knowing it’s an all expense paid vacation?

          1. “…Only after he became President?” You act like that’s not much of move up from State Senator. Think about it, do think you might be inclined to go to Hawaii after becoming the leader of the free world.

          2. not when the country I’m supposed to be leading is deep in debt!
            GWB got raked over the coals for going to his OWN ranch in Crawford, Texas, but this joker goes to Hawaii at the drop of a hat and that’s okay? And to add insult to injury, her highness, moochie, can’t go on the same flight, she has to cost us even more by flying seperately.

          3. It was because George was missing in action for the entire months of August. I think if you would check, the President just returned to Hawaii. He’s been working.

          4. Wasn’t Bush at his Crawford, TX ranch- his actual home already secured and wired for Bush to conduct presidential business and even entertain visiting officials? There’s a world of difference there, pal. And let’s not forget that Bush stopped playing golf out of respect for the military at war. When has Obama EVER done something selfless?

          5. Working? Surely you jest. Working at what? He returned to Hawaii for the second time in two weeks, without signing tis oh so important cliff deal breaker that the white house and media has been selling tat was sooooo important, but, he laves without signing it, imagine that. Just like his first major piece of legislation, one that we just had t have, it was soooo important that he waited over a week to sign it.

            Your just another Obama urinaid drinker, nothing more.

          6. DIsgusted! Excuse who are speaking about? Not very patriotic now is it. Besides did you not just witness what happened to this country? You can disagree with the President, but you can’t say he has not been working. And as for former President George W. Bush and his ranch, that was his business as President. He may not be a golfer, but he did like to ride his bicycle. I seem to remember George would ride his bike for two hours every day, just before lunch while he was President. SO WHAT! Just because you don’t like our current President. You still should support him. He represents all of us. Just like George.

          7. So obama since he has been in office has had 89 days of vacation as of 2012 ol bush in his 8 years of office had almost 900 days of vacation that is around 33 peercent of his presidency almost 3 years out of 8 he was on vacation in his first year alone he had 45 days of vacation before 9/11 so why dont yall chew on that for a little bit before talking junk about stuff you dont know .

          8. Why dont you go and receive some more hand-outs while snacking on cake and kool-aid. NEWS FLASH our debt is now u know around 17 trillion not that that is a big deal or anything. Obama just keeps on raising taxes when he doesnt understand that if he lowers taxes, small businesses will thrive and he will receive more tax money that way (tax money that he can go and use on 10 million dollar vacations).

          9. Speaking of people that don’t know what they’re talking about, Bush went on about 45 ACTUAL vacation days, not 900. And if you’re talking about his time at his ranch OR his father’s house, he was working most of the time he was gone. The fact is, if you add up the amount of debt Obama has run up, it is more than all other presidents before him COMBINED.

    1. As far as I can tell, he only went to Hawaii when there was some family situation, and it was not a tradition until he became POTUS. Honestly, who could afford to go to Hawaii, even on a senator’s pay every year, and stay at a 5 star location for two weeks?

      I do not begrudge him a vacation in the least. Fact is, given that his position is a high stress job, I would not even complain if he took a few days every quarter to unwind and relax. My BIGGEST complaint, and I think that of most thinking persons, is that, in the face of extreme austerity that we are facing as a nation, he still ventures to the islands. There are literally scores, if not hundreds, of places he could go for R & R at a fraction of the cost.

      And it is not really about the dollars spent that irks me, although it does, it is the image and what that conveys to the American people. We know that he is aloof, cold, and disdainful of anyone who dares to challenge him or his agenda. But, he could at least TRY to come off as caring by staying closer to home for vacations as most Americans have been forced to do.

      Al Capone, that scion of Chicago gangstership and political brokering is credited as saying, “You can get much farther with a smile, a kind word and a gun than you can with a smile and a kind word.” That seems to be summing up Obama and his administration. The gun of course is metaphorical, as the progressives are trying to take all of them from everyone except the criminals.

      1. It’s my understanding he didn’t start his “traditional Christmas Vacation” to Hawaii til after he was elected.

        I know the Kennedy family owned a Palm Beach retreat, with security already built in, to escape the DC and Cape Cod winters to.

        1. President Kennedy would never have done this on the taxpayers dime. He rejected accepting his earned salery. I disagreed with some of what he stood for but I acknowledge that he was an honorable man.

          1. This is not the Democratic party that John Kennedy and his voters belonged to. This is an arrogant, elitest group that snubs their noses at the middle class because they can. I guess it’s going to take a while before the idiots that elected him see the method to his madness. via

          2. Ah, I love that you mentioned that Kennedy was an “honorable” man. This is what I feel is severely lacking in our present resident of the White House. He is NOT an honorable man. I realized this when he first blamed the prior administration for everything and continued to do so throughout his presidency. In fact, I don’t think he has ever accepted the blame for anything. A truly honorable man would take responsibility and say as one previous president (I think it was Reagan) – “the buck stops here”. His presence here in Hawaii brings nothing but severe traffic problems whenever he decides to travel outside his enclave. He really does have a “let them eat cake” mentality.

        2. And Bush and Reagan escaped to their homes in Texas and California to vacation or work. Oblamer escapes to an extravagent, multi-million dollar retreat in Hawaii that requires a lot of security and 18 hours of flying at least 2 planes and all their entourage. Three times they’ve flown double-duty as Moochelle couldn’t wait for Barry in ’10 and ’11 and he flew out later and this year when he couldn’t get his job done in time so instead of staying and doing it, he flew to HI, flew back to DC and then back to HI again. You know if he was footing the bill, none of this would be happeneing. They’re living off the backs of the middle class.

          1. And what exactly did obama do upon his return during the “fiscal cliff” finalization. Nothing, it would appear and based on all accounts. And of course he did sign anything either while back in Washington. Pure political theater for an additional 4 million bucks.

          2. He got a breather from Moochelle. It is well known that they maintain separate bedrooms. The designer who did Mooch’s room in the WH was on TV talking about it at the time. They don’t get along and took a breather on the taxpayer’s dimessssss!

          3. Why can’t he pay for his own vacation, like EVERYBODY else, so he’s the (lying) Potus, so what. He’s a millionaire, pay for your own shit.

      2. What people are missing, is that when we go on vacation, we absorb the expense of that. If you are fortunate to get vacation days, or take time off your job, or your business, THAT IS ALL YOU GET. YOU then pay for all related vacation expenses out of your pay or savings. POTUS should get the TIME OFF WITH PAY, but HE SHOULD BE PAYING FOR HIS WAY. Plane tickets and all are up to him. Wherever he wants to go who cares!!!!!

          1. then he should have stayed in DC… are set up an office in Chicago at his home. But I bet you accused Bush of taking vacations when he went to his ranch… at one twentieth of the cost.

          2. Everybody accuses every president of the opposite political affiliate of taking vacation when there’s something that needs to be done. there’s never going to NOT be anything to do. The problem with this article is that it’s based on speculative numbers, that are definitely inflated, to stir up the base. ‘When keywords such as “likely,” or “If we assume,” or “much of it attributable to the expense of taking Air Force One,” which is taken anytime the POTUS needs to go anywhere, it doesn’t bring much value to the reporting. **NEWSFLASH** Every vacationing POTUS has used tax payer dollars for their vacation. This is the last thing people should complain about. The president hasn’t brought this country to its knees.. Republicans and Democrats alike have. The problem is there is so much finger pointing (or there are people that listen to the finger-pointers) that people get riled up about the dumbest shit. We should be happy that there’s been any agreement across parties to save this country. I’d sure as hell want a vacation after all that.

      3. Shofar, Obama doesn’t give tinker’s damn about this country or any one who lives here. Keep repeating this to yourself. He just doesn’t care!

      4. he was only senator for a couple of years. It is likely he did not vacation there until he hood winked the ignorant into electing him POTUS.

          1. I NEVER voted for Obama and, unlike you, can enjoy a clear conscience as we watch this once great nation continue its irreversible decline under your president.

          2. News Flash: The Nation is not in decline. More Americans have more freedom liberty justice prosperity than at anytime in American history. More 50 years ago, 100, 200. This is the greatest place on Earth. Stop with the dark doom and gloom view of the USA.

      5. It’s only a high-stress job for an American president who cares about his country. King obbama doesn’t meet the definition.

      6. I’m wondering if anyone that thinks Obama’s vacations are tax payor waste did they think the same thing when Bush spent over 1000 days at his ranch and Camp David ? In times of austerity when he was turning a surplus into a deficit no one had a problem with that. When he started two ill conceived wars and spent billions no one had a problem with that. Now all of a sudden Obama shouldn’t take a vacation ? Get over it Obama won and your side lost.

        1. The inability to address the facts is a Leftist staple. Bush “started” the war in Afghanistan or something. Flying to HawaiI has the same cost as the Bush Texas Ranch or something. The imaginary “surplus” became a deficit because of Bush. A group of wasteful, pathetic sponges supporting a wasteful, pathetic president.

      7. When you do the job Obama-style, there is absolutely no stress at all. All he has to do is pose for pictures, read the teleprompter, and do what Valerie Jarrett tells him to do. He is only a puppet putting a public face on the NWO regime.

      8. His job is high stress? Where in tarnation have you been for the past 4 years? He spent less time even attempting being a President than ANY President in America’s history! And when he attempted it, he did nothing but screw up and cost America more hardships and money. 20 multi million dollar vacations in FOUR blamed years? Give me a break! That alone shows he was not doing a President’s job. He is a Muslim wanna be dictator that is a freeloader on the American taxpayers back. YOU smile at his antics if you like. I don’t find anything the man does amusing.

    2. As far as I know, when he flew to Hawaii for his communist grandmother’s funeral (at the taxpayer’s expense) before he was sworn in, it was his first time back in Hawaii in 20-30 years (or something like that).

      1. If he did vacation before he was president, I am sure he stayed in a cheap hotel or at his grandmother’s. I remember a newspaper story in 2002 when Obama was checking into the hotel to give a keynote speech to the Democrat convention that his credit card was denied and someone else vouched for him.

        The big QUESTION IS: When he leaves office and they are still given SS protection, how much will this annual tradition continue to cost taxpayers? I believe that we should all contact congress and the senate and tell them that the issue of presidential personal vacations should be addressed and that a cap/limit be placed on the true amount that includes the advanced team, security, vehicles sent along and personal assistants like hairdressers for the first cow.

          1. Could be a coincidence, but wasn’t 2006 the year he was elected to the Senate and Michelle got her 6 figure job at the hospital ? Also, he book was selling. Makes sense that would be the year they had money as I doubt they’d be able to afford a family luxury trip on a community organizer’s salary ?

            2007 he was busy campaigning, then 2008 we started picking up the bill ….. hmmmm?

        1. he only keeps the SS detail for 10 years unless he waves it. He also loses the huge advance team, the use of AF fleet and Marine One, and the motorcade. His detail is scaled down considerably. Only time he would fly again in the fleet is if he is acting on behalf of the sitting president, but gets bumped to the smaller planes.

        2. He has made a deal on a $40million + mansion on a Hawaiian beachwith his new found fortune at which to retire. Also had a bill passed in the dark of night to afford SS protection for life for all living presidents, no matter how corrupt they (are) were. We’ll be paying for allowing a usurper for many years to come.

          1. Can executive orders be revised? Also, is it not time to have congress review what is appropriate for taxpayers to spend for the pres. vacations? Should the FLOTUS or their children be given FREE vacations? Shouldn’t the “family” vacation include the president or not be reimbursed? Let’s see where Moochelle skis this winter and if her children go on spring break vacations with the SS. I believe that we have to review all gov. travel and that includes that of our reps and sens. The speaker of the house gets a security detail (WHY?) Valerie, the pres’s special friend has a SS detail as well (WHY?). It is time to cut expenses in gov. as we have all done in private life.

          2. HR 6620, incidentally a bipartisan bill to restore lifetime SS protection to former presidents (as had been the case before the mid-1990s), introduced by Republican House Member Trey Gowdy of SC. How about that?

      2. And according to the Hawaiian governor Obama was confirmed as being born there and he would show us all of the documents to prove it. Still waiting on that one aren’t we? And what was that about promising to conduct the most open and transparent administration in US history? Yeah right, and ducks don’t have webbed feet either.

        1. He released his birth-cirtificate. So what are you waiting for, prove to us it is false. Do you have one that is more credible than his? He is the first sitting President who allowed for his birth records to be released. How much more transparent is that? This article is full of estimates and no facts, just to get people riled up. He’s President he is going to have security.

          1. RIGHT on the nose, and now the delegates are going to re-elect an illegal president once again. It is called TREASON. It is the exact reason RUBIO cannot be president. His parents WERE NOT citizens at the time of his birth. This WILL get out LOUD and conservatives will shut it down. As for the usurper, his will be an answer to GOD.

          2. I would think there would be a good chance of Rubio, if chosen, being able to hold the office of POTUS now, after all, with Congress, both parties and SCOTUS choosing to ignore their duties and responsibilities and abide by the Constitution of these United States, and the MSM refusing to do their job and thoroughly investigate this man prior to his election, it would be difficult to refuse Rubio the opportunity seeing as how the circumstances of each of these men are the same. I would say that a precedent has now been set. Having said this I don’t think either of these men should hold the position of POTUS.

          3. It is a common misconception that is necessary to be born on US soil to be President. Birthers seem to know nothing about US constitutional history. If they did, they would understand a natural born citizen is one who is born of a US citizen, not necessary to be both parents. Period. I suggest you go back and actually read the Constitution and when done, read the Naturalization act of 1790 and 1795, this will help clarify this for you. A congressional commission ruled in 1968 that George Romney, who was born in Mexico, was natural born and able to run for President. Even if Obama had been born outside of the US, he still could run for President. This is why you no longer hear about the birthers. Once the press read about Romney’s dad, it made the birthers irrelevant.

          4. Jim, I believe that if you are born outside of the US, both parents have to be US citizens. If they are not both citizens, you must be born on US soil.

          5. Gunny you are a nut job, He is your President, so either deal with it or renounce your US Citizenship. There is nothing you can say or do about it. He is Legal and you are a sore loser.

          6. You’re really not that bright, are you? Anyone born on US soil is an American citizen. I learned that in grammar school. You must have skipped that day

          7. Jim, O’s so-called birth certificate is full of anachronisms that would prove any document to be a forgery. For example, the name of the hospital, the name of his father’s country, and his father’s race are all anachronisms. In case you don’t know what that means, it means that they were not in use in the year that Obama was born; they did not come into use until AFTER that year. Those issues alone prove that Obama’s so-called BC is a blatant forgery, and a bad one at that.

          8. Eliot, let’s take off the tinfoil hat and let some FACTS penetrate your brain. The name of the hospital on his birth certificate was the Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital. That was indeed the name of the hospital from 1931-1971. It can be seen in social listings in newspapers at the time of Obama’s birth and on other people’s birth certificates who where born there at the same time.

            The father’s country is listed as Kenya on the birth certificate. Although Kenya did not achieve complete independence from the U.K. until 1963, the country was known as Kenya Colony since 1920 and typically referred to as Kenya.

            His father’s race on the certicicate is listed as African. This is the correct discriptor at the time for blacks who were native-born Africans.

            You have correctly identified what an anachronism is, but unfortunately all your examples do not qualify as being ones. Hopefully, now that you know the correct truth, you will stop spreading the misinformation further.

          9. then why spend 5 million hiding his past, birth, passport and school records. Plus the document(s) he tried to pass off what 5 times, didn’t pass the smell test

          10. @Jim…you need to lay off that kool-aid. Your brain is totally fried. He released a FAKE birth certificate and has been proven to be exactly that…FAKE. He is Muslim born, raised, and still is as much a Muslim as the Muslim Brotherhood members that he gave jobs in the White House to, and hosts banquets for the foreign members of the Muslim Brotherhood. They have Muslim prayers DAILY in the White House. You people that worship this monster really make me sick to my stomach. I do not understand how you can be so blind.

          11. Jim, too bad that when it comes down to it, Obozo won’t defend you or your rights! That’s the reality. How can anyone vote for (not saying you did as it seems that you are only trying to defend the office) a person that doesn’t even recognize the flag that they have been sworn in to defend? Is that not a fact? That alone should disqualify him in anyone’s mind for being a candidate for POTUS. Obviously, patriotism is not a quality people look for anymore. I offered my life to defend the flag of the US when I joined the service and he doesn’t even recognize it? And to even have a question of him having ties to terrorists concerns me enough that it just makes me wonder if he was even worth the risk of voting for. Can anyone clear this up for me with facts and good reasoning so I can trust this man?

          12. Martha, it must be troubling with all you know about the President. You have learned the real truth about Obama probably from some chain email or wacky website and nobody will listen about his Muslimness. Certainly not the main-stream media, even Fox News won’t report it. Even the RNC who just spent hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars trying to defeat Obama inexpliclably didn’t say anything about his Muslim birth, upbringing, and daily Muslim circle jerks in the White House. They must be in on it too. Keep getting the truth out, because you don’t look like some wacky loon at all.

    3. No the Obama’s did not make Hawaii a regular Christmas vacation destination. Europe was not on their family vacation list but that didn’t stop Michelle to stay in England with many of the daughters friends from their new school for a week of shopping. Then you have Michelle’s girls vacation in Spain at a five star resort to comfort a friend along with a dozen other friends. But let’s not forget the African safari where Michelle took along a dozen of their cousins for several weeks at taxpayers expense exploring Africa.
      After all the sun and surf of Hawaii which is not Michelle’s thing she leaves for a week long ski trip to Aspen. But how happy is the first family going to be with their newly purchased mansion in Hawaii for $39 Million dollars. A gift from the heiress of the Hyatt hotel chain.

      1. It’s OUR money, and per the Constitution (not that the pesky document ever stopped him before) says he is not to be paid more by the taxpayers than his salary. According to the seventh paragraph, Section 1, Article II of The Constitution of the United States of America:

        “The President shall, at stated Times, receive for his Services, a Compensation, which shall neither be increased nor diminished during the Period for which he shall have been elected, and he shall not receive within that Period any other Emolument from the United States, or any of them.”

        Pay attention.

        1. Aside from the usual mode of transportation and secure accommodations that any POTUS always gets due to the need to protect him from nuts like you, what proof do you have that vacation amenities came from tax dollars?

    4. He has also gone to India, Michelle to Spain with a cast of Thousands, and they have gone to Martha’s Vineyard a couple of times to “Hob nob” with the evil rich people.

      1. And malia’s spring break in Mexico with 25 secret service agents and no parents, that they tried hard to keep out of the press. A couple of trips to Charlottesville, VA and who knows where is the press decided not to publicize.

    5. Um, Obama is FROM Hawaii, are you really asking whether he ever went home before becoming president? Are you really that stupid? And to the author of the article, LOTS of people go back home every year it’s NORMAL

  2. I hope all the people whining about their Social Security tax and health care increases this week see this, he won! Romney would be removing Obamacare and cutting your taxes, too bad.

    1. Obamacare will not be a boon or advantage to anyone but those who will now be eligible to sign up for Medicaid. Unlike those of us who pay for insurance albeit private insurance or Medicare who pay a premium and are responsible for excess charges, those on Medicaid PAY NOTHING.

      Those who are now eligible for a policy through Medicaid will be a burden on the states after the initial perior expires (about five years). Medicaid reimbursements are lower than those from private pay, private insurance or Medicare so the doctors and health providers will be stiffed. What will result from this? Older doctors will decide to retire or not take new Medicaid patients and availability of care will lessen. New doctors will not want Medicaid patients because they will not be able to pay off their student loans. A friend of mine’s son is looking into residencies now. She told me that to date he has $300,000 in student loans. How likely is it that he will ever be able to pay them off with interest accruing? My doctor’s daughter started practice with her father and is now moonlighting with a second job at the hospital because she can’t live and pay off her $120,000 in student loans. Who will go into medicine with this kind of albatross around their neck?

    2. Do they call you SlowMoe for a reason? This is not a sports arena so saying “He won” is juvenile. This is serious stuff he has foisted upon the American people. Lives are affected seriously and badly. I give him an F for failure to lead and failure to even try to show good faith.

  3. Poor Repubs, this is all they have to cry about. How much does Speaker Boehners plane cost for golf trips? What a bunch of crybabies. Newsflash- Obama won. At least he only has one home- Mittens has 5!!

        1. Kinda like Obama giving tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to a company to produce electric cars and then the company decides to build them in Scandinavia.

      1. Let’s see, he used his investment companies to buy into healthy businesses, took huge loans out on those businesses, skimmed off the capital from those businesses after the loans were approved, then left the businesses to collapse under the burdon of the debts he left them with since they did not have capital. Yeah, hard work, he earned it. You guys worship the worst people on Earth.

    1. John, how many of Mitt’s homes did tax payers pay for? The answer is zero you dolt. Mitt worked for his money unlike our commander in chief, who has been on the public dole his entire life.

        1. Let’s see, he used his investment companies to buy into healthy businesses, took huge loans out on those businesses, skimmed off the capital from those businesses after the loans were approved, then left the businesses to collapse under the burdon of the debts he left them with since they did not have capital. Yeah, hard work, he earned it. You guys worship the worst people on Earth.

      1. You got a lot to learn about how Mitt earned his money if you think the taxpayers didn’t contribute. How the heck do you think he “saved” the Olympics?

        1. Sparky – buying stuff at Staples is not ‘contributing’ – its paying for whatever you’re buying. Thanks for playing you lemming.

        2. Gunner, Romney didn’t spend his last 30 years saving the Olympics or working in the Public sector. The majority of his working years was in the private sector.

    2. At least get your facts straight. Boehner declined the use of Nancy’s personal jet and turned it back to the AF. Just think…if more of the sheeple had the energy to get off the couch and the public dole they too might be able to have 5 homes. Enjoy your serfdom, you’ll be the one crying soon enough…

      1. That’s exactly right…Boehner flies commercial, which Queen Nancy was way to good to do! Had her own jet retrofitted to carry her entourage EVERY WEEK to SF, CA. And tell me WHY the Nobama clan can’t go to their very OWN home in Illinois, which is supposed to be VERY NICE and grand, and financed by their ole gangster pal Tony – don’t recall it being used in 4 years…that’s a dirty shame! The Bushes built their own home in Crawford, TX, with their own money and used it for holidays, long weekends, vacations, and entertaining heads of state! They live there now…maybe that should serve as a guideline for ALL presidents!

        1. In addition, when Bush took an entourage, it was much smaller. They stayed in motels in Crawford where $70 would get you the best room in town. Obama’s entourage stay in Waikiki on the beach in the most expensive hotel which starts at $270 a night plus tax and extras.

          1. Trust me, where the Obama staff stays is NOT the most expensive hotel in Waikiki. The most expensive hotels in Waikiki have rates that start over $500 a night.

        2. The Obamas have stayed at their home in Chicago but not frequently because it is a hardship for security and the neighbors when they do because it is a house in the city, not an isolated estate. It is more difficult to secure the house and the neighbors are subject to being stopped/searched before they can proceed down the street to their own houses.

          1. Ah, yes – the old “it is a hardship for security and the neighbors” excuse for why King Barry and Queen Me-Chelle can’t even attempt to live like the “middle class” they so love and care for.

    3. Class warfare much?

      At least “Mittens” paid for his own homes regardless of how much they cost, or how many he has.

      You should be more grateful. Without successful people, who would pay your unemployment and ensure your EBT card works when you’re buying your tax payer supported groceries?

      Show some appreciation.

      1. Shop at WalMart? Have you seen the stories about how WalMart keeps its payroll costs low (good business, right?) and that forces its employees to seek additional assistance in the form of WIC, food stamps, etc.

        So, who do you think pays for that? The taxpayers. All so WalMart shoppers can save 10 cents on a piece of plastic that came from China. As for me — no thanks. Costco all the way.

        1. Hope you’re not eating their meat that is sacrificed to Allah. Look at the labels they put on it. If it’s Halal, it’s been sacrificed to Allah.

        2. ‘Gunner’ bwah, ha, ha, ha, ha try again. The sheeple would be crying the blues if Walmart raised their prices – you can’t have it both ways.

        3. Let’s see people choose to work at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart offers health benefits, I know quite a few people who work there and all make more than minimum wage…you can’t shop anywhere, including Costco, that doesn’t offer items from China…so exactly what’s your issue with Wal-Mart. If people don’t like it they can leave. I am always confused as to why people have such a bitch with Wal-Mart. Bet the people in Bentonville Arkansas loves them! Pretty sure it helped that town a lot.

    4. Yeah and idiot, Mittens pays for his vacations, not us. That’s the difference you clown. I can guarantee you if Boehner is flying to play golf, it’s not on our dime. You libs can’t handle the truth of what a scam your messiah is. You always have to bring a republican in the conversation and rarely do they measure up to the corruption your Dim party members are involved in. Nothing but crooks.

      Congress needs to put a limit on vacation money for anyone who’s going places on our dime.

    5. John, the difference is the Romney paid for his. Regarding Boehner, he fly’s to Ohio from DC, really can’t compare the 2. There is alot to be upset about with this crappy government, ( both sides Dem or Repub ).

    6. Johnny….Mitt has five that HE paid for. You libs are so blind to Obama’s royalty complex. Twenty million taxpayer dollars so he can frolick on the beach, while thousands of Sandy victims still suffer, and could use that money to rebuild??? Oh, and before you try that mess about Republicans not voting on the relief bill, it was full of pork and that money could’ve been diverted to NY and NJ instead of say, $100 to Alaska, among other places and things having NOTHING to do with disaster relief. That was yet another disgraceful move by democrats.

      1. …100 million to Alaska, but even 100 dollars or one dollar shouldn’t go to Alaska in a bill written for NY and NJ disaster victims. How insulting to these residents suffering. Democrats, Schumer and Gillibrand (sp?) should be ashamed of their corrupt tactics and having the audacity to point a contemptuous finger at republicans; however, they all should be ashamed that this has not been taken care long before now. Both parties are reprehensible regarding the latter.

    7. John how dare you even compare Boehners golf trips to anything the Obamas do. Does this honestly not bother you that our President preaches about having to do without and tighten our buckles yet here is is in Hawaii while I am still looking for a corporate job like I had 2 years ago ? I can barley afford my bills right now yet Obama just raised mine and your taxes while he frorlics in Hawaii. Just dont understand people like you. Again its not that he is taking vacation that is fine but he has played over 100 days of golf and on top of it gets to go to Hawaii for two weeks, As they said i the article you must have not read why cant he vacation more local therefore not costing the taxpayers nearly as much loot. John plain and simple you are a cool-aid drinking Liberal fool.

    8. Unlike Barry, Mitt actually “worked” for a living at some point before his professional career. Only in America would we have a president that was a below average student, sub par lawyer, and 1 term senator.
      Funny how Mitt is back on the board of directors at Marriott. Who would you want running your company if you had to turna profit?

    9. as yes.. and yet the other side forgets the C-141 and crew assigned to Ms P when she was the speaker, the flights out to Cali, loaded with booze, friends etc. Remember the fights with her office calling to to book the plane on a min notice and then not using it, for no reason. Also a C-141 is a hell of allot cheaper per man hour (DOD table) than AF One.

    10. obama is supposed to be our leader, and the job with being the leader is to LEAD. It’s like the captain of a ship or vessel, the captain does not get off the sinking ship until every other soul is off. Otherwise he goes down with the ship. It’s really about honor and responsibility.

      obama should not take these luxury vacations on our dime by the way, with so many average Americans suffering. I have never witnessed a bigger coward sitting in the WH as I have than with barak obama. I think he is a danger to our freedom and rights, and I think his intentions are to do exactly this – destroy capitalism and the American dream.

    11. Well Johnnyboy, Romney doesn’t charge the taxpayers every time he visits on of his homes, which he earned and paid for himself. What has Obozo ever done to earn anything? He is just like his voters, he lives off of others.

  4. Thanks Obama!! First you screw us all with a huge tax increase and then you take a $20 million dollar vacation to Hawaii. I’m glad you are enjoying all of the perks that come with being king.

  5. Perhaps if Obama detailed those “formative years” in Hawaii we’d better understand, what exactly did he do there?

    Beside form the pot smoking choom- gang.

      1. You have to remember back at the time Barry was in the posh private school, some white was pushed aside to make room for him. He probably went for free under affirmative action. Same for his admission to college. He could pretty much pick where he wanted to go because of his color.

        I used to work in graduate admissions in a state university and we would get an additional student for every minority that we enrolled. It was a joke that you could get two if you could find a minority lesbian woman.

  6. Those estimates are a joke. The Presidential limo, helo and all of the Secret Service paraphernalia do not fly on AF1. It may be that Bo does not. No one knows how many flights it actually takes to move the Imperial entourage to Hawaii, and to support its stay. No one knows how many staff live in military accommodations at the Marine base, as opposed to living in very expensive rental properties or hotels.

    It should be noted that the cost estimates are a bare minimum. If the Press, or Congress, were doing its job, a full accounting would be available to the people who are picking up the bill.

    1. I’ve stayed in the BOQ at K-bay and it is LOUSY. I have no doubt the entourage is billeted out in town.

      Also, not’s forget the C-17 support aircraft to move HMX-1’s aircraft, the limos, etc. Baryy is all about Barry – his ego and nothing else. He’s unwilling and incapable of doing any of the heavy lifting because he’s as dumb as a rock (perhaps only obamabots have a lower IQ).

  7. Who needs so many vacations when they have servants, chefs, body men, docs on call, etc. Vacation from the existential burden of being president–being in charge? He is never in charge–he delegates blame! Oh why ask why, as the commercial said. They don’t even walk their own dog! They don’t drag their arthritis-wracked bods out of the house and hobble along.

    1. Please. GWB spent more than the Obamas times 10. Go look it up. And if someone had said that about Mr. Bush you’d be up in arms. GOP hypocrites.

      1. Gunner, GWB flew to Texas for his vacations, not Hawaii. Also, the first lady wasn’t flying around the world on taxpayer dollars. You are a very small and narrow minded person. Once again, another libtard with no clue as too how much or how things are done. We can only hope this experiment will end soon.

      2. Gunner, Your claim of “times 10” is so ridiculous that it’s laughable. If you take every vacation (not just Hawaii) that the anointed one, his wife, or his kids have taken on the tax payer’s dime, he’s already spent more in four years than Bush spent in eight. That’s right, when you look at how much time and money Bush spent, you’re looking at eight years worth. What about Mrs. anointed’s trip to Spain? She rented an entire resort! The President forced the taxpayer to fly him home from Hawaii after he abandoned the country on the edge of the cliff, then didn’t even sign the bill! Machine-sign the bill while he flew back to Hawaii. It’s the arrogance that’s galling. No matter what your politics are, obama’s attitude towards spending OUR money on HIS pleasure is galling.

      3. @Gunner – that is just a straight up lie. I do not recall GWB ever taking a vacation to anywhere but his ranch in Texas or the family compound in Maine. I’m not saying he never did, I’m just saying I don’t remember it, so if he did, it wasn’t very often. Not like this lazy, lying, overspending jackass we have as president now. He’s big on saying we need “shared sacrifice” but I’ve yet to see him sacrifice anything. It’s typical lib BS: I know what’s best so do what I say, not what I do.

  8. Just out of curiosity, could you please send me the link to your story about how much the George W. Bush family vacations (most of any president in history) cost the taxpayers? I’m eager to see how you reported those and if you included the same tone of sarcasm you did in this one.

    Thanks in advance,


    1. I think Bush took most of his vacations at his home in Texas and his parents home in Kennebunkport. And the country was in a lot better shape financially, gas was cheap, unemployment low etc

      1. I think this should be a standard post at the top of the posts.. but who reads previous posts ;-)

        I keep your link handy for posters just like Gunner

    2. Comparing Bush’s vacations to Obama’s vacations is like comparing apples to oranges. Bush also worked on official business while at his ranch and hosted many dignitaries there.

      1. not only worked but hosted various heads of state and leaders of other countries to the Tx WH. It’s quite the list. No can anyone please (I have asked this twice now) post what Mr. O has done like that?? Open up the Chicago house. (Bring body armor)

      2. Bush also had all of the security in place in Crawford permanently which elminated the cost of having to reinstall everything. The costs are astronomical for Secret Service detail, all of the equipment needed to run the office of the POTUS remotely (not that Obama ever does any work no matter where he is).

        Every time Obama and his entourage travels to a new destination, all of this security has to be flown in and reinstalled again and again.

        There is absolutely NO comparison to how much time Bush spent ‘on vacation’ in Crawford. It’s yet another sick myth perpetrated by the MSM and the liberal sheep that got this POtuS reelected.

    3. So you state that bushes vacation cost 10x more then Obama then ask this sight to find the proof he did it .One day you must learn to stand and think on your own

    4. Gunner, you’re a few rounds short in the magazine. Bush and Laura travelled together to their ranch which was set up as a western White House they were always working trips. Laura was too gracious to commandeer the AF1 for the First Lady’s personal use. However the First Moocher has no problem pretending she’s POTUS and entitled to AF1. Nice try blaming this on the Bushes.

    5. So Gunner-where do you get YOUR information then? Please give us all links to your information as well, seeing as you seem to know so much.

  9. Flying off to Hawaii is really bad PR for a President who talks about fairness and sharing the sacrifices to the rest of us, but it only matters to people like us because all the general public knows is that he’s on vacation.

    I almost feel sorry for the Obama family; they live in a mansion they don’t own and they take a vacation in a mansion they don’t own. They don’t do antything different while on vacation than they do when they’re in DC. Granted there’s that ocean thing, but I don’t suppose the Obamas care about getting a sun-kissed tan or surfing the big one.
    They are never alone. They can’t just go somewhere on a whim. No amusement parks or mall trips for the young Obamas. No leisurely strolls down the beach for the older Obamas.

    They might as well have stayed in DC and had ValJar throw some sand on the floor and play some Hawaiian music.

  10. “The Obamas probably also feel they must go to Hawaii because they are creatures of habit”.

    ‘Creatures of habit’ – what a laff! They couldn’t afford a ticket to Catalina, much less Hawaii, before they hit the govt. lottery. ValJar has a home on Oahu where they stayed once or twice.

    Obama did acquire a ‘habit’ while growing up in Hawaii, but hopefully it’s not a ‘family tradition’.

      1. When he first wrote “Dreams from My Father” in 1995 – touted as nonfiction although it was rife with composite friends and loved ones – it was a flop. It wasn’t until after he was an Illinois state senator when he gave the keynote 2004 DNC speech that the book was re-released and he got a million dollar book deal. Too bad nobody bothered reading his books. We might have learned he was a Marxist in sheep’s clothing before it was too late…

    1. I’m hoping you live in Texas where GWB resides and the “idiot” GOP rules. I’m also hoping the women in your family get to experience Texas health care for themselves. One of the poorest excuses in the nation.

      1. Interesting that Texas is one of the fastest growing states in the union. Do us all a favor and stay in the Northeast with all of your koolaid drinking serfs..

      2. The Dallas-Ft Worth metroplex is developing one the largest, most advanced medical complexes in the world. Multiple hospitals and training facilities and let’s not forget Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and UT Texas. Oh yeah you still have to pay for birth control and they don’t fleece the rich. With half my brain tied behind my back, it’s your move Gunny

        1. Is it just me? It seems that every time Gunny opens his “mouth” he really shows his lack of knowledge and information.

      3. Face it “Gunner” you are a Liberal hack and nothing you say is based in fact! I also believe you are either a negro or a peter puffer just like your Chocolate Messiah is!

  11. They are nothing but a flock of parasites!!!
    little do they care about the deficit
    All the democrat should check into a rehab and see if their spending addiction could be eliminated!!
    Better yet they should be given an allowqnce that most American live on and make them stick to it!!

  12. He is laughing and giddy on every snow cone he slurps, every wave he rides and every golf game he plays when he thinks how dumb and easy it is to say something to the citizens of this country and 50 percent believe his rhetoric.
    How sad . . . how sad that the 50 percent who don’t believe have to suffer. If George W was this carefree with our tax dollars the media would have run him out of office. Where’s the unbiased media since this moron took office 4+ years ago??? We are in trouble America, more so than we even realize.

    1. How sad indeed. Especially since most of those of us who voted FOR him had to SUFFER eight long years under one of the worst presidents in American history — George W. Bush.

      1. No my country man, Obama will be there right after the idiot Carter.. I would take Bush in a heartbeat. At least he stood for something.. This conversation is a waste of time..

      2. Yes it is regrettable that you suffered through not receiving a proper education. It is still available though, in Texas, just not NY, IL or CA

      3. Bush is a hall of famer compared with this imbecile. Obama and Carter are absolutely the worst ever. Carter was just incompetent. Obama is worse because he hates America and what it stands for, as he has said many times, and has an agenda to destroy it.

  13. To clarify the statement, to be absolute clear, the 20 Mikion is this December’s 2012 Vacation….. Obama and the Family is becoming a major expense We Americans can do without.

    1. Considering that he took most of his vacations in Crawford Texas or up in kennebunk (sp) Maine, both family residences, I doubt if his bills come close to his Royal Hinneyness

    2. This is a good point though, and bob asked simply and without sarcasm. It would take a bit more research and assumptions, but I think it would be better to have a relative comparison.

      BUT, I think it would be fair to add in both the cost of flying Michelle separately and the cost of sending advance teams and the extra cost of flying out any related equipment (bulletproof vehicles, personal chef). Notice Keith’s $20 million estimate doesn’t include these things. Bush spent time at his home so I would think there would be no need for advance teams and maybe even no need for flying out vehicles from Washington. And of course adjusting for inflation, etc.

      1. DOD provides a annual fixed wing and helicopter rate table for hourly reimbursement rates. The table is broken down into 4 categories – Other DOD / Other Federal / FMS / All Other.

        In doing some research you can find out what type and amount of aircraft are used per man hour, which is different from a mission / sortie (in the military a mission = equipment that has a start and a return to base – aka “round trip).

        Remember, the below reimbursement rates for an aircraft INCLUDE maintenance, fuel, and a authorized crew to fly the mission.

        Here goes –

        Advance Team Flyout – Hawaii

        C-5A/C (Huge Cargo Plane) – To flyout the Presidential Helo, Car (The Beast), Advance Team Cargo / Vehicles. $35,593.00 per hour

        C-17A – (Medium Cargo Plane) To fly out the Advance Team and support members, plus other large bulky items. $14,378.00 per hour
        *This could be 1 or 2 aircraft, and more than one mission as people need to get around you know)

        Presidential Flyout –

        VC-25A (aka AF One) – The President & Family, some imed support staff, their SS detail. $181,000.00 per hour

        C-32A (aka AF2) – This is a Boeing 757, semi new to the fleet. It is the plane the VP, Cabinet Members, Special Dignitaries fly on. It is also the back up for AF One or the decoy plane. Usually it handles the rest of the support staff. $12,493.00 per hour

        ** Did you know the VP’s wife does not fly on AF Two fro free?? **

        AF One can not be used for missions outside of supporting the President.

        Additional Support Aircraft – There could be a C-17A or other aircraft floating around behind the Presidents group. Not much is said about it for security reasons.

        So big bucks spent in just aircraft alone to get the party out to Hawaii.

        Now some other tidbits –

        Aircraft used to fly to Maine for vacation – C-20C (Gulfstream III) $5,465.00 per hour

        Aircraft used to fly to NY for night out – C-37B (Gulfstream). $3,273.00 per hour.

        So here are some rough numbers of what it costs to move the President and staff around. You can Google for additional costs from previous trips – number of aircraft used to support the Spain trip, the Olympics trip, etc.

        1. Thanks Otis! I was going down the road then decided I didn’t want to spend the time. And I agree, if we are to count all 77 of Bush’s trips to his ranch, we should count the NYC trip, trips to Chicago, the spain trip, and I would even say the Africa trip. Although it had an official veil to it, we would have to include it or else exclude all the ranch visits where Bush had any dignitaries visit.

          And don’t forget to add in any flights to politically convenient sites for all those 1/2 hour “non-campaign” speeches.

          1. AND Vail, AND Mahhhtha’s Vineyahhhd, AND Bar Harbor, AND Panama City, AND Asheville back in 2009, AND the 2009 MLB All-Star Game, AND all the trips to keep John Corzine (remember him?) in the governor’s mansion in New Jersey, AND Oslo (had to pick up his Nobel Prize), AND AND AND. It never STOPS with this guy.

  14. That makes me sick. I cant afford a vacation working 2 jobs yet help pay for his. REALLY . My paycheck has already taken a hit yet he gets a raise in MARCH.
    Hmmm I think we the pople are pissed off mad and this is not right.
    I say FIRE HIM NOW

  15. we should pass a law that all pres. have to pay for their own vacations. we already pay for the big white house and camp david and it’s enough.

  16. This do-nothing President is a Lame Duck Do nothing. Thank You all You ignorant Morons, know nothing Idiots and and corrupt Union Thugs Who inflicted Our Country this abomination.

  17. Does Obama think we owe him all this? He has been a minority in the past and now wants to be superiority. All that monies wasted on his Hawaiian trip. Time to get REAL America. We the People, remember.

  18. First order of business for the House of Representatives – create a budget for the King’s vacations. That should put a good dent in the debt.

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  21. Who cares? I’m too busy trying to make ends meet and take care of my family. The real working taxpaying Americans elected Romney president. Not this clown.

    1. Let’s face it, the clown was elected in the same fashion as everything else in his life, by way of fraud.

      I do belive there is a Dem pattern here: Reagan went to his ranch, outfitted with security measures one time. The Bush’s went to their homes in Texas and Kennebunkport outfitted with security measures one time. Romney would have done the same.

      Clinton and Giggles, the benevolent god-king insist on Martha’s Vineyard, estates in HI, expensive vacations all over the world. Everytime new security measures, equipment, invasions on neighborhoods, put people out at resorts, etc.

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  23. My family’s vacations are paid for out of my salary. Why is the president different? Does he pay for anything? Why does he have a salary?


  24. Isn’t it about time to make this lying, phony communist pay income tax on all these “perks” he receives. The average taxpayer has to, why not him?

  25. I am not a supporter of Obama and disagree with his socialist policies and worldview. Bothering with $20 M. associated with 4 vacations for the President and family in Hawaii is however uncalled for, in my humble opinion.
    Let him have this vacation. Let’s get talking about the multi-trillion dollar deficit and the ballooning government instead.

    1. Don’t you think Obama’s vacation contributes to the deficit? He does not pay out of his pocket. His trip comes out of our pockets. If he were considerate – or if he were a good steward of our country and our money – he would stay home and let that money go toward other use or expenses.

    2. While I agree he is entitled to vacation – the problem is that his lack of humility during these difficult times and his lack of trying to show some restraint for costs of his vacations also contributes to this atrocious financial crisis. We have to quit talking about what prior Presidents did and did not do. This is today – I used to go out to eat more but don’t because of the cost (just to mention one example). Many people used to buy cars more frequently but don’t now because of financial constraints. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    3. It certainly would help the situation at least a bit, and not only that, it would make people feel like he gives a damn. “Oh sorry ’bout ya” and he frolicks in the ocean, plays golf and dines on food most of us can’t dream about eating once a year!

  26. The Reagan’s celebrated Christmas in the White House so that the Secret Service and others could spend Christmas with their families and not be forced to travel out of town.

    That is the difference between a statesman who loved this country and respected other people, and the narcissist Obama and his wife, who clearly only think of themselves and how much luxurious living they can squeeze out of the American taxpayers.

    1. Please, I voted Reagan twice, but don’t think RR was not a man of wealth and luxury. He was a Hollywood movie star. With a huge ranch, and incredible real estate holdings. Clinton and Obama are both from middle class backgrounds. You can’t compare Reagan and the Bush family to the Obama’s. Obama is renting a place in HI similar to the stuff Reagan and Bush own.

      1. You dummies keep bringing up how these past presidents were rich already, and BO was not.

        YOU get over it. How does that entitle BO to lavishly spend taxpayer money when it isnt necessary to do so? You dummies just dont get it, Obama isnt renting shit….WE are.

        You lib types cant see past your noses youre so asleep! You got your leaders telling you the majority of America is against guns, yet guns are flying off the shelves. You got them telling you that we are in financial trouble and that we all have to share in the sacrifice, yet he spends our money excessively for his own personal vacations, and has run the debt up more than all the past presidents COMBINED.

        Winning the presidency doesnt turn you into the fucking Jeffersons, its a PUBLIC SERVICE job. It should be treated with reverence and humility. When Reagan stayed in DC it was because he was thinking of his staff during the holidays. That is a humble and honorable thing to do. Obama is an author and doesnt know the meaning of those words. Oh the irony.

        Obama is a fraud. He has turned the country into mob rule. America is not a democracy, it is a constitutional republic. Democracy is simply a tool of the self governed, not the end all be all say on things. True democracy is 51 wolves and 49 sheep deciding whats for dinner. You want that, then we shall share the fate of the Romans.

        What Obama has done to get elected is to simply pander to anything that is NOT caucasian and heterosexual. He picked up the black vote for obvious reasons, the female vote because he saved them $10 a month on the birth control, the homosexual vote because he “evolved” his stance on gay marriage, after being against it. He got the hispanic vote because he halted the deportation of all the legals’ illegal relatives. He knew he would make up the difference he needed on the other side of the tracks because deep down all the affluent white folks want to look good for their black friends by voting for him.

        Bottom line is this, the person whos been on government assistance their whole life is not going to vote that away. Obama bought votes. He has no history of showing the skills necessary to hold the position in any way. Leadership? ROTFLMAO…..

        1. Your facts are way off. About the debt, about the vacation, about most everything. Obama pays the rental from his funds. He has not racked up more debt than all others combined. Debt was around $11T when he got there, it’s around $16T now. Want to be a constructive citizen? Check you facts before you post.

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