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Obama Wastes No Time Getting on the Golf Course

President Obama wasted no time Wednesday setting out on his usual vacation rituals, landing in the gym at 6:15 am – less than an hour and a half after landing in Honolulu itself – and then heading out mid-morning to play golf.

He had another marathon session on the links with the boys, spending around six hours engaging in his favorite pastime. Then after a brief restup at the house it was time for dinner at Alan Wong’s, where in December 2011 middle class warriors Barack and Michelle dropped about $260 on dinner.

Obama’s golf outing was his first of the year and the 112th of his presidency.

46 thoughts on “Obama Wastes No Time Getting on the Golf Course”

  1. 77% of Americans just saw their taxes go up, and he couldn’t even wait 24 hours to hit the links. That’s just flaunting it. He has no shame.

    Prepare yourselves for widespread civic unrest, folks. It’s going to happen at some point in the next four years.

    1. I am not sure I agree with you regarding civic unrest. So many citizens are sheep, just following along; many don’t care; and many agree with what is happening in Washington.

      1. So many “citizens” are just IGNORANT… How do you think Obama was ‘re-elected’?

        The Founding Fathers must be spinning in their graves knowing an arrogant, clueless, anti-American, neo-Socialist, empty-suit like Barack Hussein Obama was ‘elected’ to be “President”

      2. Agree with you. I would have expected civil disobedience on Obamacare, TSA, and now taxes. The one issue I think there will be civil disobedience on is the gun issue.

      3. I wasn’t referring to the right, which has been surprisingly docile in these matters. I can’t say I wouldn’t love to be surprised, but…

        My thinking is that at some point in the next four years, the money for all those government freebies will run out. Interest rates are not going to stay this low forever, and once they get up to 5% or higher, there will be no money to bribe the sheeple with. It will be either defend ourselves from imminent threats to the homeland, or keep passing out welfare until we’re overrun.

        And if the latter happens, the congresscritters will be the first to be shot by whoever defeats the United States. (I can’t believe I just wrote that, but that is a real danger at this point.) So no sane congresscritter would keep the gravy train rolling if they knew they’d be the first to go under a new regime. Ergo, defense over welfare; ergo, cessation of benefits; ergo, widespread unrest.

        What am I getting wrong in there?

    2. I’m thinking the violence won’t happen until the government teat dries up. That is when the union thugs will be activated. Once the public union “workers” lose their meal ticket, the trouble will start. In their grand bargain the corruptocrats just extended unemployment benefits for another year, at a cost of $30 billion to the taxpayer. We’re good to go until that well runs dry.

      1. I agree Susan, but let’s accelerate the process by initiating impeachment procedures.
        Obama is a thug, and he is surrounded by thugs, but if the congress of the United States cannot take a Marxist out of office, just what have we become ?
        He and his administration have committed treason.
        Is congress blind, numb, or complicit ?
        It has to be the latter.

        1. Nothing in the constitution prevents the citizens from electing a Marxist. But Zippy’s a traitor and should be treated as such. Axelroid and Jarret must have some serious dirt on congress and the courts.

  2. I doubt that The Boob and the Mooch dropped $260.

    We the taxpayers dropped $260 or the restaurant gave the dinner to them free.

    The grifters pay for nothing,

    1. No the American citizen pays oh how we pay. Wonder how many of the
      American’s paying for the Obama’s fun went hungry or were cold because they couldn’t pay the bill? Shameless grifters!

    2. I know we pay more than $260 for local law enforcement required to put in overtime to keep the restaurant/streets/sidewalks secured, for starters.

      As for the SS guys, yeah, they still get paid, but if they’re over 30 miles from their field office, they get 2-300 extra per diem for expenses. As do the AF1 staff and crew.


      1. 200 to 404.00 Per Diem (OCONUS) for the Islands, depending on where they are. Also, the rate can be waved for higher costs due to job mission and being on imed call out (aircraft crews and SS details).

        1. Thanks Otis, that puts it in the ballpark and proof that BO’s people do get paid a lot more than they do sitting around the DC office.

          Also, advance teams who go out a week or two ahead of the Royal Party to secure the area.

          Yeah, dinner at a 5-Star restaurant is probably costing us thousands. That’s quite a tip. :D

  3. Still can’t get over the fact that it takes him 6 hours to play golf! The average round is 4 hours. What the hell are they doing out there?

    1. Beats me. But they’ve got the course all to themselves, and no interlopers can see what they’re doing, and there have been whispers in some quarters about Obeyme’s gender preference, and my goodness, look what I can type when I’ve had too much caffeine.

  4. Why do we keep talking about his golfing? He obviously is not going to change his ways, cares zip what we think. Just seems to be a waste of time griping about it.

    1. A woman?…. I knew better.

      Unless the girls went out to dinner, too, he spent zero time with them.

      He’s now playing 27 holes of golf. Who has time for that?

      He pays no price for his behavior so he could care less.

      1. He talks a good game, but has never appeared to be much of a father. I’m thinking these guys are probably doing something more than golf if it takes them 6 hours to complete the course.

  5. Kinda strange – he’s away from the little woman and kiddies during the New Year holiday, and the first thing he does is hop off the plane after a 9 hour trip and head for the gym and a game of golf? Give me a break! This ‘marriage’ is beginning to resemble the Clinton charade, except for the fact that Barry prefers his guy pals. Wonder what he did on New Years Eve….the media must be covering for him.

    1. It’s his immaturity – gotta have what he wants now. No one tells him “no” because he has always been the child-king. He’s the smartest, the coolest and Teh Won. We know this because “they” tell us it is so.

  6. One would think he was an ace golfer, but having seen his samari golf swing, I doubt it.. I think he likes to get out on the links where he can smoke a fat one.
    I knew he would fly back to Hawaii. He is a despicable excuse for a pResident and a human being.

  7. You know, if he is really gay (which is his business, and not ours) and really is a Muslim (which is our business), I hope that he comes out of the closet and into the mosque soon. I would love to see how that plays out with the likes of Seyyed Ali Khamenei from Iran or Mohamed Morsi of Egypt. Both are hard liners, and would not hesitate to call for a fatwa against Obama for being a gay Muslim. After all Islam is the religion of peace and understanding.

    That is the thing I do not understand about progressives. They jump on whatever bandwagon that is going by, I truly think to piss off their parents, and espouse and embrace thinking and movements where they are going to be the first ones taken out and shot or beheaded. Makes no sense to me to support things that are destined to get you killed unless it is a concept such as liberty, prosperity, and freedom.

  8. you realize when he is done he will have 2/3rds of a year on the golf course..(along with 4-5 months vacation time AND a year campaigning.. so well get 6 or less out of 8 years work for the vote..nice huh..

    1. He waits until the Sandy Hook children return to school to release a photo of himself? He’ll do anything for a headline! I suppose we’ll be seeing this photo a lot this month after he starts his campaign on gun control.

    2. I’m not buying any of this posers propaganda. Still waiting for his toadies to release the Situation Room photos taken in the wake of the Benghazi massacre. Especially interested in seeing this fakers face as he watches Tyrone Woods die after he laser paints the target and waits for the backup from his brothers-in-arms that will never come.

  9. Actually I’m waiting for the media to start ” reporting ” that our Dear Leader hits 18 holes-in-one just like North Korea’s Dear Leader.

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