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Obama Vows More Tax Increases

President Obama this morning pocketed the Republican concessions on tax hikes included in the Fiscal Cliff deal and promised that it was only the beginning of new taxation to be assessed on the American people.

Obama, who appeared in the White House briefing room Tuesday night to hail the deal, made clear to Republicans that he will continue to seek a “balanced” approach to deficit reduction – White House code for “balancing” spending cuts with raising taxes. Meanwhile, spending on Obama-blessed programs will continue to rise, he asserted:

We can’t simply cut our way to prosperity. Cutting spending has to go hand-in-hand with further reforms to our tax code so that the wealthiest corporations and individuals can’t take advantage of loopholes and deductions that aren’t available to most Americans. And we can’t keep cutting things like basic research and new technology and still expect to succeed in a 21st century economy. So we’re going to have to continue to move forward in deficit reduction, but we have to do it in a balanced way, making sure that we are growing even as we get a handle on our spending . . .

Today’s agreement enshrines, I think, a principle into law that will remain in place as long as I am President: The deficit needs to be reduced in a way that’s balanced. Everyone pays their fair share. Everyone does their part. That’s how our economy works best. That’s how we grow.

While the Fiscal Cliff’s automatic deficit reduction included both tax increases and spending cuts, the deal passed by Congress Tuesday night relied almost exclusively on tax increases to pare down the deficit. The massive Fiscal Cliff spending cuts that had been scheduled to take effect at the beginning of the year are still on tap, but have been delayed for two months.

But if Republicans thought that out of fairness and “balance” the focus would now be on trimming spending, Obama’s comments made clear that they are deluding themselves.

Having been rolled by Obama into accepting a massive tax increase, Republicans will again be pressured into embracing a “balanced” approach that cuts spending but also socks the “wealthy” for more revenues.

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  1. Say you come home and the sewer has backed up and your home is full of doodoo to the ceiling. Do you raise the ceiling or get rid of the doodoo? What will Washington do?

    1. 1) They’d route your neighbors’ sewer lines into yours to relieve congestion on the other lines
      2) They’d announce a plan to study raising your ceiling but no construction would begin because environmental permits would be required
      3) You and your family would drown

        1. Gross. But since we are on the subj of metaphors, let’s let the current “pause” help us clean up the language! First–“cliff.” We need the govt to provide a “level playing field,” not some artificial cliffs Americans can fall over. We have enough problems without being dashed to the rocks off some cliff. Second, is this cliff the same as the cliff Grandma is going off? Too confusing! Make one or the other a bluff or butte (or beaut?). Now that we went partially over–is the bottom a “valley” as Bret Baier ventured? I prefer abyss or crevasse–scarier. This has been a public service announcement, thank you.

          1. Obama made a butte out of Boehner very nicely. Boehner seems to have his head in his crevasse if he thinks Obama will give spending cuts “sometime”, just ask Bush Sr. how well that works.

            Boehner’s poll numbers just dropped into the abyss, along with any hope of recovering this nation.

            Grandma served her purpose. Not only did Obama scare her into voting for him, but all those folks with aging Grandma around were afraid they’d have to take care of her themselves, like they were family or something, with some kind of responsibilities for their kin. Imagine their relief that Obama’s taking money from those rich folk, and taking care of Grandma (and unwanted children, and all the consequences of careless sex) with it, so they don’t have to!

            Also, since Government buys the condoms, birth control, and abortions, that sure levels the playing field for those guys who don’t want to shell out for their grotty pleasures.

            Do I pass the metaphor test?

          2. Maybe the word play one. Surely no one expected him not to try to get what he got–why wouldn’t he? He did come up on the limit for raising taxes. push back debt ceiling so Repubs can get another run at him–I don’t see blaming Boehner for all this, I just don’t. This isn’t wonderland where Obama would get nothing and go to his room crying…even if he was a profoundly annoying creep about it. Throwing in more dopey green stuff was just salt for the wounds. So typical.

          3. If I know most of the Republicans I have met, they have heard the expression what goes around comes around. They will be lying in the weeds, waiting…mark my words. Obama knows this, too.

          4. all those folks with aging Grandma around were afraid they’d have to take care of her themselves, like they were family or something, with some kind of responsibilities for their kin.

            As someone who moved from friends and work to take care of her mother for 16 long yrs in Arizona and knows many others struggling with this issue, I consider this an invalid generalization.

          5. The generalization is to those who abdicate their responsibilites to the Government, such as caring for their kin, and therefore voted for Obama. Correct me if I’m wrong, Star, but I don’t believe you belong to that group?

            I was speaking of those who act, not only in contradiction of decency and filial obedience, but in violation of Bibilical instruction, thus;

            1 Timothy 5:8.
            “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.”

            Lots of folks fit that bill, and many voted Obama precisely so they could shirk their responsibilites. That is who it is directed to. I am sorry if you took it incorrectly, no personal attack was intended, or indeed even considered as you do not seem to fit that profile.

            Also, I do not blame Boehner for the evil. That belongs squarely to Obama and his ilk. I DO blame him for not standing up to the evil, and for consenting to the pilliage of his fellow citizens of a certain income level, and for kowtowing to the concept that Government redistribution of private property is a right that Government has, and that Government is worthy of choosing winners and losers.

            THAT is what I blame Boehner for, and why I do not believe he is qualifed to be Speaker.

            He has abdicated his duty to those who put him there as a foil against Government pilferage, and I know very well of what I speak, as he was placed there by the citizens of my area, just north of the People’s Republic of Cincinnati. He was not sent to do a deal, he was sent to say STOP!

            He has failed. We must therefore find one who will represent the half of the country that does NOT believe Government knows best.

          6. Spot on, cincycinco. Cultural Marxism (aka multiculturalism) is the knife that is shredding the fabric of American society. The messiah of this cult just kicked the leaders of the loyal opposition to the curb with lots tears but nary a whimper from the paper tigers. Not a patriot among the republicans who surrendered to class warfare by voting aye for this travesty.


    2. “Say you come home and the sewer has backed up and your home is full of doodoo to the ceiling.” – Micurmudgeon

      ‘It was arguably Ronald Reagan’s favorite joke. In one version, two kids — one an optimist, the other a pessimist — rush downstairs on Christmas morning. The pessimistic kid gets a new bike and weeps that he’ll probably break it soon. The optimistic kid is presented with an enormous pile of manure and squeals with delight: “There’s got to be a pony in here somewhere!”’

      Unfortunately, the government is depending on “their” people to “think” like the Optomisitic Kid.

    3. A few, all too few, will stand like men and say NO More doodoo dummy. The rest of them will raise the ceiling while skimming millions for favorite constituents. Speaker Bohner will cry and Obambi will laugh , Pelosi will look confused and millions will wonder “what just happened?”

      Or what RickW said ;-)

      Moderation during a sewer overflow is foolish.

  2. The man has no concept of prosperity. It’s obvious by his comments that he truly believes gummint is the source of national wealth.

    We’re finished.

      1. bb88888888 – Really, in what way, specifically, has it been any kinder to his family than other. I am assuming, of course, that no one in your family gets any social security, medicare, medicaid, unemployment insurance or has their money in a government insured bank. (and what is with your stupid screenname?).

        1. James, Obama and his family have been taking multi-million dollar vacations several times a year at taxpayer expense. He will receive a ridiculously large pension for the rest of his life, top of the line health care, and unlimited other perks. He, and most other elected representatives have voted themselves these perks that I do not receive. How’s that?!

          1. And he has benefited from being in the Illinois congress for a while. His wife was given a lucrative job as were others because of their husband’s position in government. He came to Washington for 2 years as a Senator where he endured more government benefits (guess James can’t see all that). And now he is president and his family lives off the government again. I guess your reply and this one should answer James question.

            I will leave social security alone but no, my family has not lived off welfare, foodstamps, or any other type of government handouts. My grandparents didn’t either. I find it amazing that you think it’s the norm living off government handouts James.

        2. No James my family does not qualify for any of that. Seems that on my misrable 32,000$ a year I am part of the one percent. I `could not afford Christmas this year but guess that is ok as it was only OUR religouse holiday and is offensive to the seculars like you. Ooops we couldn’t afford a tri[p to Hawaii either. Nor can we afford this new health care being mandated. So yes I think we have been rather over nice to Obama and his family.

        3. Mr. James Ryan, How do you explain Aunt Zeituni and Uncle Onyango? Or, Granny Mooch who lives in the White House and goes on safari to Africa?

      1. Thanks for the softball pitch.

        Both parties are bought and paid for. In some cases by the same people/special interests and other different ones. Niether will truly cut a darn thing. One just talks a better game about it than the other. In reality common sense and logic tells you it’s what needs to be done. As of tax year 2010 there was only 2 more months of “revenue” that can be received than what it takes to run the government for year. Meaning if you took every last dollar earned by a person or company out of the economy the government would run from 01/xxx1 to 02/xxx2. After that there would be no money left to take in as revenue.

        It’s not a intake issue. It’s an outtake. The government spends more than we can continuously give it.

    1. Fair share equals Obama’s Communist ideology.

      Fair share means death to our economy,

      Even the Soviets aren’t that stupid anymore.

  3. We also can’t spend other peoples money into prosperity – when does this idiot get a clue? When do we the taxpayer get a say? Maybe when we all go on strike and stop paying, both the Feds and the leaches will finally understand that “everyone must pay” is just bullshit and the Government should only do what we the people enshrined in founding legal document.

      1. Ditto. Obama’s goal is to destroy America as we know it. Do not believe that he is trying to help America and is simply misguided.

        1. WOW! where did you pull those lies out of? Your big fat lazy liberal A$$. The president (Small “p”) is a liar a cheat, a hater of Americans. He has proven this over and over again. What was his top priority (or at least what he said) for the last 3 -years. JOBS and he has done nothing other than put people on more unemployment and food stamps.

          Wake up moron!!

        2. Sorry he plainly sucks, the worst President ever and all you dumb asses will see this only too soon when the economy further goes down the toilet. He’s an empty suit.

        3. You do realize that when Bush went to his Ranch he worked there?

          You do realize that he had an office and staff that he paid for there.

          When your god heads to Hawaii he is going to smoke “bones” and body

          The only racist is you, someone who expects a lot less from a person because of the color of their skin – you are a very disgusting human being

          1. So is this racist?

            When an economy grows slower than the rate of inflation is it really growing?

            When unemployment drops because benifits run out do more people have jobs?

            And yes you can cut your way to prosperity those dollars meerly enter the private sector aka the real economy where the seek out profits. Profits beget investment, investment begets productivity, productivity begets growth. Goverments have no interest in profits therefore inceases in productivity aka no growth.

    1. That’s the Messiah speaking, we will all be communist soon. we will all become renters, all the really wealthy, no taxes needs to touch them, for as Buffet’s RRoads & Goldman Sach’s Liberty Project just got millions in Obamanation as did Hollywood & Nascar, ….he can do that because the voters that voted for him no nothing about how DC works, all they care about is how smooth he looks, talks & how MSM tells them how to vote ! Next week everyone who gets a pay check will wonder why the gross is the same but, the net alot less, this is because you don’t read & only watch MSM who wouldn’t dare tell you the truth..

  4. obama says the wealthiest corporations should pay higher taxes, what a joke. jeffery imelt, the CEO of GE spends his days on his knees servicing obama, so obama isn’t going to force them to pay taxes on the 15 billion in profits GE reported last year. Do you think obama is going to go after Apple or google? They have both bought and paid for obama so his administration won’t go after their massive profits.

      1. Wrong. By Corporation, we are talking about ‘C-Corporations” which pay income tax on net profits (with book/tax adjustments). Then, any dividends received are taxed at the individual level. Double taxation. I surmise that you’re thinking about “S-Corporations’ that provide a K-1 to its shareholders, detailing inocme and deductions based on their respective percentage ownership.

        1. You are a CPA & can’t see the simple fact that when a company pays taxes as an expense they pass that expense on to the consumer in the form of higher prices.

          Adam Smith is rolling right now

  5. Obama, you dumb jackass, of COURSE we can cut our way to prosperity. I have done it in my own household, I just started cutting out unnecessary expenditures and suddenly my fixed income was enough to cover my cost of living. So, Obama, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??!! Are you really that stupid? Or do you just think the American people are that stupid? What do you have between your ears that substitute for brains? It’s really QUITE simple. Our government spends too much. It spends too much because it tries to DO too much. God! this is like trying to talk to a 1-year old!

    1. But.. but.. Bill! You don’t understand! You need to think like a Democrat. Just redefine what being in debt is. If you are $10 Grand in debt, change your definition of indebtedness to $15 Thousand. Use your credit cards to pay for your household expenses. Look for a neighbor who has a nicer house and car than you do. Have local law enforcement force him to help pay your bills. The guy is richer than you, therefore, he is a greedy bastard and you are ENTITLED to have him pay your household expenses.

    2. Bill, Obama is not a “dumb jackass.” He knows exactly what he is doing. So do the Democrats/liberals/leftists in Congress.

      And, now, with the Republican Party is what appears complete disarray, but still spineless, he’s got no opposition in Congress.

      Our only hope is for the Republicans to regroup immediately, focus on clear message, take back the Senate and increase seats in the House.

      And do it by acknowledging that they’re in, and have always been, in a street fight with a bunch of thugs who don’t care about our Republic. Thugs that will do and say anything to win.

      When the thugs hit, hit back faster and harder. Without pause and without rest.

      1. What you fail to understand is that both sides, the D’s and the R’s, are working for the same monied interests that brought you the housing bubble and the bail outs. They have no incentive to work for you. They are a bunch of criminals.

        1. You don’t know that I don’t understand what you allege.

          But, yes, I believe they no longer have any incentive to work for me or us. So, that means they’ve either perjured themselves when they took their respective oaths of office, or they’ve committed actual treasonous or other criminal acts, or they’re both perjurers and traitors/criminals.

  6. So, how does a CBO rated increaes of 3.9 TRILLION dollars of spending, on top of the already TRILLION dollar plus annual deficits reduce the debt and the deficit as Obama and the Govt Propaganda Reguritat Writer claim?

    This truely has become Brave New World. Logic and Rationale are spun on their heads.

  7. We spent to oblivion, of course we can cut our way out. What a joke. There is no “balance”. There is only party loyalty. Our government is sick. They are demented. They are immature children. They live in a land of unicorns and lollipops. They are liars. They have failed. And they have absolutely ZERO interest in saving this country because either they don’t know how, or they want it to fail. There is no other explanation.

    When will the people have enough and defund the government? That’s one option. A Constitutional Convention is another. America must wake up.

    1. As long as the lame get what they want (free-be’s) they have no clue of the situation. The progresives will continue to melt the country down untill we have no option but ONE world governing body. THIS IS THEIR DREAM. About 10 more years and we will be there.

  8. We’ve been doing this racket for almost 7 years . . . why is it not working and when will we change course?

    . . .

    January 20, 2009

    Dear Mr. and Mrs. Yertle AKA President Obama:

    I am concerned that the manner in which the federal government is operating is eerily like how the Krupps munitions factory was still billing the Nazi’s – after Hitler committed suicide. Benjamin Franklin once remarked that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing, and expecting different results. The congress has passed bailouts, and rescues, and soon a, stimulus package, all in an empty effort to save the Republic from the financial malfeasance of governments small and large. If they failed to work in the past what reason do you believe that they will work in the future? It appears to me that the solution is obvious. Forgetting financial reality for a moment. In a given year the US economy generates 10 to 15 trillion dollars. I say why wait for the year to pass. Next time all of you are at your respective posts pass a bill to print $12.5 Trillion and disperse it. At least that way we will all know who is getting the money.

    Obviously, however enticing, this idea is absurd. Is it any more so than one insolvent institution, the US Government ($2 Trillion running deficit, $12 Trillion in debt), giving another insolvent institution, US Banks(Bloomberg news service reports $4-$5 Trillion required to re-capitalize them, at the current rate of loss), money it does not have anything to back it other than more debt, and a beaten up taxpayer? With ink so fresh on the bonds that the Communist Chinese government has yet to collect the interest on it? I fail to see the wisdom in how creating a smaller hole in one spot, and a bigger hole in another will ever do any of us any good. This philosophy has not worked in the past and it will not work in the future. The evil economic stew we are cooking has been brewed before, and it will taste just as bitter this time.

    When Ronald Reagan took the reigns of this nation in 1981 we were in far worse shape than we are in today, a large portion of our military qualified for poverty assistance, a business owner could not breathe without the governments permission, inflation was sky high, unemployment at double digits. Unless we do the right thing now we will be there again, rapidly. Our economic problems today are manufactured by our own fiscal malfeasance – there is no shortage of food, energy, labor, or capital. What we have too much of is the heavy hand of government deciding who gets what, how much, and when via a complex set of regulations and tax policy. President Reagan, to the largest extent possible, ended that madness, and while the 80’s were no picnic, that decade created 20,000,000 new jobs, strengthened this nation so we could carry on in the future, and we brought most of the world with us as a lucky strike extra. The economic lesson of the 80’s is that freedom and economic liberty are viral, and the only antidote for it is big government – this is something we have forgotten or chosen to ignore. Up to now President Obamas rhetoric has been the antithesis of this pro growth philosophy. Mr. Obama thinks that a combination of targeted tax cuts, welfare, and government make work projects are the cure for our ills. To do this Mr. Obama will need more bureaucrats, and add more legal and fiscal complexity to meet his goals. I reject this economic cure and its implementation. Remember, what the government gives to one it must take from another. How does the government know that the capital or wealth it is redistributing will not be used for a much wiser purpose then the one it has ordained? It doesn’t. Like an alcoholic in a bar, the government drinks without accountability, and spends the monthly mortgage payment on whiskey without forethought, and hurts everyone it claims to care about. Remember these thoughts as you create the next seemingly free government give away; someone has to pay for it, that someone will be our children, their payment will either be in gold or blood.

    This insanity of printing, borrowing, and misallocation of capital must stop. No country on earth has ever borrowed, spent or taxed it’s way to recovery, let alone prosperity. War and Depression? Absolutely. If this economic cancer is allowed to metastasize we will once again be pushed as a nation into a choice of not whether we should or should not do something, but whether or not we can. The “stimulus package” legislation all of you are considering is nothing more than economic suicide.


    Joe Doakes

    1. Joe, the economic cancer has already metastisized, It’s affected not only the economy, though. It appears to have destroy the intellect and morals, if either exist beforehand, of those who believe in the nonsense you write about.

    2. Joe, You have done a great job of explaining in simple , easy to understand language that any seventh grader is capable of explaining to their parents in a manner that may have some effect on them as it seems the brains of these supposed adults no longer work ! Thank you for your time and El Presidente, (Obama AKA BARRY SOETERO ) which he would like to be called and SHOW HIM WITH DRAWINGS IF NECESSARY WHAT YOU MEAN ! The Vice el Presidente qualifies along with all Dumbmocratic Members of Congress and most Republicans acting like children and not realizing or being able to convey this point to supposed educated individuals ! You cannot Tax your way out of debt, borrow your way out of debt, however through cutting spending and not implementing another Stimulus Plan and bailing out your black welfare Brothers and Sisters and all of your illegal immigrants and make them follow the LAWS of this country concerning immigration with no variation other than what is there !

  9. What happened to “the average American’s tax bill won’t go up a dime”?
    Never has Oblamer mentioned letting the recent payroll tax cut expire, only the ‘Bush’ tax cuts. What’s the difference- they’ve both always been temporary.

  10. Obviously, ‘grow’ is not in the Democrats plan for the US economy. They only think in terms of taxes being cut or increased. Since they reject Reagan’s economic plan and deny its results, they seek to reverse the US economy into a socialist plan like the old Soviet Union nationalizing healthcare, education and energy sectors. They deny the old Soviet Union’s economy collapsed.

  11. Obama is out of his mind if he thinks the trivial tax increases he wants for the wealthy are going to come anywhere close to solving the country’s fiscal problems. The president and Congress must cut spending drastically to prevent an economic catastrophe. The problem is not that people are taxed too little, it is that government spends too much.

    1. As long as the Senate can threaten the House with blocking any legislation with spending cuts (Reid just did that, again, on New Year’s Eve as bho ordered), the bho agenda will continue with spending $40 for every $1 it receives in taxes ( and Bho will continue with his class warfare diatribe and mis-information campaign which has served him well, thus far. Does anyone REALLY believe that “down the road”, any CUTS in spending have a chance? Taxes are going up, prices are going up, jobs are going to disappear, and Gov’t and the Courts will have all of the POWER to run our lives.

      Our best hope is to work harder at the local and state levels to elect conservative leaders, and in 2014, send legislators to DC who will NOT compromise away the goal of economic stability and strong National Security! jb

  12. We certainly can’t spend our way to prosperity. And no amount of tax increases will relieve the $16 TRILLION dollar debt while adding another $4 TRILLION to it, NO BUDGET, NO LIMIT SPENDING, continued borrowing, and unlimited “Quantitative Easing” (printing dollars).

  13. Well, gee, we’ve seen how the ‘tax and spend’ philosophy works, haven’t we? We’re no better off now (and I would submit we are worse off!) than we were when Barry and his merry band of clowns took office. Maybe it’s time to try it.

  14. Hmm… We can’t cut our way to prosperity, so if I get myself in financial trouble, I shouldn’t cut spending, but increase it, even though my income remains static? In what parallel universe does 1+1=4? Incredible, simply incredible.

  15. No country has ever taxed and spent it’s way to prosperity. “For a nation to tax itself into prosperity, is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift it by the handles.”
    2013 will be an abysmal year. I hope the so called “99 percenters” enjoy their tax increases and lousy health care.

  16. “I am veteran White House reporter Keith Koffler. White House Dossier is dedicated to preserving freedom by holding the White House to account.”

    Good luck with that, Mr. Koffler. This WH considers itself above the law and beyond reproach. The GOP got suckered (just as it did with Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Jimmy Carter) and we get to pay for that while the Preezy goes on vacation on our tab.

  17. Mr. Obama said, “Today’s agreement enshrines, I think, a principle into law that will remain in place as long as I am President: The deficit needs to be reduced in a way that’s balanced. Everyone pays their fair share. Everyone does their part. That’s how our economy works best. That’s how we grow.”
    My response: I am 40 years old, I placed my SSN on a W4 when I was 16 years old as a cashier in a grocery store called H.E.B. I was fortunate enough to enlist in the military service when I was 18 years old and never looked back. I have always paid my taxes and Social Security bill because I believe in the concept of a free government. I believe that the government should be a good steward of tax dollars.
    However, when the money I have invested in America is handed out with blinding speed to those who do not work – who choose not to work (and thus pay in), I feel like I am taxed without representation. When the proletariat makes decisions which are coerced and forced upon them by special interests and elected by those who do not pay in, and generationally have not had to pay in, we have arrived at a great impasse.
    The solution: If our country was founded and fought for on the basis of “No taxation without representation,” then we should trumpet additionally, “No representation without taxation!” This means that if you pay in, you may register to vote – if you do not pay in and accept (choose to accept) government handouts, you forfeit your right to vote. It’s time to turn the tide, to regain what has been squandered! We should no longer stand for a system that rewards laziness and entitlement. “We the People” must earn the right to vote and strive for the great privilege to choose our leaders – leaders who will be good stewards of the money we work so hard for. Think about it.

  18. “Having been rolled by Obama into accepting a massive tax increase, Republicans will again be pressured into embracing a “balanced” approach that cuts spending but also socks the “wealthy” for more revenues.”

    While I agree with the obvious sarcasm in this paragraph, there are two things wrong it: the assertion that Obama’s approach ever included spending cuts and the assumption that it ever will.

    1. That’s anatomically impossible in his case. I know without even having to look.

      For that matter, I wouldn’t be surprised AT ALL if Obeyme’s addiction to power turned out to be a manifestation of an inferiority complex brought on by the (lack of) size of his equipment.

      Sorry for being crass, folks, but watching Obeyme mandate another recession–if not economic collapse–on us, and then come right back and ask for seconds before he’s even signed the damn thing, just makes my blood boil.

      77% of households will see their taxes go up, by an average of $1,635.

      So, here comes the pain, America, and it’s only getting started. Now that Obeyme doesn’t have to worry about another election, it is on like Elton John wearing Sean John in Bhutan.

  19. Finally O-Blame-a has shown his true color, Red.
    My credit cards are maxed out and my bank loans are in default.
    So I went to the bank this morning and talked to the loan officer and told him that I had a plan to get out of my debt.
    If he would just give me a fair share of the banks money, I would spend my way out of debt.
    He said I was full of * it *, so is O-Blame-a.

  20. Government is not the source of economic growth. All government can do is block growth or allow it to happen. The private sector is the way to growth and getting out of the mess that exists. Until we get leadership that really understands that, vote them in or over-turn the current bums, we will be a Euro-style socialist state.

  21. This is not about money, it is about blood.

    There will be bloody riots in the street when the dollar, and with it the economy, and the government, collapses.

    There will be blood when there is armed revolt.

    One or the other, or both, is likely inevitable at this point…

    May God have mercy on us…

  22. This sounds like you expected to get no increases, big spending cuts, gosh I’m sorries, etc. The best we can get now is to quit whining about being “rolled” and duke out every issue one at a time. Debt ceiling coming up. Of course, he will want to rub noses in everything–it’s in his DNA, no matter how clunky and childish it seems. And I know I will get screams of outrage from some on this list, but I spent 16 yrs on the Hill and part of their job there is to raise revenues sometimes–they have no business signing pledges saying they will NEVER do it.

  23. He still thinks he can SPEND our way out of DEBT…
    When he raises taxes, he spends that money on pet projects…
    This type of mentality continues to ruin AMERICA….
    But Im sure some one will see through my logic and see that I am only a RACIST….

  24. I’m confused about the part “Everyone pays their fair share. Everyone does their part.” Excluding retirees who paid into the SS/Medicare system their whole lives until their retirement, what about the other 30 something percent who live off of the public dole, pay nothing in and only take from the system most or all of their lives? How does that portion of society have any “skin in the game”? If they don’t have any “skin in the game” then they shouldn’t be allowed to vote! Retirees who paid into the system during their working lives and veterans who sacrified for their country keep permanent voting privilages for life because they paid in and earned it.

  25. If the president says we need a “balanced approach” where “Everyone does their part” then I could assume he means that the 47% who pay no Federal Income Tax should start paying immediately.

  26. Four years – and still no budget. Why are we still paying these tax and spenders?

    Aside from campaigning and vacationing, Obama’s favorite pastime is creating artificial crises, aka ‘cliffs’. Last year the ‘super committee’ backfired terribly on the GOP, creating the fake cliff and triggering the fake sequestration crisis. The GOP walked straight into Obama’s trap. This was followed by one solid year of non-stop campaign class warfare – demonizing House Repubs and, eventually, the Presidential nominee.

    The GOP has not only lost the battle, they have lost the war. Obama won decisively. We are now a ‘Party of One’. Whatever Obama wants, he will get. Just like the ditty from Damn Yankees – Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets. Maybe we can turn this fiscal debacle into a revival of the Broadway musical with Obama playing the role of Mr. Applegate – the Faustian devil in disguise as a slick salesman. That is, afterall, what he is in real life….

  27. He’s got to go!

    No other man, dead or alive, is more a threat to America than the Bolshevik in the WH!!! Imagine, American’s have elected [not me] what amounts to a Russian communist and he sits there in Washington — elected by the dumbest people on earth!!!

  28. You are dealing with ideology. Facts are irrelevant. He is not interested in anything but his way. He actually believe this is what people want. The issue is he preached Alinsky lie tactics to people who are Lenin useful idiots and they actually believe them. I’ve studied Alinsky. Obama actually believes the lies he tells. It’s the way he was taught. It’s a vicious cycle of Alinksy deception, detraction and lies and we will be Europe. Why? Because this is what the radicals did in Europe 30 years ago. Guess who has all the money now, the governments and they see the uprising and want more to stall it. It’s a belief that taxing is the only way out of deficit despite all history to the contrary. But like I said, facts are irrelevant.

  29. So when are you and your family going to cut back? When are you going to do your fair share? I guess with the Obamas it is DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO.

  30. “We can’t simply cut our way to prosperity.”

    What a F*** moron. There is no way you can raise taxes by a TRILLION a year to cover the annual deficit and not destroy the economy.

    Cutting spending is the ONLY way.

  31. In another 2-3 months the story will be the same. The GOP will vow not to cave and the craptastic POS that sits in the WH will get his way. Goodbye America.

  32. Obysmal believes when you’re deep in a hole, the way to get out is to keep digging. Or he knows the way to stay in the hole is to keep digging.

    Maybe that’s how it’s done in Kenya.

  33. Actually, cutting spending is the ONLY way we get to sustainable prosperity. No entity can spend more than it takes in indefinitely without serious consequences. We went over the fiscal cliff years ago. We’re now approaching warp speed in our race to the bottom of the barrel. You know where that is. That’s where Greece, and Spain and Italy and much of Europe are now. Insolvency; coming to a country near you.

    1. Instead of working iwill be going fishing more. Enjoying the art of the victory garden and sewing clothes. I will do lots of creating and save all that work for four more years.
      My fellow americans the time has come to take a vacation. Don’t work so hard. Bush gave you a break so you would want to earn more but we live in the less is more world, Kick back, slide back a tax braket or two and let them enjoy their recession.

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