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Obama Resumes Love Affair With Chris Christie

President Obama took a moment out of his vacation to try to sooth New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who is having a conniption over the failure of House Republicans to move a Hurricane Sandy relief bill.

Christie, who talked to the vacationing Obama by phone, had said not approving the Senate pass bill was “disgusting” and “disgraceful,” but House Republicans say they were reluctant to vote on it because the Senate had larded the measure up with money unrelated to the hurricane.

Christie, who is showing a marked appetite for self-indulgence, has been distancing himself from Republicans as he gears up for a reelection campaign in the blue state. Just before Election Day, Christie offered up serial rhetorical man-hugs for the Democratic president for playing nice with New Jersey in the aftermath of the hurricane, providing Obama with critical support as the campaign came to a close.

Here’s a photo of the cute couple as they surveyed storm damage together.

Christie Obama

Aren’t they adorable?

Having Christie slam the GOP also works nicely for Obama, since he will be spending the next two years trying to paint Republicans as a vicious band of hoodlums whowant to arm children with AK-47s and hope to ship all of America’s Latinos to Mexico. If Christie thinks House Republicans are a bunch of jerks too, it makes Obama’s storyline more credible.

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40 Responses to Obama Resumes Love Affair With Chris Christie

  1. Adorable? No. I can understand Gov Christie wanting to take care of his constituants and I’m sure it plays well in NJ. It doesn’t play well across the country. If he had any national ambitions, he can kiss them bye bye in my opinion.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Apparently, Christie either doesn’t have any national ambitions, or he’s betting on Americans’ short memories. I’m glad to have Christie as Gov of New Jersey, so I hope he’s re-elected by those constituents. But I wouldn’t vote for him for national office. He’s the same arrogant, narcissistic egotist we’ve got in the WH now, just fatter and whiter. No thanks.

  2. Boehner may resign or be ousted, but I’m glad he did this. This bill is loaded with pork. What do Alaska fisheries have to do with Sandy? And this is probably not the most egregious example. Was the House, as per usual, to have signed on without reading the damn thing? Maybe it was Republican payback time for Christie, and maybe he should switch to the other party.

    • What irks me is that included in the pork is a MASSIVE tax credit for GE (and others) that allows them to funnel profits offshore. THAT’S why they don’t pay a single dollar in taxes. Without this GE would have to pay $ billions in taxes. Must be nice to be a friend of Obama.

  3. Oh, boo hoo. GovChristie didn’t get $60 billion dollars of our money to pass aroound to his friends, cronies, and maybe repave a couple of streets for the storm victims so he jumps all over his fellow Repubs when he should be lambasting his BFF, Barack, for playing him like a fool.

    We all feel bad when our fellow countrymen fall victim to the whims of Mother Nature, but we lose some of that sympathy when we find out that their homes were built below the high tide mark, or that they didn’t bother to get flood insurance. .We spend untold amounts on FEMA to help victims recover from their losses, but we’re not responsible to rebuild their whole community or state whenever disaster strikes.

    If GovChristie has any valid complaints it’s to the President who used him like a campaign promo, to the unions that showed how corrupt and greedy they are even in an emergency, and to the whiny residents who don’t realize that their lives will never be the same. Maybe he can shoot off some complaints to the Police in those communites that were affected and ask them why the victims homes and property were allowed to be looted.

    After the Gov shoots his complaints to the people who didn’t do what they promised or just didn’t do their jobs, he can scream bloody murder to the sneaky, crooks in the Senate who loaded the relief bill with special favors for their own constituents in states not affected by the terrible storm.

  4. I just hope Christie’s call didn’t disrupt Obama’s putt…

    1/2/13 3:24 PM EST
    After a contentious battle with Congress and midnight flight to Hawaii, President Obama got right back into vacation mode.

    After landing in Honolulu just before 5 a.m., he headed to the home in Kailua where his wife and daughters had been vacationing without him.

    Then he got an early start with a workout at the gym, and later hit the links at the Marine Corps Base in Kaneohe.

    His golf partners included longtime friends Marty Nesbitt, Bobby Titcomb and Allison Davis, according to a pool report.

    • Wow, he actually golfed with a woman! Of course, Allison Davis is part of the Chicago machine and former business partner of Rezko, so guess she’s just like one of the boys.

  5. Since President Revenge thinks Republicans are pond scum, it is telling that Christie can get him on the phone. Only a matter of time before the bromance is over and Christie finds himself under the Obama bus.

  6. Like so many before him Christie has made a deal with the devil who can forget the bear hug with good old Charlie Christ well oops it’s happened. If
    Christie had any big dreams they will have to be with his pals in the
    Democratic Party cause he’s killed all chances with the GOP.

    • “Christie had any big dreams they will have to be with his pals in the
      Democratic Party…” – Lizzy

      That worked pretty well for Arlen Specter, didn’t it? And after he gave Hopey the deciding vote for Obamacare, too…

      “Senator Arlen Specter, the newly minted Democrat from Pennsylvania, is officially one of the most junior members of the five Senate committees he sits on, even though he’s a million and a half years old and has spent a million of those years as a senator. The Senate voted unanimously to strip him of his 30 years of seniority accumulated as a Republican because, ha, he is not a Republican anymore. …
      So why would the Democrats be such dicks? Coupla things: Number one, there’s no way of knowing if the people who “guaranteed” Specter continued seniority if he switched sides were actually the people who would later vote on this decision (i.e. Biden vs. Senate Democrats); number two, Specter already pissed off his new colleagues by saying he wouldn’t be “a loyal Democrat” and declaring that Republican Norm Coleman should return to the Senate; and number three, if you were a Senate Democrat sitting on a committee with Specter, would you really want to give up your own seniority so that ol’ Douchey McTurncoat could have a fancier seat at the table?”

      G’head, Govie, cuddle up to the scorpion. You’ll get you’re thirty pieces of silver, and the rest of your traitors wages too – in due time, in full measure, and the ususal treatment that Democrats give those they deceive. and have no further use for…

  7. I am not so familiar with New Jersey politics but one thing is pretty clear. Christie behaved like a traitor, a Quisling ,during the campaign. He could have put pressure on the President to get help in so many other ways, there was so much sympathy for those affected by the storm in those days. Christie paved the way for little Lenins reelection.

  8. I’ve lost my appetite for Chris Christie. :)
    He is throwing a little boy temper tantrum in order to look more appealing to the New Jersey voters, and he looks ridiculous doing it when everyone should realize why the bill did not pass as is. And you are right Keith, he is putting on his Teflon suit for his next campaign (I wonder if ClintonObama have a patent on the Teflon suit?).
    Wouldn’t surprise me if Christie went Demo.

    • “I’ve lost my appetite for Chris Christie.” – veritaseequitas

      Well, HE’s not lost his appetite for Obama. Or, if you go by appearances, anything else…

    • From the article:
      “The racing industry isn’t the only eyebrow-raising benefactor of the fiscal cliff deal, as Hollywood movie producers, Puerto Rican rum makers and even algae growers are getting some breaks in the deal.”

      The algae growers I’d read about, but NASCAR? Movie producers? Rum makers in Puerto Rico? WTF?