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Obama Schedule || Monday, December 31, 2012

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  1. Keith, can you please look into these unusual and conflicting articles (seeing as how BHO is taking the day off today)?

    Just about every news source is reporting that Hillary Clinton is in the hospital because of a blood clot. . .BUT, there is also this story being reported:

    “Clinton Injured, US Navy Seal Killed In Secret US Mission To Iran”

    Hoping you can get the real scoop on her illness/out of the public eye. What is also very curious about the above story is that it mentions a Commander Job Price being killed in the plane crash and yet, just last week, stories were out there that he had in fact committed suicide in Afghanistan (

    So we are wondering and hoping someone will look into this and accurately determine, which is it, either she (1) became dehydrated from having a stomach virus which caused her to faint which gave her a concussion which may have led to the blood clot OR (2) she was in a plane crash that resulted in her getting injured and the death of Commander Price!

    And how exactly could Commander Price be killed in the plane crash and then several weeks later, kill himself in Afghanistan?

    Thanks and what a possibly intriguing story to start off the New Year with!

      • I’m not sure what to believe about Hillary but something isn’t right with the story. I was convinced she was in hiding because she had facial surgury or something and was going to emerge a new and improved version,now I don’t know. Could she have had a stroke and they didn’t want her to be seen,ruining her chances of running for president?
        Something smells with the story. I’ve seem plenty of people with concussions and they don’t stay in bed for 3 weeks.

    • Who knows what to believe anymore. It’s like we are all character actors in some film noir conspiracy and we can’t figure out where the plot is leading us and who the good guys are…

      • 1) Not the first time Clintons have used death as a diversion (“Hello? Is this Vince Foster?”)

        2) “Zero Dark Fifty” – A heroic tale of a Sec of State who led a SEAL Team into Iran, flying in a Blackhawk piloted by Lt JG Jack Lewinsky, brother of Monica Lewinsky.

        Happy New Year everyone!

  2. American politics is so byzantine but perhaps therefor so interesting. And frustrating. Here in Europe we have many glaring examples of overspending. Overspending is constantly debated. We can also see that Obamas White House is overspending and fear for the trade and the dollar. And for the country and the American way. Again I have to say that I hope that no sloppy deal is struck that leaves the problems simmering. Important decisions should never been taken under pressure. The Republicans should straighten their backs and leave the room. They will be damned if they do and damned if they don´t. And then next year, come back with this urgent, necessary message:” Cut the deficit, cut the spending, no more borrowing”.

    • Nice comment SL. That’s exactly the message we sent to Washington in 2010 and again this year (in the House anyway). Now it’s time for our representatives to act for us and not shirk their responsibilities!

      Happy New Year to Northern Europe! Stay warm and have a great year.

      • Thanks, Just2old ( oh no, you aren´t that!).
        I wish you a Happy New Year too. There will be ups and downs for sure but still – life is wonderful and and soon it´s springtime. I can see the crocuses peek up in my garden.

  3. Obama just last Friday used an executive order to give across the board raises to all federal workers to the tune of 11 billion over 10 years.
    What Fiscal Cliff ?