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Obama Schedule || Friday, December 28, 2012

3:00 pm ET || Meets with the Republican and Democratic leadership of the House and Senate

Nothing gets really done when all the leaders are in the room. But it still may be significant that they are meeting, because after the gathering ends, all their little aides will get together and try to hammer something out.

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  1. Only in Washington. When leaders in the real world step into a room, things get done because they have other things to do other than play freaking golf and freaking vacation at taxpayer expense. These idiots couldn’t figure their way out of a brown paper bag with dozen box-cutters and a freaking blow torch.

  2. I know I have no saying in this as I don´t have to live the consequenses but I feel strongly that Obama has to be exposed, unmasked. His theatrics, posing and acting has to stop. From my faraway post it seems like that it would be best if no deal was reached. Let Obama give his Inauguration speech standing in the Cliff. He would appear weak even if he blamed everyone else on the situation. I think the Republicans ought to hammer the message “cut the spending” loud and clear, over and over again. And they could come back suggesting taxcuts for the middleclass on condition that the spending cuts stay. Let Obama answer to that. His economic politics would not look so appealing even to the low informed voters. I believe the Republicans have a moment here if they handle it right. Obamas tactics may backfire.

    • But that good idea (let the blame fall on Obama, ‘the Dear Leader’ for the “fiscal cliff”) would require Republican “leadership”…something that is sorely lacking nowadays.

    • I agree with you. Unfortunately, it has come down to a pr war, but I hope the Republicans prevail, especially on spending which is bankrupting the country. And I don’t want either party to throw a face-saving bone to the public. Let’s deal with it now.

      I enjoy reading your comments. Most Americans are not aware of the changes going on in Sweden. They think you are all glorying in the ‘benefits’ of the welfare state.

        • Julie, I remember the seventies over here. High taxes, strong unions, redistribution, ever expanding welfare and bureaucracy, weakened private sector, unemployment, devaluation of the currency and so on. The leader, Palme, liked to fraternize with Third World leaders and leftist politicians and to give sermons to the world. When I look at Obama and his politics there is an eerie resemblance. And it took decades to turn around.

    • I hope you are right Sweedishlady but the “Cliff” is exactly what Obama wants. Either way he wins. Higher taxes and cuts in military spending or another contrived crisis the unwashed masses do not and can not understand. Thinking back, he ran a campaign on how great the economy is doing. If its such a great plan, then why raise taxes? Why change anything? Why now?
      The win message then is not only “I won and you lost”, but also, “…I fought for the middle class and we also cut spending. Who can argue against me on this great victory for all Americans that I was able to make. If on the other hand republicans take me over the cliff, on my inaugural day, I’ll be able to say I tried and if not for the Republicans…”
      This will mark the start the 2014 midterm elections. I don’t think he will appear weak. The media will not allow it. The GOP needs to understand they cannot negotiate with these people. They need to define what they stand for and stand for it. No new taxes, cut spending. It’s a great message. What I don’t understand is why the GOP is afraid.

  3. So the ‘Dear Leader’ will have a photo-op (leadership meet) where he can talk down to the Reps and blame them to their faces that the “fiscal cliff” is all their fault, and as ‘Dear Leader’ Obama does not have to do anything…

  4. This failure to reach a deal is just that, an abject failure. All the hacks were too interested in re-election instead of taking responsible action for fiscal responsibility. If a deal is reached in will be a bogus token gesture that will raise some taxes on the evil rich, and cut the rate of increase in spending instead of real cuts. We no longer have a group of legislators with integrity and responsiblity, but loafs who are perpetuating fraud and robbing us blind.

  5. Like Shofar mentioned yesterday – we have a crybaby and a momma’s boy leading the negotiations. I don’t hold out too much hope that anything good will come out of this meeting. Just more of the same – blaming the American people for the leviathan these temporary politicians have all had a hand in creating.

  6. “Nothing gets really done when all the leaders are in the room”

    Keith, I think you are giving Obama too much credit – unless you call kicking the can down the road for 4 years – ‘leadership’ . My guess is these clowns will come up with a short-term stop gap to avoid the cliff, thereby kicking the can down the road until more DEM newbies are sworn in on Jan. 2. Boehner will really have something to cry about next week when the 2012 64 seat midterm landslide dwindles down to a puny 234 – 201 majority. It’s now or never.

      • I am pretty sick of that can. This is more boring than soccer, according to Gutfeld. I agree. Someone knows how this ends–it’s probably wired. My guess–off cliff, oh no!, well, we could give people under $250K a cut now…our hero, he cut taxes. As for cutting spending–it’s nice to have dreams.

  7. shouldn’t they have done this like, a LONG time ago?

    oh silly me to ask them to do their jobs-what was I thinking?

    you already know bone and the others will cave-they will be promised cuts ‘in the future’ that will never happen

    this whole situation is pathetic and embarrassing

  8. Did you all hear about the EO he signed today. . .this will make blood shoot out of your eyes. . .screw the little people just so long as the govt elite class keeps on getting pay raises for doing NOTHING!!!

    President Barack Obama issued an executive order to end the pay freeze on federal employees, in effect giving some federal workers a raise. One federal worker now to receive a pay increase is Vice President Joe Biden.

    According to disclosure forms, Biden made a cool $225,521 last year. After the pay increase, he’ll now make $231,900 per year.

    Members of Congress, from the House and Senate, also will receive a little bump, as their annual salary will go from $174,000 to 174,900. Leadership in Congress, including the speaker of the House, will likewise get an increase.

    • Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts, absolutely. Giving the ‘do-nothings’ a pay raise on the eve of the fiscal cliff is a sign of insanity. Then again, what can we expect from this tin pot dictator? This is uncharted territory.