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Obama’s Family Vacation for Dudes

President Obama’s just-completed five-day respite in Hawaii was the vacation some guys dream about, including an intense focus on recreation alone or with the guys and a comparatively light schedule of family-oriented events.

Obama played golf three out of the five days he was on Oahu, engaging in marathon sessions of up to six hours for a total of about 17 hours on the links. He spent another three or four hours toning up in the gym.

By contrast, he spent about two hours on the beach with the family and another couple of hours hiking with them.

And not a moment, by the way, in church – unlike the two pre-election Hawaii Christmases of 2010 and 2011.

While the Obamas certainly got some quality time in at their vacation home, the fun stuff was mainly for the dude and his dudes. On both Monday and Wednesday, the family barely got to see the president until after 3:00 pm, when he had finished his workouts and rounds of golf.

Wednesday’s golf outing, the 19th of 2012 and the 111th of his presidency, featured longtime pals Bobby Titcomb, Mike Ramos, and Greg Orme, the same crew who were with him on the links Monday.

But alas, the president returns late this morning to Washington where his new pal will be Speaker John Boehner, with whom he will try to negotiate a deal to avert the Fiscal Cliff.

Obama’s family remained in Hawaii without him.

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  1. This man is intitled to a vacation and he should be able to do what he likes w/out the press stuck up his butt. This gets tiresome. I hope that once he gets his R&R in that they can all get it together, especially the GOP! This has got to stop, we are hurting out here..

    1. Even though Obama and the MSM (and apparently Frances) would like us all to think he is God Almighty, he is not and a little give-and-take on his part would be much appreciated. Even the real God does not insist he’s right 100% of the time.

  2. Reading some of these posts, I can’t believe that there are so many people that are so disrepectful to our President and his family. Wonder how you would feel if the same were said about you and your loved ones. Come on folks show that you have some class. Bet most of you are the right wing crazies out there. You go to church and then go out and mock people in so many ways. Shame Shame. BTW, I am not a Democrat either.

    1. I’m sure Frances was one of those who never had a bad word to say about our Republican presidents. Feels a little different when the shoe is on the other foot

      I’m sure Frances was one of those who never had a bad word to say about our Republican presidents. Don’t feel quite as smug when the tables are turned, do you? As far as mocking people, that’s all Democrats do. You might not be a Democrat but you sure sound like one (right-wing crazies?).

    2. Obozo puts his feet up on the desk, wears no tie in the Oval Office, wastes more money than every other president and brings riff raff into the people’s house. He doesn’t behave respectfully to the other presidents and deserves none in return. He has to give it to get it, and I don’t have to respect this dishonest president just because he fooled you.

    1. The Lord requires you to use good judgement and pay attention to the facts to learn from mistakes. Obozo is definitely in the mistake category, and the FACTS show he spent only 4 hours with his family and 21 hours on himself. He’s egotistical and self centered always…what else is new? The country will further decline for four more years and unions will lose jobs and be put out of business…divine justice.

    2. We are not to judge, but we are to use discernment in all things. When good is called evil, when up becomes down, and when we are kept from the truth about what goes on in OUR government, then we must use discernment to ensure that our Republic and country are not sold out to the highest bidder.

      The Progressive mantra that anyone who disagrees with them is thus a racist, xenophobe, misogynist is tiring. I recently watched a film titled, “The U.S. vs. John Lennon” and was struck by how the tide has completely turned as far as how those who protest against the government are viewed. In the film, the students, hippies, etc. that were protesting Vietnam, Johnson and Nixon were grassroots wanting only to stop what they saw as an immoral war from an imperial president. They were pilloried in the press, beaten by the police, and viewed as a fringe movement to be spied on and despised.

      Fast forward to the past four years, and the shoe is on the other foot, and it is the conservatives (or classical liberals) that are being pilloried in the press, viewed as fringe (right wing crazies), spied on and despised. The tide as indeed turned, but to what end? Will it erode away the foundations of the Republic, or will we someday finally come to a point of agreement?

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    1. You got that right! Nowhere spends time with his family, Bozo never acted like he had one and pretends to be at work…Obozo’s always been a slacker and slow…you finally caught on?

  4. Do you ever get the feeling that when Obama and Michelle end up traveling on separate planes to and from their vacations (so the taxpayers end up paying double) that they do it just to annoy everyone?

  5. Typical Obozo. His true personality fools no one…he has no one…self centered and cold always. Unfeeling and uncaring would be several steps up for him. What do his phony faux fans see in him? Lights on, no one home.

  6. I’m pretty confident that there’s no ‘church’ spouting Marxist Black Liberation Theology where the Obama’s are busy flinging $4 million American tax dollars away on their vacay.

  7. Look on the bright side, 21 hours was spent not destroying the country and only 4 hours was given to indoctrinate his children with marxist/communist doctrine. It would be in our best interest to tell Puppethead to spend the next 4 years on every golf course in the world, in the end it will be a bargain for us and the planet. Besides, he’s to old to fall for giving him a fork and telling him to go play with a light socket, Axlerod probably already played that one on him.

    1. You need to know that it is possible the Kids might be rentals as might the wife….. All the other stuff is reasonable and this has to be as reasonable too. read an Old Tome Paperback called “Body Languge” then learn to observe.

  8. If I answer honestly, I have an Obama threat hanging over my head as do you yourselves. If you have not figured it out. This is no linger America we live in.

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  10. you forgot to mention that golfing buddy Bobby Titcomb was arrested last year
    in Hawaii for trying to hire a hooker! Played golf with the pres for 3 days.
    Our president has some outstanding friends: people who’ve blown up the Pentagon & a cop’s house, don’t pay their taxes for 4 yrs. and becomes treasury secretary, an attorney general guilty of gun running & contempt of congress, a 20 yr. pastor who preached hatred of whites and Jews, a communist “czar” in administration, and the list keeps growing. As of his latest golf outing! What a “Uniter” & example of a leader our president is!!!

  11. What’s up with the President? I think his kids are definitely past the babysitting age, but he goes on a family vacation and ends up spending most of the time with the guys? Usually it happens the opposite way. Mom and Dad spend all their time with the kids on vacation and get back home more exhausted and frustrated than before the awesome vacation. So we throw in a gift to the all-suffering parents. Even if the parents have some great fun with the kids, they still really need at least one day or one evening of adult time by themselves. We own an agency in greater Sarasota, just south of Tampa, Florida. Vacationing parents are eternally grateful to us for those precious hours of total relaxation they had while the kids were being entertained by a warm, fun sitter. It isn’t cheap, but it is definitely worth the splurge once a year! You know it is. Check us out at Elite Family Care dot com.

  12. Does he smoke while working out? Loves the good green he gets in Hawaii. He’s really buff;). Love him in his sandals, just adorable…. The loving wife outweighs him by at least 75 lbs.

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