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Obama’s Family Vacation for Dudes

President Obama’s just-completed five-day respite in Hawaii was the vacation some guys dream about, including an intense focus on recreation alone or with the guys and a comparatively light schedule of family-oriented events.

Obama played golf three out of the five days he was on Oahu, engaging in marathon sessions of up to six hours for a total of about 17 hours on the links. He spent another three or four hours toning up in the gym.

By contrast, he spent about two hours on the beach with the family and another couple of hours hiking with them.

And not a moment, by the way, in church – unlike the two pre-election Hawaii Christmases of 2010 and 2011.

While the Obamas certainly got some quality time in at their vacation home, the fun stuff was mainly for the dude and his dudes. On both Monday and Wednesday, the family barely got to see the president until after 3:00 pm, when he had finished his workouts and rounds of golf.

Wednesday’s golf outing, the 19th of 2012 and the 111th of his presidency, featured longtime pals Bobby Titcomb, Mike Ramos, and Greg Orme, the same crew who were with him on the links Monday.

But alas, the president returns late this morning to Washington where his new pal will be Speaker John Boehner, with whom he will try to negotiate a deal to avert the Fiscal Cliff.

Obama’s family remained in Hawaii without him.

146 thoughts on “Obama’s Family Vacation for Dudes”

  1. I’m guessing no one missed him as he did his ‘dude’ things.
    He’s the unnecessary man of the house:
    no one asks him to open a pickle jar
    he doesn’t take out the trash
    they don’t even own a car for him to take care of or wash
    he doesn’t move the couch..over there..
    he didn’t put up the Christmas tree or string the lights
    he didn’t buy any presents
    he has no relatives from his side of the family in Hawaii
    her friends and family don’t care what he thinks
    his children don’t care what he thinks
    half of America doesn’t care for him at all
    He might as well go golfing.

    1. Does anyone still doubt that little Barry is “down-low”?

      I wonder if the secret service imported Reggie Love to Oahu for some dude-time with da Prez.

    2. I saw a teaser clip of the “interview” by Barbara Walters of Mr. and Mrs. Obama where she asked how they keep the fire going in their marriage.

      First of all, ewwwwww.

      Second of all, in Barack’s response, he NOT ONCE looked into the camera as he spewed forth niceties about his wife and marriage. Such a liar. I am sure Michelle’s deal is “the kids and I DEMAND a trip to Hawaii. You play golf. Leave us alone. Please.” And he, in response, plays the old Henny Youngman routine, “take my wife, please.”

  2. Would be hypocritical to go to church when you are busy sending the country into recession and/or depression? Sounds like he is not the greatest family man he pretends to be.

  3. Haven’t we been endlessly lectured about how presidential vacations are about spending time with the family and trying to keep some semblance of normalcy.

    Of course, Obama’s vacation activity bear NO resemblance to “normal” in my life.

    Too many Americans are sheep.

      1. The closest thing to a passionate male attraction to her was the broken hearted warthog which picked up her “scent” (while she was on safari in Africa) & followed her Range Rover 6.5 kilometers before he dropped dead of exhaustion..
        she’s a real heart breaker alright !!!

    1. If I’m reading Keith’s stats correctly, he has played 6 games of golf since Nov. 6th. His last game of golf before the election was on August 4th. His first game of golf after the election was #13 on Nov. 10th.

    1. If only that were true! Unfortunately, regardless of where “the One” is, or what he does, his progressive czars in the White House basement continue to carry out his grand plan for a marxist utopia, while the Obamaphone-foodstamp crowd still blame Bush for the Economy and the GOP wanders in dazed confusion waving a white flag of surrender and doing their best to appease the in-the-tank-for-Barry media who spend every waking hour devising ways to destroy the Republican party.

  4. the fun stuff was mainly for the dude and his dudes…engaging in marathon sessions of up to six hours for a total of about 17 hours.

    his rectum must be really sore.

  5. He may have decided to make this vacation guy time because every time he’s spent been with the family he seems to get photographed doing something unmanly. Remember the bike ride on the “girly” bike? Then there have been all the times he’s been caught shoving food in his face.

    My guess is that he’s wanting to appear more alpha male as he gets ready to go up against John (Tears) Boehner.

    It is beyond me how a country that carved out of the wilderness the most prosperous nation to have ever existed, one that saw brother fight brother and yet rebuild, one that fought and won two world wars, one that has fought a protracted war against radical Islam has ended up with, as it two dominate male leaders one that is a crybaby, and the other that is a mamma’s boy.

    I’m beginning to think that they are slipping estrogen into the water supply in DC to effeminate all the males in politics. Pelosi has more testosterone than these two. I hope as we go over the cliff, someone grabs a branch on the way down.

    1. obama looks like a fairy in his photo ops, conversely, Putin looks like a rugged man’s man in his photo ops.

      interesting “world leader” dynamics.

    2. Shofar, I have to agree. I can’t believe how many people have taken this “I’m checking out, our nation is doomed” mentality. If such men were the majority in 1776, we would be all speaking with an English accent right now.

      Whining babies who’ve decided their “plan” of action is to bug out and begin elsewhere.

      foolish, foolish people.

    3. It’s going to be brother against brother again, I fear, but with a slightly different conotation. It is a sad and dangerous America that this man hath wrought.

    1. Drudge or not, present-dent Barry Kardashian Blamer in Chief reaps what he sows. Punish your enemies, bring a gun to a knife fight, police acted stupidly, if I had a son, grandmother was a typical white woman, I won you lost, clinging to guns and religion, I, I, I, me, me, me……….

  6. If you had a choice of playing golf and spending time with those 3 (wife / kids) which would you pick…. HUH???
    Fun or big B_TT and UGLY…. ?
    He may be smarter than we give him credit…
    Wash my mouth out with LifeBoy… that is so RACIST of me…

  7. Obama is gay and prefers the company of men……he’s been keeping his gayness on the “down low” for years……Michelle Obama was probably inseminated with a turkey baster.

    I bet dimes to doughnuts that when he gets back to Washington, Reggie Love will be waiting.

  8. I’d hate to be stuck on an island even a very nice one with Barry or Michelle.
    This return trip is just a photo op means nothing he threw us under the cliff the
    minute he was sworn into office. Now it’s 4 years of spending by Michelle and
    Barry undoing the Constitution.

  9. It’s the other way around.

    The “women folk” Spent four hours with the third world loser and then the females managed to get in 21 hours of tax payer funded ,shopping .

  10. I could care less how he spends his free time including the holidays. What I do care about is that he instead of becoming more centralist in order to get a grand compromise done, he is becoming more ideological and is content of us going over the fiscal cliff in order to pay for his ObamaCare.

    And to be honest, articles like this give his supporters ammo in saying that people who are opposed to Obama is all due to personal issues. It isn’t. My beef with obama has nothing to do with his social or personal life. It has and always will be about his politics and his continuing gamemanship even in the face of really hurting this country.

    1. People here are probably mostly letting off steam. The real concern is how much money the taxpayers have to cough up for these vacations in light of what is facing us in a few days. But even if there is some settlement, it will be unsatisfactory, just a kicking the can down the road some more. I hope Obama is not successful in painting the Republican House as the villains and bears the major responsibility for us coming to this point.

      The House is the one branch of the government for “we the people”. Someone wrote yesterday that the budget is their responsibility and Obama has only to say yes or no to their proposals. In theory, true. But Obama has campaigned continually as though he alone has the right to make the budget and the law governing it. I wish we could kick him out for ignoring the Constitution. The saddest part, though, is that he has all of his followers convinced that he is in the right.

    2. You’re correct to a point.

      But the problem with the “it’s the policy, stupid” line is that Obama’s personal life IS his policy. His politics are undeniably shaped from his personal background. He takes the positions he does because of who he is. Thus, an examination of the man as person is, I think, a proper discussion.

      Also, it calls into question his judgment and priorities. If he doesn’t care to spend time with his family, how can we trust him to be well-informed on matters that affect every other American family? If he spends this much time playing a rich man’s game, even while the middle class is losing ground, would that not make him an out-of-touch elitist who should be opposed on moral, and not just policy, grounds?

      If you look strictly at his politics, and note that all of his ideas have been tested in the real world before and have never worked, you could conclude that the man is simply ignorant of history. But when you add in the personal side–the luxurious vacations at taxpayer expense, the parties with the glitterati, and all the trappings of the high life that he expects the People to pay for as they make less and less–it is clear that he’s not simply a political fool. He is a singularly evil, evil man, and the excesses of his rule must be documented to make sure we never elect someone like this again.

      That’s assuming America even survives the next four years: if re-electing this archfiend does not put this Nation under Divine Judgement, then the Lord may be more merciful than I think Him to be.

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  12. I accidentally found your blog. Glancing through the comments, I see that your “readers” are, in general, uneducated conservative republicans who hate President Obama. Maybe their hate is due to the fact that he is black, or they feel that for this reason he does not qualify for the job. It is a sad state of affairs.

    I know that President Obama is doing a great job as our President. He is performing far better than his previous two predecessors. I might add that the kind of hate I mentioned above is also prevalent among the members of the GOP-dominated Congress. And this is why President Obama does not get any cooperation from these people.

    Needless to say. I will avoid your blog. If your objectives are to “preserve freedom” and hold the White House “accountable” then you are doing a poor job Unwillingly perhaps, you are disseminating hatred towards our President.

    1. GOP dominated Congress? I think you are confusing the House of Representatives and the Senate. The Democrats control two of three houses since 2010. Prior to 2010 it was all three houses.

      Don’t know how your measure a “great job” – but it falls short of my standards.

    2. Obama’s doing better than Clinton?

      What barometer are you using to evaluate his job performance?

      Number of people on disability? Unemployment? GDP?

      Inquiring minds wanna know.

    3. I wish you would accidentally find a brain. Substituting a race card for a brain establishes you as an uneducated liberal societal mooch.

      By ‘great job’, you mean Obama is sending your check every month. That too is an indicator of the uneducated liberal societal mooch. You love the president because he is black and gives you ‘free’ stuff. Typical Gimmecrap Obama supporter.

      Run along now. Surely there’s another check from your neighbors in the mailbox. Maybe you got another Obamafone!

    4. Toss the race card little man. It has been reduced to virtual meaningless drivel from liberals. Google the fable of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”. And NO, that is not a racial conotation you simpleton.

  13. Mr. Barry Soetero White was just doing in Hawaii what he does best the rest of the time-busy plucking around-doing alot of nuttin. This guy is the ultimate professional bullchitzter and gets paid for it to boot!

  14. I believe it was Guinevere, Cindy Lauper, or Michelle Obama who said, “I loved you as President — sometimes as husband — but one cannot gaze too long at the sun.”

  15. Have you seen his family, especially his wife? Probably part of the reason for his Dude time. That plus the fact that he is self centered and hanging on to the ‘old ways’ of high school and college. And a real possibility he DOES support the gay marriage thing…

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