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Obama Schedule || Thursday, December 27, 2012

11:45 pm ET || Arrives at the White House from Hawaii

25 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Thursday, December 27, 2012”

  1. Sadly I saw Michelle attending the funeral for Inouye and she was wearing a ‘dress’ that I’d wear to do laundry and a mini me sweater hair unstyled and
    a wide headband. Now she couldn’t be bothered as a mother to go to
    Newtown? Seriously she dismisses her duties and is so shallow and by her
    words and deeds shows us just what a thoughtless person she is very sad.
    Media still surround both Obama’s with fawning coverage and cover all the
    errors tey make and ignore the sheer hyprocicy of the Obma’s. worst FL we
    will most likely see.

  2. So… ‘Dear Leader’ comes back to the cesspool of DC for a few days to make empty speeches about the “fiscal cliff” (re: all the Reps fault so he will not meet with them)… AND THEN flies back to Hawaii to continue his royal vacation.

    1. If he does NOT sit down with the Republicans for a face to face and serious discussion, then we were right, he did not need to fly back from Hawaii.

      With all the modern tech Obama has at his beck and call, a conference call or skype would work just as well.

    2. Yeah, maybe the “leader” should have led and not allowed it to get to this point in the first place. That’s what real leaders do. It’s not like this snuck up on them. He could have had this finalized well in advance but he was too busy ensuring his re-election. Show me any other job in the world where you can abdicate your responsibilities like this and still retain your position. Geez.

  3. He would not have had to return had that moron Boehner been able to pass the bill in his own party. I love how people blame Obama for the Republicans total incompetence and that Obama is at 57% approval while Boehner is at 14%.

    1. The House is the one branch of government that represents ‘we the people’. It is not Boehner’s job to be dictator of the House. And it is not Obama’s job to offer up, let alone insist on, his ideas for the budget. Read your Constitution.

      P.S. The only polls Boehner need concern himself with are the polls in his own Congressional district.

      1. Obama could try the accepted way–send up authorization and appropriation bills, let the committees hold hearings on each, let people propose amendments, vote on those, etc–the process. No budget, no process, just this theatre crap for three yrs now or is it four? This guy used to lecture on the Constitution? What a farce! Maybe some Americans think he’s the coolest ever, but they don’t know the process or why we have one–and they don’t care to learn about it. Well, I do care–many of us care. And we are sick of this nonsense that has so cheapened and weakened our nation.

    2. If you want to lay the blame on an individual, Harry Reid is your guy. Earlier this year, the House passed several bills to address this manufactured “fiscal cliff”. They have been sitting on Reid’s desk for months. All he has to do is bring them up for a vote in the Senate, but Renfield is guarding his master…

    3. The house has already passed two……repeat…..Two bills to address this fiasco, but his highness harrybreid is sitting on them and refuses to allow the Senate te even consider or debate them….let alone having the Senate actually vote on them. SHAMEFULL!!!!!!

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