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Michelle to Remain in Hawaii, Costing Taxpayers Over $100K

President Obama will return to Washington from Hawaii Thursday while First Lady Michelle Obama and her daughters plan to continue their vacation, adding at least $100,000 and probably more than $200,000 to taxpayer costs for the excursion.

Instead of accompanying her husband home on Air Force One, Mrs. Obama will fly on her own Air Force jet at a later date and require security and staff to remain in place in Hawaii for the length of her stay, which reportedly could extend until January 6.

Michelle laughing

The White House does not reveal the price tag for the Obamas’ vacations. But an estimate can be made given several known and likely expenses.

Assuming Mrs. Obama uses the type of plane she has flown before to Hawaii, the Air Force C-40B Special Mission Aircraft, the cost of a flight from Honolulu to Washington would be about $63,000. If the C-40B must be flown out to Hawaii to retrieve Mrs. Obama, as would seem likely, the first lady’s travel costs could amount to about $126,000, assuming the jet is dispatched from Washington.

And the cost would be much higher still if a supply-carrying cargo jet comes home along with Michelle in addition to the cargo jet that accompanies Air Force One – particularly if that jet too must be flown out to Hawaii just for Mrs. Obama.

Once you throw in the tens of thousands of dollars that must be dished out to house, pay, and support the military and Secret Service assets enlisted to protect Mrs. Obama – as well as other support staff – the price tag for her stay is probably in excess of $200,000, and possibly much more, depending on how long she remains on vacation.

Mrs. Obama flew to Hawaii separately from the president in 2010 and 2011, in those cases leaving early with the family while he finished work with Congress and then joined them for the remainder of the vacation.

If Obama strikes an early deal on the fiscal cliff and then returns to Hawaii to finish up his vacation, the tab for taxpayers would be extraordinary. Air Force One costs about $180,000 an hour to fly, and the roundtrip taxpayer-funded ticket for the nine-hour flight would amount to about $3.24 million.

Obama plans to fly out of Hawaii Wednesday night at about 10:00 pm local time, which would get him to the White House at around 12:30 pm ET on Thursday.

462 thoughts on “Michelle to Remain in Hawaii, Costing Taxpayers Over $100K”

  1. Party on! Love to know what my taxes will be in two weeks, but no one cares about me, I’m just plain stupid. What a joke this is, shame on all of them.

    1. Count how many poor and homeless could be helped with the money spent on Vacations by OB and Family. They are costing a fortune for every day thaey are in power and always needing more. Ob will never sign a Budget, even if it is prepared by the Democrats. He only wants a Photo-Op.

        1. Sally J, you’re joking right? The man so cheap he hid money in the Cayman’s and lord only knows where else was going to “pay his own way?” LOLOL Don’t you remember what he said about his ridiculously low tax rate? ” I see no reason to pay more than was required,” or something along those lines! In short, Mitt would have been getting freebies right and left. NO ONE feels more entitled than most wealthy people. Even most SERIAL KILLERS are Republican! Look it up! Their sick sense of entitlement even extends to “eterminating” many fellow HUMAN BEINGS for NO reason whatsoever except for what’s in the Republican killers’ diseased brains! Even disgusting Penn St. pedophile Sandusky is a registered Republican! Again — look it up!

      1. That’s because unlike YOU, most JOURNALISTS know that Laura Bush traveled to nearly a HUNDRED COUNTRIES on the nation’s dime with nary a PEEP about it from the likes of myopic “conservative/” racist cretins about it!

    2. Moe, you must have been apoplectic with rage when Laura Bush traveled to nearly a HUNDRED COUNTRIES on the nation’s dime! Rolling my eyes!

  2. I don’t know what the forecast is for DC, we here in the Midwest are getting hit with blizzard conditions, with the storm seeming to be heading east/northeast. Might not weather conditions delay Obama’s return to DC? If the Capital gets what we are getting here, travel would be hazardous, and DC may have traffic problems due to the snow.

    1. DC’s getting snow now and blizzard conditions in the midwest and expected in the northeast, hundreds of flights being cancelled at the busiest airports right now.

      Bringing AF1 to DC tonight will only cause more delays, not to mention if Marine 1 can’t fly, he’ll lockdown DC with his motorcade.

    2. Joint Base Andrews, the home of Air Force One, never shuts down. The ground crews will work endlessly to keep the runway clear, in all types of weather.

        1. Weather will probably be okay by the time AF1 gets there tomorrow.but do think he cares about air or ground traffic disruption? Didn’t you read about the hours long problems in LA when he was campaigning and fundraising on multiple occasions? HE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ANYBODY BUT HIMSELF. Latest embarrassment- referring to himself 63 times in remarks on the late Sen. Inouye. This after his picture on a bus when commenting on Rosa Parks, and him gazing at the moon when astronaut NeilmArmstrong passed away. It’s always -.always about him. The ultimate narcissist.

        2. Nope. Andrews will remain clear and is not typically impacted by BWI, DCA or Dulles traffic. OB doesn’t have to wait in traffic after all. I remember a few years back when we got all the snow here in the DC area and he came home and they shut the beltway down for his motorcade….wife spent almost 11 hours in the resultant traffic jam it ended up causing.

      1. Obama lives in Airforce one. He is the worst president in our great nations history and won by vote fraud. The man is trying to bus in people for his inaugural and giving away tickets free. He can’t draw the crowds and we are to believe that he won the election.

        1. ?!? Susan, brilliant, hard-working Barack Obama graduated with the HIGHEST GPA in his HARVARD Law School Class WHILE he was working Several hours a WEEK as President of the highly prestigious HARVARD LAW REVIEW! That work ethic extended to the White House. Objective record-keepers have stated that President Obama did more for this country in his FIRST 100 DAYS than some Presidents did in FOUR YEARS! And EVERYBODY knows that Bush EASILY vacationed TWICE as much as Obama has at this point in each of their tenures!

          1. mis-guided kate always using the race card, pretty typical of the ignorant democrats. this president has done nothing good for America. I doubt he is capable of doing good.

  3. No biggie. It’s always been about Michelle and satisfying her personal wishes, regardless of the cost to others.

    How she continues to fool the public is one of our big mysteries!

        1. That is all it is with you kool-aid drinking drones. Win or lose, like a f#*%&@*g sport. The adults on this thread are talking about saving the Republic from a Marxist coup and kiddies like you keep treating it as if we are playing a video game. Go get some more free stuff and leave the heavy lifting to patriots.

        2. Hey Loofah—-great clown posting—-yes indeed the gimmedats and the low information crowd voted for the illegal white arab—-you are indeed the loser

        3. And you STOLE it with our tax dollars, and committed fraud and ran the most divisive, gutter snipe campaign of my lifetime. President Kardashian, that is all.

        4. You lost? Really? That is the brightest comment I’ve ever heard. You morons that voted for these clowns do not seem to realize we all lost and will be paying out the nose in terms of taxes to pay for all of this crap. Wake up you drone!

        5. Wow we sure can’t fool you can we, you really think that this is about being sore losers and not about these two temproary occupants of the white house living like a king and queen of there own country, Or have you forgotten that we the taxpayers pay for all this?

          1. ?!? Pags, there are NO words in that “flag” video as you well know. And it was ONLY posted by jealous, rabid racists allegedly “reading lips,” AFTER they realized that brilliant, wonderful President Obama and his brilliant, wonderful wife, Michelle had been seen on camera communicating with deaf American citizens who they care about along with all the rest of us! Stop being so cynically paranoid. It just makes you look stupid!

        6. You and this country, and Obama, and especially George Soros knows very well that this election was stolen! Soros made it all happen and that’s why Obama whispered weeks before to Putin that, “after the election, I’ll help you out…..”. He knew he was going to “win”. Bunch of lying hypocrites! Isn’t it wonderful that the Obama girls’ school that they attend has 11, yes eleven, armed guards that watch over their precious little ones, while the average school girl and boy get 0, yes zero, armed guard protection at their little schools. Oh, yes….and Mr. Obama says that guns at schools should continue to be kill-zone…..oh…he means gun-free zone places… mean, just like the movie theaters and malls where many nutcases off their meds happen to want to unload their misplaced rage. Seriously, how hard is it for theater and mall owners to install metal detectors in these places and have armed guards at entrances and exits? Make the celebrities pay for it since people are risking their lives just to watch a piece of their crappy often violent movie for entertainment. So, Michelle really doesn’t have the right to be living as First Lady since she really lost, too! How insensitive of her to burn all our tax money like that! She has got to have more nerve than any other First Lady ever! She reminds of all the over-rated and over-exposed blacks like Rihanna and Beyonce and Jamie Foxx and Gayle King and Oprah and Whoopi and Halle Berry and Mariah Carey and that snakes on the plane actor…..what’s his name? They all think they’re so amazing when they really just use other people all the time. (Well, there might be a few nice ones on that list occasionally, but mostly they are just mean and hypocritical and selfish and self-centered narcissists!)

          1. Please. Everyone can tell when a Republican is PROJECTING again! The BRAZEN cheating that went on for and by George W. Bush in 2000 will NEVER be forgotten! In STARK contrast, brilliant, hard-working, DESERVING President Obama won both the POPULAR Vote AND the ELECTORAL COLLEGE — TWICE! That’s a feat George CHEATING Bush could only DREAM of in 2000 since HE “won” NEITHER!

        7. You’re right. We lost. You won. Must make you proud. However, the fat-cats in DC (all of them), continue to rape the wallets of every hard-working individual with a job. So, from a political party perspective, the Republican party lost. Many here could care less about the party yet care very deeply about the current course of this great country. What we have now is not sustainable. Lost? We all lost, you just haven’t realized it yet.

        8. The two “Affirmative Action Zeros” are at it again, living like roaylty spending that money and doing all they can to “get even with whitey”. Yup, the Obama’s, or do we call them “The Carbunkle’s” instead!

    1. Michael: I agree, but a little critical thinking made me realize that the “minions” who put him in office don’t read, watch anything “newsy” on T.V. or even discuss happenings of this kind with others.

      So, the idea of Queen Marie Antionette, when told that the “peons” aka “rabble” didn’t have bread, famously is credited with saying:

      “Let them eat cake.” means NOTHING to them.

      “Ignorance:” thy name is the U.S. Educational System-once the finest in the world.

      1. Well, you know, some people who had a similar hue to her were once treated meanly by some folks of a lighter hue, so even though the lighter shaded folks now have nothing to do with the lighter folks of yore (and may have ancestors that fought AGAINST the mean ones!); and, even thought Michelle Antonette has nothing to do with the darker complected folks from a couple hundred years ago (and has done quite well out of our current system, truth be told), since she LOOKS a little like them, and current White folks LOOK somewhat like some former slave masters, well, we just need to get REVENGE for back then, don’t we? Hence, the entitlement…

        By the way, not to muddy the water further, but every folk of every color has been enslaved by every folk of every other color at one time or another, and sometimes by folk of the same color. Why not just stipulate everyone owes everyone else something for this past, call offsetting penalties, and – I don’t know – start regarding each other for the content of our character instead of the color of our skin? Seems like someone else suggested that, though. Think THAT GUY would approve of “voting your race”? Just sayin’…

        1. I only flush my toilet once a day since Moochelle the Moocher said to save water by only flushing when I take a crap. Peeing is a non-flusher. Thank you Mooch.

    2. ?!? Michael, brilliant, hard-working Michelle Obama graduated Salutatorian of her High School Class, with HONORS from PRINCETON, and from Harvard Law School herself. Unlike most First Ladies, Michelle Obama brilliantly took on not one, but TWO major causes for which to advocate: Ending Childhood Obesity and Helping Military Families! Unlike lazy Laura Bush swilling cocktails, Michelle has exercised with children all over this country and even in other countries, made brilliant Commencement addresses from Spelman College to West Point and helped veterans and their family members find jobs. You can shut up now!

  4. It’s just sad. We have grifters in the White House & the media doesn’t care or have the brass to report the truth to the folks. Jay Carney’s news conferences are a sham & a big joke. HE belongs in a carnie…..oh, ‘scuse me, he’s already IN one.

    1. No, what is horrible is the majority of people in this great nation know this election was stolen. We have a fraud in the WH that has no right to be there. Precincts with 100% of the vote for Barry not one for Romney not one but hundreds of them. Third world countries have that happen, not here. Welcome to Zimbabwe.

  5. Theartre. Nothing more. There’s no need for MrO to return to DC to negiotiate or pretend to negiotiate with the Repubs. Modern communications allow people to meet and discuss anything, business or personal, even if they’re thousands of miles apart. If a deal is struck anything requiring a signature can be faxed or even sent by courier to those involved.

    What isn’t theatre is the mood of the country concerning our future. The economy is depressed and about to become more so if our elected leaders don’t quit posturing but do the responsible thing.

        1. He’s returning just to do all that, and to escape the wrath of the big M. He got some golf and dinners in, so now time to go back to DC for some vacation.

    1. So true, srdem. He needs to get back for more Republican-bashing, otherwise it might look like he is to blame for the fiscal mess. A day without lights, cameras, and action is like a day without sunshine to him. There’s no business like show business!

      1. More kabuki theater as only lord barky and his bots can indluge in. Remember what Rahmmy said ” never let a good crisis go to waste”.
        Since lod barky refuses to concede a penny of the insane government spending spree we will ALL suffer…well that is we whom do WORK & PAY TAXES !.

    2. They never should have left for Hawaii in the first place until the fiscal cliff was taken care of. And if nothing could be worked out, then fine, they spend the holidays in the White House. That’s his job.

      1. Suzette, they left in the first place because that’s what they do, and he’s going back to DC to get the media dogs to drool all over themselves and him and make it look like he cares – no other reason. Plus, he gets to fly on his big plane and try to look important. And then he’ll get to fly all the way back to HI to again flip off the USA – because he can.. BTW, doesn’t he have an office IN that plane?
        I must ask….why is America being held hostage to these two? Why can’t they be stopped? Where are the Republicans in Congress? Whose job is it to stop them before America REALLY goes down the tubes? Why is everyone so afraid of being called racist if they were sto stand up or disagree with either of them? Call me racist, I don’t care! I know I’m not – so sticks and stones.

      2. The Reagans would spend Christmas at the White House so that their Secret Service detail could be close to their families during the Christmas Holiday. But with the Obamas, its always me, me, me. Even their personal chef has to work the holiday and cater to Moochelle et al as they enjoy the lap of luxury at our expense.

      3. I can’t agree more… There are hard working American’s that show more dedication to their job than the President does. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE should be leaving for vacation until the fiscal cliff has been resolved.

        1. George Soros bankrupted the bank of England and made a billion dollars off the currency devaluation. With Obama as his puppet he will do the same to our country. The goal is to destroy the economy. It is all smoke and mirrors where they look like they are doing something meaningful. The economy cannot be salvaged folks. This whole plan started years ago long before Obama, he is just a vacant suit in the WH. And, willing to let others take charge. Valerie Jarrett is calling alot of shots also.

    3. He’s coming back to collect more Christma – oops, “holiday” presents from Mr. Boehner. Seems Boehner has a box full of capitulation nicely wrapped in RINO paper just sittin’ in the House, waiting on The Angry Caliph’s pleasure…

      1. My question: How can a Christian man who believes abortion is okay for his daughter, who makes a mistake and then says Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth and life of Jesus?
        What a FRICKIN hypocrite.

    4. The plan is to destroy the economy, cause a crisis and Obama will impose martial law. He has already signed an executive edict that controls our resources, our internet, our electricity, our gas, everything. He can shut it down without going thru congress. My friends, we no longer have a republic.

  6. Of course. Why would any of these takers consider for a moment an extra cost to the taxpayer. And I’ll ask why, if she’s on vacation, this woman needs a STAFF to sunbathe along side her.

    1. She has a highly paid staff of 22 and a full-time make-up artist. Someone has to draw those eyebrows for her. Highest number of staff was Thunder Thighs Clinton…she had four. Both Bush women had two each. Nancy Reagan had one.

      1. It takes a village to get that woman together every morning. Just take a look at her ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos. She has had so many cosmetic procedures, the various facial parts are out of alignment. Her nose is beginning to look like Michael Jackson. Why would any woman to this to herself?

    2. You sound like a very smart woman so you should know that the queen needs to have 1) her personal assistant 2) her hair stylist 3) her makeup person 4) childrens nanny 5) person that handles her mail
      6) recreation planner 7) / and these are just the people we know about not all the others that our taxes pay for who we are not told about.

  7. Is it me, or does Obama always create an end of year crisis so he screws up everyone’s holiday vacation? Seems like it.

    He was “too busy being President” 24/7 during the campaign season (for the last year?), should this “cliff” have been resolved months ago?

    I thought Carney said Obama can still function as a President anywhere in the world, so why not from Hawaii ? Why the urgency to get back to DC to make his phone calls ?

    Of course he’s playing martyr by sacrificing his precious time with his family to fly back to deal with the evil Republicans …. IT’S THEIR FAULT ! Yep, I can hear the speech now ….. groan.

    1. Maybe they’ll eat the 300 lb. gingerbread White House Mrs. Obama had the White House pastry chef bake for Christmas. In addition to lots of other good stuff, it contained 75 lbs. of chocolate which is very expensive now. The cake went very well with the 54 Christmas trees she ordered. Aaah, it’s good to be Queen.

  8. This is what the uninformed voter wanted. Voting is a privilege like driving a car. Unlike voting however, to drive the car you have to be tested. He’s kool, vote was dumber than a bag of air. You chumps are not educated. You folks need to be taken to the woodshed and sent off to a poli sci class taught by a professional who has no bias. Put on your dunce hats for the next four years so we can point you out and laugh (more like cry) at you. Sickos who know not should not be able to vote. Your children’s children will pay for it for certain.

    1. The problem from the Democrats’ end is, if citizens had to pass a civic knowledge test in order to vote, Democrats would be out of power in very short order.

      Given the situation our country is in right now, the only reason I can see for Democrats keeping power is by appealing to the dangerously uninformed.

      The right to vote is like a gun (oh yes I AM going there.) In the right hands, it can do a lot of good. In ill-trained or malicious hands, it can be a source of all manner of mayhem.

    2. Don’t buy the line the liberal media is telling you about Obama winning this thing. Do you really believe that 3.3 million fewer people voted for Romney that voted for McCain in 2008. People were on fire for Romney he was drawing huge crowds. Obama had everyones info from the new drivers license law he put in place. How many absentee ballots can you get out when you have everyones info. The whole thing stunk from the beginning. It would be nice if we could go thru every ballot cast. Some people would be surprised they voted for him when they didn’t. People went to vote in November and were told they had already voted. How does that happen? So don’t be so gullible to buy what they put out. They were saying he won Wisconsin when only 1% of the vote was in. Machines flipped votes that were Romneys to Obama all across swing states.

  9. It’s good to be King and Queen (and princesses, too). At least the State-controlled media has stopped bashing Bush for his 22 trips in eight years to his own home in Crawford, Texas. Yes, they’re living high and large, and the working stiffs who pay taxes are paying for it, while the 50% of the freeloaders that voted for him and pay no taxes are out shopping with their EBT cards and using their Obamaphones. Who are the chumps in this picture?

    1. The most expensive motel in Crawford Tx is $70 a night and I doubt that Bush’s staff stayed in the most expensive hotel. The Obama staff are at the Sheraton Ala Moana at $370 a night plus taxes, etc.

      Moochele will get home in time to get her ski togs out to take a “family” ski vacation and then it’s off for Easter.

    2. Isn’t it funny that not one person in the media mentions that fact about Bush only taking vacations to his own ranch in eight years while today they all sit around and tell us how wonderful it is that moochelle and barry travel the world stay in five star hotels, only drink the best most expensive wines and all on our dime.

    1. What’s different you ask ?. Jeez rather low brow mentality of this “first” family and they dun be livin lawjer den eber on da pooblik treyzury peeples !.
      AThink about the amount of ‘staff’ , the amount of LIES , the amount of travel , the amount of more gub’mit regulations , more more and more. This president knows no form etiqutte or common sense reasoning with taxpayer money. He and his bots are all about grandiose posturing/propaganda and doing it the chicago way. No class at all !.

    2. The difference is their abuse of the privilege as well as their overall Indifference to the price tag, when most of America is tightening its financial belt. I for one have not been on a vacation in almost 5 years. It would be nice if I could spend my money to take my wife on vacation instead of my money sending Mrs. Obama and her kids on vacation, again.

    3. Crawford, TX is rather spartan in comparison, and I don’t recall anyone other president spending so much of our money on vacations, let alone their wives.

    4. So this is one of the perks that all presidents have and use huh? are you kidding me, what these two mooches do is abuse the taxpayers at a time when they keep telling the rest of us to stay home spend less and don’t worry that food has gone up in cost along with gas, rent and other essentials. And one third of americans are still out of work.

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  11. He doesn’t need to come back the way it’s going he’s just doing a bit of
    slight of hand. The Democrats aren’t going to compromise and Obama only
    wants a photo op when he signs the bill then back to the little woman.
    I wonder in addition to Michelle the girls the dog the chef Jay Baghdad Bob
    Carney the Granny how many hangers on we are paying for?

  12. Don’t argue with Cliffy, he’s using the irresistible all-caps logic. Notice that the more a Liberal pushes a a bad position, the louder they get?

  13. These people have been living large on taxpayers dollars ever since he got into office. They live just like the people who get all the welfare foodstamps and what ever else they can get from this administration. It is monkey see monkey do.

  14. Small change. The personal expences for the first family last year topped out at over three million per day…..thats $3,000,000.00 every day while you were looking for work.

    1. I was way off. I ‘guestimated’ that it cost taxpayers $1 Million every day they walked out the front door. The spending cuts should start with this profligate family!

  15. Well, I guess she is entitled as First Lady. She has to travel in the style of the most powerful nation on earth.

    Out of curiosity though, speaking of planes, why does she never attend any of these sad aftermaths of gunshootings with her husband? It can’t be for security reasons, as other First Ladies have done it.

  16. What a pathetic family….and they call them the “First Family”??? First for what? screwing the American public? Sounds about right. Did they used to vacation in Hawaii before the taxpayer was charged with the bill? And why Hawaii? Because they have golf courses and Camp David doesn’t? No wonder this administration refuses to pass a budget….then they’d be stuck with spending less and we know they can’t handle that…especially since they’re spending OUR money! Another four years of this BS. What a moronic general electorate to have reelected such an incompetent.

    1. Florida has even better golf courses and would cost us less than half for travel. You’d think some wealthy supporter with a mansion on the Gold Coast would invite the family down ?

  17. Affirmative Action. When you don’t have to work for anything and you have your hand out like it it owed to you then you become a pig like this that just doesn’t know when to stop taking.

    Reagans spent every Christmas in the White House but not these black pigs.

  18. The Obama’s created their Hawaiian Family Christmas “tradition” only after he was elected in 2008. Nobody’s denying the family time off together over the holidays, but his home is in Chicago !

    Most Presidents spent Christmas at the WH or Camp David so their staffs could spend the holiday with THEIR families, then went home.

    I think the Clintons were the only First Family without a home base, so they spent Christmas at the WH or Camp David, then perhaps took a short vacation with friends as guests at their homes.

    I think we take good care of our Presidents providing them with our beautiful White House, or that amazing retreat at Camp David for a respite from the DC crazies. We’re happy to let them go home to spend special time with their families too. Nobody every had to count before. The Obamas just push this perk to the max with the taxpayers’ No Limit Club Med card.

    1. D, I think what are seeing with all their travel is resume strengthening so once they leave office (if they ever do), Expedia, Travelocity et al will beat their doors down with spokespeople offers. TV travel shows are likely in development as well “Barry & Moo Go To xxxxxx!” is a possibility.

      Lets just think of this as Federally funded job training.

      1. You may be too young to remember this, but Bing Crosby and Bob Hope used to do “road” movies. They would have a song modified for the locale, to wit, “We’re off on the road to (fill in the blank), we certainly do get around!”. This let them have zany adventures and madcap happenings all over thw world, and showed Americans what (idealized) other countires were like.

        Maybe, Michelle Antonette and The Angry Caliph could revive THIS tradition? Imagine “road” movies to Hawaii, Spain (Mooch’s faves), Indonesia, Mecca (for His Lordship) – maybe even Iran! The possibilities are as endless as the Obama’s taxpayer funding, and the planes will leave from anywhere, to anywhere, with only one passenger and a separate plane for the clothes, if that’s Madame Royale Obama’s desire!

        Think of the madcap hijynx, like the time Mom and Dad sent Sis to a foreign country, with only oversexed Secret Service agents for chaperones! You’ll laugh when Dad mistakes Bo for the in-flight entrée, delight in the variety and expense of Mom’s shoe shopping, and cry when you realize the bill is for YOU! It’s even got built-in, free advertising on NBC, CBS, ABC – you name it, they love him! And celebrity walk-ons galore! Jay-Z in the house! George Clooney yukking it up on line 1! Is that David Letterman licking Mooch’s $500.00 tennie pumps? Wow, It’s a sure, smash hit!

        Oh, wait, they just renewed their contract for another four year run with the US Government. Four years, or the end of the Republic, whichever comes first. Guess we’ll have to wait for THAT much silliness, then, won’t we?

          1. No worries there, RickW. Dorothy Lamour was smart, sweet, beautiful, and worked for a living, so no one’s going to confuse here with Her Moochiness.

            NO simile is perfect, and the stock market tells me the Obama’s aren’t very d@mn funny, so it would be a re-titiling as well. Suggested title; “It’s ALL good with the O’s!”.

            Maybe a subtitle (with a nod to JRR Tolken, the only man who may have been able to imagine the bizarre world we now live in); “There and back; a Grifter’s Journey”.

            Still freinds?

        1. Don’t you think the real royalty in this world find them extremely disgusting. I know I read Queen Elizabeth does. The rulers of other countries are as they say on to them. They know the American people are suffering, they know our country is bankrupt and they also know what this couple is spending in taxpayer money. The British Newspapers are more honest than the ones here. They print the costs and the entourage. In fact one said that Obama and Moochelle had a bigger entourage than Queen Elizabeth. And, Putin knows Obama is a homosexual and I am sure he finds that disgusting as well. Well, well, we sure have good representatives for this country don’t we.

    2. D, would you want to go and spend the holidays in Chicago?? What would they all do there for 3 weeks?? (the Secret Service PSD would be out of their minds after the first 3 days). Can you imagine the neighborhood lock down? I even bet the all mighty Rahm has told them not to come home. They have already said they dislike Camp David (am surprised Mr. O has not tried to rent it out or add a 18 hole golf course). Sadly no large island in the Caribbean fits his and the SS’s needs. or is it the big M’s needs??

      1. Otis, home is where the heart is. Christmas in Chicago is beautiful, I love visiting that time of year.

        What’s preventing them from selling their Chicago home and purchasing a more desirable family home on the Florida coast? I think the Kennedys had a winter home in West Palm Beach ?

        There is a golf course near Camp David that Presidents have used in the warmer months.

        1. yup, JFK did have a Winter WH in WPB. It’s a nice home that his dad Joe acquired in the 1930’s.

          Chicago is very nice, I have visited there a few times. However for protective needs (Secret Service requirements) it can be a nightmare. I also think the big M and kids would not have as much fun cooped up for 3 weeks in the wintertime now that the kids are older. As you can see from statements made by Mr. & Mrs. O, it’s their “home” of residence, but that’s it. Yes they have friends there, but Chicago was a springboard for his political aspirations.

          Camp David is a fantastic compound in a beautiful part of the Catoctin Mt range. And yes there are at least 3 golf courses near by. However they dislike the area, and prefer either Hawaii or Martha’s Vineyard, where they have lots of heavy hitting political friends. Florida has never been that open to them.

          I have a feeling now that the election is over, you will see the Chicago home go on the market within the next 2 years. It has served it’s purpose, and now time for bigger and $$ home (and where his Library will be built). Also, they have to think about the 10 yrs of SS protection they receive.

    3. The only family that the O’s have left is Moochelle’s mother who gets the same perks as Moochelle and Barry and she has a brother and his family who live in Wash. state and Barry’s sister who lives in Chicago but they all reconvene in Hawaii where Barry was taken as an infant after his birth in Nigeria.

      Write your congresspeople and tell them you want vacations defined and limited for the First Family.

  19. The Nubian Queen can’t be bothered to save taxpayer money! She knows that “rich white people” pay most of the taxes, so this is another form of pay-back for the past (and present) evils of American society. She can relax, read some Frank Marshall Davis and Saul Alinsky, and consult with officials of the state of Hawaii about keeping all of Barack’s records sealed. She can relax with a cup of Kona coffee and snicker about his Kenyan birth certificate. Maybe she will have time to write an opinion piece about all of the voter suppression that she alleges took place during the November elections. Or lead a hip-hop dance class. I just don’t want to see her on the news.

  20. Michelle is just oh so proud of her country… she couldn’t bear to disappoint the country by not spending its money. She’s got the power and you gave it to her.

  21. What amazes me is how they get away with this waste without criticism from the whiners who think the Gub’mint should be giving more money to the parasites in the “safety net”.

  22. What do we expect them to do? Never take a day off? Every prez is the same thing, camp david, trips around the world, vacations, and every time either side complains. I remember people saying Bush spent more days on vacation then at the WH. Clinton spent more days at camp david then at the WH. Give it a rest. They are rich, you are poor. It is what it is. Run for office, become Prez, then change it. Get off your damn computers and vote. Im sure most of u didn’t considering the last exit numbers.

    Yes your tax dollars get spent on this, they also get spent on a number of other bullcrap like building schools and nations in countries we blow up, supporting muslim nations, paying off North Korea, Pakistan, India, Crap man, our money gets waisted so many other worthless places. Wake the hell up and stop being afraid of President Blackenstein. You worry about your 4000 dollar tax hike but not the 10 million a day we give Isreal?

    1. Are you stuck on stupid? No one on this planet needs a $10 million dollar travel plan. You are to lead by example not mouth. Do we need to fly the dog around the planet when Obummer gets a bit lonely actually doing his job? If you want to do a comparisson on travel for the different presidents then to a dollar count on every year they were in office. Once you have that total you will see that Obummer has out spent the last 4 presidents combined. Talk about being N-Rich.

  23. Don’t know why he left DC in the 1st place with tyhe fiscal cliff looming. Now that he’s gone, can someone explain what Skype free video servikce is all about? As far as Mrs O goes, she can stay in Hawaii for the next 4 years and save us all some money.

  24. Does anyone think think Michele is concerned about how much anything costs? Her husband certainly isn’t. Tax dollars are how they maintain their lifestyle & our nation as they encourage everyone to spend everyone else’s money. This is the plan – destroy our economy and ride it out by spending as much tax money as possible. Give away tax dollars to nations & people who voted for you & those he thinks deserve it. This is the “transformation” promised. Spend. Spend. Spend! Sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.

  25. Even sadder is the fact the many support staff had to spend Christmas away from their families. GeorgeW always made it a point to not to vacation during this season. He’d go to his farm in Texas. Sure, a president always has a basic security staff, that’s needed, but have a heart Obama and leave your people to their families.

  26. Leave Michelle alone, she’s been very, very busy in her garden this year hoeing for the President, she deserves a good long rest after days and days, hours and hours of hoeing (in the garden) from the spring to just after the election.

  27. Let the woman and her girls enjoy the full holiday season. Her husband was the one who decided to come back early. $100.000 cost to taxpayers? How much does she make as First Lady? NOTHING

      1. Mooch was not elected, is useless, and has already wasted millions on vacations.

        She will never have class because she is crass to the core.

        The porters in my building have more class because they at least work for a living and pay their own way.

    1. Spouses of our brave military men serving in combat zones don’t make a salary either and they’re far more deserving and worthy than a First Lady with an ego and entitlement problem :(

      I always find it hypocritical of the Obamas to chant Support the Military and their families, yet slash our benefits quietly behind closed doors. By law, the UCMJ, active duty cannot criticize the President. So you won’t hear them complain.

  28. If you add up private airfare, personal drivers, living expenses and the army of secret service that the family has, probably receiving time and a half for working Christmas, it probably would add up to 100K but its a BS budget number because they are paying those salaried secret service agents anyway!

    George Bush’s trips to Crawford probably added up the same. All things relative. Perks of being the president.

    1. Oh yeah right… do the math imbelcile…..hawaii is over 14 hours or so from DC…ALOT MORE COST !. And now we foot the bill for double the cost so the first wookie can catch some more tan !. Whilst the king of the kabuki low information voter theater does another propaganda handstand. The more things change the more they remain the same.

      1. Here’s the math:

        Airline Fuel – $25,000 round trip
        Salaries Employees – (10* 100,000 AVG * 12/365) = $32,876 * 1.5 Time/Half – $49,314
        Resort Fees – $5000/ night * 12 = $60,000 not including food/ beverage

        Grand Total – $134,314

        A lot of assumptions here like 10 secret service getting time and a half, 12 night stay, and 5000 a night but rough estimate proves that $100K is possible with all the secret service and you don’t know what you’re talking about.

        1. Part of the cost the Secret Service incurs is having enough agents to cover multiple boondoggles. While one group of agents is covering michelle, there is another on presidential detail, another one or two groups doing site surveys for upcoming trips, etc etc. If michelle (lower case intentional) always stayed in same place as hubby, then the SS could reduce the workforce.

          But it’s all good, since the takers voted for this.

        2. sorry, it’s more than 10 agents for just the family members alone. We also have to factor in the Advance teams, Motorcade teams, Comms team, etc etc etc. And that is just on the Secret Service side. Anytime a family member moves outside of the “Box” it requires more members to cover. You also have to remember reliefs, no agents can go 24/7 for 3 weeks.

          So I think you should redo your math. Also add in all the support people outside of the SS and the Military (Navy SEALS / Coast Guard / Marines) that always travel in support of the family. It still costs $$ to move them and give them a place to stay (not all fly in AF1). Also, cars, gas, meals, etc.

          It’s like watching the circus arrive in town, except it cost’s a couple of million.

    2. so what you’re telling us is that it costs the same to fly from washington to crawford as it does from washington to hawaii ? and how about all those prep days prior to the trips? and how about the costs for the accomadations at five star resorts or private homes?
      If you’re going to justify stupidity please have real facts.

  29. Wherever the First Family goes it is going to cost money, lots of money. We cant expect them to fly coach? or stay home for 4 years? No.
    Both of the Obama’s are well educated and had high paying jobs, a vacation in Hawaii is normal for any American in that income/education bracket.
    No, I am not an Obama lover, but, leave the family alone – any President take a huge pay cut, and , they deserve a nice Christmas.

    1. These two grifters never earned a living “working” outside the government largesse. Barry was a community organizer (funded by government grants) before his short stint in Chicago politics. Mooch’s only claim to fame was a high-paying no show taxpayer funded job with the University of Chicago Hospital, once her husband hit the taxpayer lotto. On the few occasions she did show up at the job she shuttled poor people away from emergency room services (aka patient dumping). These two haven’t put in an honest day’s work their entire lives…

      1. Before they hit the taxpayer-funded jackpot, they lived with Mrs. Robinson after they were married in her one-bdrm flat on the second floor of the Auntie’s home on the SouthSide. They lived in the converted living room – the same room where the MOOCH and her brother slept. It wasn’t until several years later that they bought a $200K condo – not exactly the lifestyle of the rich and famous.
        The newly acquired lifestyle is all about reparations – the MOOCH is entitled, doncha know?

    2. President is the highest salary Obama’s ever earned :(

      Mitt Romney wasn’t going to take a salary as Pres, as he refused to do as MA governor and head of the Olympics.

      The media ignored that.

      1. I agree with you on everything except “earned”, DeniseVB. Here’s why;

        earn 1 (ûrn)
        tr.v. earned, earn·ing, earns
        1. To gain especially for the performance of service, labor, or work: earned money by mowing lawns.
        2. To acquire or deserve as a result of effort or action: She earned a reputation as a hard worker.
        3. To yield as return or profit: a savings account that earns interest on deposited funds.
        Nope. Defs 1 and 2 apply to people who actually do something of value, and get something of value in return. This is not the O’s

        3 is just a sad, morbid joke with this Prezzy. NO ONE earns a PROFIT with THIS guy around! And how much money has your savings account interest been worth since THIS guy’s been the bozz? Yep, that’s what I thought…

        Sorry, he takes. Always has, always will. He’s “earned” nothing,

      1. Only if you were you living under a rock did you not read or hear the over-the-top shrieking from WAPOS, NY Slimes, et al. about Bush’s travels. Of course, the bastions of truth in the press are equally critical of the current WH occupant’s flagrant and frequent airplane rides around the country on the taxpayer dime, right?

  30. the obamas are like those cadillac-driving, jeweled-pinky-ring-wearing minstrels who live high off the donations from their flocks.
    expect michelle to start whooping soon.

  31. Her “vacation” is being paid for by the funds that should have gone to schools for security equipment, training, and police resources. Google “Obama school security funds lapse” and read the article in the Washington Guardian. They party on the beaches while your kids get murdered. THEIR kids are in a well-armed school, while children of the commoners, get slaughtered. And MSM won’t say a word about it because they are tools of an oppressive government.

    1. I read David Gregory’s kids are also at Sidwell, guards plus Secret Service now. And he was dripping scorn all over LaPierre’s idea of guards on Sunday. Dripping! Honestly, I resent the money these media lapdogs make more than I do what the Obamas spend. These people are galling!

  32. I hate those disgusting black grifters!! I hope the moron class that voted for them are denied unemployment freebies and the rest of their socialist handouts. All the while their dear leader and his fat ugly wife live like royalty on our money and are rubbing our noses in it!!

    1. He won by giving out all his freebies. Next week, I am going down to pick up my FREE CELL PHONE. All you need to do is to bring your Social Security letter that shows you make less than $1400 a month on SS and you get a free phone. They don’t ask if you also have substantial income as well as a huge pension. Then, I am going to go to the papers and congress and demand that all the free phones be rescinded.

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