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Obama Backs Away From al Qaeda “Defeat” Claim

President Obama appears to be backing away from his often-stated claim – a cornerstone of his 2012 campaign – that “al Qaeda is on the path to defeat.”

In a subtle but important shift three days ago during remarks nominating Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) to be Secretary of State, Obama revised the assertion, stipulating that “the al Qaeda core is on the path to defeat.”

The addition of one word to Obama’s usual statement may seem a small matter. But the president chooses his words very carefully, particularly in prepared remarks. And the insertion of the word “core” probably represents a major reassessment by the administration of al Qaeda’s overall strength and durability, a change in outlook that could have a significant impact on U.S. anti-terrorism policy going forward.

Use of the word “core” implies that while the administration is having success against the al Qaeda leadership, al Qaeda’s far-flung affiliates – like the ones that carried out the Benghazi attack – are not on the “path to defeat.” And therefore in a larger sense, the claim made during the campaign that al Qaeda itself is on the path to defeat is no longer considered true by the White House.

Such a shift would not have been made without a major change in thinking within the White House itself. It represents an acknowledgement that, with al Qaeda affiliates still able to inflict damage and casualties against the United States, the war against terrorism will be a longer and more difficult road than previously thought.

When the change in thinking occurred – and whether it is mainly a result of the Benghazi attack – is unclear. What is clear is that the White House waited until after the campaign was over to convey its new position to the public.

Even on the very last day of the campaign – nearly two months after the Benghazi attack – Obama was saying, as he did to an audience in Columbus, Ohio, that “al Qaeda is on the path to defeat.”

That phrase, it would appear, is no longer operative.

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  1. The problem with al Qaeda is that it is not a snake, where you can cut off its head and it dies. The politicians in DC, on both sides of the aisle, seemed to have had that thought that the death of bin Laden would have killed al Qaeda.

    al Qaeda is the Hydra. You cut off one head, and two grow back. The only way to kill the Hydra was to cut off a head and burn the stump to prevent regrowth. IF any administration is sincere in stopping global Islamic terror, then the answer is to cut off each head (ie each semi-autonomous group) and then burn the stump (destroy any and all possible regrowth). This is a scorched earth policy, and is one that none in Washington or the West are willing to do.

    A Hydra policy would mean having to get Russia, China and every other non-Muslim country to agree that the only answer to global terror is to admit that this is a war of conquest on the part of the Islamist, and therefore needs to be met with complete and total destruction of the belligerents.

    1. This is a bunch of crap. you know why we cant stop terror? Because we’re the ones who create it. What exactly is a terrorist? how many “terrorist” attacks have you witnessed in the last 10 years? NONE. People are defending their homeland from us. They don’t have NEAR the firepower we do. This whole “terrorist” threat is NOTHING more than an EXCUSE made up by the US govt, to destabilize the middle east and take over the worlds oil supply. Think I’m wrong? Then explain to me why Patriots, Ron Paul supporters, and the like are being put on “TERRORIST” watch lists.. being labeled “HOME GROWN TERRORISTS” ? HMM? Terrorist is nothing more than the 21st century word for boogie man… wake up people. It is the US govt who are the terrorists.. terrorizing our own people and the people of the world in order to satisfy their never ending hunger for power.

      1. So you are another moron that says the US dresses up like terrorists and then kills innocent people, just for the fun of it????

        Tell that to the hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of terrorist victims of MUSLIM TERRORISM!!!!

      2. How many suicide bombers are Americans? How many Americans create cells in countries around the world with the goal to kill those who do not believe in “their” religion? How many Americans commit terrorist attacks that attack women and children as they ride a bus, eat pizza, or are studying in a school? What other militant religion believes that everyone must be converted to “their belief” or die by the sword?

        1. Respectfully, don’t you think someone has to work very hard at being that ridiculously and intentionally ill-informed or ignorant?

          BTW: Thanks for your service.

      3. Jihadist Muslims have been at war with each other and with everyone else for 14 centuries. That’s what they do. They are currently killing “moderate” Muslims in North Africa, Pakistan, Irag, etc. Check what they are doing to the Sufis, as peaceful a group of Muslims as you can find. You have no clue about what you are postulating.

      4. Why are Ron Paul and his followers called “HOME GROWN TERRORISTS”? Because this administration cannot and will not tolerate anyone that is willing to question their actions or motives.

        Obama vis a vis his DOJ, DHS, EPA, USDA, et al are wantonly trying to bring down the foundations of the Republic. Paul attempted to stand tall against what he saw as the tyranny of the minority. That is why his ilk are being called terrorist.

        The real terrorists are those that are wanting to kill innocents around the world. Christians are being slaughtered in Muslim counties daily ( It’s not Protestants killing Catholics, but MUSLIMS killing Christians. The war on Jews is also growing, and it is not Jews strapping on homicide vests and getting on a bus in Tel Aviv, but MUSLIMS.

        Don’t even try and make the argument that all the problems in the world are the USA’s fault. Yes, we have blown it in many ways in many areas, but AMERICA did not attack the Cole. AMERICA did not attack the WTC during the Clinton years. AMERICA did not attack the embassy in Nairobi. AMERICA did not blow up a disco in Bali. AMERICA did not bring down the WTC on 9/11. Who did all of this – RADICAL ISLAMIST MUSLIMS.

        Islam is a political/religious ideology based on conquest, nothing more. I personally curse the day that their “prophet” was born!

      5. imy, I’m trying if you’re a troll or just plain stupid. What a moronic statement you’ve made! Why don’t you deal with the facts instead of dreaming up myths, cretin? We have plenty of oil here if we’d just develop it.

      6. Ron Paul is a SICK RACIST who profited greatly from his racist newsletters so I hope that anyone who follows him gets put on the BATSH*T CRAZY LIST asap! I hope they not only put you on a “list” but they need to keep watch on you and keep you away from sharp objects.

        1. Anybody that disagrees with BO or his thuggish administration is labeled a “Racist”. This has become such a boorish ad hommimum attack ploy that it has lost all credibility and potency. (Except to the racists that use it.)

      7. Having a hard time believing that anyone would actually believe what you wrote. I’m guessing that you just throw a bunch of garbage our there just to get reactions. Looks like it worked.

      8. you need to back off that kool-aid your gonna choke n die from a overdose… Your statement is not only naive, its down right dangerous and stupid.. Go back to Huff Po, the rest of the loons will be waiting for you.

    2. The Socialist and his stooges tried to promote the notion that killing Bin L:aden meant al Qaeda was dead, but most people knew better. I’m sure that was one reason for the cover up in Binghazi!

  2. What everyone seems to forget is that even before 9-11, al Qaeda was active and operating is something like 100 countries. It would be impossible for ANY president to eradicate them entirely. But by going after their leadership, it gave them pause in their pursuits. There will always be flare-ups. al Qaeda will never be gone-no matter who is President.

    1. Shelly, obviously you are a Barry supporter, Kool-Aid drinker…..and what he says does not matter, facts not required…you will still make excuses for the man, no matter what he says or does!

  3. Well, “as he’s said all along….” The “piece” is being allowed to get away with all sorts of, what would be labeled atrocities by the media if they weren’t so busy wiping his you know what.

  4. So Al Qaeda is defeated, Republicans want disabled kids dead, Romney murdered a woman, Republicans want old people dead, more lies here, more lies here, more lies here, more lies here, more lies here more lies here….

  5. Retreating from lies would be Obama’s full time job if he believed that truth now matters. It’s difficult to critically evaluate the previous four years without being sullied by his words (verbal diarrhea) and actions. Yet are we now reduced to evaluating a four letter word, core, for a deeper meaning? Suffice it to say that Obama is a shallow, arrogant, narcissist, ideologue masquerading as president with nothing profound or relevant to say that deserves such analysis.

    1. But, Jim, in which direction would he retreat?

      Given that he lies essentially every time he parts his lips, what would demarcate that which he should correct and that which he shouldn’t?

      As you know, he is not just the most clear and present danger to our Republic and its Constitution, but he’s also one very intellectually bankrupt, socially and racially divisive, psychologically twisted, and morally anchorless and vulgar, cowardly, puerile man.

  6. Barry has had to change his statements many times over the course of his term in the Office of Impostor In Chief, as well as those made while a Senator.
    Normally the MSM will ignore same and cover for the worthless POS.
    Only in America could this disgrace of a man obtain the highest office of the land and work four years to destroy the Nation and still be re-elected by zombie freeloaders and those unwilling to think for themselves.

  7. Gee whiz, a little different tune than before the election. Takes the guesswork out of the sensitivity on the part of the administration about Benghazi.

  8. Why back away from this claim, when there are so many other ignorant statements the dope has made? Stand pat, and even double down on the galactic stupidity, the retarded democrats will fall for the sound bites anyway….

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  10. Which one is it? Appears to be backing away or is backing away. Those are two different actions. I wish reporters/journalist would not scream in headlines then pussy it through in the article.

  11. yeah especially when the CIA has been using them as a global booggey men to overthrow nations! Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and now..Syria..its not in The administrations best interest right now to say AL”CIA”DA is defeated right now! Besides they need “GOLDSTEIN” to continue hatching incredible schemes so we can keep invading other countries for no good reason!!m You want to shut down AL”CIA”DA all you have to do is stop funding the pentagon and the state dept!!!

  12. Did the powers that be in DC really think killing Bin Laden would suddenly stop the Muslim fanatics, aka Al Queda? If so, they are even more naive than I thought they were. In addition, I also thought it pretty childish to brag about that killing as Hillary did…both Obama and Clinton were like school kids, and tacky ones at that. Bin Laden didn’t carry out his vile murders in a vacuum…he had plenty of others waiting to step in and take over. A few of them did just that in Benghazi. It was probably those boasts of Obama’s and Clinton’s that killed 4 Americans, and not the stupid film they tried to blame.

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  14. Campaign rhetoric, designed to war against his opponents, and as valid as any other drivel that spills from his lips. I recently read, and agree with, the statement that Obama is not the true threat to America. His screw-ups can be fixed over time. What is more damaging are the legions of fools who elected him and put such a fool in office. That will be hard to fix. Maybe impossible.

  15. Obama had to keep up the lie prior to the election, even lying about the four Americans he allowed to be slaughter for his own political agenda. We all know that Obama is standing with his muslim brotherhood and is a worldwide joke.

  16. The puppet always does what the puppet master commands. Obama the puppet will lie or talk about something else or dismiss anything he doesn’t like.
    I firmly believe he would cripple the 1st amendment if he knew how. The real question is who is the puppet master or masters. If we had an honest media in this country he would never have been elected the 1st time. Nor would we be trillions of dollars in debt. The Congress and various presidents have, with the occasional help of the SCOTUS, almost destroyed our Constitution. Today politicians show no fear when they violate the constitution. The only fear they have is not being reelected. That needs to change.

  17. The presense of al Qaeda in the rebel factions in Libya was common knowledge in foreign media around the world when Obama backed their takeover. Ambassador Stevens was killed trying to find out where the weapons Obama gave the al Qaeda rebels ended up.
    Once again,the presence of al Qaeda in Syria is common knowledge to those of us who do not rely on the American government propaganda media.
    Obama has given $200,000,000 of our tax money to al Qaeda related rebels.
    Obama and his Republican globalist friends want an unstable middle East to further their globalist war agenda.

    1. Glad I read down far enough to read your comment, Julie. Indeed we are sending troops to Africa and the news was nearly buried during a holiday week. I knew you’d find it if, too.

        1. That’s the truth. Can you imagine the feeding frenzy of the media sharks if Bush ever mobilized the military to attack a foreign country (Libya) without the consent of Congress? If Obama was Bush, he’d have been impeached long before four Americans were massacred in Benghazi. They all have the blood of patriots on their hands.

  18. Obama and his Democrat Executive branch have been supplying weapons to Al Qaeda in Libya and Syria. I would say the President of the United States has created a monster terrorist Caliphate… INTENTIONALLY.

  19. How can Al Quida be on the path of defeat when Obama himself is funding them in Syria, Libya and Afghanistan among other places, these are his Muslim bros.

  20. Until the countries of the world stop worrying about OFFENDING these murdering asswipes and start killing them, expect nothing more but the same results over and over!

  21. Right. And add to the fact that the CIA runs Al Qaida and you can see where it just might be necessary to make a few alterations in the public dogma. . .Duh. . .

  22. Is it only me that notices that Dear Leader golfs with the same absence of talent or skill that he has for administration?

    Why is that?

    An executive that spends as much time doing something SO POORLY, whether it’s administration or golf needs reconsideration

  23. “There’s no dishonesty like liberal dishonesty, just like there’s no intolerance like liberal intolerance. There’s nothing they won’t excuse and no excuse they won’t deploy.”

    – Christopher Hitchens, interview with Kyle Smith (NY Post, 5/20/07)

    1. How Liberals work:

      1. The issues are never the Issue, the Issue is always power.
      2. The policies are never the Policy, the Policy is always control.
      3. The laws are never the Law, the Law is always domination.

      LIberals are mentally incompetent because their narrative deprives them of the ability to rightly relate causes to effects.

      LIberals are criminally insane because their hostility to the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God deprives them of the fixed moral frame of reference and incapacitates their ability to distinguish between good and evil, riight and wrong, or vice and virtue.

      1. liberals are stuck in transition from the absolute narcissism that is the hallmark of infancy towards the independent self sufficiency that once denoted responsible maturity.

        They are in fact trapped and are unlikely to progress further on their own although they become more adept at forcing others to their will

  24. Have any of you noticed that your taxes have been spent recklessly and without any oversight on promoting islumic imperialism, in africa, in the balkans, in europe, and in america, somehow your own borrowed money, has been used to put you, defenseless, against the entitlements of moslum theocracy

  25. This lingering issue of the ongoing viability of al Qaeda, and of radical Islamist ideology, seems to lie at the heart of this Administration’s foreign policy blindness, particularly given their curious, indeed foolish reaction of classic denial to the deadly terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya on September 11th.

    Regardless of what any defender of the Administration may want to say now in retrospect, that attack highlighted an alarming combination of personal and policy shortcomings, ones that had obviously culminated into an almost dogged blindness to the possibility of what now seems obvious — that al Qaeda and its affiliates would relish, look for and pounce on an opportunity to demonstrate their continuing capacity to inflict a telling blow against the “great Satan.” And, sad to say, they did. Obama was immediately reduced to a parroting of the Bush vow to hunt down the perpetrators and bring them to justice. It almost made you wince to hear him because it was so clear that it was his Administration’s almost willful blindness that made that attack possible.

    Prior to that attack, the Obama team had wanted so much to believe that the carefully planned and executed taking out of OBL was their watershed moment in the war on terror, that they even began openly spiking the ball — “We got Bin Laden!” Movie reenactments of the situation room directing of the operation were even being planned. Following that operation in Abbottabad, and particularly publicly tying of it so closely to the President for the obvious political benefits, they came more and more to believe that the war on terror had essentially morphed into a mopping up operation.

    Then came Benghazi.

    For one thing, Benghazi was an obvious intelligence failure. Secondly there was an obvious lack of oversight and management of the security of the facilities in Benghazi prior to the attacks. The ultimate responsibility for what happened obviously lay with the Secretary of State. But judging by what is in their report, the Pickering ARB made no effort at all to address the extent to which the Sec’y of State knew or may have known any of the details of requests for additional security over time. That is what sensible people call a “cover up.” And then she fell and hit her head because of a tummy ache, and wouldn’t testify to the Congressional Committee!

    So, the obvious question is why didn’t we get even the slightest inkling of potential trouble? Because no one wanted to believe there was any possibility of trouble, including Sec’y Clinton and the White House!

    My own sense is that the policy underscoring our relation to the nascent government of the new Libya projected an utterly unrealistic approach, one grounded in an almost Pollyanna-ish focus by the Clinton State Department on what they wanted to believe was the instant and enthusiastic embrasure by the Libyan public of Western democratic ideals. They did it in Egypt as well, and now look at what we have encouraged, and helped finance and spawn there!

    Any realist knew or should have known that it is just not the way things unfold when a society suddenly moves out from under centuries of tribal conflict and treachery, capped off by several more recent decades of near totalitarian domination and murderous oppression by one fanatical overlord! But not these clowns! So, they cooked up the “Mohammad movie gone bad” cover story, and when that one fell apart, they blamed it all on the spooks.

    Fortunately for Mr. Obama, he was the recipient of a few notable assists from a few media “bigs” and as a result he was able to keep that issue from exploding into a full blown scandal that would envelop him in the Presidential election, as it should have.

    The first assist he received was from the folks over at CBS, particularly Steve Kroft and the 60 Minutes crew, who, as you may recall interviewed the President on September 12th, a few hours after the President made his Rose garden response to the attack.

    This was the key exchange that didn’t make it to TV land on the 60 Minutes show:

    . . .
    KROFT: Mr. President, this morning you went out of your way to avoid the use of the word terrorism in connection with the Libya Attack, do you believe that this was a terrorism attack?

    OBAMA: Well it’s too early to tell exactly how this came about, what group was involved, but obviously it was an attack on Americans. And we are going to be working with the Libyan government to make sure that we bring these folks to justice, one way or the other.
    . . . .

    As we now know, that one key section of that interview was neatly clipped out, and not shared with the American public until it was quietly posted on the CBS website a mere two days before the election — 54 days after the interview — and obviously at a point in time when there was no chance of it becoming a focal factor in making up peoples’ minds!

    I really have to wonder who at CBS buried that clip? Was it a form of CBS “revenge” for the right catching Dan Rather peddling false documents back in ’04? Were they asked to bury it by the Obama folks? And, maybe most importantly, did CBS‘s Bob Schieffer know about it prior to moderating that third debate on foreign policy, long after hearing Obama confront Mitt Romney at the second debate when Obama falsely claim that he had said it was a terror attack earlier that day on the 12th, right there in the Rose Garden?

    Why did CBS not reveal that clip, especially in the wake of that second debate confrontation when the President intentionally lied to the American public by saying that he had called the attack a terror attack from the beginning? As everyone will remember, Obama immediately received a hearty “Heigh-ho” “fact check” from Candy Crowley of CNN the night of the second debate — one she had to back off on later when few folks were paying attention, and the major networks could ignore her error!

    Oh wait . . . maybe I just answered my own questions!

    1. the obvious error in your thinking is that you assume that Dear Leaders administration tells the truth about anything.

      They know they are robbing the wite debbil in their homes, theyre killing the wite debbil in their homes, they know they are destroying the wite debbil in his own nation, they know the wite debbil is told that they cant make up their own mind on what to support, or what to do, without written express permission from their opposition first.

      Pity that you lot are so stupid and so cowed that you cant even tell youre being obviously and intentionally targeted for extortion and subsequent extermination, youve all been so drilled in delusion and ignoring the obvious that if presented with a lion in front of you in full roaring charge, you’d first wonder if he’s there for some sort of a dental appointment

        1. the difference between you and I is that I already know what’s gonna happen.
          to you the unpleasant truth is just so much paranoia when you cant face it for what it is so you imagine the most pleasant outcome and the most benign intentions and discount less fanciful bromides out of hand, as has been your training.
          Simply, I know better, and much to my attempts to prove my self or my earlier assessments wrong, I havent been able to.

          1. Yeah. Except unlike you, I never put a lot of faith in people who are convinced they can clearly read the future, based on their paranoid delusions about what others are going to do, or have done. The only advice I can give you is, the next time you are tempted to act on one of those delusions because you think you’re going to somehow save the world, please take a deep breath, sleep on it, and if the compulsion won’t go away, seek professional help!

    2. CBS did exactly as they were told to do by this administration. That goes for all the alphabet channels. They all get their talking points from the WH. The Fourth Estate became the Fifth Column a long time ago…

      1. Susan, without a doubt, someone at CBS killed that story.

        First, the decision by someone at CBS was made not to air that clip — that specific Q&A in the original 60 Minutes interview with Steve Kroft, which I cited in my comment above. The Steve Kroft interview with Obama was conducted within hours of the President making his comments in the Rose Garden on September 12th. And Kroft “follow up” interviewed Obama again the next day on September 13th, on the campaign trail out in Colorado.

        The overall 60 minutes interview show — including both the Scott Pelly interviews with Romney, and the Steve Kroft interviews of Obama — publicly aired 12 days after the Benghazi attack, on September 23rd.

        By that time, as you may recall, some serious questions had been raised by a significant number of people about whether the attacks in Benghazi were as they had been clearly characterized by Obama Administration representative, Susan Rice in her now infamous Sunday “tour of the talkies” one week earlier on September 16th.

        During her “tour” that day Rice earnestly urged the public to accept what was a patently false story about the attack in Benghazi — that it was essentially an unplanned and spontaneous demonstration against the laughable Muhammad film, a demonstration that had somehow gone bad, attracted radicals and resulted in violence! That false story was told by her with the blessing of the White House, and likely on orders from the President himself. But it was a lie. There was no demonstration at all, and the deadly attack was obviously planned. The attackers employed heavy weapons including GPS guided mortars, RPGs, and automatic assault rifles.

        CBS never aired that Q&A clip until just two days before the election — fully 54 days AFTER the interview was conducted! Yet, in the mean time, the issue of the President’s view of the attack had become a contentious campaign issue, especially during the second debate when Candy Crowley initially and quite incorrectly backed the President in front of the huge debate viewing audience.

        At that point, CBS also chose to keep that clip hidden from public view, presumably because it would have raised a serious question about what the President had falsely claimed during that second debate — that he had said right from the start that it was a terror attack!

        Why did the folks at CBS at that point not air that clip?

        And, who there at CBS knew about the clip? Did Bob Schieffer know about that exchange with Steve Kroft? He moderated the third debate on the subject of foreign policy, and his knowledge of the Q&A should have compelled him to insist on the airing of the clip prior to that third debate. But it didn’t. Did he know about it and participating in helping to keep the information from the American public?

        What we do know for a fact is that some folks at CBS, a national news organization with an unfortunate reputation for inappropriate interference in Presidential elections — including the airing of false documents during the 2004 contest in order to try to undercut the Bush campaign — once again played a role in inappropriately protecting the Democrat candidate in this years Presidential contest.

        They clearly owe the public an explanation. But don’t hold your breath! They have no intention of explaining themselves. Why should they? They got what they wanted!

        Only now, as Keith has correctly pointed out with this post, is the administration backing up a step from their “defeat” of al Qaeda mantra.

    1. The CIA just took the hit, per “someone” (as yet unnamed) in the office of the DNI, who somehow magically changed the talking points that were given to Susan Rice

      The administration had to come up with a back up story once the story that they cooked up — that it grew out of a demonstration against the Muhammad movie — completely crumbled.

      If I had to hazard a guess, it would be that it might have been coordinated through the Office of Tom Donilon, the NSA, but time will tell.

      This will not die. It’s too juicy for Washington to just let go of it.

  26. The problem is not understanding that al Qaeda is just the tip of the iceberg. Islam is about taking over the world by word or by sword. In that sense it’s a primitive religion. That’s why it works so well in impoverished, uneducated parts of the world. Life can’t and won’t get better for those people, so why not have faith in the next world?
    The faster we drop the PC bull and realize they are not a religion of peace and that want to take away everyone’s right to worship differently the better off we’ll be.
    Further, Muslims want to right to criticize your religion, but demand that no one insult theirs. Go figure.

    1. you have to understand that mudhummud intended to rule all the desert tribes including the most affluent, and created a chimera for that purpose.
      He couldnt make it to different, he couldnt make it to complex and he needed a predictable result, so what he copied was the old testament, and only changed who is chosen and who is not.
      That’s essentially the only change, since it’s difficult to convince one theocratic tribe to give up the basics of their body politic.
      Thats why, IF YOU COMPARE DOCTRINES, there is essentially no functional difference between old testament doctrine and goal from that of the koran an islum.
      mudhummod was no less a ‘nice guy’ than david was.

  27. You can hardly defeat an enemy with no consistent message and no plan to win drones cannot win this battle alone.
    Obama is clueless on the history of this area they’ve been in a state of war
    since the dawn of time. He seems to threaten with one hand and almost
    appease with the other. With Kerry like Clinton the message will be further muddled and degraded as the next four years unfold.

  28. That’s okay. Obama will be backing off his claims of “The American Economy is on the rebound” soon too.

    Time to revert back to blaming Bush Redux.

  29. No sensible thinking American believes that this President is serious about stopping terrorism unless there is a tangible and immediate political payoff. The Community Organizer in Chief has little interest in anything resembling security unless his political advisors can point to it producing a big political plus for the Administration. Stopping the terrorists in Benghazi didnot have the payoff therefore, no action… just lies to cover it up. Keep your expectations low and you won’t be disappinted.

    1. narcissists only do what is good for them, it’s bugger all else.
      that’s what the american public voted in a narcissist to represent a nation of uncomprehending narcissists.

  30. Obama’s poisonous lies are made even more toxic by a credulous and fascile media complex willing to trumpet his lies until they no longer serve. Then the lies are abandoned and without nary a peep.

    1. funny how the entire media, so riddled with diversity only has one voice from coast to coast.
      even fox, they may pick you up at the right station, but they drop you off alone in the middle of nowhere.

      And, of course, it’s a coincidence, it HAS to be..

  31. Welcome to the Obama Depression.

    Obama supporters will try to blame it on the Republicans. It is Obama and his supporters responsibility.

    We do not have a revenue (tax) problem. We have a spending problem. Obama is happily leading us down the path of insolvency.

    1. a liberal is convinced that only his explanation and desires matter.

      there is no compromise with them, they dont see anyone else as important.

  32. If it ever had come out that US Intelligence knew where OBL was and Barry didn’t go after him, he would have been vilified throughout history. Now, he will do it himself with the second term.

    1. its already known that he dawdled for 6 months knowing where obl was.
      just like the pirate shooting, eventually that decision was made by someone else so they could take the flack if it went bad.

      apparently you were unaware of the coup

    1. true enough, and yet he has your junk pinched between his thumb and index finger.
      how did that happen if he’s such an idiot that he controls your money and future?

  33. Seems like I remember all the progressives attacking Pres. Bush for his “Mission Complete” sign. This is the same thing. But the press won’t attack their saintly president for the same thing.

  34. WOW. What a shock, now that we’re stuck with this president for another 4 years the truth comes out. I wonder how many of his other talking points were lies too. Whatever, it’s to late now, all of his clueless lemmings elected him again.

  35. ‘No more Israel’

    Last Updated: 11:08 PM, September 17, 2012
    Posted: 11:08 PM, September 17, 2012

    Cindy Adams
    New York Post

    Henry KISSINGER. Former secretary of state.
    Current savant of the state of the world.

    Do not argue with Mr. Kissinger’s know-how.
    He already knows how.

    Middle East horror. Democratic party dissing Jerusalem.
    DC’s anti-Israel mentality.

    Obama, busy raising re-election funds, no time for beleaguered
    Netanyahu. The Oval Office attitude versus the Red Line.
    Iran’s oath to destroy our only friend in that part of the world.

    Reported to me, Henry Kissinger has stated —
    and I quote the statement word for word:

    “In 10 years, there will be no more Israel.”

    I repeat: “In 10 years, there will be no more Israel.”

    ‫‪Henry Kissinger predicts‬‬:
    ‘In 10 years, there will be no more Israel’

    ‪‬ —

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