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Christmas Eve Golf for Obama

Updated 8:56 pm ET

Well, it was almost Christmas Eve. Anyway, President Obama was on the golf course again Monday morning, playing for the second time of his Hawaii vacation. He was back where he played Saturday, at Marine Corps Base Hawaii.

It’s the 110th time of his presidency and the 18th outing of the year.

Obama played with friends Mike Ramos, Greg Orme, and Bobby Titcomb. After golf, he hit the beach at the Marine base, where he was joined by the first lady and his daughters.

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  1. Golf, overpriced food, maybe a rousing game of Trivial Pursuit with the kiddies–this is the most boring vacay I never went on. Come on, let’s get some game here!

      • He doesn’t have to David. He beat Romney with hardly much effort at all. And yes, I do believe that man works hard. Check with those on the inside and you’ll see that it’s true. I know it’s fun to lie to yourself about the facts but feel free to continue to do so and see how that works out in 2016. Best of luck with your future.

        • Your choking sounds and drool are clouding your arguments…But the “working hard” part of your arguments are correct…Wait are you in Hawaii cleaning some balls too?

        • Hardly much effort? He wrote a concession speech because he thought he’d lost. The election came down to him winning by about the same number of people that live in Miami. Try again, lefty.
          As for him playing golf and vacationing when the country is charging for recession again, why not. He has not provided any serious leadership in his career. Like the college profession he is, he gives congress an assignment and then waits for the results. And those results had been match his grading criteria (even tho’ it’s hidden) or he’ll embarrass them in front of whole country.
          Since when did negotiations start of with “my way or the highway.” Did you forget that liberals called Bush’s 400 billion deficit “anti-American” or that Obama said “we won’t worry about deficits for a little while” until the recession is over. Been 4 years…at a Trillion a year…and no end in sight.

          • FYI: Population of Miami is around 500,000. Obama won by around 5 million votes. Obama won both times by much bigger margins than the President before him. I voted for Obama, thinks he’s going a good job, he’s a solid guy. We are much better off than we were in December 2008. Don’t be so hard on the guy. The election is over. We are all in this together now.

          • Glad you are happy with your choice. The majority of us who actually pay taxes are not. Btw, margin of victory in the battleground states was about 325k. Which is well within the margin of fraud.

        • The MASSIVE voter fraud WAS “hard work”. Like stealing 247,000 votes in St. Lucie County FLA where there are only 175,000 registered voters. All this AND MUCH MORE is documented at:

          And do you call setting a modern day record of 43 straight months of Unemployment ABOVE 8% “hard work”? Do you call setting a RECORD for Americans on food stamps “hard work”? Do you call setting a record of Americans in POVERTY “hard work”? Do you call record Black Unemployment “hard work”? Do you call setting a record in Black Youth unemployment at 45% “hard work”?

          All this after spending over $1 TRILLION to “fix” the economy. Suckers like you keep their eyes closed to all the MANY disastrous “accomplishments” of Obama, and that includes Fast & Furious and Benghazi all the while he laughs at your ludicrously blind support.

          He was probably laughing at you when you were chirping his greatness and he was moving YOUR hard earned tax dollars out the back door to Green Jobs scams of HIS donors like Solyndra, Ener1, Fisker, etc.

          Best of luck to you in the future too… because with an Obama that doesn’t care about re-election anymore, we are in for MORE MISERY than the first 4 years.

          Merry Christmas

    • It’s what you can do when you treat the presidency as playtime. I have a couple of friends who hold City Administrator positions. They work their butts off and are always under the scrutiny of the public and the press.

    • My husband, son of a ’50’s golf pro, had a genetic gift and love for golf, but he never played while making a career of the Marine Corps, he didn’t want to be away from his family those precious few hours on weekends. Fast forward to the 90’s, children grown, his retirement, he’s having a blast on the golf course :)

      I guess my point is, golf should not be all consuming for the feckless Obama and the time he spends away from his sweet daughters…..and wifey.

      • If your husband could not find time to golf during his Marine Corps career, he did other things besides be a Marine. As an active duty Marine, with several combat tours under my belt, I am an avid golfer and get out on the links routinely. Save your Husband stories of the Marines lady. You don’t have a monopoly on patriotism because you are a Republican Obama basher. And last time I checked, you didn’t earn the tittle Marine so save us the B.S. drama!

        • You seem to miss the point nadhair – the lady’s husband made a priority of his career and his FAMILY, not his stupid golf hobby.

          I also prioritized my life when my children were growing up – I worked two jobs, and the rest of my time was family time. I picked up golf once my son was old enough to actually hit the ball with me.

          This nation is filled with lazy greedy selfish dimwits who think their hobbies are more important than their families. Pathetic aptly describes this behavior.

  2. I am as GOP as they come, but seriously guys, get off this back about three golf. If SS is with him, you know he is still fully functional and ready to go at a moments notice if crisis occurs. A rested POTUS does a better job handling stress.

    • I’ll wish you Merry Christmas even though your comment makes me laugh out loud. Obama is always absent when there’s a crisis. Then he makes it up as he goes along the way while the press helps him formulate his story.

      • You guys are a little too easy to bait. He is way out of his league. Can’t wait until 2016 when get to get rid of him. However, the dems may come up up with someone worse.

      • It’s too bad most of you that have commented are still so bitter about our POTUS re-election. Sour grapes never taste good, especially on Christmas Day. Please do try and enjoy your pathetic existences with your families that deserve better than watching you stew about how many times POTUS has golfed. I seem to recall some of your handles prior to the election boasting about how handily Mittens would win. Well it’s a new term and there is plenty of work for this great President to do. I know it burns all of you up to watch that beautiful family board Air Force One and take such a well deserved vacation in beautiful Hawaii. I smile knowing the truth of what really makes you all hate all things Obama. Get used to the visual you sorry bunch of grinches. If not, you can always join that wonderful group of citizens petitioning to secede. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

        • Just tell us what’s so great about this freak. That’s all I ever ask you arrogant libs and I either get no response or I’m told it’s none of my business. I’ll stop complaining about owebama when you quit whining about Bush. Merry Christmas.

        • For all you morons, nitwits, brainless twits that pulled the lever for “your” excuse for a president, you obviously haven’t seen the editorial that appeared in a Prague, Czechoslovkian newspaper that has been shown on these boards several times during his first four year facade. Not enough room here to post it, however, it says essentially that the problem is not all with Obama but the idiots that put such a person in charge of our country. A person that has no record of accomplishing anything, other than community organizing, no birth certificate, no school records, no history whatsoever. You people have voted for a Santa Clause, twice, and as soon as his toys(our jobs & money) are all used up, destroyed, what happens then? Your Santa Clause, his sleigh and all his reindeers have crashed & burned. What then? Have a Merry Merry Christmas, Nadhyr, if you can.

    • Wasn’t he out making the rounds when they had to haul him in to “kill” Bin Laden? He sure was relaxed for that maneuver. Yeah, you’re so right (NOT), Mr / Ms / Mrs Kimberling.

    • I so agree Terry. People who read Drudge have literally become obsessed with Obama playing golf. Drudge posts any and all Obama related golf posts and the comment boards light up. I’m an Obama voter and a Democrat so I don’t mind a bit. I actually look forward to reading the over the top, delusional “all Obama does is golf” posts. They make me laugh.

    • This “Script reader” in chief has never worked a real job in his life. But what a legacy he was born into…community organizing, rabble rousing and now reelected to the once “most powerful” positions in the world by a majority of “Americans” who have their hands out and won’t let the goodies go away. God help the rest of us struggling to support ourselves AND the takers. What a country.

    • A rested president handles stress better? How did he hande the stress of Benghazi while our people were being slaughtered? I’d say pretty well. He didn’t do a damn thing. He’s a disgrace and so are his defenders, a bunch of feckless boot lickers. Maybe you all can get jobs cleaning his Michael Jackson gay uniform when he comes out of the closet as our first gay dictator.

    • Really? Obummer is ‘ready to go’? Handle a crisis? Like he did when our consulate in Benghazi got hit? Wow, what a response from the Commander and Chief that was.

    • Terry – the man has a huge job that he largely ignores, and a young family that he also largely ignores. Commenting on his selfishness is certainly our prerogative if he chooses to display this behavior publicly, on our dime.

    • Thanks Terry. Every now and then a bit of rational comment is refreshing. Obama is pretty much like the other Presidents when it comes to time away from the White House. You have a lot of low information voters commenting here, so you just have to go with it I guess.

  3. If you ever saw dear leader swing a club, you’d come to the realization that he cant golf EITHER.

    Commander in Chief of Monkeyshines and sticking it to the wite debbils

  4. Have fun Barry! It’s not like there are any problems or pressing issues back home. No worries. If anything happens, you can just have Jay blame it on the Republicans!

  5. Nothing like screwing up the Christmas vacation plans for all those active duty and retired Marines who might have had plans to get in a few games of golf. And he does it twice in three days? What a selfish pig.

      • Well said.
        Being a Vet thats what pisses me off about Obama’s golf. He just shows up, shuts down the course & kicks the troops off the course.

        That, and the fact the “media” give him a pass on it (NEVER mention how many times he golfs on Sunday v. going to church)

      • Do not feel bad for me. Feel bad for your countrymen and your country. We’ve already had a long four years of abject failure under this fraud and liar. Treason is just the beginning of the damage he has and is causing.

        • the only treason that was committed was by both parties. Free trade agreements with a communist slave camp have destroyed this country. Nobody mentions this.

  6. This spoiled rich kid who moved to Chicago to learn how to play act at being Black is over-joyed at the prospect of the Fiscal Cliff “forcing” the gutting of the US Military, the Space Program and everything except the goodies he passes out to buy votes. The people that elected him need to wake up. Forty percent of America understand what he believes. That isn’t enough. The people that have to get rid of him and his bratty Kardasian wanna be wife are my people that mindlessly gave him 98 percent of our votes based on nothing but skin color. WAKE UP my fellow citizens. He is NOT one of “us”. Far from it.

    • I resent him being compared to the Kardashians. They have been known to get off their butts and work sometimes! Comrade Zero never did an honest day’s work in his life.

    • whether he’s in or out doesnt matter, the rest of the wrecking crew will carry out their destuctive mission, but if he and the wookie stayed put, there’d be a billion or so extra dollars in the kitty

    • ha ha ha oh that’s funny .a Nation $16.5 T in debt, if your black and under 26 50% chance you’re unemployed (real number 70%) If you’re an american 20% chance you can’t feed your self and you’re on food stamps, if you own a house then you’re only 1 in 4 American house holds and there’s a 1 in 4 chance your mortgage is under water . If you’re an American there’s a 1 in 7 chance you’re un or under employed , if you’re an American your share of the national debt is $46K even if you’re a baby or 80 years old. Any ideas on how it will be paid back? If you’re an American with a car your gas prices have doubled since Obama took office , if you eat you’re food prices have gone up 25% since Obama took office. If you have a loved one in Afghanistan ,75% of American deaths there happened while Obama was golfing . Yes we should all be grateful ? You’re an uninformed person. I’m sure you have a grateful “counter part” in north Korea who also worships Kim joung Il ,maybe one in Cuba who’s grateful for Fidel, one in Venezuela ,grateful for Chavez .

    • Bingo. The less he “works” the better.

      “He’s played more golf this year than me and I’m a professional golfer.”
      – Paul Azinger

      That about sums it up right there.

  7. Look O knows whats best for us. Just chill and let him get some clear thinking on the golf corse. After all he has to figure out how to solve this cliff thing and write a new bill of rights for us. Come on lets all get along.

  8. There’s a lot things the pResident is, but he is no athlete. My dog has a better swing. (and isn’t golf an elitist sport?) for a homeboy like him? And basketball, he’s no better. The main thing is that those self absorbed people should do……and that is enjoy their $4 Million vacation, while the economy tanks;) hope they sleep well….

  9. The sheer pure arrogance of the political class will cause the US to go over the fiscal cliff. Not because Obama is playing so much like a Democrat or Boehner is playing like a Republican but rather because their mutual arrogance knows no boundaries. It makes them good at running campaigns but horrible human beings.

  10. Get used to it. The ‘low, some of which were illegally cast, so you’re stuck with this slug and his brood for at least four more years, No doubt he’ll try to get rid of the 14th amendment so he can serve a third term and perhaps more. It’s good to be King! And the stupid, cowardly, spineless RINOs continue to whine away and blame the Tea Party and all conservatives for their miserable (and continuing) failures.

  11. Really? You warned Syria not to use Chemical weapons on it’s citizens…now they have and are going to do it again, and you celebrate by playing golf….isn’t that just wonderful. You are the gift that keeps on giving….. Usually you go to Vegas…. guess that’s out for the question now with the bad weather. While tens of thousands suffered thru Hurricane Sandy and were left dead or homeless, you partied with Eva Longoria, and when Ambassador Stevens was being murdered, once again after seeing him die you went to Las Vegas….. Hmmmm having fun must be your simple way of coping with these horrors…. but if you ever want to see, there is an online video showing a man who ws doused with nerve gas by Assad…. in convulsions…maybe you can show this at family time during an elaborate dinner or something….

    • Oh, but, sweetie, he is PERFECT! He can DO no wrong. Perhaps someday WE will get that thrill up the leg, and it wont be sciatica from overworking to pay for idiots’ vacations.

  12. I didn’t vote for Obama (twice) but who cares if he is playing golf on vacation. If you want to argue he takes too much vacation or should be ‘working’ in DC, etc fine. But lay off the golf BS.

  13. The dead children and the grieving families in newtown must be just a distant memory to the president by now. glad he finds time to decompress. what a terrific this man. I couldn’t imagine what it is like to be someone’s lord and saviour. Such is life in Obama’s Crumbling States of Amerika.

  14. Some Americans are trying to decide about their finances, hanging on indecisions about economic policy, while elected officials, such as Mr. VETObama play games. Eliminate pensions for elected officials – when they leave office, they can get a job.

  15. Ya old Barry is laughing at you stupid fools who voted for him. He is enjoying the lap of luxury and you can’t afford any vacation. What stupid fools who voted this person in. Wait it will get way worse than this.