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WH Petition Seeks Medal of Freedom for Newtown Teacher

A petition gaining ground on the White House website asks President Obama to award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Victoria Soto, the teacher who died trying to shield her students from bullets during the Newtown massacre.

The petition as of this morning had about 5,000 signatures – already on its way toward gathering the 25,000 needed to require a response from the White House.

The petition reads:


Posthumously award Victoria Soto the Presidential Medal of Freedom

According to initial reports, 27-year-old Victoria “Vicki” Soto saved the lives of her students by sacrificing her own in the December 14th shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. In doing so, she made “an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States,” and reminded the world that courage and right can prevail in the face of fear and evil.

Soto was buried Wednesday in her hometown of Stratford, Connecticut.

19 Responses to WH Petition Seeks Medal of Freedom for Newtown Teacher

  1. I think the greatest tribute to Victoria Soto would be a federal law in her name banning teachers from joining unions. Those teachers who strike are abandoning children in the name of union power and greed, not the welfare of the students.

  2. What about the principal and the school psychologist who lunged for the shooter, putthing themselves in the path of their own deaths? What about the first responders who will live with this horror every single day for the rest of their lives? Ms. Soto is just one of many heroes that day. I hope they all get medals. And peace. And their lives back.

  3. Incredibly sad that this wonderful human being had her life and the lives of the children she loved cut short. I have read the bios of several of the children who died that day and it breaks my heart and fills me with great emotion when I realize that these darling human beings will not have their lives fulfilled and that Victoria Soto had to even make the choice that she made instinctively – to try to save the lives of these precious children. Her courage should be rewarded and held high as an example to all. If this does not touch your heart and soul then nothing ever will!

  4. There were six adults killed in the school and the mother of the shooter, who had been a teacher at the school, in their home. Since all the news reports contain conflicting information; I feel that this push by the Obama Administration is a political grand standing. I like many Americans are saddened by this tragic loss of lives in this event; but to jump to such a proclamation at this time will add more grief to the sorrows already being endured by the families and friends of the victims, who will not have their loved ones, awarded a national medal of remembrance. We may never know the complete truthful description of all that happened at Sandy Hook.

  5. This young lady should be awarded this nations highest award for heroism for het ultimate sacrifice of protecting her students! Something the POTUS should learn from . . .

  6. Please add Mary and me the to petition supporting, demanding the Medal of Freedom for Victoria Soto. I’ll will ask all of my relatives and friends to support this soooo deserved recognition.