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The Obama Morning News || December 21, 2012

3 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || December 21, 2012”

  1. The editors, if there are any, at Politico should remind their reporters that what they report should not include their personal opinions. The piece on “behind the scenes…” gives the writer’s opinion that MrBoehnor “almost cried” and described a freshman Congressman as “burly”.

    MrHagel’s “gay rights record” is based on his opinion given many years ago that a gay man might not be the best representative for America on the world stage. His opinion on “gay rights”, whatever that means, is hardly relevant to the office that MrObama wishes to nominate him to in 2013.

  2. When WAPOC and Politico publish sympathetic articles about Boehner it speaks volumes. Mark Levin was getting first-hand reports on the whipping Boehner and his boys were threatening if conservatives didn’t go along with his Plan B to raise taxes. Boehner was tougher on his own caucus than he ever was in dealing with Preezy Revenge. To what end? I’m not savvy enough in political deception and deceit to understand what he was trying to accomplish by forcing Republicans to violate one of their basic principles when he knew his bill was going nowhere.

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