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Lacking Votes, Boehner Pulls Plan B

Faced with a rebellion from conservatives, Speaker Boehner decided not to put to a vote his “Plan B” bill raising taxes on those making more $1 million, and he sent House members home until after Christmas.

This is being portrayed as a big victory for President Obama, but I’m not so sure.

Obama now knows that Boehner can’t just come in to the Oval Office, make some kind of deal, and run it through the House. I don’t think Boehner can pursue a strategy where he allies himself and moderate Republicans with Democrats to get an agreement with Obama through the House. If he angers enough conservatives, he will lose his Speakership.

The message to Obama is that in order to avoid the Fiscal Cliff, he is going to have to get very serious about spending cuts, because that’s what it will take to get conservatives to agree to any kind of a tax rate increase.

Unless you believe Obama secretly wants to go over the Cliff, which I don’t, I think he may realize he’s going to have to give more on spending. That’s exactly what I think he will do. And, despite the widespread outcry in Washington that everything has now descended into chaos, I think there will be a deal.

The bigger question is whether Obama is going to be able to extend his Hawaii vacation further into January to make up for lost days.

22 thoughts on “Lacking Votes, Boehner Pulls Plan B”

  1. So, what you are saying is Obama needs to find a way to appease 40 of the most conservative GOPers (10% of the house) so all our taxes don’t go up.

    That’s insane. Maybe it’s about time for the GOP to realize they only control 1/3 of the relavent parts of the govt. so they should get 1/3 of what they want. It’s time for Boehner to govern not appease the fringe.

  2. I wish I could believe President Obama does not want us to go off the cliff, at least for a short period of time. I believe he wants to destroy the Republican party and, possibly, the two party system. If he does the former, he will have what he would consider to be a great legacy.

    1. i don’t think he wants to go over the ‘cliff’.
      however, i don’t think he really CARES if we go over.
      he’ll just blame Congress.
      he’ll make it seem that he did everything he could but no one would compromise with him.

      He loves to campaign and this gives him somehting to campaign about.

  3. It’s no victory for anyone, in my opinion. Hopefully the Levin surge that was called tonight had something to do with Boehner standing down on his effort to force Republicans to vote for tax increases on any American. It was foolish of him to move forward with the vote when Dirty Harry said it wouldn’t be considered and Preezy Revenge said he would veto the bill if it did make it past the crypt keeper. Now the ball is in the Senate’s court…

  4. Why wouldn’t MrO want to go over the cliff? It means the military is gutted, taxes (revenue) soars for everyone and he can blame it all on the Repubs.
    Healthcare is in chaos, racial tensions are rising, the Dems are ready to scrap parts of the constitution, no jobs and America falls to it’s knees. Another win for the anti-American President.

  5. I don’t even care what happens anymore. Yeah, tax us to death and spend us into bankruptcy. Whatever. After four years, we’ve gotten used to a lower standard of living, just as Obummer wanted. Eff you, Obummer….hope you get eaten by a shark in Hawaii.

    Someone please wake me up on January 20th, 2017…. but only if it’s a Republican being sworn in. Better yet, a conservative.

    That is, if we have much of a country even left by then.

  6. Obama will not “get serious about spending cuts.” It’s against his religion.

    Some have no idea what faith Mr. Obama professes. A good number doubt he’s a Christian, and some think he’s a Muslim.

    He’s neither. He’s a Leftist. That IS his religion. His god is the State, his priests are the politicians, his offering is tax revenues, his faith is in power, his hope is in control, and his charity is redistribution. His Philistines are those who are successful without government help; his Babylonians are small-town Americans who resent the all-powerful State; his Pharisees are anyone who believes in limited government.

    Spending cuts are against this man’s religion. And I mean LITERALLY against his religion.

    America has re-elected an idolater. I only pray God’s judgement upon our Nation is not as severe as I fear it must be.

  7. On what basis does anyone assume Obama thinks or acts like what we assume of an American President?

    Just how many scandals does America need revealed, before we get it? These are but tiny leakage – reality they couldn’t keep contained, or couldn’t lie away.

    It pains me to state this. History will call him ‘President Evil’. May God Have Mercy on him.

      1. Agreed.

        But Political Evil-doing cannot gain ground without the support of voters. Don’t forget, it was We The People who fell prey to his deceit in 2008. Blindly, we ‘trusted’ him, without assessing his true character, his actual intentions. Or his actual personal history.

        It’s We The People who entrusted him with our sacred institutions, and our destiny. WTP who permitted the MSM to shield him [and actively censor opposition] these four years. Who allowed Congress to be blatantly derelict in their duty to be a check on the Executive and Judiciary Branches.

        If God is to bestow Mercy upon us, should it not be for America’s sin of reckless voting? And of turning a blind eye to four years of willful destruction of our sacred country by all three branches of government?

    1. Have mercy on Obama? Pardon the expression, but Hell, no. I hope God throws The Book at him, and that Obama rots in the deepest, darkest, foulest pit of Hell for all eternity.

      America was meant to be ONE NATION, UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE, among many other things. It was our Nation’s sacred contract with the Divine: we would obey the laws of our Creator; He, in turn, would bless and protect us.

      Obama knows no god but the State. To him, faith in the Judeo-Christian God is idolatry. I don’t care HOW many photo-ops that man stages in churches: he does not worship the same God most Americans do. I don’t know what god they worship at his church in Chicago, but it’s not a god that would be recognized, let alone worshiped, in First Baptist Church on Main Street in Anytown, USA.

      And it is in idolatrous service to the god of the State, that Obama is doing all he can to tear America apart. One Nation? No longer. We are now two: Red America and Blue America. Under God? No longer. We are all being commanded to bow down to the all-powerful State. Indivisible? No longer. We are now one ever-shrinking group of makers in an all-out war to defend what is left of our property against an ever-expanding group of takers.

      If Obama has his way, the United States of America, a Nation founded to be a shining Light unto the world, will cease being One Nation, Under GOD, and become just one more fallen nation worshiping the gods of the State.

      There can be no Divine mercy for one such as Obama who would shatter our Nation’s contract with the Divine. He rightly belongs in Hell, and no punishment will ever be severe enough.

  8. Obama campaigned on raising taxes on millionaires and billionaires yet he threatened to veto Plan B which raises taxes on millionaires and billionaires. Obama wants tax raises on everyone even though he lied for four years about not raising taxes on the so-called middle class. Blame republicans? Get serious. Obama owns this mess.

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