As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Nothing to See Here on Benghazi, Please Move Along

Something was deeply wrong at White House Dossier.

I decided to order an investigation. And this mission was so important, I decided, that I would have to perform the investigation myself.

My conclusions are now in: While some mistakes were made by other people, I did nothing wrong. I’ve decided to clear myself of any wrongdoing or error, but I will of course assiduously implement my own recommendations to avoid further screw ups down the road.

The Benghazi report released today will be taken by Washington as proof President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton in fact did nothing wrong with respect to Benghazi, where four brave Americans died unnecessarily, including the U.S. ambassador to Libya.

But the report is completely meaningless. It was written by people appointed by Hillary Clinton. Yes, that’s right folks, she made the brave move of investigating her own department. And, unsurprisingly, the report failed to find fault with her.

Actually, if you read it, the report didn’t even investigate her – or President Obama. It doesn’t mention him at all, and it only mentions her as having appointed the commission. It didn’t accuse either of them of anything because it didn’t even examine them.

In the briefing room Thursday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney sought to make the report seem like a searing indictment, “blunt in its criticism.” Quite profound, this document. The last word on things – tough – all that’s needed.

And then he made sure to read aloud the section of the report that said – with no evidence to back up the assertion – that the response from Washington the night of the attacks had been timely and well coordinated, and that there “was not enough time given the speed of the attacks for armed U.S. military assets to have made a difference.”

That is, the response by the big shots was wonderful. It was the lesser people in the State Department who are to blame.

But the report really doesn’t discuss what Clinton or Obama did. We still don’t know if the president stayed up and monitored the situation or fell asleep.

There’s no explanation of what was tried or not tried in terms of a military response. What does it mean that the military could not have “made a difference.” A difference in what, exactly?

And the fact remains that multiple requests from Benghazi prior to the attack for more security were ignored. The report sites “systemic failures and leadership and management deficiencies at senior levels within two bureaus of the State Department.” Who is responsible for “systemic failures” in multiple bureaus other than the person running “the system?” That would be Hillary.

The report also points a finger at Congress for not appropriating enough money for embassy security. But Obama seems to have been able to extract money from Congress for the things he really wants. Perhaps he was planning on defending the Benghazi consulate with reinforced solar panels.

It’s become very amusing to watch as people in Washington, like Clinton did in October for Benghazi and Obama does from time to time, take “responsibility” for bad stuff that happens under their watch. They all learned in college that JFK bravely “took responsibility” for the Bay of Pigs disaster, and that Harry Truman declared, “The buck stops here.”

But these days it’s all a crock. They’re not really taking responsibility for anything.

During the briefing today, I heard two reporters guffawing about “impeaching” the president. I assume they were mocking the assertions by some that Obama’s actions the night of the attacks, or lack of them, could end up constituting impeachable offenses. They, like the rest of Washington, assumed today Obama and Clinton have been exculpated.

I know how Obama and Clinton feel. My investigation of White House Dossier, thank goodness, found I did nothing wrong as well.

Nevertheless, I do take full responsibility.

35 Responses to Nothing to See Here on Benghazi, Please Move Along

  1. Why was Chris Stevens in Libya? Who left Americans stranded?
    Who gave the stand down order?

    Bathhouse Barry should be impeached for this.

  2. How sad that men serving our country in a dangerous country died begging
    for help and being ignored are being swept under the carpet and the media is
    mostly silent. But someone embarrassed Ms Fluke and we have Barry calling
    and sweeping in to defend her but nothing for our diplomat and those who died
    trying to save him it’s pathetic.

    • Boy, you hit a nerve with the Fluke reference, my friend. I guess it boils down to how many votes could be gathered by defending Sandra’s honor from that demon Rush Limbaugh vs. defending American citizens at risk. On my scorecard, thats treasonous behavior for a President.

      • The whole Fluke thing made my blood boil. I was a 15/16 year old in
        the summer of love and married at 18 and never did I expect anyone not
        even my parents to pay for my birth controll. Benghazi is a sad metaphor for the new reich in the WH they pick and choose what events
        and people who fit their agenda and further their cause. Benghazi,
        Fast & Furious and Ms Giffords. But ignore the ones that make them
        uncomfortable or don’t serve a purpose for them. For the love of God
        even Carter tried to free the hostages if it happened now it would have
        to be free lanced I doubt Obama would touch it for fear of being heavy
        handed in the eyes of the liberal masses. Sadly he feels unless you
        are one of his fawning sycophants he’s just not going the extra mile.
        Don’t mean to rant but its sad like the soldier in Mexico who is being

        • Perot did a better job (free lancing) with the hostages than Carter did but…..I see your point and agree with it totally. As long there are people like you, Lizzy, we stand a chance as a country.

  3. The report is merely an extension of society in general – we’re all collectivists now. No one is really going to reap the rewards of society (nor should they, according to the left) but not one is really to blame, either. You know, at work, if I was in charge of something that was clustered this badly, my boss would ask me why I didn’t anticipate this happening and why I hadn’t fixed in before it blew up right before I took my computer and walked me to the door with my final paycheck. With this sort of mark on her record, it’s not hard to see why she’s the favorite to be president in 2016 among the left – she’s the perfect example of the collectivist candidate (save Obama himself).

    • Accountability Review Board, hired by Hillary! Stevens sent 11 cables detailing the deteoriating conditions, the influx of alQaida and in the “infestations” of extremists into the local “security” that was hired.

      I guess they couldn’t pin this on Bush.Not to worry, they’ll blame it on the Repubican controlled House. Thank G-d there’s still enough in the “kitty” to send the Obama’s off to Hawaii. MIchele and girls left already on their own and at a cost of $100,000+. Once “big daddy gov’t” shows up, it escalates to $4 million.

  4. Four dead Americans, a distinguished General disgraced and embarassed, the Ambassador to the UN’s reputation is trashed and she was left to take the fall, four virtually anonymous State Dept employees resign in disgrace, but the President and his Secretary of State are absolved of any participation or wrongdoing.

    MrObama and MrsClinton both deeply involved in the coverup and assumedly in the failure to act have accepted responsiblity for the events in Bengazi but remain untouched and face no consequence at all..

    • Hillary took a “fall” landed on her ass and the press called it a concussion. There are no consequences, a few resignations, a few more put on administrative leave. There are two jobs I can think of that have no personal consequences for bad calls – meterogists and politicians.

      p.s. The “others” injured September 11, 2012 are still in the process of recovering from their wounds. I am wondering when or if they will be called to testify.

    • Time marches on and someday these individuals will be called out for their gross negligence. Whether here or in the hereafter.
      Mr. Obama, Mrs. Clinton: How do you sleep at night with the deaths of many Americans haunting your memory?

  5. Never fails. When this cabal of lowlifes in D.C. investigate themselves, they always come out without a blemish. The only people who end up paying for their misdeeds are a few expendable bureaucrats who get the boot and the four victims of the massacre. Why is it we still don’t know where Obama was and what orders he gave (or didn’t give) on that fateful night?

  6. Keith,

    Thanks for the rant on this. It is deplorable what happened in Bengazi, and worse we have no leaders that will step up and take responsibility in any real way, just bogus lip service. If this was a republican the media would have turned this into the biggest foreign policy failure of the modern era. Since it is Barry and Hillary “well folks we tried our best but less than optimal things happened, but we’ll do better after the election”. What a joke

    • And, let’s pump a few more billion dollars into the State Department to implement better security at U.S. installations overseas. What the H E double hockey sticks have we been doing the past 11 years since 9/11/2001? Alia, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” author: any Obama administration official.

  7. Memo to enemies of the United States: Attack, and be confident that the US will do nothing to stop you, nothing to correct their poor response and nothing to protect their nation, their freedom or their citizens. Happy bombing!

  8. Isn’t it nice that they got some low-level functionaries to fall on their swords for Queen Clintonia and the Caliph of Kenya. I did not see that coming!

    Wonder if they yelled “AXIOS!” to Obama when they did so. I woldn’t worry for them TOO much, though. They’ll put them on payroll somewhere else at five times the People’s money once everyone quits looking. About five minutes from now, these days.

    “Fault for the deaths of four Americans in Libya — including two former Navy SEALs from San Diego and a State Department worker with local ties — is falling partially on four State Department security officials who resigned under pressure Wednesday.”

    Yep, it’s the security guy’s fault that a rescue effort was not launched in the SEVEN HOURS the SEALS held out. It’s a budget thing, you see, nothing more.

    I’m not the only one that’s not very satisfied;

    “But families of the three San Diegans say they still want to know more, such as who killed their loved ones, if those people will be punished and why an American rescue attempt didn’t come sooner.”

    Might have somethng to do with a “President” who was “monitoring” the murder of this nation’s representative in Libya with his campaign team. It takes time to figure out whether their lives or deaths would benefit the re-election effort more…

    ‘The resignations came less than a day after a damning report blamed State Department management failures for lack of security at the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, where militants killed the U.S. ambassador and the others. Terrorists, still unnamed in this report, broke into and burned the diplomatic compound on the night of Sept. 11, then attacked a nearby U.S. security annex building early the next morning with mortars.

    “The United States side of it obviously could have been a lot stronger in terms of being prepared for an attack like this,” said Greg Doherty, brother of Glen Doherty, the former Navy SEAL from Encinitas who was killed in the Benghazi attack

    “But the United States didn’t commit this attack, so I still want to know about the other side. Who did it and what are we doing about them?”’

    If I were to guess Mr. Obama’s answer, Mr. Doherty, it would be “I don’t care.” He’s pretty sure he’s put this behind him with a few heads rolling. Besides, what about the children of Sandy Hook, and those evil Republicans that want people making $900,000 to keep some of their property? LOOK, SQUIRREL!

    ‘Charlie Woods, father of former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods of Imperial Beach, questioned whether the unclassified report really gives the answers he craves, such as why a rescue force didn’t arrive sooner.

    “When a mission is compromised, within minutes — not hours — they extract them. Seven and a half hours, and they still have not extracted him,” Woods said Wednesday.

    “I have correspondence from people who are in the military, and they tell me extraordinary measures are always taken to rescue. And they didn’t do that with Ty, and there’s a reason why. We’re not getting the truth from anyone.”’

    Not getting the truth from anyone. Pretty much sums up “the most transparent administration EVAH, doesn’t it?

    There is one possible answer to “why”. It’s this; SEALS are VERY knowledgeable about warfare – and warfighters. It is quite likely that, if rescued, they would report that they were being hit by military grade weapons and guys who d@mn well knew how to use them. This would not gel well in the “movie riot by random civilians” paradigm Obama and Company were trying to create.

    Living heroes could testify. Dead ones cannot. Cold calculus; it’s better for the campaign if they die. No support, nothing. Stand the military down, it’s for the Boss’ benefit.

    ‘The board’s co-chairman, retired Adm. Mike Mullen, told reporters that the board had not determined that any officials had “engaged in willful misconduct or knowingly ignored his or her responsibilities,”’

    HELLO? Obama has been ignoring his responsibilites since January 20, 2009! THIS was no different – unless you consider his “responsibiitlies” to be his own re-election! He took care of THAT, with the blood of patriots as his sacrifice to his ambitions.

    Here’s the best part;

    ‘But Mullen, a former Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, added, “We did conclude that certain State Department bureau-level senior officials in critical levels of authority and responsibility in Washington demonstrated a lack of leadership and management ability appropriate for senior ranks in their responses to security concerns posed by the special mission.”’

    At least SOMEONE points out a “lack of leadership and management ability appropriate for senior ranks”! This has been going on since Obama first put his feet on the people’s antiques in the White House! I would have taken that “senior rank” thing a little further, though…

    “Mullen said the mission’s security fell through bureaucratic cracks caused in part because buildings were categorized as temporary. The report said that budget constraints had caused some officials to be more concerned with saving scarce money than in security.”

    Yup. A seven hour terrorist attack that the White House was fully aware of, and the subsequent deaths of our heros as the President watched it on his big screen really just boiled down to there not being enough money for embassy security. Hey, that’s George Bush’s fault! Probably due to racism as well. Maybe Eric Holder should look into it.

    He may get away with this for a season, for his time on Earth. Given the current electorate, it seems quite likely. He will be rewarded in due time, and full measure, for all his deeds, the day he finds out that even a Caliph must one day submit to the Ultimate Judge. Harry Reid won’t be there to protect him, either, being quite beset with his own problems in the divine court.

    This is one of the reasons Obama avoids church. He doesn’t care for the review of coming attractions…