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Soledad O’Brien, Guns, and the Decline of Journalism

This video proves several things.

First of all, it proves that Soledad O’Brien is – gosh, I don’t want to call her stupid – let’s just say that she may have been deprived at birth of several IQ points she might have found useful. She doesn’t seem to even be processing any of the points made by her guest, John Lott, a leading pro-gun rights expert. She doesn’t have to agree, but one would expect a CNN anchor to at least be able to grasp reasoned arguments.

Secondly, CNN, starting with Anderson Cooper and extending to other champion emoters like Don Lemon, Soledad and probably others – I don’t watch it that often – has abandoned any pretense of conducting serious journalism in favor the much more entertaining news strategy of having reporters brim with feelings, generally of the politically liberal sort.

Notice how upset poor Soledad seems to be. Standing out in the cold, she literally appears to be breathing fire through her nostrils.

And finally, if even CNN is going this route on guns, then there will be no rational debate about gun control. The debate will be about whether you love children, or not. And guess which side of the gun debate will be classified under “not”?

H/T to Patrick Brennan at National Review Online.

20 Responses to Soledad O’Brien, Guns, and the Decline of Journalism

  1. Decline of journalism? If there is a high standard of journalism out there, we haven’t seen it for many years.
    The non-partisan or objective journalist, if ever there was one, is long gone from public view.

  2. Well then, gosh almighty Keith, I’ll call it then. She’s a dope of the first order.

    And, such an obvious flack for the Obama White House, that anyone in your business should be embarrassed to have to use a word like “journalist” when they describe her.

    Just a thought, Keith. Are you familiar with the work of Nancy Dickerson? or Liz Trotta? Two women journalists whom O’Brien wouldn’t be qualified to fetch an extra packet of Sweet&Low for.

  3. Anybody notice that suddenly deer hunting is all the rage w/ libers? If you were a rec. deer hunter at a Christmas party Dec. 13, you kept that info to yourself. Now, the debate is re-defined as “the 2nd Amendment protects your right to hunt deer.” -and I wish I were kidding but I’m not.

    THE SECOND FOR DUMMIES: gives the people the right to own exactly the same weapons the Government owns. The idea is that the people could rise up and overthrow a tyrannical Gov’t. should it become necessary. We are governed by our consent. (that’s the money shot) Gov’t only has power we give it and without weapons we cannot exercise that power. The end.

    btw: -and falling in love w/ our Presidents has never happened…unitl now.

  4. The media has exploited this tragedy more then anything else I seen in my lifetime. Soledad O’Brien honestly has no soul. People like her who are driving hatred for profit, is really what’s the problem.

  5. Can’t listen to that squeaky voice for one second, Keith. If I’m not mistaken, wasn’t O’Brien off the air for quite a while? I just noticed her re-emergence as the election cycle began to heat up. Figured it was to capture the hispanic vote. At any rate, she is dumber than a box of rocks. There, I said it.

  6. Such hypocrisy. This ditz wouldn’t give a flip about those 20 babies if they were murdered by abortion rather than an sick, twisted, evil man with guns…

    John Lott made a good argument. These cowards make a concerted effort to do their evil deeds where they know their victims will be defenseless. We really ought to be talking about banning “gun free zones”.

  7. I think that “gun free” zones invite the sick and evil do their deeds knowing that they’ll not be opposed. In Missouri a couple of weeks ago a man walked into the local bank and robbed it utilizing the ‘ol finger in the pocket routine. The bank president and another employee were both armed. They followed the man to his pickup, pulled their weapons, pulled the man out of the truck and held him for police (he wasn’t armed….only fingered). Concealed carry works.

  8. Amazing. What’s happened to objective journalism?

    Just saw a video of Piers Morgan doing the same thing. They get overly emotional and get sucked into a name-calling argument with the person they are interviewing.

    They just embarrass themselves and their profession.

  9. she hit the nail on the head when she said you have someone that is “disturbed”! that’s the problem, there is nothing you can do about someone that is “disturbed” until they commit a crime. ask any police officer. plus how well are all those “gun laws” working in chicago???

    the woman is a ditz that should be in another profession.

  10. Even Jerry Springer would be a more resonable voice on CNN than any of these goofballs. No wonder they are the ratings giant they are. CNN, Continual, News, Nonsense.

  11. Mr. Lott was making perfect sense and that’s what set Soledad off. Soledad’s hidebound liberal unicorn and rainbow bubble was in the process of being burst, so her Ivy League propaganda programming kicked-in just as the masterminds at Harvard had designed it to do.

    What’s so troubling about Soledad’s performance, and she’s supposed to be an objective journalist, is that no amount of logic or cold hard facts can be allowed to penetrate her Ivy League Marxist mind, or be allowed to shed any light into the recesses of the left’s dark dank smary agenda.

  12. I get the professional courtesy, Keith. So, I’ll do it for you…she is STUPID. She closes with his position boggles her. Since she was so busy trying to make her next illogical point, it is no wonder she was boggled. She did not appear to listen to a single thing he said.

    • These news readers are brainwashed from the education system. Their eyes glaze over as they repeat by rote the daily message from their messiah. The only thing they are listening for from these conversations with conservatives is the next “dog whistle”.