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Obama Invokes Newtown Massacre in Fiscal Cliff Debate

President Obama today said the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut last week should give Republicans a sense of “perspective” that would allow them to abandon what he suggested was an entirely politically-motivated opposition to his proposals for a deal on the fiscal cliff.

“If there’s one thing we should have after this week, it should be a perceptive about what’s important,” Obama said during a White House briefing room press conference that followed his announcement of a White House task force to address gun violence.

Republicans can continue to disagree with Obama and play politics in the future, Obama suggested, but they should recognize that “right now what the country needs is for us to compromise.” Getting past the fiscal cliff would “allow us to focus on things like preventing the tragedy in Newtown from happening again,” Obama said.

Obama also said he remains “eager” to get a fiscal cliff deal done and optimistic that it will occur, but he warned that Republicans are “going to have to go ahead and make some adjustments.”

Obama rejected Speaker Boehner’s “Plan B” to maintain tax cuts for everyone except those with incomes more than $1 million.

The president also reiterated that he will not negotiate any deals in the context of whether or not to raise the debt ceiling.

27 Responses to Obama Invokes Newtown Massacre in Fiscal Cliff Debate

  1. Unflipping believable or is it really? How he can make any relationship between this awful tragedy and the fiscal cliff is well unexplainable. The man has no cojones to deal with issues – pass the buck – make others look bad…..

  2. Obama’s press conference was a graphic educational display of why the Second Ammendment was created. The Founding Fathers knew all about Barack Obama.

    • Yep, he’s exactly the kind of tyrant they revolted against. We read the Declaration of Independence every 4th of July. Amazing the similarities…

  3. I’m surprised that’s ALL he did. I would expect him to say things like, “Well, I, uh, was the One, um, who got Bin Laden, er, and saved, hem, GM, and averted a, ur, Depression that you (pause for drama) Republicans (another pause, for emphasis,and also to allow the pea brains to process Republican guilt properly) caused. This is why, uh, I won, and you lost, so, hmmm, we do it my way.”

    Meglomanicas always enjoy parading their triumphs, real or imaginary. When you’re that great, it’s just a question of bullying the bigots with whatever tool comes to hand. Why not use a tragedy to cement your place in history with the blood of children? It’s pretty all-purpose, you can even wash the stain of Benghazi off with it!

  4. Yeah, if we could just let him run wild with the checkbook, we could get on with curing all mental illness and reading everyone’s mind and buying more Kevlar backpacks, etc.

  5. I had to turn the TV off once he tied the “fiscal cliff” and the horror of Sandy Hook. The man has no boundaries. A self-serving narcissist, ego-manical SOB for starters. Jeff1000 said it best: “The Founding Fathers knew all about Barack Obama.”

    • Same here Sadie, I try to give him a chance to speak his piece but I end up yelling at the TV set and disgustedly changing the channel. I know though that things always end badly for Barack Obama’s ilk, and rightly so.

      • I don’t think I’ve heard him say a single sentence. He agitates and lies. Plus…his…uh…”soaring oratory”…er…uh…stamerig…drives…me…uh…nuts.

  6. It’s time to go off the cliff and blame Obama. He’s given the Republican cover IF they can put together a good public relations campaign.

  7. OT: sort of.
    Some of the zombie Press corp comes to life at today’s presser and takes heat from their fellow reporters. JakeTapper’s “where’ve you been” was throughly trounced as disrespectful and out of line with subject at hand.

    Imagine that; the Press calling out the President for his hypocrisy on gun issues, and demanding to know what is going on with the debt negotiations.

    • That is so ironic, srdem. Jake Tapper gets the Neil Munro treatment for daring to ask the messiah something off script. So sick and tired of watching all these lemmings meekly follow the script dictated to them by the regime – they’re so afraid of losing favor with the demagogue. They never, ever ask pressing questions of this man the way they have done with every previous president. Don’t even recall Slick Willie getting the same soft ball questions this fraud gets.

      • We readers of WhiteHouseDossier can think of so, so, so many better questions to ask than the so-called proffesional “WH press corps”.

  8. Enough is enough. Pass Plan B, Speaker Boehner, and wash your hands of this entire freak show. Given where Obama stands, over the cliff will do less long-term damage to the economy than further concessions to this bad-faith demagogue.

    Pass your proposal, and dare the tyrant to veto it. He will own the economy from that point on.

  9. As a young boy I was taught that if I didn’t have anything to say nice about someone, then I should keep my mouth shut. Mr. Obama, “Silence is Golden”. :)crickets chirping(:

  10. “right now what the country needs is for us to compromise.” The president also reiterated that he will not negotiate any deals in the context of whether or not to raise the debt ceiling.

    These two statements appear, to me anyway, contradictory. Just how does one compromise with someone who will not negotiate? Oh yeah, details.