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Live Stream || Obama Statement on Gun Control

The statement and press conferenced has concluded.

20 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Statement on Gun Control

  1. Even before he opens his mouth, we have to say that this is nothing more than a witch hunt and another attempt to attack and undo the Constitution (which he does routinely with all his EO’s IMO).

    Ironic that he (supposedly the second time around, out of the view of the public) swore to uphold the Constitution and yet he has no reverence for it.

    Calling for a ban on “assault weapons” is rather vague isn’t it? After all, just about every and anything used to kill someone is an assault weapon. . .therefore a gun for shooting, a knife for stabbing, hands for strangling, car for running over/hitting/leaving a child in when it’s hot outside, pillow for smothering, water for drowning, etc. . .should all be classified as “assault weapons”. . .are we going to ban all of those? The case can be made that just about anything can be used to kill someone. When a sick twisted mother put her child in a microwave did the govt call for a ban on microwaves. . .No! When around 2,000 children are murdered everyday by abortions, do we see the govt calling for a ban on abortions, No, this govt sanctions them.

    What happened in CT is truly sorrowful but so are all the other ways in which people are killed on a daily basis and yet it’s not the fault of the gun, the knife, the hands, the car, the pillow, the water, the microwave but the fault of the human being who used those items as an assault weapon. . .hold the person accountable, not the implement, IMO.

  2. Hi Kim,

    I called Melissa yesterday but her phone rang and rang – voicemail did not pick up. I’ve said all I have to say about opening Christmas presents in front of a bunch of strangers in a public setting. I just can’t do it. Otherwise, I’m good for whatever else you all want to do – lunch, whatever. Just let me know.

    Still waiting to hear from you about Victoria.


  3. It is no coincidence that the first question after ol’ Jug Ears statement on guns/AWB etc immediately derailed the conversation for the remainder of the “press conference” so far.
    What an amazingly gullible nation we have turned into with manipulation by the politicians, press, and mainstream media.

    • That is what I thought. They I,I,I,I president. He is such a narcissist. I really tried to listen. I wanted to hear what he has to say, but my blood pressure goes thru the roof and I end up screaming at the tv, the computer, etc. The whole, “I understand, but they need to do what I want after the events of the last week”. What??????? Can’t take him.

  4. I hope his efficacy on gun control is as effective as his laser like focus on jobs and unemployment.
    This man has all the mental capacity of an arrested development precocious 7 year old with a stunning vocabulary. To include stammering, stuttering, and filler words.