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White House Gets Specific on Guns

President Obama supports the full boat of gun control legislation, backing an upcoming push by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) to revive the assault weapons ban as well as restrictions on high capacity ammunition clips and efforts to close the “loophole” allowing weapons to be sold at gun shows without background checks, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said today.

The White House Monday had been coy about what Obama actually would back.

Obama presumably has always supported these measures, but with a reelection campaign coming up, you didn’t hear much about it during his first term. Now that Obama has, in his words, run his last campaign, you will.

25 thoughts on “White House Gets Specific on Guns”

  1. I guess he has more flexibility since the election. He’s a snake in the grass. What a POS.
    I repeat, when they come to canvass my neighborhood, they better come armed.

    1. I have a facebook ‘friend’ who always insists that Ovile is just like every other politician in Washington. IMO, Ovile is not your garden variety liberal by any means.

  2. We are all aware that what the population wants isn’t considered in the lofty halls of Congress on any matter, so with the mass hysteria they all seem to be exhibiting, they’ll probably pass some more restrictions on our rights.

    But, it’s too little, too late, and Americans will do what they have always done; they will evade, go underground or just ignore what the elite in DC enact.
    “Gun shows” will morph into yard sales, or neighborhood swap meets.
    Firearms will be smuggled back into the US from other countries that we supplied with military support.

  3. All Secret Service protection officers will hereby be restricted to one clip not to contain anymore than 3 rounds when in defense of the POTUS.
    The weapon must remain on safety, and no rounds are allowed to be chambered.

  4. I would look for a massive increase in the sale of waterproof safes, large pieces of PVC and end caps, along with a lot of people building their own hiding holes under their houses to bury and store their firearms if a ban and collection of weapons goes into affect.

    Their are too many people in the country that are conservative/classical liberals that will not give up their weapons. Time to really hunker down and keep the powder dry. It’s going to be a long four years.

  5. The speech in Newtown still haunts me. The part where he says ‘What other choices do we have?” was both eerie in it’s delivery and it’s content. He wasn’t talking to us – he was talking to himself. He sounded deranged.

    My guess is he’s already thinking ahead to the Fourth Amendment – illegal search and seizure. He knows Americans are going to start stockpiling – and he will have none of that! His well-armed civilian militia will be busy going door to door searching for your illegal booty! If he could threaten jail time for anyone who doesn’t pay their Obamacare tax, think about what he will do if we have contraband hidden in a closet. His life-long fantasy is becoming a reality!

    1. Of course he’s deranged. The man is a psychopath. Those tears are about as fake as Boehner’s. Except maybe, they’re tears of joy for being given an opportunity to disarm his opponents before the final take over.

      Look folks. He is cut from the same mold as Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Saddam, Qaddafi. Ah, that sounds crazy. He’s no Hitler. Well, go look at pre-WWII Germany. Smoothing talk Adolf “inherits” the economic mess of post-WWI (i.e. the 2008 collapse). He moves consolidate power (i.e. numerous EOs, marginalize opponents, nationalize key industries). Then he “twists” the arms of capitalism to help convince the population his policies are for the greater good, which we know as fascism (i.e. Soros, Immelt, Buffet). He demonizes a subset of the population like German Jews (i.e. the “rich” and now gun owners). And finally he becomes internationally aggressive like say taking over the Sudetenland (i.e. Libya…soon to be Syria). What’s next???

      If you don’t think the US could turn into Nazi Germany, you’re denying the truth, ignorant or just plain stupid. And it isn’t the typical leftist rant that republicans are the Nazis. Rants of the stupid… Nazi… National Socialism… Hitler defined socialism as a commitment of the individual to the community… sound familiar? Obama isn’t a Marxist, he’s a fascist…

  6. The CDC listed a total of 34,677 motor vehicle deaths in the US for 2011. If we included all transportation accidents resulting in death that number would be 37,275. Looking at just the motor vehicle deaths that equates to 95 persons per day killed as a direct result of a motor vehicle. Include all transportation deaths and that number is 102 fatalities per day.

    The CDC then lists the following firearm deaths in the US for 2011:
    Firearm accidental discharge – 851
    Assault by firearm – 11,101
    Discharge of firearm, undetermined intent – 222

    That would make firearm related deaths total 12,174 for a rate of 33.35 per day.

    Looks to me our bigger threat at this point is motorized vehicles/transportation devices. You are three times more likely to be killed in a transportation accident than you are to be killed by a firearm. Bet they won’t be talking about taking away your Volt though.

  7. Unfortunate to repeat with a tragic event however as Rahm said – “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste,” President Obama’s former consigliere Rahm Emanuel,

  8. I voted for Romney in the election and I didn’t support Obama.

    But the comments here are increasingly offbase and unhinged so I’m done with this site

  9. Wow! Not only have gun sales soared since Obama took office, their stocks have gone through the roof! Gun sales at Sturm & Ruger had gone up 700% since Obama took office in 2009. The stock went from $5.48 in 2009 to $44.00 today. Smith and Wesson stock has quadrupled.

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if Obama himself is cashing in on his own hype? Would love to take a peek at the portfolios of certain members of the Senate…

  10. He’s always shown disdain for the Constitution and rule of law so isn’t a surprise. No matter what they do if someone is so unhinged as to do something so vile they will find a weapon. Like prohibition it just drives it
    underground and crime increases.

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