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Obama Vacation Appears to be Delayed!

Oh no. Not the vacation!

The battle over the fiscal cliff appears to have already delayed the start of President Obama’s annual Hawaii vacation, which was set to begin as early as today.

According to the Hawaii Reporter, officials had informed residents of Oahu that the usual Obama vacation-related restrictions on their travel would go into effect today and last until January 6. The White House has not announced specific vacation plans, though the restrictions are a good indicator of when they were planning to be in Hawaii.

The White House says Obama will be in Washington until at least Thursday – though it lists no specific events – so his vacation is unlikely to begin before then.

But given the current pace of fiscal cliff negotiations, it’s unlikely a deal will be reached until just before Christmas at the earliest. If Obama stays around until then, he may be faced with a vacation of less than two weeks instead of the three he appeared to hope for.

What is unclear is whether Michelle, at a huge cost to taxpayers, will decide as she has in the past to jet out to Hawaii separately from the president in order to fully realize her vacation plans.

The Obamas skipped their annual August pilgrimage to ritzy Martha’s Vineyard, which would have been bad politics for a president conducting a populist campaign whose centerpiece was raising taxes on the rich.

52 thoughts on “Obama Vacation Appears to be Delayed!”

  1. Will Michelle fly out to Hawaii early with the girls? Hell, yeah, although the White House will keep it as quiet as possible. Michelle has usually been tone deaf (or just hasn’t cared) about criticisms about her high living. After all, she is the First Lady of the United States, and it’s all about her.

    Word has it that she couldn’t make it up to Newtown because she was busy packing for Hawaii.

  2. If this becomes fact then FLOTUS is going to be majorly pissed (if not already). I already commented a couple of days ago this might be the scenario for their upcoming trip. Warm up AF2 – momma gotta get to Hawaii. Will Bo fly as baggage? (will he even go? – I have always wondered if he is exempt from the 5 days or less quarantine program?)

    1. “Will Bo fly as baggage?” – Otis Driftwood

      On TOP of the plane, maybe. The media will say it’s the cutest thing they ever saw!

  3. Wah! It’s his lack of leadership that lead us to the edge of the cliff. The first lady couldn’t take a few hours to go to Newtown and lend her support for the grieving? She’s as lazy as he is. Disgraceful.

    1. No way she’s only happy with the big fancy parties with $7000 dresses
      and $10,000 jewelry and the Hollywood or NYC crowd. For those she’s
      happy but not for this vacation interruption.

  4. I hope John Boehner is satisfied. After all Barack has done for us and now he is being further inconvenienced by these trivial fiscal issues. These silly Presidential leadership demands are for mere mortals!

      1. You know they only ever made one, right? It just gets passed from person to person over the years. Under no circumstances should you EVER eat it!

  5. Keith, why haven’t any specifics been released as to their presumably lavish accomodations on Oahu? Last couple of years it’s been the $50k rental, but that has been sold. And what about their ever growing entourage of groupies? Who are we paying for this year? Beyonce, JayZ, Lady Wintour? It all seems so secretive this year.

    The MOOCH did let it slip the other day on the radio interview with Joyner that they are throwing Christmas parties every night, but no photos are showing up anywhere. Sounds like they are leading a double life, especially Queenie.

    1. I can’t believe there’s not more questions/outrage over Michelle’s
      actions and spending. It’s especially distasteful as she doesn’t even do
      anything a normal FLOTUS does only what she wants and if its not a
      party that means not much.

    2. remember Girly1, they have that new house bought for them to try out. Soon we will be calling it the Hawaiian White House. Too bad it couldn;t be somewhere like Guam.. French Frigate Shoals..

  6. It seems that MrBoehnor is calling the Prez’s bluff by agreeing to his public stand of raising taxes on millionaires and a limit free debt proposal.

  7. Well, Bawling Boehner has thrown all OUR chips on the table – millionaires tax, extending the debt limit – so what’s the hold up on the royals Christmas vacation plans?

    1. The Orange Man willing to extend the debt limit is supposed to be predicated on Obama being willing to make a dollar for dollar cut from entitlements vis-a-vis dollar for dollar increase in the debt ceiling. For one thing, Obama wants total surrender, aka no cuts in entitlements, but from my point of view, what Boehner is offering is just kick the can down the road.

  8. I have been out of work for 18 months. There are no jobs in my field and not many in general where I live. Every month it is a challenge to pay my bills. And here, Obama is spending millions of tax payer dollars to take himself, his family, all of those persons who “hang on,” security, advance people, etc. etc to Hawaii for Vacation. I’d like someone to answer this; how many times did Obama go to Hawaii before the tax payer was paying for it? I know he grew up there, but in his adult lifetime, how often did he go there once he was living on the mainland?
    And do most people know that when he goes there a complete back up plane to Air Force One travels with him? This, in case there is some emergency and Air Force One can’t fly. So, if the wife flies in a separate plane then there are actually 3 planes that go to Hawaii. And Air Force One alone costs $144,000 per hour to fly. Think about that!
    I was wondering why Michelle wasn’t in Connecticut with her husband last night. She’s in Hawaii!

    1. You forgot about the one or two cargo planes that carry the limos, staff vehicles, and “Ambulance 1”. Perhaps a helicopter too? Might want to sightsee a bit.

    2. If she’s not already in Hawaii then this won’t be the first time she’s passed on visiting victims of a tragedy or natural disaster. Sure she hates them and so as she’s in charge she doesn’t go I doubt her presence will be missed.

  9. According to the Hawaii Reporter, officials had informed residents of Oahu that the usual Obama vacation-related restrictions on their travel would go into effect today and last until January 6.

    When that report came out, I immediately thought it was incorrect to conclude that the O’s would be in Hawaii as early as today. Residents were simply told that the restrictions would begin today, a few days in advance of their arrival. I recall that has been the case in previous years.

    I’ve always figured they would be leaving DC this Thursday or Friday, when the girls’ school goes on break. That’s always been the case in the past. School doesn’t reopen until Monday, January 7th, so they might be in Hawaii as late as January 6th.

    So, NO, please don’t buy the BS that poor Obummer even delayed his vacation to deal with the fiscal cliff.

  10. By the way, I’m sure that Moochelle was with Obummer yesterday at their daughter’s dance recital before he left for CT. It’s very odd – and RUDE – that she didn’t accompany him to CT.

    From Lynn Sweet’s Twitter:

    Lynn Sweet ‏@lynnsweet
    Before heading to Connecticut on Sunday, to mourn gun shooting victims, Obama attending Sasha’s dance recital

    1. This calls for speculation. My guess is she threw a party at the WH for all the kids and parents after the recital, which means she either (1) refused to cancel the party out of respect for the tiny victimis; or (2) she simply didn’t want to spoil her day by ‘hugging’ a bunch of grief-stricken white folks.

      Either way, there is no excuse for not breaking loose from whatever plans she had and getting her royal posterior on that plane with her husband. In my opinion, ,this is a monumental slap in the face to all Americans, especially in view of the fact that her own husband chose to react as a ‘father’ rather than a president. Where are her ‘motherly’ instincts??? Didn’t she call herself ‘Mom-in-Chief’?

      What a selfish bitch!

        1. She needed to take a page from SOS Clinton’s playbook – plead dehydration, faint and hit head. Can’t travel to CT. Then travel to vacation to recoop.

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  12. Obama is a disgrace. He wants carte blanche to spend freely when our debt is 16 trillion increasing daily. Him & his greedy wife have spent millions on vacations @ taxpayers expense when the country is in a recession. Get rid of this “do nothing” POS before he bankrupts our country

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  14. I’m stilll appalled that anyone would vote for Obama over Romney Romney was decent, a good family man, very smart, and would have made an excellent president. Ann would have been a great first lady Guess those machines that were changing Romney votes into Obama votes worked real good for him. They say a company owned by George Soros counted the votes Michelle is the worst first lady I can recall ever having in my lifetime. Thanks liberals for foisting this unGodly, selfish couple on us again. You ought to be ashamed of your lack of morals and love of country.

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