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Boehner and Obama Meeting Yet Again

They’re at the White House talking fiscal cliff, another face to face meeting. Maybe Obama is getting eager to leave for Hawaii. Boehner should arrive wearing a lei and poi-scented cologne just to provide a reminder of what could be.

Then again, Boehner is the one who seems to be caving. Maybe he has exotic travel plans of his own.

10 Responses to Boehner and Obama Meeting Yet Again

  1. Nothing like the pressure of packing for a vacation to get everyone going.
    What can stop a vacation for Politicians?
    Fiscal Cliff? Get a grip.
    Concussions? Nuthin.
    No Budget? Fudge-it
    North Korea, Syria, Iran? Let’s get a tan.

    • No. That’s just for people he likes. Boehner’s white, so no chance of that here.

      This is rape, which is more about dominance than pleasure. Most rapist either just don’t care, or actually prefer for the experience to be NOT pleasurable for their victim, so probably no lubricant, either.

      Besides, we wouldn’t want Rahm getting jealous, would we? Might make that next bathouse trip awkward if word got out…

  2. As I just posted in the previous post, I never believed that the O’s were leaving for Hawaii as early as today simply because their daughters’ school is not on break yet. I always figured they would be leaving DC this Thursday or Friday, when the girls’ school goes on break as that’s always been the case in the past. School doesn’t reopen until Monday, January 7th, so they might be in Hawaii as late as January 6th.

    So, it’s just BS that poor Obummer is even delaying his vacation to deal with the fiscal cliff.

  3. Blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada (not meant for you Keith)!

    Nothing to see here folks; we all know that Boehner has already caved and they are probably just meeting to finalize how they are gonna play (all of us) in the media to make BHO look like the savior of America!