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The Obama Morning News || December 16, 2012

I don’t normally do the news over the weekend, but there were several stories I thought you might want to see, so I’m putting it up.

Boehner offers rate hike – but for millionaires . . . Associated Press
Obama to nominate Kerry to be Secretary of State
. . . CNN
Clinton won’t testify after fainting, concussion . . . Politico
Rush: Liberals, MSM will blame GOP for Newtown . . . Politico
A personal gulf between Boehner and Obama . . . New York Times
Some version of fiscal cliff seen as likely . . . Washington Post

18 Responses to The Obama Morning News || December 16, 2012

  1. A concussion at Hillary’s age could be dangerous, let alone being so severely dehydrated she fainted. Why was she not admitted to the hospital and observed more closely ?

    Even the Politico article seemed to go hmmmmmm? But glad to see she’ll have to testify eventually.

  2. By offering to raise the tax burden on those who actually earn a million dollars a year, MrBoehner has given MrObama a face-saving point and the Repubs a way to prevent sqeezing those who don’t earn that much. MrObama should accept that and make a deal. Now.

    If a show of hands were asked for everyone who believes that MrsClinton is incapable of attending and testifying before a Congressional committee because she’s suffering from a concussion, the only hand-waving would be in the WhiteHouse.
    GeneralPatraeus slit his own throat, SusanRice fell on her sword, and MrsClinton just fell down to protect the WhiteHouse from the fallout if the truth were known about the events in Bengazi.

    Concerned Americans wish that the loud-mouthed anti-gun lobby and it’s cold-hearted spokespersons would just STFU about the Newtown massacre.
    We are all in mourning for the loss of innocent children and their protecters.
    We wish to grieve without listening to those who cast blame where it doesn’t belong and those who want to upend our constitional rights.

    • You’re absolutely correct about the Boehner tax hike offer on millionaires, srdem. Nancy Pelosi also said it should start at $1 million. Anyone living on the East or West coast knows that $250K is certainly not ‘riich’. And anyone operating a small busiiness knows that $250K is barely enough to break even. Everyone except Obama, that is.

  3. AP is already reporting that Preezy Revenge turned down Bawling Boehner’s offer. All that groveling and selling out his Republican principles was for naught. I believed from the beginning that these secretive “fiscal cliff” negotiations were nothing but kabuki theater. Somewhere along the line the government of the people, by the people, and for the people that President Lincoln described at Gettysburg has morphed into a leviathan so enormous that it must enslave and consume the people in order to satiate its constant and ever increasing appetite for power and control.

  4. I just read that Newton cancelled all it’s memorial events today because of a bomb threat to one of the churches.

    Even Obama’s visit ? Something has the locals worried and need to investigate the threat further.