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Obama to Travel to Site of Connecticut Shootings

President Obama Sunday will travel to Newtown, Connecticut, site of the massacre Friday that took 28 lives, 20 of them children.

From the White House:

While in Newtown, the President will meet with the families of those who were lost and thank first responders.  The President will also speak at an interfaith vigil for families of the victims as well as families from Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Obama will spend a total of five hours on the ground in Connecticut and will make remarks at Newtown High School.

38 Responses to Obama to Travel to Site of Connecticut Shootings

  1. That poor town, it is already over run with news cameras, reporters and helicopters.

    He will send the community into upheaval with the traffic nightmares and secret service personnel

    is he being unbelievably selfish or is it normal for president to do this? I really have no clue

    btw who wants to bet michelle wont be there?

    I’ll take that bet in a heartbeat

      • Obama seems to pop up at the memorial services when it’s a mass shooting, such as in Tucson when Rep. Gabby Giffords was shot and others killed, and in Colorado when all those people at the movie theater were killed.

        Personally, I think he should stay away and let the families grieve in private.

        • I wonder if we had the numbers of childeren gunned down on the streets of Chicago, where guns are illegal, how the numbers would compare.
          Obama ignores that tragic place.

          • When Chicago was trying to get the Olympics, there was a terrible crime of young blacks (probably drop-outs) beating a black high school honor student to death with 2 x 4s, bats and the like. It was on video. It happened at a very inconvenient time for Daly and the Obamas, and needless-to-say, Obama did not go to that memorial nor give one of his speeches.

          • With 484 murders in Chicago as of 02 DEC 12, O-Blame-a has chosen to ignore Chicago as there are no favorable photo ops.
            Plenty of juveniles mixed with adults in those stats, but whether your 8 or 80, dead is still dead.

  2. Other than one brief photo op with Rep. Nick Rahall during the ’08 campaign, Obama hasn’t come to WV for anything other than memorial services – first for fallen coal miners killed in an explosion and again when Sen. Robert Byrd died. It was only out of respect for the grieving families that his appearances were not protested. Call me cynical, but I imagine he recognizes the opportunity in these crises – to show how “caring” he is, yes, but also to travel among the opposition at times when our courtesy and decency will shield him from any embarrassing encounters.

  3. He’s already issued a statement and made two speeches regarding the tragedy. Is he not getting enough attention ?

    Oh wait, gun control ! Leave it to Obama to put the faces of massacred children on one of his issues. Geeesh.

  4. The thing I noticed is he was so wooden when he made his statement at the White House when Ambassador Stevens and our three other Americans were murdered in Benghazi. He had no tears then.

    • He had no tears this time either. Since when do tears run out of the far side of the eyes? If a person is standing, tears will run down the cheeks from the tear ducts. Did anyone detect any actual moisture in Barry’s eyes, or on his face? The “tears” he supposedly shed in Iowa also slid miraculously from the outer corners of his eyes. Actors use glycerin to simulate tears. Barry, the consummate actor, likely did the same.

    • I’m not sure he had tears this time, either, OldTimer. I looked closely at a still photo when he was supposedly wiping away a tear (with his middle finger) and there was no sign of tearing . It looked more like he was wiping ‘sleep’ out of his eye.

      We have heard directly from one father and one mother of the Seals who were slain in Benghazi that Obama was a cold fish – even looking over his shoulder while he was embracing Sean Smith’s mother at Andrews AFB.

      IMO, today’s intrusion upon the grief-stricken families for the purposes of an international photo op is scurrilous. Again, he has no shame!!!

  5. He everywhere for everything yet does nothing.

    My heart grieves for these families. May God’s grace ease their sorrow and memories of them bring joy.

  6. How tacky. He’s going to use this occasion to give another of his ——- speeches. Maybe the liberal media will say that he hit it out of the ball park.

  7. Btw , there is a charming police surveillence video of a shootout on a Philly subway . Seems some hooded up Trayvons had a beef around an NBA game and settled it with a little gunplay . No doubt their guns were bought in compliance with present gun laws and were being used in a safe and lawful manner .

  8. Someone along the route, please have the courage to hold up a sign that says,

    Every day in America, more children are killed by abortions than by guns. . .you know, like the ones you want available to your daughters so they aren’t “punished” with a child!

    Hey Barack, think those poor families you are about to exploit felt “punished” when their child was born?

  9. The last thing these poor families/this grieving community needs is politics and that’s the only reason he is going there. . .to politicize this horrific tragedy! He is the most narcissistic, shameless, lying phony b@$tard ever!

    And not that we want her there, but where’s MO. . .off to HI already or just home packing? These two are completely classless!

  10. Somebody needs to put that sanctimonious fraud in front of a chalkboard, Bart Simpson style, and make him write “I will not dance on dead children’s graves for political gain” about 1,000 times.

  11. I live one town away from Newtown. Just came home along the state road closest to the school, not knowing that Stymie was here today. Road closed, traffic all [expletive]ed-up – like the locals don’t have ENOUGH problems with all the camera-hounds and news-whores in the area?

    Yes, it IS a terrible thing that happened – at a school with glass doors and minimum security, and a mother who though even knowing her kid had a bit of a defective brain didn’t keep her guns LOCKED UP – but it’s added insult to see the ‘newsertainment’ industry descending full-force upon a location to wring it out for all they can make a profit from.


  12. If my house had been obliterated by a natural disaster, perhaps I would want to see a politician to express my opinion about services provided/not provided. But if my child had just been murdered, I would not want to see any politician, must less this *ss!!!!!