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Obama Wants “Meaningful Action” in Response to Shooting

President Obama during his remarks at the White House today suggested he will push for some type of gun control measures in the wake of the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

As a country, we have been through this too many times.  Whether it’s an elementary school in Newtown, or a shopping mall in Oregon, or a temple in Wisconsin, or a movie theater in Aurora, or a street corner in Chicago — these neighborhoods are our neighborhoods, and these children are our children.

We’re going to have to come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this, regardless of the politics.

Other than posting police in schools and on every street corner, I can’t think what this would mean other than gun control. “Regardless of politics” is frankly a phrase used by Democrats to suggest that they will to do what is right while Republicans try to block them because of “politics.”

Obama will be under pressure from the left to move quickly to take some type of action. Already, the mayors of the two major cities on either side of Newtown Michael Bloomberg of New York and Thomas Menino of Boston, have said the tragedy must lead to new gun control measures.

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  1. Here’s the thing: Evil knows no bounds. If we take away the guns, madmen will build bombs. If we take away the bombs, they’ll use chemical warfare. Does this country need a frank and honest discussion about the availability of automatic weapons? Sure. Why not? Honest discussions are the hallmark of decent democracies and republics. But unless we get to the root cause of why makes these people snap, what invites evil into their souls, we’ll still have tragedies, innocent people will die and we’ll still be asking “why.”

    1. This was a tragedy, and my thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who lost loved ones – children and adults – at the hands of a madman. May God confort them and guide them through this time of trial.

      Unfortunately, there will be politics, mostly from the left. It has started already, as pointed out above. We do still have to defend our liberty to defend our own lives, and those of our own children.

      It is very likely that this will fit very nicely into Obama’s “never let a crises go to waste” management style, and ultimately his gun-grabbing agenda. There is no doubt he’s coming for all guns now, although the heroic principal of the school may have been better served if she had one, and this would be a very different story today.

      The problem is, he’ll only get the guns from the law abiding. Ask Israel or any city police department if the guns they face are legal ones.

      Once that’s done, those who have and use weapons illegally will be emboldened, as they know there is no longer any armed opposition to their predations.

      Of course, there will also no longer be any Second Amendment, which is the one that guarentees all the others. I’m sure that won’t bother our President one bit in his quest to further weaken and distort this Country and what remains of its laws.

      At least he had one bit of honesty.

      “And each time I learn the news I react not as a President, but as anybody else would — as a parent. ” – Barack Obama

      Understandable. May even be true. The problem is, we hired him TO act like a President, NOT to have knee-jerk, ham-fisted, emotional reactions to highly charged tragedies that may make people feel good in the short term, but will also destroy the foundation of our Government and the underpinnings of our fundamental liberties in the process. Such solutions are precisely why the legislative system was designed to be slow and deliberate, so we do NOT become a government of passions. As always, the law of unintended consequence will be the only legislation that will truly be passed in this manner.

      If we truly want to govern by emotion, we may as well have our legislation produced by audience acclimation at the Jerry Springer show and do away with the whole Congress thing altogether.

      “…I react not as a President…”- Obama

      I can’t get past this one. It’s been four long years. I don’t believe we’ve seen you act like a President yet, so it would be surprising if you did now. Please let the parents at least bury their children before you start building your power on their bones.

      God bless those familes, those who responded, and those who survived. None of them will ever be the same. They all need our prayers.

    2. you are completely right.
      you can’t stop evil intentions….
      if someone wants to harm someone they will.
      if someone decides he just wants to run down everyone in a parking lot with his car, he can.

      they can call for gun control but it seems that this Devil Monster didn’t even own the guns.

      i don’t know. I AM HEART BROKEN

  2. Before the first responders had finished their job, before the police had cleeared the building, and long before the parents will choose the small caskets for their dead children, the anti-gun radicals started spewing the same old refrain of guns kill people.
    Most Americans spent the day in horrified shock at the brutality of a massacre of innoncent children, sharing the grief of childless parents, but the stone-deaf, ice-cold leftst Dems saw only an opportunity to force legal restrictions on gun sales.

    Clear headed Americans know that if the law-abiding population loses the right to bear arms, criminals and government agents will rule by the law of the gun.

  3. I really don’t know how you outlaw evil because that what happen today, evil struck. I said it many times before and I’ll say it again; until society changes and we let go of this hatred that just seems to get stronger by the day, them things will get only worse. Not better.

  4. I blame the violence on TV, the movies, and video games more than on guns. People do not come across as living, human beings in these media. Let Obama get his Hollywood and New York friends to put a lid on it. Oh yes, and let’s not forget the music industry. Rap started out as very anti-woman.

      1. From what I know of the killer, his father is a bigwig with GE which just happens to own NBC, They will be doing all kinds of psychological spin about the kid to explain his actions, but the stuff I mentioned will not be addressed at all. The accessibility of guns is not the problem, but the no-think public and media will all be clamoring for gun control. What an easy fix. The rot goes much deeper than that, feller.

      2. And let’s not forget the cult of celebrity. This guy was a nobody, but in his mind, his name will go down in history. As I understand it, he was dressed up like an action figure.

        1. My point is let the liberals put the blame everywhere except where it belongs: on the killer. I’m exposed, as well as millions upon millions of other Americans, to everything you highlighted, yet I have not and will not go around killing people, missy.

  5. As a nation we have chosen to walk away from the Lord. You need to look beyond gun control issues, mental illness and straight to the bottom line…God has been kicked out. That is the problem with all of this evil.

  6. Obama doesn’t have an election to worry about now. The only questions is will he wait until after his Inauguration to take away our Second Amendment rights or will he and Bloomberg strike while the iron is hot. The logic is so flawed!!!

  7. In China, with one of the strictest gun controls in the worrrrrrld, crazies are choosing knives. Today, 22 school children were slashed by such a mad man in that country.

    Where’s the media on that story?

    1. Saw that too on drudge. Right below the headlines for the mayors asking for gun control. Haven’t figured out how to post the pic I took of it. The irony is too great. The ability of man to inflict inhumanity on mankind remains an enigma to me.

  8. There are so many themes here, it’s hard to put it all into words. Some say if only a teacher had a gun. Yes, maybe they could have stopped it earlier, or it’s possible he could have gotten control of that gun and used it. Some say if guns were outlawed, this wouldn’t have happened. Yes, maybe he would have only had the tools to harm himself, or maybe he’d have decided to use a knife or, worse yet, a bomb to murder others. In the countries that have mostly outlawed guns, there are now horrific knife attacks, as someone pointed out, as well as brutal death beatings on a regular basis. If a human being truly wants to do violence, they will find a way. We as a whole, not just this country but indeed the world, have become arrogant, desensitized, and jaded. Human life is no longer held as sacred. The PC Police tell us not to talk of such things; we might offend someone. And yet they are confused when something like this occurs. We don’t know exactly why this happened yet. Honestly, we may never find the real answer. All the posturing right now is sheer emotional reaction. What we really need to be talking about isn’t gun control — there’s plenty of regulation on the books — but the root of the problem. Frankly, I think that’s the eroding of morals, the destruction of the home, and the PC culture which has made it impossible to not only live what used to be considered a good life, but also to properly diagnose and treat people with deteriorating mental illnesses. Heaven forbid we label someone; it might hurt their feelings.

  9. Again, the guns are not the issue, but “never let a crisis go to waste”.

    The spilled blood hasn’t even dried and all the left seems to be able to talk about is gun control, and disarming law-abiding citizens. Punish good people for the actions of evil people. Asshat.

    Maybe if the Obama administration wasn’t killing the future of our children with massive debt those children from Newtown might still be alive. We can play despicable political games too.

  10. I’m pro choice: I choose not to own a gun. And we already have law on gun control its called the Second Ammendment. However, based on my observations and the conclusions I draw, I’m closer now to choosing to buy a gun to protect me and my family. Should I decide to do this in NYS I am told it will not be easy. The Second Ammendment does not say anything about waiting periods rather something about the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. While it is a crying shame cowardly idiots seek out and take the lives of innocence it is a travesty that the liberals would use the opportunity to rewrite the constitution.

    I broke my own rules and tried to have a civil conversation with some progs about the union protests in MI. It didn’t go we’ll. Mind you very little in the way of fact but be assured I was wrong and called names. This is how it will go with gun control.

  11. 2/28/97 is the day our government realized that the people could not be intimidated by our military. That was the day of the NorthHollywood CA bank robbery by two villians who were better armed, better protected than the police who came to arrest them. The villians lost the fight because they were outnumbered and weapon fatigue.

    SWAT teams, crackdowns on gun ownership, bans on assault weapons, harrassment of citizen militias, and more, all in the government’s attempt to disarm the citizenry, not to keep us safe from harm.
    A group of foriegn visitors used box-cutters, not traditional firearms, to hijack airplanes and use them as weapons of mass destruction. The government then banned box-cutters on airplanes forcing terrorists to resort to bomb making.
    The famous line, “when seconds count, the police are minutes away”. is part of the reason Americans will not ever give up the right to carry arms.

  12. Timothy McVeigh didn’t need a single gun to kill 168 people in a matter of seconds. Obama conveniently ignores the gigantic elephant in the room: the increasing number of people afflicted by severe mental illness exacerbated by economic misery, racial hatred, class division and the erosion of family networks and values fomented by the left. Those precious children murdered and those survivors who will never feel safe again are just more victims of the progressive agenda. Obama has the deplorable temerity to invoke God in his comments while his minions work every day to remove all traces of religion from our lives. That’s my two cents: a former life long Democrat who HATES what my former party has become. I am not a person of strong faith but I recognize its importance in keeping our society on an even keel and providing a framework for morality for it.

    1. Maybe the same percentage of people had severe mental illness but they were monitored more closely, by family or institutions, and not simply medicated and mainstreamed (let loose) into society where damage can be done? Just wondering….

  13. This site is whack this AM–at least for AO-Hellers. Got on thru AOL explorer for the first time in a year. The regular IE froze me. Anyhow, when the president said meaningful, I thought he meant he would wipe the mean, creepy look off his face and quit disrespecting people, which can lead to other people disrespecting in a big way–you know, set a tone. But no–tired old gun control again.

    1. All I could think about about every hour last nite was the parents of the children still inside in the crime scene–separated from them–knowing they were gone…so inhumanly cruel–it’s unspeakable. Even that gabby Geraldo was sort of struck mute, which for some reason spoke to me more than the president’s speechwriter did with the bible verses. Maybe I am just too mean, I don’t even know anymore. I do know even those of us who don’t know a soul involved, not to mention family and friends of these children, are marked and changed. This also reminded me of the Norwegian spree killing of children–this has hardly been mentioned.

      1. Couldn’t agree more, Star. The anguish of the parents having to wait a day and a half in the freezing cold before they can see their babies and cradle them in their arms for the last time has to be unfathonable. That’s all I could focus on, too. That, and the horror that those little innocents suffered through. It is, as you said, inhumanly cruel. Sadly, for the next few weeks we will be inundated with the anti-gun whackos and the tv pop psychologists blaming this evil act on lack of funding for mental health care. Just waiting for someone to say Obamacare would have prevented this creep from committing this heinous crime.

        1. To his credit that Keith Ablow guy said it was all speculative–the kid resented the time the tots took from him, etc. He called it evil. He did say there would turn out to be warning signs–it is very hard to get help for an adult or commit someone even on a 72-hr hold. You may know it’s bad, but not have things you can do. Maybe….maybe…that needs to be looked at…

  14. I truly despise the left for pouncing on this horrific tragedy to forward their political strategy of disarming the populous. They haven’t an ounce of the milk of human kindness among them. Like vultures they swoop in to feed off the tiny little victims of a madman, without allowing the families a moment to grieve.

    We won’t ever know what made this evil person do what he did to those babies, but ripping apart our Constitution will not bring them back. God bless these precious children and the adults who tried to save them. May God bring solace to the families of the victims, and may the evil man that committed this atrocity rot in hell.

    1. I agree. Some of them seemed almost gleeful that they had a terrible tragedy to forward their agenda.

      Let’s face it, humans are violent killers. We kill each other with guns, before that with spears and knives, or stones or poisons. We bludgon each other with blunt objects, push someone over a cliff, drop bombs on our enemies, torch their homes. Spouses kill each other, parents kill children, unethical companies kill unsuspecting clients.
      We’re just killing machines.

      1. Honestly, being ravaged by evil on this scale is like being struck by lightning–it happens, you cope the best you can…but it is never the same…there is no “reason” to it…

        1. This school locked at 9:30ish. Someone said an armed guard in every school. Impossible and too easy to get around. Don’t “give” guns to mentally ill people–already laws. Melt down all guns–not serious. There is no meaningful action. If there is as they say now, a BIG FAIL, that should be BIG FLAIL in this instance.

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  16. Has anyone noticed that these wackjobs tend to head for “gun free zones” where they know that there is nobody who can shoot back? Such a coincidence, isn’t it. . .

  17. Here are some suggestions for “meaningful action ‘ . Banning violent video games and films that these psycho trolls turn into reality . Might be a 1st Amendment issue , but what’s a little Constitution problem . Or we could open up all the psych wards again and put these individuals back into a Thorazine state of suspended animation . That would fix the problem , And why does Ms Lanza need weapons to defend herself that is what the police are for because as we all know , when seconds count , help is only minutes away

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