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Obama Gangnam Style! Part II

3 Responses to Obama Gangnam Style! Part II

  1. When are Americans going to realize that Obama has always liked hanging around people who hate America?

    Reverend Wright
    William Ayers
    George Soros
    Frank Marshall Davis
    And so on ….

  2. God help the people in CT affected by this horrific crime. I am sick and tired of Carney and the NYT always making a tragedy ultimately focus on Obama, and I am sick and tired of his empty platitudes. The NYT has a photo op of him on the front page shedding tears, and Carney said that he is affected as a father by this event. The focus should ALL be on the children and parents in this little town. If the election were still going on, they’d try to paint Romney as a callous man if he kept to the background, and then, if he said something, they’d accuse HIM of trying to politicize it. I apologize for the caps.

  3. I was crying and a friend called from Florida and said another friend of hers cried–this man, of course, it’s about him, his kids, his croc tears. It is just never wrenching or believable to me.