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Michelle Suggests Republicans are Liars

First Lady Michelle Obama Thursday suggested Republicans are engaged in rampant lying as they debate the issues with President Obama.

“People have to stay focused on what’s going on, because it’s easy to get confused in all the back and forth that goes on, and there’s a whole lot of not-truth telling going on, if you know what I mean,” Michelle said during a radio appearance on the The Tom Joyner Show.

Mrs. Obama also charged that voter suppression during the 2012 election was widespread.

Michelle Obama East Room
Photo by Keith Koffler

Michelle said Republicans sought to win the election by spending “unprecedented amounts of money,” running negative advertising, and committing voter suppression.

“Voter suppression was in full force in so many states all over this country,” Mrs. Obama said.

The suggestion that Obama’s opponents are liars picks right up where the Obama campaign left off. Following Obama’s defeat in the first presidential debate, the Obama campaign branded Gov. Mitt Romney a liar and made the allegation a central part of its campaign.

Meanwhile, Democrats, including Attorney General Eric Holder, made alleged voter suppression a major issue the campaign.

Michelle’s comments suggest that, with the election over, she may be less concerned about her image, which was remade after the 2008 campaign from that of a harder edged woman who said she hadn’t been proud of her country into an embraceable first lady who cares deeply about veterans and kids’ waist lines.

Michelle warned Joyner’s African American listeners that they can’t “go back to sleep,” saying four years is “not a lot of time” to act on priorities like the environment, comprehensive immigration reform, and education.

“We are nowhere near finished,” she said.

You can listen to Michelle’s interview by clicking here.

H/t to Breitbart.

1,022 thoughts on “Michelle Suggests Republicans are Liars”

  1. These two are, by far, the worst representation of a President and First Lady in the history of this country. They are supposed to bring this country together. The election is over so they need to stop tearing us a part. This makes me so sad…

    1. this is how they won!! Divide & conquer. And it continues.. This couple is so narsisstic & self-absorbed, they have no idea how to respond to any subject/issue, w/o making it devisive. Its always has to be about them!! Really sad that we have to put up with people like this for our 1st family

        1. Ratt,

          It’s good to see that someone else recognized absentee ballot’s vulnerability to fraud. That fraud is easier to commit than the old “chain ballot” system.

          1. AND some wards in Ohio and Pennsylvania had 100% Obama vote! Have you EVER heard of 100% of ANY group of people agreeing on ANYTHING? Even Hitler never got out of the 90s, with all the might and main of the Gestapo behind him and no opposition before him!

            Seems it’s easier to fix elections with software than with jackboots, nicht wahr?


          2. This is the real untold “Voter Suppression” story of this past election. Obama’s hate for our soldiers came fully into the open when they blocked voting by soldiers overseas. Thousands of military ballots either not delivered, or thrown out once received. Obama hates our military men and women. And they hate him back. In droves!

          3. Get Babs Streisand, Sean Penn, George Looney and a few other celebs to join up, send them over seas and Obama will be there in a heart beat for a photo op.

          4. Yes but this happens every 4 years and the gutless GOP just sits back and lets it happen. After losing this last election, I am through with the gutless GOP. A friggin African is in our white house!

          5. Racist much? what does that have to do with anything. You can disagree with his policies and make up all sorts of lies about him as I see you crazies like to do but when you put his heritage (he’s whie too ya know) then your argument is moot. You sound STOOPID!

          6. I don’t think race is what he was talking about. I believe he is insinuating (as many believe), that the prez is African-Born. I really like how so many of you sling that ‘racism’ charge around like a dead cat on a string, just hoping to hit someone – anyone with it.

            Most Americans now know that most racists vote lock-step for one of their own color without regard to any other issue.

          7. Funny YOU MzKala read it as racist…. I read it as someone who believes that Barry Soetoro was born in Africa (Kenya to be exact)

            The racist thing is when 90% of blacks vote for someone and 90% of those say they voted for that person just because he is black. THAT IS RACIST
            I voted for Romney because he is white NOT black…

            And “STOOPID” makes YOU look STUPID

          8. i don’t think the repubs tried to win. they put an old, sickly man and a total unknown woman in the race. i think they wanted to be totally out of the picture when this country fell into depression or worse.

          9. And Michelle speaks of Repubs. running negative ads while her husband and his cronies ran LYING ads…even when they were caught out in their lies they ran the same ads and they got away with it…

          10. Voter suppression no … Voter qualification yes! We can all agree to the importance of voting in the US… If you can’t prove your eligible to vote ( min. picture ID) then you shouldn’t vote! No transportation, no ID… Quit whining… Figure it out! If you don’t have the energy or motivation to qualify, then your probably would’nt vote in an educated sensible way anyhow!

          11. In addition to an ID, if your entire existance is paid for by the US tax payer, but you’re young and able bodied, no vote for you. It’s a conflict of interest….

      1. Infuriating, isn’t it, that not only do we have to contend daily with the Liar-Whiner-and-Divisive-Racist-in-Chief, but his Assistant-Liar-Whiner-and-Divisive-Racist-in-Chief?

        1. Four more years of divisiveness, hate, race bating and destructive behavior – and who is it done by… Pres. Obama and his lovely “First Lady”. What have we done to ourselves! Michelle has always been labeled “one angry Black woman”… she continues to wear that label each time she opens her mouth. The Dems won – why do they feel it necessary to continue to evil, name calling, lying and dialog they did so well during the election – obviously, wining isn’t enough to give them the dignity they thought winning the election would give. They fail to realize “trash is trash” – no matter what.

      2. These two people are America-haters who are on a course to destroy this country. He was raised by people who hated America, went to a church that preached American hatred, and has friends who did their best to destroy this country-Bill Ayers for one. So it is not surprise that they lie and cheat and keep spewing their crap. And sadly, the fools in this country voted for him again. And now we have to worry that she will run for office in four years, and probably win. by then, everyone will be dependent on the government for everything, so we are all doomed.
        What a bunch of fools we have in this country.

    2. “The noive!” …cowardly lion.

      Can a woman have huge balls? What a sore winner. I just can’t say anything good about this person. She’s absolutely rotten.

        1. van,
          Not only all of what you said but she’s Negro too.

          If you really want to know what is wrong with our country just consider the African countries that were former colony’s of European countries. As colonys most were quite sucessful. However, the native peoples decided that they wanted ALL of that sucess, rather than a share of it. So they demanded and got their “independence”! And now look at those countries after a decade or two of being run by their Negro leaders. Most of their infrastructure is in a shambles because the Negros don’t know how to cope with it. Massive starvation with millions starving to death. Civil wars and rampant genocide.

          And then we wonder why the United States is in such poor condition and getting worse. We are merely following the example of the Negro run African countries.

          The truth be told, my comments will probably be censured for telling the truth.

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      1. You know, Jimmy, I wouldn’t mind the community organizing rabble rouser so much, if he wasn’t — if she wasn’t — so intellectually bankrupt, racially divisive, psychologically handicapped and morally bankrupt and vulgar.

        Their affirmative-action chip-as-big-as-a-battleship-on-shoulder attitude is not just insufferable, but so very childish and arrogant.

    4. I agree beyond even being a bad President and First Lady, they are just horrible human beings. They have no concept of truth, nor do they even care if they speak the truth or get caught lying. They know that in the end, the people that voted for them are too stupid to do their own research that whatever the President or First Lady says, it will be believed and repeated. To the average person in this country, truth means very little, it’s only what was heard.

      1. WRONG! While I whole-hearteldy hate Obama and anyone associated with him, killing him will only “glorify” his legacy. Do you really want to see Obama reach Kennedy status? He’s practically got it with the mainstream media. Enough people voted for him, and the media already blindly loves him that killing him will cement him in the echelons of those he has no business being named with.

    5. Dec. 14th: Obama and his wife are really engaged in dividing this country…Michelle and her husband are the ones who suppress votes and wage a continual war against white people…and have their fans join them. But the truth will come out…and hopefully they will be out of the White House soon…by impeachment for treason and lying and manipulating and pitting Americans against each other to serve their own agendas and for stealing taxpayer money on luxurious vacations and expensive clothes…they should have to pay back every penny. I do not believe this election was honest…I think Obama had his Union thugs intimidate and cheat…

      1. Seriously, you think the truth will come out. And who will do that? The press, those Obama lovers who cover for him and print whatever he says? Ot maybe someone in his thugministration who will suddenly come to his senses and realize what is going on? If this fool did not lose this last election based on his performance and what we already know about him, there is not way that it ever will. We have no answers on Fast and Furious, no answers on Bengazi, and we still don’t know what’s in Obamacare even though it’s now passed so we could find out.

        So, forgive me if I feel there is no hope. Just change for this once great country.

    6. No doubt about it. Frauds and liars. Voter suppression my butt. First, Moochelle is a damn idiot, who deserves absolutely no respect. NONE. Obutthead is an absolute fraud and treasonous son of a whore who needs to be eliminated from office. It saddens me to watch these people steal control over our lives, and are too stupid to understand the actual cause. You watch, after today, its going to be all about gun control, and NOTHYING will be said about raising children with morals or ethics. It will be about seizing control over the gun industry.

      1. VAN,
        Actually it is about people control. No government can have total control of the people until they are absolutly unarmed.
        Just ask the Hungarians!
        Practically the day after the Hungarian people gave up their arms, the newspapers, book publishers and all other public media were closed down. Only the state run newspaper was allowed.
        Our liberal media will be in for a terrific surprise. And they won’t even be allowed to tell us about it. And THEN they will want you to defend their rights! In 1956, the Hungarian people found out the hard way that shovels and pitchforks are no match for well armed troops and tanks.
        Of course that did occassion the birth of the “Molotov Cocktail!”

  2. MICHELLE, to paraphrase your husband during the Obamacare debate:

    “The campaign is over! You won!”

    Seriously, stop being such a political hack. You are the First Lady. Act like it.

      1. Agreed, It will never happen. Agitators living in their own world. Looking to stir the pot as much as they can. Living large on the peoples dime.

        Biggest set of double standards we ever saw. There is NOTHING presidential about this couple. They are a couple of college kids that never grew up from protesting everything and anything. Worst of all they are racist from the word go.

    1. Michelle Obama act as First Lady? That’ll happen when her husband begins telling the truth about anything and when he stops campaigning.

  3. If that is true (Michelle shedding her well put together image), the Obama administration is really overplaying it’s hand. A new NBC/Marist polled showed for the first time that Obama would get just as much blame for budget deal failure as the GOP. Right now, his approval rating is 50% which was the same as it was on election day. Someone in that administration needs to figure out that getting less then 51% of the vote and only having a approval rating of 50% no matter how much the press loves you is not “optimum”. :)

    1. The bigger question is how Obama managed to reach that miniscule victory margin in a handful of swing states. In any event, someone needs to whisper in his ear that he has no madate. He’s hasn’t earned a second term, and he’s already reverting back to his old self – “I won”!

      The economy became Obama’s mess after the first failed Stimulus in ’09. His one and only ‘budget’ was voted down 99-1. Since then, he has kicked the can down the road to where we are today.

        1. I am sure you were saying that when Bush won in 2004 by an extremely similiar margin.

          The overall point is that he is not that popular historially speaking. His overall approval rating for his first term is lower then even GWB had. He needs to act like a centralist and a grand compromiser, which he is not.

          Like I said MANY TIMES before, if I were advising him I tell him to walk into the GOP conference and layout $2.5 trillion in specific cuts to the federal budget including a couple that go right to the hurt of the Democrats, entitlements. Then asked the GOP to come up with $1.5 trillion in increased revenue. Cut their legs right out from underneath them and put them in a box. He will show that he is the one compromising and being a centralist therefore the GOP would be really pushed by public opinion to meet him halfway.

          But he has done the complete opposite. His “tax now/cut later maybe” (which really is a no) has wipeout whatever goodwill he really had on this. New polls are showing that he would get blamed just as much as the Republicans if we went over the cliff. If he had not acted so bullheaded and foolish, he really be in the driver seat.

      1. For once, I agree with Moochelle. There was definitely corruption and tampering with votes. THAT’S WHY HER HUSBAND “WON”! If the Bolshevik Democrats didn’t have 5 WEEKS to drag every illiterate slug to the early voting locations and help them fill out the ballots, no way Obama wins. Mandate? Try winning 4 states by a total of 320,000 votes, or Romney is President and this nightmare is over.

      2. DNC controlled most of the polling machines, “lost” 3 mln Romney’s votes.
        And do not forget:
        Buckteeth witch is among first 5 billion most beautiful women in the world….. ;)

    2. They are complaining about voter suppression, I would say that if they had to cheat in Ohio and Florida (146% and 114% of voters voted) then I don’t know where the fraud actually lays. Oh yeah, almost forgot that they kicked out all of the poll watchers before they stuffed the ballot boxes. Who is cheating who here.

      1. The last numbers I saw from Open Secrets showed the Obama campaign outspending Romney by $200 Million, all while they were complaining about the evil wealthy conservatives buying an election.

        Speaking of which, does it count as voter suppression when you spend months and tens of millions destroying the reputation of your opponent and millions of voters stay home? Would the first “lady” claim that no votes were suppressed in the state of Ohio?

    1. Exactly. For ANYONE in the Democratic party to complain about negative campaigning is beyond ludicrous. They are the ones who depicted Ryan shoving an old lady off a cliff and blamed Romney for someone’s death, branded him a tax cheat (with ZERO evidence), accused him of hating animals, lying, etc, etc, etc.. It never stops with these people. They had Carney and Cutter and Axledouche out there lying 100% every day. The entire campaign was 100% negative. Sadly, the press fans the flames and the idiot electorate believes it.

      And voter suppression? You know your beloved Marxist won, right Mooch? Only in America can a black man be elected president and still complain every day about being oppressed and the victim of racism.

  4. My, my, it didn’t take long for the dragon lady to re-appear! The old hag spent four years lavishing herself with hundreds of millions of Republican $$$ and now she’s playing the race card…again. That’s gratitude, Obama-style! Same goes for her community organizer thug husband – he’s out on the trail again – inciting violence with his union thug cronies. What a pair!

    1. Yep, and now that the Klingon Warrior is off her leash, this hateful chip on Barry’s shoulder will be coming for All of your pie, not just another piece now, … while she dines on Kobe beef, cracked crab, lobster, and Moet.

      Despicable is as despicable does,… and she’s really running true to from now. If it weren’t for Obama’s voter fraud, she’d be fuming again about what “a mean Country” the USA remains, as she packs her WH bags.

      Mom was right,… water can’t rise higher than its source, First Moocher.

  5. Mooch, the totalitarian wannabe, before the nose whitification we probably paid for. There is only one way to “change our history” and that is to lie, which these two grifters are quite proficient at…
    “…Barack knows that we are gonna to have to make sacrifices. We’re gonna have to change our conversation. We’re gonna to have to change our traditions, our history…we’re gonna have to move into a different place as a nation to provide the kind of future that we all want desperately for our children…”

    1. The arrogance is disgusting. These two radical freaks think it’s their place to “change our history and traditions”? STFU and go back to Chicago to continue your shakedowns and patient dumping at ur phony hospital job.

    2. mooch does not speak for me – nor does she speak for all of America. I do not support her theories. I do not accept her conclusions. I do not respect her.

  6. Hey Michelle, how is “voter suppression” any different/worse than voter FRAUD? Both sides were guilty and you know it. Whether you admit it or continue the divisive ways of your husband, is entirely up to you. FYI, Americans are TIRED of politicians only looking out for themselves and/or their party…

    1. Sorry, but I’m a bit sick and tired of the equivalency garbage. If one racist a-hole on the conservative side stood in front of a voting center with a billy club and intimidated anyone to not vote for Obama, then I’ve failed to hear of it.
      However we have documented cases of this occuring on the side of Duh One.
      And for the record, attempts to enforce voting laws to combat fraud, identity theft, and people not eligible to vote from voting is NOT VOTER SUPPRESSION. It’s following the law.
      Please dear God we need to stop ceding the argument and saying “oh well, both sides do it so nobody’s to blame”.

  7. ~ I wish the First Lady would actually believe like a First Lady.
    ~ I am yet to know how’s voter suppression is like. Did you mean stopping the dead from voting or same persons voting multiple times? Then it’s true that it’s all over the country.
    ~ Congress member is right to represent their individual district, not the whole country.
    ~ But a president’s job is to represent the whole nation. Obama and his wife reinforced the fact they only represented/represent those who voted for Obama. How can a president and wife can get so small when they were given so much honor?

  8. Oh, now I get it. Now it is MY turn to be embarrassed about being an American citizen like this cow was before her worthless husband lied his way into office. I used to be an open, loving person who didn’t see race nor care about it. This dressed up ape and her minions, not to mention her blatantly racist husband, are turning me into a bigot. Congratulations to you both.

    1. Well said, Stan. It was easy to ignore the garden variety racists such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton before the Obamas arrived on the scene but MOOshelle Obama (and her husband) has taken it to astronomical heights. It’s impossible not to be affected by their blatant racial and partisan tactics. They have single-handedly set the civil rights movement back 150 years. MLK, Jr. would be spinning in his grave. Unfortunately, it’s the black community that is paying the price.

    2. Stan,
      I grew up in an area of northern New York where no Negros lived. No cities you know. I was racially neutral. In fact Jackie Robinsone was my HERO! But then when I was twelve we moved south to live in a city that had a fairly large Negro population. And I’ve lived with Negros around me for the rest of my life.

      And today? I would not expend as much energy as it takes to turn on the TV with the remote to watch Jackie Robinson play. What changed my mind? If you are reading this and you are Negro, look in the mirror because YOU changed my mind. People that have mistreated me because I am Caucasion have changed my mind.
      And even way back then liberals would turn against Caucasions and side with the Negros. I was 12 years old and making my very first visit to the Boy’s Club in the city. Four Negro boys jumped me and were beating the s**t out of me when a counselor came to see what the commotion was about. Immediately the four of them started shouting that I had called them “niggers”. Whereaupon the counselor grabbed me by the collar and escorted me dancing on tiptoes to the front door and threw me outside saying, ‘we don’t want your kind here!” And so my life lessons began. First lesson. It is important to be first in pointing an accusing finger. Second lesson, it’s important to say the first accusing words especially if you are in the wrong. Third lesson, Negros hate Caucasions without exception. Period!
      There is no such thing as a black race. It is only the Negros’ way of being overtly, in your face, racist!

  9. Both parties are hopeless (RINOs and liberals) and headed towards the same agenda. They may as well hold hands together and sing kumbaya while they both continue to oppress this country with endless spending, oppression and political corruption for their own personal gain – that’s the only ones they’re really watching out for on both sides of the aisle. Been that way since bailouts became popular and the first trillion was added to the deficit after Reagan gave his farewell speech and left office and this government and this country in a better disposition than when he first became President. So sick of both parties and their lies, deception and hypocrisy.

    1. Michelle Obama has lived with a liar so long she thinks he’s telling the truth and everyone else is lying, amazing how blind and ridiculous she can be or she’s a liar too.

      As for voter suppression, you can look for the Democrat Party doing that. They not only suppress voting, they stand at the polls with a club in their hand trying to intimidate white voters.

      Everything about Obama and those who surround him is phony and filled with lies. I am delighted to see Republicans still take a stand against the bull coming from the White House.

      I say if they will not cut anything and they have not to this point, let everybody’s taxes go up and step away from this mess. They lied for years, kept saying no one got a tax cut but the rich, now they are saying the opposite. Some middle class people will realize 2,4, or more thousands of dollars if the BUSH tax cuts are not continued. Serves them right for repeating that rich only lie over and over.

      You get what you deserve when you vote, you voted for Obama so you get more lies, more deception, more phony numbers, and more attempts to tear the nation down. Some of you who voted for the regime will suffer the most and you will go right back and vote for the next left wing liar to hurt yourselves even more… about dumb downed people, amazing!

    2. Frank there comes a time when people need to pack up and leave a country because they simply are displeased with everybody and everything. That’s your hint to move on. You think both parties are the same and they are not. At this moment one is standing for cuts and keeping the tax rates the same while the other is looking to spend more and raise taxes. Does that appear to be the same to you? I don’t know where on earth you’re going to go to find perfect government but when you get there write us and let us know where it is.

  10. They haven’t even started their 2nd term yet and already the lies and divisive rhetoric is rampant. There was no voter suppression on their side, only fraud. If it wasn’t fraud through stuffing ballots, it was fraud through the massive media blackout on scandals that should have led this whole administration away in handcuffs. Something tells me Obama will America’s last president.

    1. Yes the media collusion that hid EVERYTHING negative, covered up massive scandals and dragged this worthless fraud over the finish line for a second time is truly breathtaking.

      The American media might as well be state run like it is in communist countries. What they say now is absolutely no different than what they would say if the Obama administration dictated every word.

  11. Michelle has a lot of nerve saying the GOP are liars when every other word out of her husband’s mouth is a lie. He has lied to us from the git go – outright lies and lies of omission. It terrifies me when she says, “We are nowhere near finished”.

    1. We get nothing but lies from Obama and his incompetent administration. The American people deserve to know the truth about Benghazi. Sign the Whitehouse petition at the link below and force Obama to tell the truth, assuming he is capable of telling the truth.

  12. There are no bigger liars than the Obamas. If voter suppression took place, it was in the major cities where Obama voters stuffed the ballot box as the democrats usually do. I hear ‘Moochelle’ has a lunch date with Harry Bellaphony so they can have a good time talking about marxism and how Barry Hussein plans to try and incorporate it into our country by ignoring our Constitution and lying to the public with the help of the main stream media especially MSNBC.

    1. Well, she has an Ivy League degree and a law degree. You’d think she knows the difference between “fraud’ and “suppression.”

  13. Moooochelle is a despicable person, racist, bigot, liar and mooch. As for this voter suppression topic, Obama/Axelrod started the false accusations of “RACISM” to suppress WHITE votes, which they DID! @msnbc and the other race-hustlers are the lowest of the low, and Barry & Michelle’s kindred spirits.

  14. The Obamas have lived large on the largesse of we, the almost bankrupt citizenry of a Country they both seem to dislike and disrespect. I guess it was too much to expect her to hold off on her Anti-American feelings for another 4 years. As for liars, I can honestly say I do not believe a word any Democrat on the National level says….sad to say. Divisive, and arrogant are two adjectives Michelle Obama owns.

  15. I’m sorry but this woman is a lying sack… (imagination required)

    There was well documented voter suppression and fraud alright… IN HER FAVOR!!! How does San Miguel county in Colorado have 140% voter registration over the population of the county? Really? Who do you think won that county? Obama of course… How about St. Lucie County in FL with a precinct that had 7 registered voters with 900 votes cast… Or Ohio with 59000 votes across how many precincts and not ONE for Romney? That is a statistical impossibility! Or Philadelphia… where the COURT ORDERED Republican poll watchers were forcibly removed and REPLACED with Black Panthers!! YES THAT HAPPENED!

    Voter suppression and fraud… you bet Moochelle… look in the mirror and see the criminal behind it.

    1. And to add insult to injury, the feckless sot and easily swindled Speaker of the House and his counterpart, SenateMinority Leader, Hairhat MitchMcConnell have not even raised an eyebrow over the rampant fraud, much less made a peep over the stealing of PA, Florida, Ohio, Virginia. NoVA, SoFLA and Cleveland/Cayuga County, OH all are very strong Democrat areas and they couldn’t manage to get a timely tabulation on their ballots because they were waiting to see how many dead people still needed vote after the polls closed in order to steal thos Electoral College votes.

      Allen West was the only Republican who stood up for himself and told the world he was rooked. Unfortunately, Boehner, and his two RINO sidekicks, Cantor and McCarthey were just as happy as Nancy Pelozi to see that Congress seat stolen from him

  16. Uh-huh! We believe in suppressing voting by illegal aliens, the dead, the insane, and multiple votes by political operatives. You got a problem with that?

  17. Obuma is the most disgusting liar, and a thug to enter the White House. This election was stolen, how many computer were rigged? by whom? people wanted Romney and Obama came up. Moochelle should keep quiet and not spend the people’s money like it grows on trees. These two don’t have a nickle’s worth of class.

    1. Slick Willie, the disbarred, impeached serial sexusl offender, Clinton, was the biggest thug ever to be in the white house, until these two came along. Both make the Clintons look like amateurs.

  18. The greatest “voter suppression” that took place was the result of the Dems failure to get ballots to our troops in the way the law requires from many states. Any alleged “voter suppression” was vastly outweighed by actual Dem voter fraud. This entire administration is predicated on lies and a gullible and uninformed electorate. We can’t be rid of this socialist, anti-American piece of crap soon enough.

  19. ““unprecedented amounts of money,” – and this is why a Harvard education is such a waste of money. Even with that staff of hers, she still can’t do basic math.

    “Voter suppression was in full force in so many states all over this country,” – like in Pennsylvania where the New Black Panther Party blocked access to polls and Dem poll watchers kicked out all the Republican poll watchers. I’m sure AG Holder will get right on it.

    1. Thank you. I’m glad I scrolled down before I posted as I was going to write something similar. Tens of thousands of military votes were suppressed, the most egregious example of all. People who put their lives on the line for this country are denied the vote probably because they would vote Republican.

  20. says voting fraud was rampant this election. Most of the cases showed dems engaged in all sorts of fraud and suppression. The majority of exit poles show Romney leading yet he lost in the popular vote?
    Don’t believe anything Michelle says, she doesn’t have a clue. I don’t support either Romney or Obama so whatever but, It seems there is a full on scandal from those powers that be to rig elections. In short, there was no election this year as the candidate was already decided.

  21. This woman is full of bull sh*t!! She calls it “voter suppression” when honest people tried to stop fraudulent voting, which was organized by unions such as SEIU. These cases found numerous voter registrations of illegal immigrants, multiply voting by union members, Black Panther’s attempting to suppress REPUBLICAN WHITE VOTERS, dead people voting, etc.. The only votes that were suppressed were Republican votes! Take Philadelphia for instance, where not a SINGLE REPUBLICAN VOTE TOOK PLACE! Talk about voter fraud this was it, and it was all at the hands of black democrats!!

  22. This woman is full of bull!! She calls it “voter suppression” when honest people tried to stop fraudulent voting, which was organized by unions such as SEIU. These cases found numerous voter registrations of illegal immigrants, multiple voting by union members, Black Panther’s attempting to suppress REPUBLICAN WHITE VOTERS, dead people voting, etc.. The only votes that were suppressed were Republican votes! Take Philadelphia for instance, where not a SINGLE REPUBLICAN VOTE TOOK PLACE! Talk about voter fraud this was it, and it was all at the hands of black democrats!!

  23. I’m pretty sure MOTUS meant to say “Voter FRAUD was widespread”. However, had she been truthful, and actually stated that, the press would have ignored it faster than a union-thug beatdown, in Michigan.

  24. I’m pretty sure MOTUS meant to say “Voter FRAUD was widespread”. However, had she been truthful and actually stated that, the press would have ignored it faster than a union-thug beat down in Michigan.

  25. Michelle is right about one thing and that is voter suppression. However, while she blames it on Republicans, it is in fact her Democrats who are and always do, engage in voter fraud.
    Furthermore, the Obama’s and the rest of the Democrats are the liars. Obama himself is the biggest of all. But people fall for his BS because they don’t think for themselves, they need their saviour. If they did think for themselves and what is best for this country they would have kicked Obama’s butt back to Chicago.
    The Obama’s are an embarrassment to this nation. I cannot bear to look at either one of them.
    The Democrats are masters of deceit and indulge in it every time they open their mouths.

  26. What about the vote intimidation tactics in Philadelphia, and the voting booth strategically placed in front of the wall mural of obama? they want to cry foul? seriously… STFU

  27. Hey, Michelle, it seems that voter supression only occurred in states with Photo Voter ID requirements. Fancy that.

    Worst excuse for a First Lady, ever.

  28. She and her husband have made me no longer proud of my country. They have set it on the course of becoming a 3rd world state. They see racism and oppresion everywhere, even in the people who helped get PBO elected.

    1. You must still have pride in the USA, otherwise you are right where the Oblunders want you. They want us to give up on this great nation of ours. Oblama has been groomed by the communists (socialists) to take America down. They want to take the greatest nation on earth and turn it into the ussa. Don’t let them take us down without a fight! I will fight till the death for my Country and I know many, many others would join me!!

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