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Obama and Boehner Meet Again

President Obama and Speaker Boehner met in the Oval Office this evening to discuss the fiscal cliff.

According to Politico, the meeting was convened at the request of Obama, lasted 50 minutes, and was also attended by Treasury Secretary Geithner.

With little progress in the talks, Boehner had decided to return to Ohio for the weekend. It’s unclear whether the meeting will change his mind.

It’s the second face to face session between the two men in five days.

4 Responses to Obama and Boehner Meet Again

    • Exactly — it *was* hard for NASA scientists to figure out all the calculus of accelerations, trajectories, etc. to successfully land the Curiosity rover on Mars; figuring out a budget only requires addition, subtraction, and multiplying with percents!

      The problem here lies in the calculation of reputatons and votes, not dollars.

  1. The meeting lasted 50 minutes.
    It takes me longer than that to buy groceries.
    Someone should lock Barry and Boehner in a room, and not let them out until a deal is reached.

    • It takes Obama 8 minutes just to “answer” (a relative term) 1 question at a press conference.

      Don’t they have video conference?
      Remember Obama doesn’t need to be face to face to get Presidential Briefings,