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The Obama Morning News || December 12, 2012

Obama, Boehner trade offers; litte progress . . . Washington Post
GOP tries to quell dissent on taxes . . . Politico
Obama wooing CEOs to back him on fiscal cliff . . . New York Times
180 economists to oppose tax hike . . . Politico
Doctor who helped nail Bin Laden tortured . . . Fox News
Obama recognizes Syrian rebels . . . Washington Post
Labor to fight back after Michigan Right to Work Loss . . . Washington Times
Israeli Ambassador denies Netanyahu backed Romney . . . Politico
Menorah that survived Sandy headed to WH . . . New York Times

4 Responses to The Obama Morning News || December 12, 2012

  1. Unions have outlived their usefulness. Living in Texas, which has always been a right to work state, union membership is optional. The only difference I saw between union and non-union workers like myself was the sloth union membership encourages. Some union workers never feared getting fired so they rarely showed up to work on time, rarely put in a full day’s work, and never volunteered to lend a hand to fellow workers. If they ever did get fired after supervisors collected reams of disciplinary actions against the lazy bums, the union always got their jobs back for them. Just like what happened with the Chrysler workers in Detroit who were drinking booze and chooming during the work day. They are back on the job enjoying the fruits of others labors.

  2. I haven’t seen any reportage of union violence in Michigan on either the WaPo or the NYT. Obama must tell them what they can print and what they cannot.

    • I have a young facebook friend who is living and teaching in Cairo. She has been outraged at the NYT reporting or lack of about the situation there. She sees the press manipulating the story. It is interesting to me because she is young, idealistic, and liberal. She probably wouldn’t have noticed the press bias in the US.

  3. This is sad this shows the low Mentality of some of these
    people. And this tell you why this group belongs to the
    union, i would not pay any union to work they do nothing
    for you but take your money and laugh.