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New Translation of Famous Khrushchev Insult

Apparently listeners misheard the translator who rendered into English a famous anti-U.S. declaration by former Soviet Prime Minister Nikita Khrushchev. The statement has now been updated to reflect the correct pronunciation.

So that’s what he meant. How prescient. Now we know.

The People’s Cube, which created this, would want me to inform all of you gullible capitalists that you can purchase it as a poster.

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18 Responses to New Translation of Famous Khrushchev Insult

  1. Memories almost makes me want to duck and cover under my desk like in
    the good old days of the Cold War. But since Nov I spend lots of time there

  2. As Bill Whittle recently put it: the voters while still in a capitalist country, voted for socialism.
    Thanks to the fine education system, the future voters have no idea what is coming down the tracks.
    Get ready for long lines, shortages, and rampant departure from the rule of law.

  3. I was a cold warrior for the majority of my USN career. Russian linguist, spent countless months and years on ships, subs and aircraft holding the line against the “Rooskies.” Imagine my surprise, after the US of A supposedly won the Cold War, when one day I woke up and found that the enemy was really inside the US and not behind that nasty Iron Curtain at all.

    I once met an avowed Communist in Dresden, Germany after the wall fell. He was still part of the government, though obviously not running it anymore. He hadn’t changed his world view, just the name of his party. He considered the little fall of the Iron Curtain thing to be a “temporary setback.”