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Obama Campaign Revs Back Up for Fiscal Cliff Fight

A campaign organization is a terrible thing to waste.

So the Obama campaign CONTINUES TO OPERATE, summoning the millions on its campaign email list to badger their representatives to support President Obama’s position on the fiscal cliff.

Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter is apparently still milling around campaign headquarters. She sent me – I’m on their list – a message telling me to call my member of Congress right away.

Here’s a suggestion on what to say — feel free to improvise and let your representative’s office know why you’re personally supporting the President’s plan:

“Hi, I’m Keith. As a voter from your district, I support the President’s plan to extend tax cuts for 98 percent of American families — $2,000 a year means a lot to me and to middle-class families here in Pennsylvania. I urge Representative Thompson to sign the petition forcing the House to vote on the Senate-passed bill, and to vote “yes” if it reaches the floor.”

Once you’ve called your representative’s office, please report back and let us know how it went:

Well, the vaunted Obama campaign machine thinks I live in Pennsylvania – I live in Virginia – and told me to call the wrong representative. But I assume they’re getting most of these right.

Poor interns working in these offices getting caller after caller numbly repeating the same line.

I have to hand it to the Obama people. One thing I can be pretty sure of – the Republicans aren’t doing anything similar.

17 Responses to Obama Campaign Revs Back Up for Fiscal Cliff Fight

  1. “I support the President’s plan to extend THE BUSH TAX CUTS cuts for 98 percent of American families THAT YOU LIED ABOUT AND SAID WERE ONLY FOR THE RICH!”


  2. The President and his people are great at campaigning and they enjoy it. Lousy at actual administrating.

    It’s why the President had no time for golf while campaigning. But plenty of time now that the election is over.

  3. This is truly disgusting. I see the President is traveling to Michigan – for what? I guess the new right to work law!?? What we are seeing in this country is awful. Truly no effort on his part to lead and doesn’t look like anything is going to change any time soon. Most people simply are not paying any attention.

    Bill O’Reilly is as arrogant as they come, but most of the time he is spot on. I read a piece he did on the Fox sight about Americans needing to wake up – Private employees versus government employees and those on the dole – like he says – the math simply doesn’t add up. Too many people rely on tax dollars and there simply isn’t enough money to go around.

  4. The election is over – does this mean the cost of Obama’s campaign staff has now shifted to the taxpayers? As far as I’m concerned this jerk is still
    President-Elect. He has never fulfilled his duties as POTUS or CIC.

    • That’s a good question, Girly1. Are we taxpayers footing the bill for this latest campaign stunt? Not that it matters. Preezy Revenge is above the law.

  5. Keith, you may live in Virginia now but if Dear Leader feels you belong in PA to help balance population, sexual orientation, age, etc, you WILL be moving! Perhaps this draft note was not an error but a subtle warning………….

  6. Well, the “campaign” is continuing on both sides.

    Today, I just saw an American Crossroads’ ad hammering Obama for his fiscal cliff positions…

  7. First of all, doubt Barackoclaus voters will be calling congress unless some of that Obama-stach crosses their palms first. How very big brother of his campaign/administration. They just have to smooth out a few wrinkles in their artificial intelligence programming and soon they’ll know what the drones are eating for breakfast.

    You might want to check the voter rolls in Pennsylvania, Keith. Maybe some Democrat using your name voted in Pennsylvania’s 5th District.

  8. Obama’s “campaign organization” is still out there working…sounds very ‘communist’, with real ‘propaganda workers’…(as opposed to the highly-paid,corporate Main-Stream Media ‘propaganda workers’)

  9. I am voting each time I recieve an online survey and letting Costco, Ford, Microsoft, etc know how I feel about the candidates and political parties they supported in 2012. They know I use their services and will be increasing or decreasing that same service based on their political choices. Elections have consequences. They already know where I live.

  10. Taking a cue from the TelePrompTer Prezzy, I’m sure lots of them called away. Not a lot else to do, when the Government pays for everything, and the Obamaphone is free, so why not?

    That said, they may not be as schooled as to what parts to read and when to stop. There’s a certain intellectual laziness among Obama supporters, a fair amount of programming, and some drug fuddling besides. This makes me wonder how many interns heard the WHOLE thing verbatim, including this part;

    “Once you’ve called your representative’s office, please report back and let us know how it went:

    in a lovely monotone; viz. “once-youve-called-your-rep-re-sen-tives-of-fice…”.

    I wonder if Obamacare covers therapy for interns driven over the edge from listening to this drivel? It would HAVE to for Democrats, anyway, except the ones driven REALLY far around the bend. From THAT group would be chosen the NEXT generation of Democrat leaders…