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Obama Blasts Michigan Right to Work Law

President Obama today traveled to a Detroit area Daimler plant and waded directly into a local issue, siding with opponents of a Republican-led effort to make Michigan a “right to work” state.

That is, Obama opposes state legislation that would stop unions for requiring non-union members to pay dues. Obama said the effort to change the practice has “everything to do with politics.”

Well, it has something to do with politics. It’s certainly an anti-union measure.

But it also has to do with attracting businesses to Michigan and increasing employment. And it has something to do with fairness. As far as I know, unions are the only organizations allowed to make you pay dues if you decide not to join up.

Oh wait – there’s another. It’s called Obamacare.

Obama is injecting himself right as the measure heads toward a signing ceremony by Michigan’s Republican governor. Large demonstrations are expected in the state Tuesday, when final passage by the Michigan House and Senate is expected.

Here’s Obama riling up the troops.

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30 Responses to Obama Blasts Michigan Right to Work Law

  1. I just “love” how making people pay dues even if they don’t want to join a union isn’t considered a loss of freedom, but to allow people to do what they want to do, suddenly is. Typical liberal crap

  2. This is the returned favor for GOTV efforts last month, the Chicago way. This is merely the opposite end of the Fiscal Cliff negotiations – it’s not about politics, it’s about payback.

    Support (and money) to those who helped but the screws to those who opposed the King.

  3. I don’t call right to work laws “anti-union”. They are pro-liberty measures that allow individuals the freedom to determine on their own whether they want to belong to a union. It’s called freedom of choice.

  4. naughty Michigan Republicans! you should never do anything for political reasons. I’m sure Obama never does anything for political reasons; all of his decisions are purely about what’s best for the country.


  5. Should someone tell him the campaign is over? The reason right-to-work is even an issue is because the UAW tried to force a proposal on the November ballot to change the State Constitution to favor the unions. It was largely defeated by the voters. So sick and tired of democrats! Our Republican Governor is not taking any sh!!!!t from them! They pushed and he is pushing back! The mitten is giving the unions the finger!

  6. Agitator in Chief. Typical Obama leads from behind AFTER the measure has passed. Welcome to a democracy in a republic, comrade. Deal with it.

  7. So nice of him to spend 2.5 hours out of his busy schedule to fly out to Michigan and campaign (meddling) on our dime.

    Stay strong Michigan!

    Now he’s going to need a day off (or day of golf.. which ever comes first!)

  8. So what is a person to make of a “president” who keeps repeating that collective bargaining is a right when he damn well knows that collective bargaining is not a right but is just a clause in a contract? And this person, Barack Obama, puts himself in front of the American people and consciously lies and acts as if the Constitution doesn’t even exist, the same Constitution that he swore on a bible to uphold.

    • Bingo! Above all else, it’s the deliberate. malevolent lies and obfuscations committed by this sorry excuse for a president almost on a daily basis. Unconscionable and unnacceptable.
      In this particular instance, collective bargaining rights are not going to be affected in the slightest. He lies.
      One of the qualifications of the presidency is to be of strong moral character. How in hades did this rabble rouser ever pass the sniff test??? And where is the complicit MSM?

      • Girly1, I’d love to see a book, video, or even a movie documenting every single lie Obama has told the past four years. I don’t know anyone that appreciates being lied to, unless, of course, they’re blissfully unaware that they’re being lied to.

  9. We’ve seen this movie before. Gov Snyder will sign the ‘right to work’ bill into law. The unions with Dem support will attempt to impeach him for doing the right thing for Michigan. The voters will support their governor. The state will thrive as a result. Let’s face it; the unions have out-lived their usefulness….they have become counter-productive and have caused many businesses to be non-competitive in the global market. Time for them to go. obama supporting the unions is no surprise. Their support was pivotal in his reelection and he owes them big time.

  10. “Freedom of association was at the top of the agenda at the 2010 Human Rights Summit, hosted by Freedom House and Human Rights First, which brought together many of the new generation of dissidents and human rights advocates with U.S. policy makers, officials from other democratic governments, and influential figures from the world of media, think tanks, universities, NGOs, and human rights and freedom of expression activists. The summit produced an Action Plan for the Obama Administration, other governments and multilateral institutions in defense of democratic values and fundamental human rights. It also gave government officials the opportunity to hear from activists currently engaged in frontline struggles for freedom and democracy.”

    Sorry, Freedom House. I don’t think Obama is listening, seeing as how he’s very much in favor of collecting money from unwilling participants to fill Union coffers with PAC money for him, whether they agree with his politics or not. As we “progress”, the pressures of card check to force people into unions and the Obama administration’s increasingly arbitrary granting of “rights” to move business operations to less Union-controlled states should help move the US from your “free” to “partly free” category…

    Stay tuned. If they let you. Once you lose the U.S., though, what state will forward your “freedom” agenda then? You may want to re-think who your freinds are…

  11. Detroit stole the states vote from Romney, and this is just a little payback..I hope he breaks the unions, you dont gt a job here unless you submit to these bastards..

  12. well he needs to inject himself into the teachers union in chicago. that where every dollar that goes to educating a child, 68 cents goes to the union and 32 cents goes to the child’s education. seems to me that obama is placing more importance on the union than the childs education which is exactly opposite of what he preaches. his nose should be 10 feet long for all his lieing!!!

  13. By the way, Right to Work was the official HS debate topic back in 1960. Something like that. Talk about the long game. I had boxes of evidence cards. Section 14B of the Taft-Hartley Act, I think it was. Boy–that stuck in my mind.

  14. There is violence in Michigan now. And while he did not, as the Michigan Rep. say “there will be blood”, with his visit and speech and now his refusal to condemn the violence, Obama is complicit. This man is not presidential stuff. He is not an organizer. He is an agitator.