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Quote of the Day || December 10, 2012

“I was trying to decide whether to make Egypt a Jeffersonian democracy or a Madisonian democracy, and then I just decided to make it a Totalitarian democracy”

– Mohamed Morsi

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

4 Responses to Quote of the Day || December 10, 2012

  1. Well, well Morsi, you are just another pathetic dictator. Too many of your kind in this world.
    Today is December 10, and it´s the day of the Nobel festivities. The Prize winners are rewarded their prizes with great pomp and circumstances and it´s a wonderful celebration of education, endurance and genius. And congratulations USA ! This year you triumph here again.Three of six winners in the sciences are Americans.Two Americans won the Economy prize which is not a “real” Nobel as it was not in the Testament but founded by the Riksbank 1968. The Literature Prize went to Chinese Mo Yan, and it is a somewhat disputed winner. The Norwegians, whom Mr Nobel allowed to take care of the Peace Prize ,made another astounding choice.The EU is the winner. The funny thing is that Norway is not a member of the EU. The Norwegians don´t want to join. We are not so thrilled about EU either, but once a member, how do you exit ?? Well, the EU started efter the war as a Coal and Steel union between Germany and France and the peace idea was prominent. But now, a bloated, expensive, ever expanding monster full of overpaid bureaucrats, wasting other peoples money and meddling in our affairs. Soon we are not allowed to export our Snus ( snuff ) anymore.