As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Meets with Boehner at the White House

President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner met this afternoon at the White House to discuss the Fiscal Cliff.

It’s the second time they’ve met since Election Day, and – more significantly – their first one-on-one meeting. Obama and Boehner are the two key players who can solve the problem. Pelosi and Reid don’t matter – they’ll do what the president tells them to do.

Neither the White House nor the Speaker’s office were releasing details of the session this evening.

19 Responses to Obama Meets with Boehner at the White House

  1. So Boehner went to kow-tow to the Dear Leader Obama to cut a ‘secret deal’ that gives Dear Leader Obama what he wants.
    Meanwhile Boehner can act tough in front of the media about standing up to Obama.

  2. Since they’re both mum on how badly Boehner caved, maybe his activities after leaving the White House might give an indication –
    Was he teary-eyed and blubbering? That won’t say much; he’s always teary-eyed and blubbering.
    Did he head directly to the local pub afterwards? Nah, he always does that.
    Were there tell-tale signs of carpet burns on his knees? No way to know, unless he was wearing his golf shorts.

    Sell out or not, it is disgusting to see what this federal government has been reduced to. Our system of government is terribly broken when the fate of America’s economy lies in the hands of two elitists. That’s not representative government, that’s tyranny.

      • You guys are persisting in tagging the only person we have to go against Obama as a crying drunk? Do you have proof of this–it seems to me he is putting forth point after point…

        • Well, purging GENUINE conservatives off of any consequential committee assignment prior to meeting with Obama somehow doesn’t look like he plans to actually “go against” Obama…

          Crying Johnny is from my neck of the woods. All that he’s accomplished so far is just about guaranteeing a split in his home district vote, which will likely result in yet another basically “Red” district going “Blue”, much like the Mike Wilson debacle that split the “reasonable people” vote between Repubicans and Tea Party in the Ohio House 28th district, leaving the door open for a Connie Pillage victory despite it being a relatively “safe” Republican area.

          The Sob John B has demonstrated that he lacks the leadership skills to unite “moderates” and “conservatives” in his own party, period. His answer seems to be that he’ll just burn down those who won’t “go along to get along” in a vain attempt to keep his cushy Speaker job.

          They stick together. We don’t. Divided we fall. His job was to prevent this, and he has failed.

          Sorry, Star, I like and respect you, but in this case I have to say that his “defiance” is just talk now, and not to be taken seriously…