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WH Petition Demands Obama Cancel Hawaii Vacation

A new petition gaining ground on the White House website calls on President Obama to cancel his estimated $4 million vacation and devote the money instead to helping victims of Hurricane Sandy.

The petition, which was created just two days ago, had 872 signatures as of 8:45 am ET this morning and is potentially be on its way to garnering the 25,000 signatures in 30 days required to elicit a response from the White House.

According to the news site, the petition was filed by John Phoebus, the organizer of a volunteer hurricane recovery group in Somerset County, Maryland. Phoebus was angered that the storm-ravaged county was denied direct funding from FEMA.

The petition states that for about the cost to the government of sending Obama on an expected three-week Hawaii vacation, Somerset could be rebuilt.

The petition reads:

On December 3, 2012, President Obama denied the request of Governor O’Malley and the entire Maryland congressional delegation to award Individual Assistance to Somerset County, Maryland to recover from Hurricane Sandy.

Somerset County is Maryland’s poorest county. The towns of Crisfield, Fairmount, and Deal Island were devastated by the hurricane, with flood waters causing widespread damage. These poor, working waterfront communities were already fragile from the decline of the seafood industry. Super Storm Sandy left them with no where to turn except FEMA for assistance.

For the $4 million it will cost taxpayers for the President to vacation in Hawaii, we could rebuild Somerset County. The President should stay home and send our tax money to Somerset County to rebuild.

The $4 million price tag for Obama’s vacation was calculated by the Hawaii Reporter and includes $250,000 in local costs.

But the actual expense to the federal government alone is likely even higher than $4 million, since the cost of just the transportation – roundtrip flights for Air Force One and an accompanying cargo plane – amounts to about $3,530,000, according to the Reporter.

UPDATE: As of 8:45 am ET Saturday morning, 24 hours after the above post was written, the petition had 3,855 signatures, a gain of about 3,000 in just 24 hours.

516 thoughts on “WH Petition Demands Obama Cancel Hawaii Vacation”

    1. Nah, there’s LOTS of OTHER reasons he’s worst President.

      Personally, I’m all for the vacations. Whatever they cost, it’s WAY cheaper than if he stays home and swings the socailist wrecking ball at the economy some more…

      1. Well, how about that $100,000,000 fake inauguration just for show? He will be sworn in on Sunday in a private ceremony, and the next day is just for show.

          1. Little by little and partic. after January all those adorers of the messiah will see their ‘gifts’ evaporating. He knew what to use to get their vote and now he can move on to further the path of destruction. How any mindful person could have voted for this sham — it disgusts me. But of course, Republicans are full of it, listen to that daffy Fox News and cry that the sky is falling. Meantime, we are on the brink of full blown disaster-but yeah, it’s the Republicans who are the wack jobs. Democrats created a country of illegals who are taking from a system in which they put nothing and the legals still think obama is the great messiah–so lets all sit around a campfire and sing kumbaya. Thanks, liberals, for nothing.

          1. I wish I could see your jaw drop to the floor when you find out that your messiah is taking everything from you,go ahead and work 7 days a week and then pay 80% of your income to your messiahs “NEW AMERICA” !I hope you lose everything,but the way you sound you dont have anything but a welfare check coming in,am I right or am I right!

        1. As far as I am concerned, If they don’t at least televise the swearing in on Sunday so that people can see that he actually took the oath on the day the constitution deems, he is not upholding the oath that he likes to slander.

        2. This president is in office because of vote fraud. I think most people realize that. He has no business spending tax payer funds on anything. Why has noone questioned what happened on November 6th.

          1. You’ve got THAT right! That election was a complete fraud! I too cannot understand for the life of me why hasn’t anyone done anything?It is frightening that the media has covered this up.It is not possible to win MORE than 100% of the eligible (and in his case non-eligible)voting population,yet he SOMEhow managed it in MANY places.It just goes to show that even with the several million phone giveaway by the so-called president,had it been a legitimate election,Romney would have won by a landslide and should be our current president!

          2. Here’s my question about the voter fraud–there are precincts that had zero Romney votes–and in some cases more than 100% obama votes–so, where is the outrage from the voters who did vote for Romney? Where are they? Why is their voice not heard and why are they not screaming, where is my vote that I cast for ROMNEY? This country is effed up worse than most can even imagine.

          3. Mark my words. Before the end of his term he is going to push to pass a law that allows for Presidents to have more than 2 terms. Then surprise! You think he won illegally this past election!

          4. No one has questioned the results because they signed an agreement (Democrats AND Republicans) not to publicly question the results.

    2. And where was GWB before Hurricane Katrina? At a fundraiser. An where was he immediately after Hurricane Katrina? ON VACATION.
      Where was Obama immediately after Hurricane Sandy? in NEW JERSEY and NEW YORK working with the Governors to make sure residents got the help they needed. It was even covered on TV, including Fox News!

      1. If you remember correctly, Obama was on his way to campaign until he found out that Romney was heading to the hurricane areas. Only then did he change his plans and go to the damaged areas.

      2. TM, you don’t know as much as you think you do. FACT: trucking companies (big names) were lined up with supplies for Katrina victims and they were turned away. The Katrina debacle was not so much Bush’s fault as it was one owned by the local government. So STFU. Take a look at your boy…and, then explain Fast & Furious and Benghazi. Of course, you’re probably a hot gangnam fruitcake.

      3. democrats seem never curious enough to want to bother with the truth. While he was in office, GWB, when he left DC, was mostly here in Texas at his own home on his own dime (many times he fed his security people). I know because I live here in Texas. They were building a house in the country at the time. They now live in Dallas in an older, rather plain, house and still are home bodies. They work with his new library, sponsor seminars, and go back and forth to their ranch (definitely not a lap of luxury) rarely if ever taking real vacations – unless they need to check on some of their very successful charities in foreign places. They do their own driving and grocery shopping, and eat in the same casual, inexpensive places the rest of us do.

        1. So, Air Force One was free when Bush was President? Obama pays for everything but security when he’s on vacation….and, remember Bush spent more time on vacation than any other President…..

          1. Pays for everything but transportation. Boy are you naive. And how about those separate trips M Obama took to Hawaii in 2010 and 2011 because she refused to wait a couple of days for B Obama who was in DC trying to get Congress to increase taxes. So transportation costs were doubled, taxpayers be damned. Looks like it will happen again. Don’t dare ask the first spouse and her staff (all 24 might not go to Hawaii) to wait for husband a nd miss a day or two of her 20 day vacation. I guess she might be proud of her country now that she has complete and unconstrained travel whenever and to wherever she pleases.

          2. Martin, kudos. EXACTLY. If Bush and family behaved even close the libs would have slammed him. Cripes, they slam him even now and he has not created nearly the havoc this freeloader has.

      4. It doesn’t matter where or what GWB did. This is now. Obama should do a nice thing and give up his vacation and donate the money. He said all American’s should sacrifice. He should be also. There should not be all these inaugural parties either. This country is hurting and he should be helping the citizens by not spending our tax dollars on a luxurious lifestyle.

        1. LAUGHABLE. When GW Bush put TWO wars on the national credit card with NO plan to pay for it, were the Republicans calling for a reduced inauguration with money donated to charity? Of course not. JUST MORE CONSERVATIVE HYPOCRISY.


          2. Obama is so bad he has lived under11 different SocSec. #.the 1 he has now is042-68-4425. and thats from a dead man in Conn.from back in 1800. Hes had58 different addresses between 2004-2009. He can;t be impeached, because he not a legle US citizen, he was born in East Africa, Kenya. His birth cert, was a fraud for Hawaii. As it was printed on computer, so another fraud. But they can arrest him for, treason,fraud,conspiracy,bribery,perjury,teachery,,religious freedom, Imm. laws, violation of countrys sovreignty, defraud nasa, Techology to muslims enemies, violation of constitution,senate dem. congress crimes against amercia, including Kagan Holder. Now I read earlier he would be out of WH by 1-20 as not citizen so if he goes under oath it will be another LIE.

          3. I bet you are one of those people in 2001 that was chanting “go to war” over the disrespect of what happened yet once the ticket needed to be paid you just want to blame Mr. Bush for this bad economic times. I think people are now forgetting why we went to war or they change their thoughts on the whole picture. Let me guess it was for oil as I have heard many times. My question is how many oil fields did we take over and are controlling now in the Middle East?


      5. Oh yes–there he was, the benevolent one a few days before the election. HELLOOO!! Would YOU have turned down that marvelous photo op and Christie continually blowing smoke up his rear end? Doubtful. Amazing you could ever defend this miserable excuse for a leader. But you’d be all over Bush for MUCH LESS.

      6. What a maroon (to quote your intellectual equal …. bugs bunny)!!!

        You obviously lack the ability to wipe your own nose without help!

      7. At a photo op for 30 minutes. My question for you is: where was Barry for 8 hours when Bengazi was being attacked by El Qaeda? Where was he when Holder said he didn’t know anything about Fast and Furious? Who told the CEO of Solyndra to keep operating despite zero sales?

      8. Actually Bush spent most of his vacations working on his Ranch in Crawford. Maybe a new chainsaw to cut up brush. Not millions of taxpayer dollars lalagagging in Hawaii or Europe. Even today Bush’s vacations consists of participating in fundraisers for fallen soldiers, or offering and providing support to their families. Not hanging out with rap stars talking about how he’s gangnam style the first lady.

    3. I am no fan of the Peanut Farmer but I remember he cancelled all of his Vacation’s during the Hostage Crisis. Jimmy was way out of his league as President but no one could doubt his patriotism can’t say that today about some others

    4. Obama is the President. The most powerful man in the world. Do you really think a few pathetic losers with a petition will stop him from taking his family and going home for Christmas. Go back to asking for his birth certificate.

  1. Memo; Somerset County, MD

    Santa, MrsClaus, and all the elves send their regrets that your wishes won’t be met, but hope you have a MerryChristmas anyway..

      1. You must get over your Bush derangement syndrome. He has been out of office going on 4 years now. If he was still in office, I bet your next EBT card you’d be ranting and raving if he took his family on a 20-day vacation to Hawaii in the aftermath of Katrina.

        1. @RL: Sorry dude but that’s pretty accurate. It accounts for the fuel for a 747, the cost of the salaries of the entire crew (pilots, stewards, chefs, etc), depreciation and maintenance costs of the airplane, and a few other odds and ends. How much do you think it costs to fly multi-billion dollar airplanes around?

        2. RL – Do your own research, and you will see that the cost of running AF1 has allegedly dropped over the past couple of years. In 2010 the DOD gave info to USA Today and the UK Mail that the hourly operating cost of AF1 was $181,757 p/hr of flight time. So far through November 2012 Obama has run up $69,541,220 in AF1 costs. More than the Brits spend on the Royal family per year.

          1. Bush took over 1000 days off from the White house. Didn’t hear a lot from the right about that. They are children that didn’t get what they wanted so no comes the tantrums. Grow the hell up!

          2. Actually, the children did get what they wanted: Obama was reelected. The real tantrums will begin when the shelf life of Obama’s promises is reached. Wait for it……

      2. I dont recall the bush ever promoting class warfare, or demonizing the fabricated 1%…………..then hypocritically turning around and doing the same.

      1. it wouldn’t be fair if she didn’t have her spring break like the top 1%

        it’s all about fairness, isn’t it with the Democrats?

    1. You know growing up on welfare, it would have been nice to have a six figure spring break. He11 it would have been nice to be able to have some new clothes for school at that time. Thank God I don’t rely on the government as an adult.

    2. 115k really isn’t that much, if you’re talking about 12 friends and Secret Service. I went to Hawaii with my girlfriend 5 years ago and it was almost $4500 alone for our 2 tickets round-trip. Figuring in those flight prices, housing, food, fun, Secret Service, I’m not surprised that it wasn’t more.

      1. I wouldn’t have a problem with his endless vacations … if I wasn’t being FORCED to PAY for them!

        He can go vacate for the next 4 years for all I care … and take his racist buddies and ‘disciples’ with him! He would be doing us all a favor!

        BUT … if he plans to CLAIM to be a “legitimate” president (that is not having cheated, lied, and stole the election) then he can bloody well DO the job.

        For my part … I am looking forward to B888ch slapping the first democrat/idiot to complain about him raising taxes to pay for his thefts!

      2. Jeff, You miss the point. YOU paid for your trip for you and your girlfriend. And YOU and ME and all of the taxpayers paid for the kid to have an all expense paid trip to Mexico.

        The Obamas are millionaires, he keeps reminding us of that every time he talks about increasing the taxes on the wealthiest. So let him pay for his daughter’s own vacation.

  2. Good work to everyone who voted for this joker. You already knew what you were going to get. It’ll be much worse than the last four years.

    1. I don’t understand why working people and those that owned a business would vote for Less-Than-Zero. We all knew that taxes, energy, and food prices were going to increase, along with more job killing regulations, ObamaCare and a stacked Supreme Court. I guess people may have to find out how “cool” socialism is before they wake up.

      1. Combination. White guilt. And the corrupt, lying, accomplices in the media, which are now simply the propaganda wing of the DNC.
        They’ve felt this way for a while, but only now do they feel safe enough, and powerful enough, and have actual accomplices in the white house (government in general) to actually come out and do what they’re doing.
        People haven’t realized yet, this has been a set up for some time coming. All the indoctrination in the “government schools”, the “entertainment” industry like hollowood (pushing their radical left wing view). And the “news” media which has been setting itself up, “outting” all the radical liberals, and convincing them now is the time to come out of the closet and make a stand. And the help from the dimocrats. Inside information, perks, etc…..
        It’s not just obama the lawless, look how they have been going after Bush for over 8 solid years, anything and everything. No matter what it is, hammer it until the next “big thing”. It’s no wonder Bush was hated so, they hammered the guy (and Cheney, Rove etc…) day in and day out, 24/7/365. It just never stopped.
        But look at how they deal with their own. How about the john edwards sex scandal. My God! the guy is having an affair and his wife is dying of cancer, and this creep is running for president. And they KNEW about it and absolutely REFUSED to cover it until they were forced to.
        If they would simply tell the truth, or cover obama the lawless, even HALF as much as they did Bush, or even clinton!! He would have NEGATIVE numbers!!!

    2. You know Susan, I don’t get much satisfaction when I tell people they got what they voted for. Fact of the matter it really bothers me to hear that said, because it sounds like you are taking some delight in waiting for the disaster to happen so you can see how miserable the voting public is going to be. The problem with that is even though you and I did everything we could to elect someone else, we failed, and there is no delight in seeing the havoc that will cause.

    3. Agree with Susan. Unfort, we are all going to have to suffer for the idiots who wanted another 4 of the same–but it will be much worse, as you say. Blacks, hispanics, illegals and idiot whites aren’t going to give up the freebies.

    4. It was a vote for free money and racism. You’ve got one ethnic group who voted 98% for Santa Claus president (you know the one). Add them to the Hispanics and you have two of the fastest growing population groups in America. They all get to sit on their you know whats, smoking the legal pot, playing Xbox, using smart phones, wearing designer shoes, living with the new boyfriend or girlfriend every month.

  3. Perhaps they should take some of that 4 mil given to them for a second library they don’t need and some of the few mil they got to put an industrial park in a ghost town (ghost town BEFORE the hurricane), and help themselves. Crisfield has been boarded up for years and everyone knows it. If tax payers want to float a loan to place with falling- in houses and empty buildings, perhaps Obama should stay home.

    1. Fyi I am from Crisfield, and I have neighbors whose homes were destroyed. So because the county decided to build a playground or a 2nd library, those good people who lost almost everything should not get help? I hope for your sake that your home is never destroyed and the government doesn’t think your important enough to help. You should be ashamed.

  4. Whoever (azzholes, clueless, satanists, liberals, leftists, elitists, union slaves, college buttlickers, black moonies) voted for davis obama deserves to be shot by the criminals that will kill them in the coming disaster he is creating.

  5. How dare the serfs demand that king 0bammy donate anything to them. They should be thankful for all those union members who saved them and brought them back from the brink of disaster… that did happen didn’t it???

    1. Any money used to cover that particular real estate is well spent, as long as more price=more coverage. If that’s the case, then by all means, spend enough for a swimsuit the size of a burqua! THAT would make hubby WAY happier than three dozen Christmas trees for a holiday he doesn’t even celebrate anyway!

      1. I thought I was the only one that heard obama say to a reporter that he and the family DO NOT celebrate Christmas. I wonder why this does not bother Christians. hhhmmm.

          1. They don’t celebrate Christmas but there are 54 Christmas trees in the White House right now….we paid for those and all of the decorations too.

    2. they had to go to Omar’s Tent Co. to acquire enough material to cover the ever burgeoning derrierre of the much vacationed first lady. You would think that at a time of so much financial turmoil and real poverty as a result of the policies of the anti-American illegitimate usurper, that he might be a bit more circumspect in the looting of the treasury. You would be wrong, that is the intention, to destroy wealth, and destroy the confidence of the public in our economic system to bring about the downfall of capitalism. Will the sheeple ever think rationally again? Two generations brainwashed by the progressives, and accept socialism, while those American heroes who have given their lives for the true foundation of America- Freedom, turn in their graves, that so many have forgotten so soon. The progressives have stolen America, and brainwashed the children, while traitors in the halls of Congress become millionairs, selling their souls, and ours, to the highest bidder. The tree of freedom has become quite parched.

  6. Somerset County voted as follows:
    Romney 50.8%
    Obama 48.3%

    Don’t get mad – get even. Somerset is a center of the seafood industry – no more lobster or crab cakes for the MOOCH.

  7. I hope enough sheep sign that petition to force him not to go…we cant afford it…Obama and crew need to tighten their belt a little…we run a couple of small businesses…with the economy we have been struggling to meet payroll and keep the doors open to keep 10 employees working….we have not paid ourselves at all this year, every dime goes to costs and payroll…Thanks Mr Obama…
    We have not had a VACA in 4 years now…work 6+ days a week, our day starts at 0430-0500 EVERY DAY and ends when the work is done…
    Obama and Michelle have had something like 20+ vacations…we have not had a single one… and it aint looking good next year either…maybe we should just go GALT and layoff all our employees, close the business, sell assets, the house and move to New Zealand…I understand they need educated hard working people there…

    1. They don’t care about anyone but the Obamas. They’re movin on up, and to hell with all of you who put them back in power……so sit down and be still, take your medicine like big boys and girls because the next 4 are going to be HELL.

      1. EXACTLY RIGHT. They do not give a rat’s behind about anyone. In fact, I am sure they sit in their quarters laughing their azzes off at the idiots who keep getting that chris-matthews-tingle-up-the-leg. UGH what a sorry excuse for leadership-and now we have to pay the price for the MORONS in this country.

    2. 25,000 signatures doesn’t equal adoption of the petition. It only ensures that someone at the White House will consider it. Right before they hit the delete button.

  8. If he would just produce his college and passport records I bet Trump would still donate the $5 Million. That would help the rebuilding after Sandy. He could still go on vacation and help out. Wonder why he will not produce them???? I think we all know the answer to that one.

  9. The Low-Information-Voters in this country have sealed the deal with this man they call Obama. We can look forward to another four years (if we last that long!) of his ridiculous antics at our expense. After Benghazi we should have been the last of him but no, another four years. We’re so scr***d.

  10. This is all fine and good. I do question where this petition was started. NJ and NY gave overwhelming endorsement to Obama. Maybe he will take the boss so he can serenade everyone again about mj like he did during the campaign.

    1. I think u r not remembering right that when Bush went to Texas on Vacation he would be working vacation not just going to Texas. Obama doesn’t work…he’s been on vacation since 2007. Spending the people’s money like it is Like Water. Obama needs to stop with all this foolish spending

    2. The “shrub” name was lifted from Molly Ivins–way to go Hugh–you’re so original and clever even! When Bush went to Texas he stayed at his own home and not some luxury home or resort.

    3. What are you talking about? Your little Messiah never works. He is still campaigning, golfing and shooting hoops. He has even admitted that he is lazy, the little commie freak.

    4. Yeah, it costs zillions to send him and his family to Texas to stay in his own house with no huge entourage. It was also a ‘working vacation’. If OBama wants to spend Christmas in Chicago, then I wouldn’t mind, but taking personal cooks and hairdressers to Hawaii for 20 days?

    5. President Bush went to HIS OWN HOME for vacation, a home that was fully equipped for him to work. And President Bush did not shirk his duties.

      The Commie-in-Chief flits off to exotic locations, without a care in the world, conveniently dismissing all the disasters he has strewn upon this country, but with an inner drive to always blame someone else. He is never at fault, even when he is, for all intents and purposes, spitting on our founding.

  11. I don’t think Obama & his family should not go to Hawaii & spend $4million of tax payers money. If they want to go on vacation…then let Obama spend his OWN monies, Not the USA money

  12. I think if they take a vacaction obama hussien needs to pay for his own vacation he’s already taken more than any other president has ever so pay his own way and for for his own family and I want to know why there has not been no arrests of murder of ambassador

  13. Why would the White House Welfare recipients consider giving up their $4 million vacation for the little people? These 2, and their 2 kids and Mooch’s mother, are enjoying the fruits of EVERYONE ELSE’S labors. What does she do, other than jump around with a Hoola Hoop? What does he do, other than golf and then demand Congress fall to his wishes? In their own criminal minds, (yes, criminal, for what they have done to this country), they believe they are entitled and are the ruling class. And they are not alone.

    This country has already begun to rue the day when this malcontent and his acolytes were put into the White House. How sad, how very, very sad, that for a bag of free contraceptives and an Access card, our country was handed over to traitors and commies. As much as Obama and Mooch disgust me, I am more disgusted with the morons who voted for him. (But I also firmly believe there was significant fraud in this election; see FL and Allen West).

    I truly have no sympathy for anyone who voted for him and is now out of work. I have no sympathy for anyone who voted for this commie and gets denied a hip replacement, cancer treatment, etc. If you as an Obama supporter in 2008 couldn’t see through the Fog of Deceit back then and pulled the lever for this jackass again, then you are hopeless and helpless.

    1. I hold each one of the jackasses who voted for him personally responsible for the mess the country is in. They even advertise for Obama phones on TV these days and tell you how to get your phone and 200 free minutes. Wonder what will happens when the well runs completely dry and there is nothing left for the Gimmedats.

    2. Well said! In 2004 I was in Johannesburg just after the Mandela election. The next day and week every Benz, BMW, Jaguar in SA were sold out to incoming black politicians and bureaucrats getting government patronage jobs. Mandela became a billionaire overnight along with his crooked cronies. Black politics is the same everywhere whether in Africa or America. They think they are entitled and in the case of Obozo and Moooochelle, they are determined to rub our noses in it. Paybacks are hell whitey!! Get used to it!

      1. Ha Ha Ha .. the $4 Mil. vocation is paid only by the rich and the one who voted for Romney, since they are the only one who are paying Taxes anyway. The other 47% don’t pay anything,so why should they care how much it cost.

    3. ReRe very well said. Unfortunately we are all going to go down the tubes for the likes of the morons who idolize this lying, deceitful wolf in sheep’s clothing, hell bent on taking us DOWN. I have never been so sick with the state we are in in this country, and never have I had so much fear for the future, and I mean the near future too. It’s no way to live. I struggle with trying to wrap my head around the mindset of not only voting for him once (the initial nail in the coffin) but then to repeat that is mind-numbing. We’re pretty finished. But the blacks, hispanics, illegals and muslims look to him for their free stuff — he knew that no candidate running against him could compete. This is why he had no prepared agenda to propose to America while campaigning. He knew it just didn’t matter and there was no competition for giving free rides.

  14. Keith, is someone fooling around with your site? At first I got something which was headed I”m Still in Charge of the White House and then the rest of the text was so tiny and probably scrambled that I couldn’t read it.

  15. People in NY are living in shells of their houses, and you are going to fritter away tax payer money entertaining yourself and your family. It is not as if you spend a lot of time in the oval office. You are still in community organizer campaign modeFor Christmas why dont you try to learn how to negotiate with the other two estates instead of demanding capitulation?

  16. Personally, I think the President deserves a month in Hawaii, or let’s just make it 4 years… I mean, c’mon… It’s hard to campaign for 6 solid years, and the lies and hate speeches to give day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year.

    Even now, as he has already won his 2nd term, he’s still campaigning! The lies never stop.

    What happens when he gets the upper income tax bracket to the 39.3% he wants, and finds out it’s still only a drop in the bucket? Who is the next “evil” person or business he must demagogue and hate?

  17. As if this petition would make any difference at all. obama the lawless (the insensitive? The Arrogant?) does not care, one whit, what people think of his spending taxpayer money on his vacations. He feels like he is OWED it. He’s spend more if possible.

  18. Let the Dear Leader go on Vacation, afterall he has campaigned really hard. He serves no useful purpose in Washington. He is devoid of Leadership skills and refuses to negotiate with the Republicans. He can go to Hawaii and the Republican’s can continue to deal with legislative issues and let all this other crap sit on the back burner until the Dear Leader returns. This is the guy who cares soooo much for the middle class but he needs vacation more than they need a solution to the fiscal crisis that was Contrived by this same White House and Congress. They did it, they own it, they can fix it. A tall order that will not be filled but it is a fantasy of many folks. You set up this clown as some kind of God so let him doe whatever. The Main Stream Media will protect him through all of his vacation time while they put doubled efforts to continue to demonize Republican’s. The 50.6% got what they asked for and they deserve what they get.

    1. Unfortunately, those who voted ‘the saviour’ into and back into office won’t suffer any consequences. Only those of us who pay taxes and run businesses will pay for it all. The immoral and ignorant rule the country. God help us….

  19. As much as I appreciate the sentiments of the petition, does anyone think they are anything other than means to collect email addresses? Has any of the petitions that have reached the 25,000 signatures been taken up by the WH?

  20. With millions out of work it is cruel and insensitive for him to do the vacation. Millions of us, the serfs, don’t get to take a single vacation let alone several a year. But since he is the KING/god/saviour nothing will change.

  21. Some people haven’t taken vacations in years as they can’t afford to take one. Captain Campaign splurges billions on himself and those on his inner circle on the taxpayers dime by borrowing future debt to pay for it. He has got to be by far one of if not the most selfish person on the planet. Who in the world spends a billion dollars of other people’s money on themselves in personal expenses? I mean besides the liars and crooks that are already serving life sentences in prison after committing massive ponzi schemes.

  22. Wow, being out of power sure makes the R’s bitter and touchy. Better get used it I suppose. Good news: you have more Glenn Beck masturbation time on your hands now. Can really polish up those prepper bunkers too.

      1. I’ll stick with my iPhone, don’t need a Reagan phone (yep was actually Ronnie’s program) Quick idea: If your tinfoil hat didn’t cover your eyes, maybe you read about actual facts, and then form educated thoughts. Oh boy!

        1. In a reasonable time, when we weren’t watching the debt clock lurching along at 4 Billion dollars a day with a debt deal on the table unfinished with Congress, regardless of the person at 1600 Penn ave, you would have to consider the “optics” of leaving for a long vacation as pretty bad? Good? So-so, okay? What?
          We all have an opinion, it’s our debt you see, all of us. Not just the hyphenated Americans.
          Sounding all put out that your guy won is great and all, but we are all tied to the same mast, and the ship of America is taking on water, fast.

  23. Even the royal families of other countries don’t lavishly spend the hard earned money of their subjects like the Obamas waste ours for the pleasures they flaunt at us taxpayers.

  24. Where do I sign? Obama & the first frump are shameful people. Shouldn’t she be in prison for insurance fraud? And I wonder what book he is using for his behind the scenes swearing in….

  25. Cancel the obummer vacation! Times are tough for Americans and even though he isn’t an American, he should feel the same crunches the rest of us are living with.

  26. The country is in terrible financial trouble and the President heads to Hawaii on vacation. The question immediately comes to mind, who is going to pay for this extravagant vacation and the answer of course is we the people! Stay at home, celebrate Christmas in the White House, and save the $4M+ that will be spent on a Hawaiian vacation.

    1. I understand the Commie-in-Chief just used the term, again, “shared sacrifice”. His terminology is unconscionable! Shared sacrifice!? When was the last night he and the First Fat Ass ever sacrificed anything? Remember her big pay raise when he became state senator?

      And now, he remembers Pearl Harbor Day with a picture of himself. What a tool.

  27. Yawn, I look for the POTUS to be off on his paid holiday to Hawaii on the 17th at a $4,000,000 cost to the taxpayer. All while the country heads for the fiscal cliff because he is not willing to negotiate spending cuts and continue his annual $1,000,000,000 deficit spending addiction. And the libertards wonder why the GOP is digging in.

  28. Can others vote for this as well? He could have a great vacation at Camp David and the family could have an old fashioned Christmas right in their own back yard, so to speak. They have had 23 or 24 vacations in their first four years of undeserved occupying of the White House, so they could pull back a little now that we have been led from behind into a hellish and uncertain degree of failure of our nation.

    1. Camp David is a beautiful retreat in the mountains and staffed year round by the military for other purposes, so the security is already there.

      Also, it would give his security staff and flight crews time off to spend the holidays with their families. Most Presidential families stayed there over the holidays for that reason alone, perhaps delaying their going to their “own” home til Dec 26.

      It’s not just about the money, it’s all about the Obamas.

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