As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || December 6, 2012

Some Republicans want a deal on rates . . . Washington Post
Boehner strongly backed by his caucus . . . New York Times
Fiscal cliff talks remain in the dark . . . Politico
U.S. arms for Libya rebels given to Islamists . . . New York Times
Obama “recess” appointments doubted by court . . . Washington Times
Clinton to meet with Lavrov on Syrian chemical weapons . . . Fox News
Obama is the “first American Indian president” . . . Erika Johnsen

7 Responses to The Obama Morning News || December 6, 2012

  1. You know Boehner is on the wrong side of the fence when NY Slimes writes a supportive article on his subversive purging of conservatives. Enjoy it while you can quisling, because they will tear you a new one and have you crying in your cocktail after Obama wins yet another victory against you.

    • I’m from Ohio, so I apologize. The part of the state he comes from is done with him, that area has ACTUAL conservaties in it, mostly “rich” ones that have fled the People’s Republic of Cincinnati. Unfortunately, since the Establishment Republicans won’t put anyone else up, they’re probably going to split the votes between this RINO (for his imaginary clout in the House), and a Tea Party candidate, thus giving yet another seat to the Democrats.

      Divide and conquer. Gets ’em every time.