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Christie, Pawlenty at the White House

It apparently is GOP presidential prospects day at the White House, as both New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty – each mentioned as possible 2016 GOP candidates – arrived at the White House for meetings.

Neither meeting was announced by the White House. Reporters caught wind of Christie’s presence this morning, and Pawlenty just happened to be spotted as he was entering the West Wing.

Christie showed up seeking money to help rebuild portions of New Jersey devastated by Hurricane Sandy. He met with President Obama and then separately with top Obama aides. Pawlenty, who is now CEO of the Financial Services Roundtable, a lobbying group, met only with staff, according to Politico.

The White House seemed to minimize a meeting between Obama and Christie, suggesting the session was but a prelude to a more important meeting between Christie and Obama aides, including Chief of Staff Jack Lew.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney called the Obama-Christie encounter a “pre-meeting” to the session Christie had with staff.

If the meeting is intentionally being low-keyed, it could be at the request of Christie, who may want to minimize his association with Obama after getting accused of being too cozy with the president as he sought help for New Jersey in the days before the election.

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  1. Christie’s probably there to get paid Spector’s wages;

    “So why would the Democrats be such dicks? Coupla things: Number one, there’s no way of knowing if the people who “guaranteed” Specter continued seniority if he switched sides were actually the people who would later vote on this decision (i.e. Biden vs. Senate Democrats); number two, Specter already pissed off his new colleagues by saying he wouldn’t be “a loyal Democrat” and declaring that Republican Norm Coleman should return to the Senate; and number three, if you were a Senate Democrat sitting on a committee with Specter, would you really want to give up your own seniority so that ol’ Douchey McTurncoat could have a fancier seat at the table? ”

    Even Wonkette, a rather liberal site, mentions that no man will stand with a traitor. Apparently, not even another traitor, in a party of traitors.

    Still don’t care who’s President, Chris? Enjoy your reward, it’s well deserved.

  2. Interesting that the WH aknowledges a meeting with aides is more important than a meeting with the President. Exactly what is it that President Obama does, other than campaign and lecture people?.Obviously, he does not negotiate, listen to people with opposing views or facts, or make decisions.

    • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could go on, but you get the idea I agree with you.

  3. What is that old adage – if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Typical turncoats…bowing to the king to collect their due for betraying the cause.

  4. I get why Christie is doing this (after all, he does represent the entire state of NJ and he “helped” Obama get reelected) but it appears there’s little difference between Christie asking the US taxpayers (via the Federal Treasury) to pay all of NJ’s Sandy clean-up efforts and that Councilwoman in Detroit claiming that Obama should bail-out Detroit because they voted for Obama – both are coming, hat in hand, *expecting* someone else to pay for their state’s messes – whether caused by natural disasters or just plain stupidity, incompetence, and mismanagement.

    You know, I tell my family that there are NOT two piles of money – one for “justified” expenses and another for “frivolous” things (sometimes we’re confused when we review the money and I hear “well, we needed to spend all that money” – as if we got a pass for justified expenses). If there are “justified” expenses, then the “frivolous” expenses just took one in the teeth for the month – that’s the only way to manage the money. I’m sure NJ benefits from having a coastline – maybe NJ should think about allocating some of that money to disaster recovery for those same beaches that bring in so much tax revenue. Maybe Detroit ought to manage their money like as if their head were not lodged inside their lower colon. At this point, EVERYONE thinks they are deserving of federal money for a multitude of reasons (entitlements, benefits, education, you name it) – the fact is that, whether you think you deserve it or not, we can’t continue to hand money over to people without having severe impacts on the nation’s financial health. I don’t see a way that all this collective sense of entitlement doesn’t finally just implode.

    Deserved or not, the US can’t keep writing checks to people to bail them out.

    • I imagine that some of those people with expensive ocean front property are in the 1%, yet the rest of us are going to be rebuilding their homes for them, even people who only went under water metaphorically. Fairness, yes indeed.

      • Unfortunately, the brunt of the damage has been to the less ritzy areas and more of the year rounders. Union Beach has had tons of damage. It’s a small fishing community. There are a lot of places like that, not all of them are second homes. There have also been a lot of businesses destroyed. The boardwalk at Seaside is basically gone. A lot of mom and pop stores have been wiped out.

        Actually, if the places that had the most damage were the 1%ers, there would be more attention paid to them to get them rebuilt.

  5. Off topic, but this is too good to let it go unnoticed. Yesterday the House passed some stupid bill to remove the word “lunatic” from federal law. The bill passed the House 398-1. The one hold out vote was the ever vigilant patriot Louie Gohmert who said, “not only should we not eliminate the word “lunatic” from federal law when the most pressing issue of the day is saving our country from bankruptcy, we should use the word to describe the people who want to continue with business as usual in Washington.” Bravo, Louie!