In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


The Obama Morning News || December 4, 2012

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    1. Being editor of a high-end fashion magazine has always been a resume enhancement for one to be considered for a US ambassador placement. /s/

      1. How sad Ambassador Stevens very qualified dedicated to serve and
        left to die inn vain and alone.
        Wintour a political payback. Seriously do you think all these liberals
        from Hollywood and Manhattan would give the Obama’s the time of
        day if they simply two lawyers from Chicago? And this has nothing to
        do with race or gender.

        1. I agree Lizzy, however there is a huge difference in the 2 posts. You never really see a career State Dept employee in the easy / cushy / safe Ambassadorship postings unless it is a twilight / retirement thank you assignment. Ambassador Stevens has my utmost respect.

          1. How true this would be about as good as Joe Kennedy was as
            Ambassador in WW2 not good. It just demeans America even
            further but I guess that’s what Obama’s going for sad days.

  1. In today’s news follies;
    The nanny-mayor of NYC has offered his support to MrsClinton if she chooses to run for the Mayor’s chair. His support of her candidacy is in no way meant to defer her from attempting another run at the presidency that MrBloomburg himself is considering.

    News moguls and prominent Rebubs are reported to have asked the now disgraced director of the CIA and hated war-time general to throw his cap into the ugly mess of the 2012 Repub primary elections. The General, who already knew he was comprimised by an illicit affair with a Iranian-American woman, declined the questionable offer.

    President Obama has given a frantic warning to Syrian officials that they’re not allowed to use WMD’s on their own population, or else face dire consequences. MrO didn’t go into any detail as to what “or else” entails, but speculation is that no US military actions will be taken against the Syrian government. Spox for the WhiteHouse stated that “no way” was MrObama going to be sucked into that WMD hoax that former PresBush bought as truth from the wily manipulators at the CIA.

    News from the Heartland;
    Farmers have complained that nefarious thieves are stealing baled hay right off of the fields. The situation has driven some of the hay farmers to place GPS units inside the hay bales to help law-enforcement find the stolen hay or the livestock that has eaten the hay along with the GPS unit.

    A source inside the Dept of Agriculture says that the agency is forming a bi-partisan committee to investigate the charges and to offer solutions to the on-going problem. A report from the D o A committee is expected to be released by Fall, 2014.

  2. That ABC article on Bawling Boehner’s “Doomsday plan” really raised my ire yesterday. He’s probably nursing a hangover from last night’s party. Hope he didn’t embarrass himself by dancing on the tables while wearing a lampshade at the end of the evening.

    He and his boys are on a mission to isolate the conservatives from every leadership position and top committee membership in the House because they threaten his power. This quisling will sell America out in a New York minute if it looks like he’s losing his grip on power over the conservatives. When he caves to Obama by raising taxes, and he will cave, just remember all conservatives are Republicans, but not all Republicans are conservative. This sot is proof of that adage.

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