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Quote of the Day || December 4, 2012

“The oppressor class is just going to have to fork over . . . I’m sorry, I mean high income earners are going to have to contribute a bit more.”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

12 thoughts on “Quote of the Day || December 4, 2012”

  1. Has anyone else felt like a Grinch this Christmas? Went to the bank and saw a tree decorated with “ornaments” featuring the names of the “needy.” Take an ornament, return it with a gift. What do I [or will I] have left to give?!

  2. The White House is feeling the season, though. Look what Michelle Antonette’s up to this year!

    “The White House may have gone a little extreme with their holiday decorations this year, decking their halls with a staggering 54 live Christmas trees – enough to put one in nearly every other room in the entire building.

    This year’s total is nearly 50 per cent more than last year’s 37, which included seven artificial ones. In truth, the number of trees varies from year-to-year. In 1997 there were 36 trees, while in 2008, there were a scant 27.
    First Lady Michelle Obama seemed excited over the abundant greenery, saying in her holiday address, ‘We have 54 trees in the White House — 54. That’s a lot of trees.'”

    And, of course, you need a gingerbread house, n’est–ce pas?

    “The gorgeous replica of 1600 Pennsylvania, created by Executive Pastry Chef Bill Yosses, weighs 300 pounds and features a candy version of the First Lady’s Kitchen Garden, a marzipan rendering of First Dog Bo, shadow box rooms filled with chocolate furniture, photos in the windows, working electric lights, Santa and reindeer on the roof and tall Christmas-themed trees spun from colorful globes of blown sugar. Yosses and his team spent more than six weeks prepping for Wednesday’s big reveal.”

    This is all just so Mooch can indulge her spending Jones, though, seeing as how the O’s – as usual – will be off on their expensive (taxpayer funded, natch) jaunt to Hawaii. I guess the Vengeful Caliph doesn’t mind her continuing the lie, as long as he doesn’t have to pay for it or look at it…

    Happy Holidays, peasants.

  3. Why doesn’t the true oppressor class, the government, fork over. The government takes in 2.5 trillion dollars a year from taxpayers and it still can’t pay its bills without borrowing over a trillion dollars more a year. So what’s the solution from the Dummy-In-Chief? Instead of cutting spending he wants to raise taxes on the top 2% who already pay 50% of the tax bill, and that still won’t put a dent in the deficit but instead it will kill 700,000 more jobs. You just can’t make this up it’s so stupid.

    1. And the fact that an idiot majority re-elected this bozo and his queen makes it even more bizarre. It truly defies reality.

      Why stop at 54 trees? Why not 57 trees for each of the 57 states?

    2. No, he’s a lot of things, but stupid isn’t one of them. His goal is not, was not, never will be “deficit reduction”. His goal is re-making America as a third world socialist utopia, with absolute authority above, and absolute obedience below. To achieve this, destruction of private wealth is necessary by any means possible, and the more it damages the Country, the better pleased he and his benefactors will be.

      Not stupid. Evil. There’s a difference. One of the problems Republicans have (other than leftward, authoritarian leanings of their own) is that they only have tools for negotiating with people who actually want what’s best for the Country. Since Obama is dedicated to restructuring America by first tearing it down, he has no interest in, or reason for, behaving rationally. Because of this, he will not yield an inch; the more cliffs, the better, as far as he’s concerned.

      1. cincycinco, your point about stupid versus evil is well taken, but it is pretty difficult for me to equate the “re-making America as a third world socialist utopia” as arising from any sort of intelligence, especially considering the overwhelming historical (and even current) evidence of socialism as abject failure. If the goal is enact and then to intentionally fail at socialism, then Obama’s plan goes beyond stupid into the realm of evil.

        1. You are correct sir, about socialism being disproven many times. It does not go to intelligence that this grasping person tries it again, though, but two other forces; the grasp of power, and hubris.

          Socialism is the perfect vehicle to exercise control of your fellow man. No part of human life can be held back from being said to impact the “common good”, hence it’s all regulatory, and who better to regulate it than Obama? He owns you. Whether or not this is a good thing for you is beside the point, in his world.

          Hubris is that every socialist thinks the only reason socialism failed is because he wasn’t in charge of it. This guy’s been surrounded by leftist his whole life, educated in leftist institutions, and never heard a discouraging word about socialism from anyone he respects. Add to this that he is always told how great he is, and it becomes more narcissim than stupidity that he thinks socialism will work.

          Don’t misunderstand me. I believe socialims is stupid, as do you. I am just saying that we cannot make the mistake of believing that this means Obama is stupid. Underestimating your enemy is the best way to lose to him. Just ask Romney.

          1. cincycinco, it’s mind-boggling to consider your well thought-out and probably accurate analysis. I wonder if it’s ever occurred to Obama that every socialist leader believed that socialism would be successful under their control but ultimately failed. I guess that’s where “hubris” enters into the picture (as you mentioned), probably the same hubris that all the other failed socialist leaders possessed.

            If Obama hadn’t won his second term election he certainly wouldn’t seem to be all that smart, and maybe Obama is not stupid, as you propose, because the people who voted for him are.

  4. Thomas Sowell says that if only the taxes on the upper 1 or 2 % are raised and no other measures taken, that would fund the US government for about 10 days.

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