As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Tuesday, December 4, 2012

10:10 am || Meets with a group of governors; Roosevelt Room
12:30 pm || Lunch with Biden
4:35 pm || Meets with Defense Secretary Panetta

All times Eastern
Live stream of Carney briefing at 1:00 pm

19 Responses to Obama Schedule || Tuesday, December 4, 2012

  1. Just figured out what he does for some of the missing hours –

    The president answered questions on Twitter for about an hour on Monday as part of his campaign to pressure Republicans in Congress to accept an increase in taxes for the wealthiest Americans as part of a deficit-cutting package. (Reuters)

    Maybe we need to take away his Crackberry and other toys so he can do real work

    • I have a hard time believing he still uses a Crackberry. I gave mine up many years ago. Maybe we should send him an updated Obamaphony. He might actually accomplish more destruction after lunch.

    • “Maybe we need to take away his Crackberry and other toys so he can do real work” – Otis Driftwood

      Be careful what you wish for, Otis. The few times The Vengeful Caliph actually has bestirred himself, he gave us gigantic debts, losses of liberty, massive government intrusion, and wildly varying lies about the avoidable deaths of heros; he crowned this with inflicting himself on us for at LEAST four more years.

      Keeping Obama from working is like keeping the bears from eating your children. I know Michelle Anotonette can spend like no one else on vacation, but its still WAY cheaper than the few times he sits in the oval office and swings his socialist wrecking ball at the economy.

      For this reason, he needs MORE toys for Christ – uh, Kwanz – um, Eid (oops, not this year), er, whetever he celebrates at the end of the year (Death to America day, maybe?) He’d probably enjoy these;

      “Grenades – check. Sniper rifle – check. Prayer mat – check. Gamers may be used to saving the day by taking on alien forces from another universe but a new wave of computer games are more concerned with saving the world from non-believers. With titles like Special Force and Under Siege, these games sound similar to military titles like Medal of Honour that regularly top the UK games chart for best-selling titles. Once people start playing though, it’s obvious Special Force and Under Siege are very different both in quality and in content to their mainstream rivals.

      Hizbollah, a radical Islamic group, spent two years developing Special Force, a PC game designed to compete with games showing Arabs as enemies and Americans as triumphant heroes. Emblazoned across the cover is the invitation to: “Be a partner in the victory. Fight, resist and destroy your enemy in the name of force and victory.”

      Inspired by actual Hizbollah missions, Special Force takes place during operations on Israeli soldiers. Players have to deal with the same conditions as real Hizbollah fighters, including weather conditions, mines and the number of enemy – Israeli – troops. During training, players can practise their sniping skills on Israeli political and military figures including the Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Mahmoud Rayya, an official from the Hizbollah bureau, explained at the game’s launch that “this game is resisting the Israeli occupation through the media”. The game sold thousands of copies in Lebanon in the first two weeks after its release and has gone on to sell at least 10,000 more since.”

      Maybe not, seeing as how he just likes to take credit for the work of others. Perhaps he can just have Susan Rice do the actual gaming while he decides how best to encompass Israel’s doom. He’d enjoy that, and she does seem to like doing his dirty work!

      When he works, bad things happen. Rumor has it there’s a pending Executive Order that will state that YES, YOU CAN have a crèche in ANY public place – PROVIDED you replace Baby Jesus with Barack Obama. He’s the better, smarter choice anyway, just ask him.

      Please, Otis, don’t disturb the grizzly…

  2. I am always amazed/insulted that NO ONE in the “WH press corps” has the balls to ask: ‘what does Obama do all day, besides the events listed?’
    Or is that one of the many, many ‘questions’ the “press” are NOT allowed to ask.

  3. Governor Christie is asking the feds to pick up the entire cost of Sandy in New Jersey. This must have been the deal between him and Obama: Christie praises Obama to the high heavens during the last moments of the presidential election and Obama foots the bill for New Jersey on the backs of all the rest of us.